Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Ryohei Sasagawa Lemon -- To Be Extreme

Character: Ryohei Sasagawa

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Suzuna, reserved but not shy

Inspiration: Somethin' about boldness, I think

There are certain things that Suzuna doesn't understand about her lover.  For one, she doesn't get how he can be so loud and passionate all the time, about the smallest things.  She doesn't understand why he sometimes acts naïve about things he already knows.  She can't comprehend why he insists on going 'training' each morning before the sun even rises.

But then again, she likes it when he's passionate because it makes her feel alive.  She enjoys seeing him act naïve because she thinks it's cute.  And though she hates it when he goes jogging each and every morning -- and occasionally doesn't come home until early afternoon -- she very much appreciates the sight of him hot and sweaty.  (A fact that he knows quite well, despite his forgetfulness.)

So even though she wants to get angry at him for coming back so late and immediately asking her to make him a big lunch to quell his immense hunger, Suzuna usually just ends up trying not to feel him up…a feat that, as people say, is easier said than done.

His arms briefly wrap around her before darting away.  He tells her hello with an exuberant expression and doesn't seem to notice the fact that his face is flushed and his breathing is labored.  She doesn't really want to ask him why he's so out of breath, because she has a feeling that his 'training' is usually much more than a simple jog.  She isn't blind to his participation in the Mafia, but prefers to keep well away from said connections.

"I've made you coffee," she tells him, and watches as he crosses the room to snatch up the dish towel.  He runs it over his forehead and she grabs it back with mock rage.  "Go on and take a shower instead of dirtying up the kitchen!"  But he only smiles because he knows she's not mad and could never be when he is standing in that tight muscle shirt, all sweaty and appreciative.

He stalks toward her, a strange glint in his eye that makes her raise one speculative eyebrow.  Before she knows what's happening, her back is being pressed to the counter and his arms are caging her between it and his chest. 

She almost can't bear being trapped against his chest when he's in this condition.  It makes her heart rush into her throat and her carefully thought out words crumble into forgetfulness.  Her hands raise up to rest on him in an attempt to create a bridge between them.  But the heat that radiates off of him only grinds her down further, stealing away any self control she may have built up before his return.

"I think…"  What?  What was she going to say?  She is grasping for something -- anything -- to fill the shattering silence.  Swallowing thickly, she mumbles, "I think I'll go get your shower ready for you."

She makes to leave, but his arms won't allow her to, and he keeps her pined to the counter while he watches her leisurely.  When she glances up at him, his eyes convey a sort of amusement that they always seem to have.  But this time, it is a darker amusement, as though he is utterly manipulating his situation right now.  With a glower, she decides that two can play at this game.

"What's wrong?" she mocks, lips drawing back into a smirk.  "You don't want me to get your shower ready?  You don't want to get" -- kiss -- "all -- kiss -- "wet?"  Her mouth finally discovers his and then she is kissing him deeply, drinking in the delightful taste of his lips as she presses herself to his chest. 

He responds slowly, taking her up into his arms and moving his mouth gingerly with hers as his fingers caress her cheeks.  And then, the moment for gentility is over and he is enthusiastically forced into a more passionate kiss as she tugs him closer, burying her fingers into his short, damp hair and throwing all her desire into her actions.

Somehow, as they curl themselves into each other's arms, they stumble toward the bedroom.  Neither remember much of it -- only the odd trip or slam into a hard surface -- but can see each other as they finally reach the threshold to their shared room, and that's all that really matters.

And then, Ryohei is being suddenly jerked down and he falls back onto the mattress with a complete madwoman following him down.  (When he tells her that, she only grins, because she knows it's all too true.)

She is very comfortable sitting atop him like this.  Her elbows form a cage around his head as their mouths met once more, and they are once again pulled down into a senseless, bottomless pit as they lose themselves.

She can feel the beginnings of what will probably -- if she has any say in it -- be a raging erection pressing into her thigh.  The feel of it strengthens her own lust and allows her to morph into someone far from the relaxed, reserved girl she is normally.  He makes her crazy, bold, and unstoppable, and she makes him strangely helpless in a way he only ever feels around her.

Their tongues are only just beginning a fierce battle when her nails wrack down his chest and leave him a shivering mess.  He grunts, catching her waist with his large hands because he needs something to hold onto.  He can't think and can't form coherent words.  He forgets who he is and just lets his instinct take over: a feat that is quite easy for him to do.

As her hands slip into his shirt, he winces at the coldness.  The fabric restricts her movements, but it doesn't matter to Suzuna.  She angles her touch upward, brushing over the areas that she knows makes him crazy with want.  By the time she reaches his nipples, she hardly has to touch them before he is responding, lifting his body up onto his elbows and kissing her with more intensity.

She moans into the kiss and pushes her body down onto his hard on.  His answering grunt makes her kiss him harder.  Her tongue swirls with his and his taste nearly sends her overboard.

She slides his shirt up over his head, breaking their kiss for just a moment before delving right back into it.  The shirt hits the ground somewhere beside them, immediately forgotten as Suzuna pushes him forcefully back down onto the mattress.  When he is laying submissively beneath her, watching her through hazy gray eyes, she decides that it's high time to step it up.

This time, when her nails wrack down his chest, his reaction is a lot different.  He bites his bottom lip to keep from groaning and then sighs, because he can't not make some sort of noise.  His fingers twitch around her waist and begin to move downward to grasp onto her hips, but it makes no difference to her because she's suddenly moving, crawling backwards down his legs.

He knows what's coming because he can see her intentions clearly in the way her eyes glint up at him.  But nothing can prepare him for the overwhelming sensation of her lips curling around his cock.  He clenches his teeth and his head slams down onto the bed.  He stares sightlessly at the ceiling, only aware of the way she is utterly controlling him, and how he doesn't even care.

Finally, after the initial pleasure zings into duller, lengthened satisfaction, Ryohei brings himself to look down at her.  This is better, he decides.  Seeing her like this, glorifying him, strangles him in the most gratifying way.  His eyes slip halfway closed in a sight of lazy desire and his hand reaches out to tangle into her hair.

But he doesn't pull her farther, or force her in any way.  She has him wrapped around her finger and in the bedroom -- in her domain -- she dominates.

When she looks up at him, Ryohei thinks he will never be able to look away.  The connection of their gazes somehow effects their actions, almost cementing them in a manner that leaves them both wanting more.  But she can't pull away, not now, because the thought of pleasing him like this has been on her mind ever since he walked through the door half an hour before.

Her tongue races over him, lapping at the sensitive nerve that darts beneath him.  She buries him as far into her mouth as she can, but he is so big that she is forced to use her hand to occupy the rest.  It doesn't matter, though, because it still makes Ryohei agonizingly pleased.

She tries to keep it up for as long as possible, but it's difficult.  It's hard because of her unwavering need to feel him within her.  She is tempted to reach down and please herself, but she doesn't dare because the only fingers she wants doing that is Ryohei's.

She slowly stops, releasing him from her mouth with a vulgar pop.  When she looks back up at him, he looks like he really wants to come.  She sends him a small, apologetic smile and crawls back up his body like a cat, pausing only to press a wild kiss onto his bruised mouth.

He tastes himself in the kiss, but also her own desire.  And he knows that taking her is long overdue.  He reaches up to brush her hair back and gives her a questioning look that she returns with another deep kiss.  Her hands dart back to her body and haphazardly lift her shirt over her head.

The fact that she has been wearing all her clothes has not been overlooked.  Ryohei definitely doesn't waste any time as his hands slid behind her and he wrestles with her bra.  He seems to be having difficulty with it, though, and so once again he is pushed back to the bed and forced to watch her take it off herself.  As soon as it is unclipped, though, he jumps right back in wholeheartedly, cupping her full breasts with his strong hands.

He doesn't linger long because the ache of his manhood doesn’t let him.  He gives her pert nipples a tweak before running his touch down her stomach and circling the hem of her jeans.  Again, he doesn't linger.  Her pants are halfway down her thighs before she can even realize what's going on, and then she is left in just a pair of flimsy, useless panties that are far more trouble than they look.

Indeed, Ryohei doesn't even attempt to take them off.  Instead, he turns his attention elsewhere as his mouth leans down to capture her nipple.  She closes her eyes for a moment, loosing herself, and then remembers where they are and what they're doing.  Her fingers grab at his hair and she pulls him forward, pressing her bust to his face at the same time that his hands force her hips over his erection.

It forces a simultaneous reaction that leaves them both whimpering.  He sits up more, arms abandoning their perch on her body in favor of holding up his weight.  She tugs his head back so that she can give him the kiss she's been holding in -- the one that screamed out every single hint of love and adoration for him -- and then she is forcing her panties to the side and jerking down onto his dick.

For a moment, neither quite know what's happening because it's happened so fast.  It takes her only a minute to get used to the familiar sensation of him inside of her, though, which is ultimately good because Ryohei can't take another moment without moving.  She is so tight that he has to fight the urge to just come right then and there, and even when he has a handle on the sensation it's still lingering behind every stray movement.

Finally, Suzuna curls her arms around his neck and they move together.  It isn't a very fast pace, contrary to the intensity of their actions beforehand.  Rather, they are able to convey every emotion felt that day, as though they are having a private conversation where their emotions are completely free.  They move and tangle and breath each other in, happy to just be close like this, without any hindrances or interruptions.  

They aren't united for very long because they are so completely ready to come, and have been for so long now.  So they release slowly, lovingly, in the same way their bodies have moved since they were first unified.  They cave into each other delicately, taking their time as the extreme results of their lovemaking rush through them.

Then everything is over and done with, and they are tangled up in each other's arms and laying together in a silent heap of limbs, and Suzuna is softly murmuring, "I forgot to get your shower ready…"

But it doesn't matter anymore, because Ryohei doesn't need a shower: he just needs her.  So he presses another kiss to her mouth and his hands begin to rove her body once more, and they fall back into the pleasure that they are only just recovering from with an exuberance that leaves them breathless.


  1. The only thing that bothers me about your posts is that you write 'loose' instead of 'lose'.

    I dunno.
    Maybe I'm just a grammar whore.

    1. Whoops! I guess I was writing too fast ^^' Thanks for pointing that out~

  2. Haha she had sex with a sweaty dirty man...
    It was good, but I just found that funny cause I could never do that xD