Friday, April 13, 2012

A Kanda Yuu Baby Daddy -- Guess

Character: Kanda Yuu

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Nik, cheerful, wears her hair down

Inspiration: Kanda trying to hid his attraction for her pfttt xD …and failing~

// Prologue //

Kanda Yuu was a mystery. It wasn’t exactly unheard of to find him walking the corridors of the Black Order, sword ready in his grasp. His face was always frowning; lips pulled down into a snarl; eyes narrowed into glaring slits. I could list endless attributes he possessed – the way his back always remained stiff and rigid, even when he was eating; the undefined grace he always, always carried himself with...

But then again, it wasn’t just Kanda Yuu I noticed. I tended to understand things that shouldn’t be understood. That’s probably one of the reasons Lavi hangs around me so much. We share a love for practical education that not many people can conceive.

“So what do you think?” Lavi whispered to me, not bothering to glance at me as we sat, unmoving before Komui’s desk. The reason he was whispering was obvious, and also standing about six feet away. Kanda Yuu was leaning against the wall, arms crossed and eyes closed. There was an ever present frown marring his face. I sent a swift look toward the long haired exorcist. I supposed Kanda was coming with Lavi and I on our mission, which was rare. I was hardly ever dispatched with Kanda, as Lavi and Bookman were my normal partners.

My lips quirked upward into a coy smile as I addressed Lavi, voice even softer than his, “Isn’t it obvious? It’ll be an important mission, if we’re all going together. There will be many Akuma; possibly a few higher levels. But I heard,” my voice took on a haunting tone and I grinned wickedly, “that there will be a Noah in the area.”

My words caused Lavi’s head to turn. His face remained passive, but there was a sheen to his eyes that gave his fright away. He dared not question me, because my understanding for the current situation was something he was very accustomed to. I always seemed to be able to guess the outcome of any mission.

Kanda Yuu chose that moment to speak up. His was voice deep and held a tinge of anger. I decided he was having a bad morning, because his annoyance, normal as it was, was still fairly unusual.

“How the hell do you know all that, onna?” came his brittle voice. He was glaring at me now, eyes narrowed into ever-present glares that should have caused shivers to race down my spine. I merely shrugged and tapped my head, unafraid of his unfriendly attitude, “Intuition, I suppose. You really shouldn’t glare, Kanda; it’ll give you wrinkles.”

I probably should’ve said that, but it certainly cause an interesting turn of events. Lavi broke out into a fit of unhidden laughter and surprise flitted through Kanda’s usually stoic mask. It was an emotion that was rarely seen on his face, and it caused a reaction in and of itself. My heart began beating faster and I wondered what the hell was wrong with me. I started thinking stupid, childish thoughts of seeing other emotions on his pale face, and in that moment, I knew that I would do everything in my power to make it happen.

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I entirely missed Kanda’s angry threat...and the fact that Mugen was being pulled from it’s scabbard. ...Oops.

// How It Happened //

I decided I rather liked this particular look for Kanda Yuu. Ever since that fateful day in Komui’s office, barely a week ago, I had made it my duty to discover all the emotions Kanda is capable of experiencing. When I informed Lavi of my plan – I basically told him everything anyway – he called me crazy. Because, really, even Lavi wasn’t devilish enough to play Kanda like this.

We were on our mission, and were currently residing in a small village in Northern Italy. We were stuck here for the time being; our assigned finder was not with us and the train that was scheduled to take us toward our final destination was late. I wondered how a train could be two days late, but decided that this was Italy, and anything could happen.

At the moment, I was happily enjoying everything this country had to offer. Lavi had rushed off with Bookman to some historic area of the town while I remained by Kanda’s side at the hotel. It hadn’t taken me long to convince Kanda to come with me to the pool – he wouldn’t let me go otherwise, and I was apparently whining too much. According to him, it was the only reason he came, but I had a feeling it was because Kanda wanted to see me in a bikini.

When I voiced my theory, Kanda only sent me a glare and hit me on the head. Needless to say, he had to endure more whining from me all the way down to the hotel pool.

But even though he denied it, there was a pink dust that layered his features as I slipped into the pool with such minimal clothing on. So, I decided, that I rather did like that look on my trusted companion, Kanda Yuu. But this time, I didn’t bother saying it out loud. I liked the shape of my head just the way it was, thank you very much.

“Kanda, you should come in as well,” I called, trying to splash water at him but utterly failing as he stepped away. The Japanese exorcist grumbled and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like a threat. I pouted at him for a moment before shrugging and dunking my head below the water. When I came back up, gasping for breath, Kanda was no where to be found.

Well, at least he was trying not to be found; he was walking away from the pool as though his life depended on it, and that made had me stuck between annoyance and amusement. Kanda always, always spurred such strange emotions from me...

I swam to the edge of the pool and studied his figure as he walked away. There was something different about the way he walked, as though his usual grace was forsaken and replaced by a waddling, disorderly saunter. I suppose it was the female intuition kicking in, but I had a sudden realization about what was going on. I felt my lips curve upward into a wicked smirk at the thought.

“Kanda, where are you going~?!” I yelled, and he stopped abruptly. He cast one single glance at me, and that was what indefinitely gave him away. With a slightly bent back, Kanda Yuu stormed away from the pool room, disappearing quickly behind the door as he pushed various people out of his way. I decided I liked that look in his eyes the best so far – it was so full of lust and desire that it had my knees shaking. I got out of the pool and grabbed my towel as I followed him, stopping on my way to help the people back to their feet and apologizing for my friend.

As I walked leisurely down the hallways, I secured my towel loosely around my wet body. There were signs of Kanda’s passing all over the place. Mugen had certainly done plenty of damage; paintings were crooked and sometimes torn, the wallpaper was bruised and battered, and even the rug, whose pristine color still shown through, was ruffled. It was as though Kanda had been taking his anger out...again. In the back of my mind, one word described his attitude; distraction.

At the door to our shared hotel room, I tried to remember where I put my card. Upon realizing I had shoved it unceremoniously into the left cup of my bikini – there had been no other place to put it and I dared not entrust it to Kanda – I took it out and slipped it into the locked door.

As soon as I walked into the room, I noticed two things. One, Lavi and Bookman were still not back, and two, the shower was running. I giggled lightly and hung my towel over the doorknob. After throwing my card onto the table beside the door, I wove my way around the two beds and stopped once I got to the shower door. I pressed my ear against the wood, but heard nothing save the water, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Turning the knob, I slid into the bathroom. The first thing I noticed – and possibly the most important – was the fact that there was no steam on the mirrors or in the air. Which meant that Kanda was taking a cold shower, and that could mean one of two things; either Kanda was just strange, which wasn’t hard to fathom, or he had a little problem and was trying to take care of it, which I thought was more likely. After all, I saw the way he walked away from the pool. His bothered self was quite obvious to me. He also gave himself away when he still didn’t notice I had entered the bathroom, which would not have happened unless he was really out of it.


“Yuu, you shouldn’t run away like that,” I said, and grinned when I heard a sudden and surprised noise from the curtain. A moment later, a shampoo bottle fell to the floor with a loud bang. I giggled.

“You had me very worried,” I said, loud enough to ensure he’d heard. I began to untie the back of my bikini, dropping it onto the counter and then doing the same to the bottom of said outfit. I was already quite turned on by our situation.

“You could have asked, you know,” I coyly informed him as I walked toward the curtain, “You didn’t have to come up here to take care of it yourself. I wouldn’t have minded helping you-“

My next words fell silent as the curtain was torn open. Not by me, but by Kanda himself, who was glaring at me with those newly discovered lustful eyes. I hardly had time to glance down at him before I was grabbed by my upper arms and forcefully pulled into the shower. So shocked I was that I didn’t even realize Kanda had started kissing me until he bit my neck harshly. A squeal erupted from my throat at the nip, and also because Kanda had pushed me under the cold water. I sighed a slow, shaky sigh and shook my head. Grabbing Kanda’s chin, I forced him to look at me before smirking and pressing my lips onto his. He kissed back with an eagerness I didn’t know he had, bruising my lips. I darted my tongue across his mouth, and he pulled back in surprise.

Raising an eyebrow, I tugged at his hair, silently pleading for him to kiss me again. He did, a moment later, and this time, allowed my tongue entrance to his mouth. I sank into him in pleasure, melting against his nakedness as though it were the reason I was alive. His arms wound around my waist and molded our bodies into a strange, passionate dance. It was then that I felt his need for me, obvious and blatant as it pressed against me, and I remembered that I was here to help him out.

Without another thought, I removed one arm from his neck and grabbed his erection. Kanda gasped in shock at my move, but did not stop me as I began to pump him through my cold hand. With my other hand, curled tightly around his silky long hair, I urged his face forward and met his lips in another sensual kiss. This time, it was more frenzied.

I rubbed the tip of his manhood and enjoyed his unrivaled jolt of pleasure as he writhed before me. His eyes were tightly shut; his lips working with mine in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of; his hair brushed and meddling with mine as we twisted around each other.

My hand left his hair and reached behind me to the shower’s temperature gauge. I turned it toward the opposite direction, not taking my hand from it until the hot water had replaced the cold. There mere change of condition seemed to send forth an even greater reaction. Our kisses got hotter as well. Kanda was moving against me faster, as though his passion was coming to a bittersweet end.

I tugged on his erection once more before he let out a strangled moan and removed his lips from mine, instead beginning to work diligently on my neck. He bit me hard on my shoulder, pushing me far against the wall as he wildly grabbed my wrist and pulled it away from his erection. And then, everything stopped as abruptly as it started.

Kanda’s hand was still wrapped around my wrist. His lips were hardly an inch from mine, and his breath was coming out in heavy gasps against my flushed face. But his eyes were what took me down into the folds of pure desire. He stared at me with his dark orbs, mingled with passion and want and love, and I could hardly stop myself as I leaned back into his strong grasp and pressed my lips against his.

This time, the kiss was slow. There was still passion – still the ever present reminder that we were here, together, nearly as close as a man and a woman could physically be. I had never felt Kanda’s gentle side; I had never even thought it existed at all. I sank even deeper into my craving and pushed him away ever so slightly. When he opened his eyes once again, to see me staring at him in such a hungry way, he snapped. And the spell was broken, but not completely gone, as Kanda growled lowly and kissed me harder. My back was once again pressed to the shower wall. His hands were everywhere; my shoulders, breasts, stomach...

I could hardly breath as I felt his tip scourge my opening, and I pushed against him to remind him that I needed him right now. And oh, he gave it to me. By the time we were finished with our illicit actions, I had decided that I really, truly loved this side of Kanda much more than his usual dreaded self.

// How You Found Out //

For once in my life, I was unconditionally afraid for my future. There was something frightening about the prospect of being pregnant and the nagging wouldn’t seem to go away. It was the first time I had felt so vulnerable.

I reread the words on the paper before me, uncomfortably shifting in the hospital wing of the Black Order. I felt as though I was beginning to panic...

“There’s really no denying it, dearie,” the Matron said, patting my head softly and sighing, “Though I don’t enjoy seeing such young girls get pregnant, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I bit my lip nervously and looked up at her concerned face, “I suppose...I suppose I should tell him, huh?”

The elderly woman nodded with a soft smile, “He deserves to know.”

My eyes slipped closed and I sighed. With a struggling expression, I murmured a desperate, “...Right.”

Oh God, what would Kanda say?

// How You Told Him //

He knew I was there, but Kanda Yuu did not stop as he practiced, swinging his sword with his normal grace. I shifted on the floor and frowned. I shouldn’t act so depressed like this, for it would only give me away. Kanda was perceptive, and I didn’t want to scare him away by any means. I shifted again.

“What’s wrong?” his gruff voice asked, and I nearly jumped in my shock. I hadn’t noticed he’d stopped his training. I got up shakily and smiled. I had a feeling my smile wasn’t fooling anybody.

“N-Nothing, Kanda,” I whispered. My lips felt thick, and I felt as though speaking was taking an extra effort for me. Perhaps that was a good thing...

He gave me a glower that sent shivers down my spine. His eyes flashed dangerously and he stalked toward me with a set look in his determined eyes, “Not that I care,” he informed lazily, fingers grabbing his creamy white shirt and slipping it over his pale shoulders, “but you’ve been acting strange all day. Tell me what’s wrong.”

I watched silently as he sheathed Mugen and strapped it back onto his waist. Kanda walked closer to me, stopping a mere foot away as he studied my face with careful, exact eyes. I shifted once more, and Kanda grabbed my elbow, tugging me from the room with a stoic expression. I realized he was bringing me to the cafeteria and sighed, which only made him glare at me.

“I’m really not hungry, Kanda,” I murmured. I felt as though I should have been.

My words only caused Kanda to glare even harder, “What the hell aren’t you telling me?! Nik?”

My name rolled from his tongue with a soft growl, and I flinched. I opened my mouth...and then closed it again. Kanda’s eyes narrowed even more than I thought possible and abruptly let go of my arm, turning away with a scowl, “Is it about that night...?”

I knew exactly which night he was referring to, and blushed. My silence made Kanda snap his face to stare at me. I had a feeling he wasn't going to apologize for the pleasure we exchanged, because Kanda Yuu wasn't the apologetic type. Still, the awkwardness hung in the air was nearly suffocated me.

“It is about that night, actually,” I said clearly, looking at the wall with nervous eyes, “...See, something...happened. I-“

“I get it,” Kanda interrupted, and this time, his eyes weren’t so harsh as he looked at me, “You want to forget all about it. Fine.”

He turned to walk away, but I reached out to grab his arm, “No!”

My fingers clutched the white fabric of his collared shirt tightly, as though he would disappeared if I let go. One arm snaked around his waist and rested on where I knew his heart would be beating.

“No...” I said weakly, “that’s not all...”

“Then what?” he snapped, and I turned my head into his back as I sighed. He was growing impatient with me...

“Y-you see,” I closed my eyes and pressed my face closer into his shirt, breathing in his masculine scent before whispering, nearly incoherently, “I’m pregnant.”

He had heard. I knew, because his back was quickly becoming rigid. His hand automatically went to Mugen’s hilt, though no actual danger was occurring. He stepped out of my hold and turned around swiftly, measuring me with calculating eyes.

Oh God! It was my fault! I shouldn’t have followed him back to the hotel room that evening. I should not have even gotten into that blasted bikini in the first place! I chanced a look at him, only to see his now emotionless eyes weren’t even staring at me at all, but at a small jagged stone in the wall. I stared at my hands and waited for him to speak.

He did speak, a few minutes later, “What do you think...he’ll look like?”

My head snapped up to his. He turned his gaze back to mine slowly, daringly, and I swallowed convulsively as my lips curved upward into a ghost of a smile.

“...Well...I suppose he might have your hair, and maybe my eyes. And hopefully my personality,” I added, peering at Kanda. He scoffed, turned his head from me, and grabbed my arm once again as he tugged me toward the cafeteria.

“Kanda...I’m really not hungry-“

“You’re pregnant,” he said, and his voice was not quite as gruff as it usually was. The way he said those two words made them seem more plausible. He turned to glance at me over his shoulder and finished, “You’re eating.”

...I allowed him to drag me behind him.

// Epilogue //

There ended up being no ‘Him’. But even without a son, Kanda didn’t seem to mind. He treated our daughter as though she was a saint. It surprised everyone, even me.

“Allison, really,” I sighed, exasperation leaking into my voice, “Calm down...”

I wasn’t used to being a mother, and that was plainly obvious. Though I was quickly learning from instinct, there was still much I didn’t know about my own baby girl, and one of those things was what to do with her when she wouldn’t stop crying.

I’d been bouncing her in my arms for so long now that said limbs felt heavy and numb. I was exhausted.

“Maybe she’s hungry?” Lavi proposed, raised an eyebrow as he grinned at me.

I cast him a condescending and shook my head, “Even if she was, I wouldn’t feed her in front of you, Lavi.”

Lavi merely shrugged, unconcerned, and Allen asked, “Perhaps you need to change Allison’s diaper?”

I shook my head, convinced that there wasn’t any need to. I had done both things not half an hour ago. I thought I knew the reason for my daughter’s unrest. I sighed and shook my head, “Thanks, guys, but I think all she needs is her father. We’ll be at the hospital wing.”

They waved us on and I carried Allison with me as I stepped toward said wing. By the time I had gotten there, Allison’s crying had slowed down, as though she knew her father was near. I smiled down at her and kissed her forehead before opening the door to the hospital wing and looking around for my husband’s figure.

He had returned from his last mission with numerous injuries and had been resting for two day. Unfortunately for him, the Head Matron wouldn’t allow him to leave, though he was clearly healed, and Kanda was feeling very annoyed. When he saw us, his annoyance faded slightly and he adopted a serene expression. He held his arms out silently and I gratefully placed Allison into them. I watched in adoration as he gently brought his daughter to his chest and the girl instantly stopped whimpering.

I sighed, “I’ve been trying to make her stop for hours now...”

Kanda sent me an appraised look, a ghostly smirk gracing his face, “Then you should have brought her sooner.”

I nodded, eyelids drooping in exhaustion as I suppressed a yawn. I felt Kanda tug at my wrist and before I knew it, he was pulling me toward him and encircling his free arm around my waist. I snuggled into his chest and murmured, “I should go...or else I’ll fall asleep on you...”

I felt him make a noise, and his lips were suddenly pressed against my hair, “Go to sleep. I’ll watch Allison.”

Before he even finished, I was already half gone. The only thing I heard before completely falling asleep were three precious words breathed into my hair.


A/N: This is just something I found while digging through my files. I wrote it ages ago and for some reason never posted it here D: Hope you enjoyed the fact that he was completely OOC~! pfft