Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Senri Lemon -- Control

Character: Senri

Fandom: +Anima

OC: Misha, braided blonde hair, green eyes

Inspiration: Camping

There is a limit as to how many heady looks a person can send in one day…or at least Misha thought there was.  Perhaps Senri didn't mean for his eyes to take on such a desiring quality each time he glanced at her over the heads of their companions, but she could detect hints of lust all the same.

And it was keeping her wide awake.  She couldn't count how many times she'd shifted in her quest for a comfortable position.  Of course, sleeping on the ground wouldn't really be classified as comfortable anyway, but it was usually better than this. 

But what was worse than not being able to sleep was having to lay so close to Senri and not reach out to him.  And also, the brightness of the full moon didn't help much either, because it illuminated every sweet shift of fabric and made the temptation even more difficult to cope with.

Their relationship was hard to explain.  They were more than friends -- much, much more than friends, actually -- but no one else knew about it.  Misha suspected that Nana suspected, but the others were clueless.  She wasn't sure why they didn't just come out and tell them, but Misha thought it had something to do with disrupting the friendly banter that they had all grown used to over the years.

She sighed softly and moved again, quietly changing position but feeling even more awake than before.  This was terribly annoying.  The only good thing about the situation was that Senri's back was to her, and that meant that she couldn't be distracted with staring at his face.

She slowly reached out to brush her finger over his back, bored out of her mind and not thinking how it might wake him.  There was something strangely sensual about the touch of another person, especially when the fabric of Senri's shirt was washed out linen and flowed over her skin so smoothly.

She splayed her fingers between his shoulder blades, eyes shifting halfway closed in wonderment.  Dragging a finger down his spine, Misha didn't even notice the shiver that wracked the man before her.  Indeed, it wasn't until he was rolling over to face her that she realized he was even awake at all.

"Senri?!" she scooted away as though she'd been shocked, a soft blush that could hardly be seen flushing her face.  "I though you were asleep," she whispered furtively.

His face, as always, was blank and expressionless.  But the moonlight lilted up an emotion that made her crave him.  She could nearly see herself in the reflection of his eyes, which were so deep that she thought she was utterly lost.

"…Senri..?" she breathed, but he was sitting up and didn't answer.  He gave her a single look before walking into the forest, and Misha had to scramble up so she didn't lose sight of him. 

When she had caught up with him, and her hand was curled again around the fabric of his linen-clad back, Misha felt her heart hammer with excitement.  She followed her secret lover as he lead her deeper into the woods.  The minutes were bathed in anticipation and something more, and each second forced a deeper realization to well up inside her…and a deeper desire.

When they finally stopped, they found themselves in a moonlit clearing surrounded by tall trees.  Misha hardly had time to glance around before Senri was out of her grasp, turning around a few steps away so that he faced her.  The space between them felt like no space at all, because the connection of their eyes built a bridge around them. 

She could hardly breathe.  Misha could only stand there and watch as Senri pulled at his tunic, tugging it over his head and revealing the muscular chest that made Misha's heart splutter beneath her skin.  She desperately wanted to walk over to him and admire his firm body, but she found herself unable to move her feet.  His eyes kept her grounded.

She didn't expected him to remove the rest of his clothes, but to her surprise he did just that.  His lithe fingers tugged on the drawstring that kept his pants up and they gently fell to the ground, leaving him bare from head to toe. 

The moonlight drifted over him and gave him an unearthly look, dipping into the contours of his body and illuminating his skin.  He looked utterly beautiful.  The sentiment further stole her breath away.

Finally, she could move.  But she didn't go to him.  Instead, she followed his lead and pulled up her shirt, slowly drawing it over her head and throwing it on the ground.  Her eyes locked with Senri's and she began unwrapping the strips of fabric that were around her chest.  When they fell away, she felt a freedom that made stunned her.

The feeling of liberty increased as her hands drifted down her abdomen and fingered the hem of her pants.  They came off as slowly as the shirt had, with a little bit of hesitation.  Mostly, she was hesitant about the emotions she was feeling, and how she thought she might not be able to control herself.

But her caution was thrown to the wind as soon as she, too, stood bare before him.  She could feel his eyes roving her body, and the still expressionless face he had on made her shiver with the desire to make him feel alive.

She stepped forward, slowly at first but then faster, because she couldn’t stand being so apart when they were so obviously in need of one another.  When she was inches away, she paused, hands coming to rest on his shoulders.  And then, they moved down, over the smooth planes of his chest and over the cords of muscle in his biceps.  She wanted to kiss him, but she waited for him to do so instead.

He did, a moment later.  His hands tilted her chin up and he leaned down to capture them with his.  His kiss was so mesmerizing that she immediately caved, wrapping her arms around his stomach and splaying her hands out over his back.

It felt so right to be like this with him: completely naked and pressed against each other like this.  She could feel the impact that it caused her body as her arousal pounded through her.

He stepped forward, taking her backwards with him as he pressed her against a nearby tree.  The rough bark felt foreign but not unwelcome on her skin.  It sent a thrill of anticipation to race through her.

His eyes sparkled down at her and she could see him for what he was and more.  Her arms rose to capture him in an embrace just as his hands began moving over her, running over her breasts and thumbing her taut nipples.  They didn't linger there for long before his hands were moving again, dipping into the silkiness that was her womanhood.

There was something so manly about him then -- like he was in complete control of his actions -- and his strength made her want him even more.  Her head tilted back and she moaned, hips moving against his fingers as he pleasured her.  He forcefully added another and another, until he was stretching her and manipulating her to his heart's content.

His name bubbled over her lips, shaky and pleading for more of him.  She gripped his shoulders and threw a leg around his waist, trying to add more friction between them.  It didn't work, though.  Senri went at his own pace and it was nothing short of torture.

"Please…please, S-Sen…ri…" she gasped as his fingers suddenly stopped, and a whine escaped her throat.  She swallowed thickly and looked at him, only to find him staring at her with heavy lust.  He growled in a husky way and leaned in, removing his fingers from her wet clit and bringing them up to her mouth.  Immediately, she licked them, all the while keeping her eyes locked with his.  The effect was mindblowing.

He leaned down to kiss her just as his hands slipped under her butt and hauled her up.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and she felt his thick erection pushing against her.  She responded to the kiss with a passion that conveyed all her angst and want.

He kept her to the tree as he arranged himself, guiding his dick into her folds.  He was going terribly slow, but somehow it was making her more excited than she'd thought it would.  They stared at each other as he gently took her, filling her up in an unhurried way that seemed to speak volumes.  And she loved every second of it, and worshipped every lazy thrust he gave her, and couldn't think of any better way to make love to him.

Their breath remained intermingled as they moved.  Hasty kisses were placed here and there, but mostly they just focused on their hips.  Their thrusts were soft and delicate, but controlled as well, and it made Misha want to scream in her utter satisfaction.

But she didn't.  She stayed painfully silent, almost hyperaware of their sleeping companions close by.  She desperately wanted to say his name, but it only came out as a breathed whisper that drifted past his ear and then disappeared.  But it was enough, and the sound of it made Senri thrust faster, deeper inside of her, ramming her into the rough bark and controlling her as no one else had.

And then, as the bark left heavy imprints on her back, she felt the coil within her stomach tighten and release.  Her hips bucked into his and she let out a strained moan that washed over them and made Senri grunt in response.  Their orgasms crashed into one another and they came.

"Senri…Sen-Senri!" her throat closed up and she could only murmur and whine and keen as her back arched into him and her legs tightened around him.  His thrusts slowed to an impassioned pace, lazily drawing her back down to earth but never letting her go, or leave the warmth of his arms.

She buried her head into the conjuncture of his neck and let out a deep, pleased sigh.  Exhaustion ebbed at her as the passion dispersed, and she suddenly felt as though she could sleep for hours, even days.  Unknowingly, she drifted off to sleep with her back still against the tree and Senri still buried deep within her core.



  1. Not just woah but holy ass kicking funny fucker! You can write this shirt like no one else! This was great you are GREAT.