Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Just Let Go

Character: Kakashi Hatake

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Emiko, long black hair, green eyes

Inspiration: It just happened...~

They whisper and point, but the rumors are lost on Emiko, because she does not cling to life in such a superficial way as them.  She has found a new reason to live -- one that doesn't degrade her personality or ground her to anything in particular, because it is impossible to be grounded to someone like Kakashi Hatake.

He lives a free life, and Emiko is happy to be a part of it.  The freedom is exhilarating to her; the romance, touching.  Theirs is a relationship built, not on trust, but on mystery, infatuation, and need.  Look closely however, and the hint of love may come up somewhere in the deep murky area of Kakashi's one original eye.

She lets the townspeople wonder at their love, because she does suppose it is strange to them.  He is ten years her senior and a much more powerful ninja than she.  But they are alike.  When the lights go out and they tumble together into another world of their own making, they are the same.  Their desires are the same; their wishes, breathed over muffled sheets and exchanged through hasty kisses, are utterly similar.

A lone whimper tears through her.  She can feel the heat of his hand as it travels up her thigh, and she doesn't dare move for fear of disrupting the desire that has saturated into the air.  But even if she does move, it wouldn't matter, because she can see the rough twinkle in his eye and knows what he wants, and that nothing will stop him from attaining it.

Her head tilts back as his mouth hovers over it.  The anticipation is killing her; she just wants him to kiss her and stop this nonsense.  But it is that nonsense that rushes excitement through her and alights her entire body with want -- a fact that he knows all too well.

When his thumb finally brushes over her sensitive inner thigh, Kakashi allows his lips to fall forward onto her flushed skin.  It amazes her that she is already so ready for him and he has hardly touched her.  But then his mouth kisses itself up to hers and she remembers why she reacts in such an intense way, and why she can barely breath without him, and why she wants to curl up against him and forget who she is.

His uncovered eye slides open to stare at her.  He studies her for a while, probably noticing every single emotion she is feeling because he knows her so well.  And then, just as she has expected from him, he rests his forehead against hers and murmurs, "I have to report for my new mission in an hour."

She doesn't see it as the warning he has intended it to be, but rather a challenge.  He sees the spark in her eyes and his lips twitch up into the hint of a smile.  The movement causes warmth to explode in his gaze.

She leans in to steal him smile and, in the process, very nearly looses her train of thought.  But then she finds it again and hums into the kiss, fingers feebly grasping at the front of his mesh shirt, "So…what are you trying to say?"  Even though she already knows and just wants to hear him contradict himself.

He does -- contradict himself, I mean.  She holds a certain power over him that no other woman has, and though he doesn't want to admit it, he is helpless in the face of it.  His lips push forward to latch onto hers again, and into the kiss he whispers a very soft, "I'm trying to say…that an hour is a very, very, very long time…"  And with each 'very' that he utters, he presses a kiss to a different area of her face.

She giggles, leaning backwards on the plush couch.  Her arms curl around his neck and she brings him with her, so that he is hovering above her and nearly crushing her with his thankful weight: something that only causes her strange relief to know that he is there.

They lay there for a short while, exchanging touches as their lips move together and their tongues battle.  Then, his hands are moving beneath clothes and pulling at her shirt, and she knows that it's time to feel what she has sought and longed for during every period of time he was gone and she was left in his apartment like a ghost being whispered and pointed at.

His fingers are rough from battle but it only exhilarates her more, and she thinks she might die when his rough grasp drifts over her exposed breasts.  But the feeling of his mouth brings her back to earth and creates an inebriating contrast that shakes her, drowns her, cages her in his arms.

Her own hands are less determined when she attempts to pull off his shirt.  It is hard to because of the tightness of the mesh fabric, and she halfheartedly pulls at it while he tongues her breast.

She wants to feel him, not just the part of him that proves his manhood but the rest as well.  She longs to drag her nails up his back and feel him shiver against her; to press her lips against his chest and touch the hardened muscles beneath his skin; to wrap her legs around his waist and be as close to him as she can.  And the moment in which she can do these things feels so far away and yet so near, and she is gasping because her heart is aching with the desire to carry out all her wishes.

When his mesh shirt is finally forced over his head and his chest is pressed against her, Emiko feels herself heave a sigh of relief.  She feels strange, numb almost, but so very alive that it has her struggling to contain herself.

Kakashi doesn't want to her to do so, however.  He is kissing her hard, hands slipping under her to palm her back and bring her closer to him.  'Let go', he seems to tell her, though he speaks not a word and keeps his eyes resolutely fluttered halfway shut.  But nevertheless she listens to him, because the thought of denying him anything sends her into an odd bout of panic.

So she opens herself up to him, just as he does every day they are together, and is so happy she does.  When he wrestles with their remaining clothes and finally slips into her, it feels like their world is exploding and they are the only remaining people in it.

There is no Konoha; no mission that Kakashi has to leave for; there is not even the distant whispers that keep them apart in public.  They are completely, undeniably alone.

She can't breath again.  She is gasping for air but it doesn’t seem to quell her.  She is only satisfied when Kakashi's lips fall onto hers and they kiss hastily, breathlessly, as though they are fighting something that isn't there and protecting themselves at the same time.

She feels her fingers tug at his headband -- the only thing that has been left on his body.  She wants to run her fingers through his hair and catch him where he is, and so she flings the headgear away to do just that.  She wishes he would open his other eye, but it remains closed and she forgets about it in the course of a few seconds.

Vaguely, Emiko is aware that she is saying something.  Her mouth is moving into their kiss and words are flying from them.  But she doesn't hear what she says until they are skyrocketing upward, hips snapping together and voices raising.  And then she is gasping louder, murmuring faster, as though she is stricken with some sort of disease that has no cure.  Except this one does, and they are racing toward it at a pace that has her holding onto to him for dear life.

Their movements splutter suddenly, pause, and then regroup, moving at a rather lazy pace as they draw out the intense passion that zings through their bodies.  He is moving toward her, chest pressed to hers again and mouth catching her.  This time, their kiss isn't hasty but rather sincere and emotional, because they both know that it will be weeks before they are united like this again.

She presses a soft kiss to his silver hair and sighs, lips moving again to tell him what he already knows; what she's been telling throughout their entire time together, silent or otherwise.  'I love you, I love you, I love you'.  And then all is quiet.



  1. I have read nearly all of your work and I enjoy it quite a bit, you definitely have talent :)

    Would you, please write one about Tenzo (Yamato) for me, please?

    OC: Aiko blonde soft curls to midback, emerald green eyes. 5'4", same age as Naruto during Shippuden. Friend of Naruto, Yamato is (obviously) still older than her by quite a few years.

    Thank you so much, sweets! <3


  2. I can imagine this being one of the baby daddy ones, very well written I am loving every one of these lemons so far

  3. Replies
    1. Can you please make a Pain-sama lemon one-shot

  4. Could you please make a kakashi baby daddy lemon or a garaa one?

  5. Apparently I lied, second story of your's I found on same book on Wattpad. The other 3 I kind of don't want to check. I have a feeling they are probably your stories too.