Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A North Italy Baby Daddy -- Nine Months

Character: North Italy

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Mina Saint-Germain, gentle, mysterious

Inspiration: I don't even know where this came from.  wrwefkmdfqe

// Prologue //

It had started out as many things did: with a glance.  How he had managed to catch a glimpse of her through the crowded, tourist infested streets of Rome was a question he could never answer.  Whether by some twist of fate or Italy's natural gravitation toward pretty girls, he was by her side in a moment's decision, leaving Germany standing alone and confused twenty feet away.

Love story's often had a way of being cliché and rather bland to the onlooker, but Mina had been utterly swept away by the time the sun had arched into darkness. 

Her life before this moment had been spent in an introverted manner, in which the object of romance didn't appeal to her quite as much as the annual paycheck did.  But as Mina looked out upon the whitewashed Trevi fountain and pondered at the way the moonlight itself seemed to spring from the flowing water, she realized that this was because she never had a reason to be anything but a workaholic.

The shocking touch of another's hand came into contact with her own, and Mina was pulled from her deep thoughts.  She found herself somewhere she never had before: staring into a stranger's eyes, feeling her heart pumping erratically inside her, and wondering if he was thinking on the same level of distraught passion as she was. 

// How It Happened //

Nine months later, Mina would never have thought that she'd be dating the very stranger she'd met in the streets of Italy, but fate has a way of twisting things around in the oddest way.  She would never have thought that she'd blush so much at the little gestures he'd give her -- the flowers, the smiles, the jokes -- but she was thankful for them all. 

She was also thankful that her bedroom door was decently soundproofed.  (She'd discovered this over a series of weeks and through long, not so complicated 'research'.)

A strange noise left her throat as her body was pushed down to the bed.  She'd been captured in the strangest of ways by the strangest of people.  But it was a welcome sort of capture, and she was very glad for it. 

"Feli-ciano…!  Oh!" her back arched and he gave her a sudden, hard thrust that made another moan bubble from her throat.  She would never have thought, nine months prior, that this man would worship her in such a way.

Words overflowed his lips, spilling into her ears.  She could hardly understand the muffled, rapid Italian, but it was erotic in a way that seemed to expel all the cold from within her.  Her fingers tunneled into his hair and she bucked her hips harshly against his.

He grasped her in the lightest touch, and yet it was tight and inescapable and needy.  He pulled her hips into his with each movement, rocking into her.  She moved when she could, but mostly it was just her arms, and her head, and her back that jerked from the pleasure.  Her lungs filled with air and then blew out, fermenting that pleasure into a gasping breath that made Feliciano shudder.

His words quickened just as his hips did.  His manhood was so deep within her, filling her up so much that she couldn't breathe anymore, or see, or hear.  She could only breathe him in: his musky scent, the smell of their lovemaking.  She could only see the flashes of his skin as it slid against hers, slick with sweat.  She could hear only the hastened murmurs of his voice, and the faint slapping of flesh, and the muffled creaking of the bed as it pounded into the wall.

And then, she could breathe in thick gasps of breath as she fell; and her eyes were diluted with images of him, swelling up within her, taking her, promising her with his gaze; and her ears were full of the sounds of their intermingled screams, and their grunts of passion, and the quick pants as they tumbled down into bliss.

Indeed, nine months before, Mina would never have thought that this stranger would be capable of stealing away every bit of control she'd thought she had.

// How You Told Him //

A rather odd occurrence that happens unknowingly to many people is when they find themselves telling their life's story to a stranger.  It often happens in a very offhanded manner, in which one comment is made simply to break the silence, and it is answered in a more profound way than intended by the original speaker.  Subsequently, it is much easier than one might think to give away all your secrets in a matter of moments…which is something Mina discovered.

Of course, keeping a secret so immense is definitely bound to be difficult, which is why she'd been struggling to do so for the past month. 

She should have known that it wouldn't have been hard to do when Feliciano was so kind and loving, though.  (Which was another matter discovered in a matter of moments.)

She broke the news in as much the same offhanded manner that a stranger might displace to another stranger.  It wasn't very romantic at all, or passionate or bold, but then again, Mina was never very open.  But Feliciano made up for that lack of openness in his response.

She figured, when he lifted her up to give her a joyous twirl around the kitchen tiles, that he was quite happy and very accepting of her little predicament.

// Epilogue //

Nine months later, Feliciano and Mina found themselves by the Trevi fountain once more.  Except this time, they were with two other people…er, babies that seemed quite comfortable in their carriage.

Feliciano slipped an arm around Mina and gave her a happy look.  His eyes crinkled up in the way that made her heart stutter in her chest, and she couldn't help but lean in and give his dimple a quick kiss…which made him smile even larger.

"It's a lovely day, ve?" he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, looking quite content to sit on the side of the fountain and just daydream.

Mina hummed her agreement, nestling against his side and turning her own eyes to her sleeping children.  They were almost identical to Italy, and even had his signature curl, albeit in a different area of their heads.  But their eyes, when open, were like gold.  And their disposition was often dreamy and happy go lucky just like their father.

Mina felt herself sigh.  Yes, nine months ago she would not have thought that her lovemaking would turn to this.  Eighteen months ago she would never have thought they'd be lovemaking at all.  But fate often has a way of twisting the world around, and this time, it was for the better.  Mina placed another kiss on her lover's cheek.  This time, it lingered.