Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Shikamaru Nara Baby Daddy -- Clothesline

Character: Shikamaru Nara

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Haruto Tori, tall and slim

Inspiration: Laundry Day~!

// Prologue //

It was a clear day.  The sky was filled with clouds that seemed to roll endlessly on, and the minutes passed slowly but not tediously. 

Shikamaru Nara thought it would have been a perfect day to watch the clouds, but as it was, he had other things to do.  His wife of exactly seven months would be waiting at home for him.  Though being generally lazy seemed like a good investment of his time, Shikamaru also thought that seeing his lover was an even better one.

Upon stepping up to the house that was his, Shikamaru peered his head into the first few rooms, only to find them empty.  The kitchen had obviously been used, as it had various pots in the sink and one filled with soup on the stove.  The tatami room was also empty, but the futon was still rolled up on the ground from that morning, and had probably not even been spared a glance at all day.  (If Shikamaru knew Haruto at all, which he certainly did, he knew that she had a history of leaving things laying around for extended periods of time.)

It wasn't until he began to make his way out into the back yard that Shikamaru heard the gentle humming that could only come from his wife.  He found her hanging up the laundry on the line that stretched from the side of their house to a long metal pole ten feet away. 

It was a small yard, for sure, but it was used mainly as a porch anyway.  Sometimes they'd eat dinner out here when the laundry wasn't hanging up, but other than that, it was used for washing clothes.

He sighed slightly, but couldn't bring himself to interrupt her.  Her voice lulled him a little, bringing a certain peace to him that he hadn't felt during the entirety of his mission.  His body leaned against the threshold of the open door and he just watched her, admiring the subtle curves of her body that she seemed to be so self conscious about.  In his own opinion, there was nothing wrong with her.  If there had been, he wouldn't have wasted time doing something as troublesome as marriage.

When the wind suddenly blew the sheet she'd been hanging right out of her hands, Shikamaru decided that it was time to reveal himself to her.  He pushed off from the threshold and caught the fabric just as it whooshed past him.  Haruto's eyes landed on him and she smiled a peaceful, glowing smile that made his heart thud happily against his chest.

"Shikamaru!" she stepped up to him, kissing him softly, "I thought you'd be home later today."  But he could hear the admiration in her voice, and knew she was pleased that he was here earlier than expected.

He leaned down to give her a more solid kiss and was surprised when she responded passionately.  He knew, in that moment, what his welcome home gift would be.

// How It Happened //

The subtle breeze that shifted through the hanging laundry created a transient, otherworldly dimension to their kiss.  Shikamaru rather thought that, when his eyes peeked open, the heavy white sheets almost looked like earth bound clouds the way they fluttered about.

Haruto's fingers brushed over his cheek, traveling up to his hair and latching into it.  The intensity of her mouth stepped a notch and blew Shikamaru's thoughts away with the wind.

It had been two weeks.  Two weeks since Shikamaru had been home, wrapped up in her arms, and exchanging affection in any form.  Two weeks was a long time when you were away from a loved one, but now his heart was soaring because he could feel her, touch her, and taste her.  He knew she was real because she was here with her body pressed against his.

She suddenly broke the kiss, and when Shikamaru opened his eyes once more to view her, he caught sight of the beginning of what could only be a mischievous smile playing at her lips.  He lazily raised an eyebrow, silently wondering what she was planning.  But his question was answered a moment later, when she took his hands gently in hers and stepped backwards into the dancing wall of laundry.

At once, Shikamaru was reminded of his childhood years when he would hang sheets from the couch and make fortresses out of pillows and chairs.  But this was slightly different.  First, Shikamaru wasn't a child anymore, which he was about to prove for himself.  Second, the wall of laundry couldn't be considered a fort because the edges of the sheets left gaps in the wall.  The slight chance of being seen added an element of danger to his heart that made him smirk.

He walked over to her with purpose and slowly began loosening the collar of her chiffon shirt.  The fabric slid over her skin like a lullaby, and somehow warped his mind in the process.  He pressed her against him when the shirt was gone and almost sighed at the blissfully sweet contact.

Her hands drifted over him, wavering over his ninja gear and taking her time in removing it.  When he was just in his mesh shirt and pants, Shikamaru was struck with and odd bout of impatience and had to wrestle the shirt away.  Haruto giggled as he did, fingers dancing down his now bare chest as she dreamily looked into his eyes.

"Shikamaru," she murmured, slowly tugging him down into the grass with her.  "Take me."  The edges of her voice was tinged with a desperation he rarely heard.

So he removed their remaining clothes and they tumbled into the grass together, finally uniting through the gaps of their fortress and beneath the cloudy sky and around the fluttering clothesline. 

// How You Told Him //

Two months later upon Shikamaru's return to Konoha after another mission, he decided that his wife could be very evasive when she wanted to be…and even when she didn't.  But he had told her he'd be back today, hadn't he?  The particularly mission he'd been on had been an infiltration one and Lady Tsunade had told him to be back at a strict date before he had even left.

Still, there was no sign of Haruto in the house.  (Shikamaru had even checked in the back yard, but he couldn't see her through the wind blown laundry that seemed to forever occupy the space.)

So instead he decided he'd wait for her.  And that was how he ended up on his back amidst the laundry, dozing off to sleep.

That was also how Haruto found her husband as soon as she stepped into the back yard.  One glance at him and she rolled her eyes.  A brief, loving smile curled her mouth up.

The woven basket she carried on her hip -- of laundry, what else? -- was immediately dumped onto Shikamaru's body.  He sat up with a snort and Haruto burst into giggles as she looked on.  Shaking her head, she reached down to pat his head like a child and grabbed a few of the clothes that were littered across his lap.  He frowned at her.

"Oh come on," she laughed, heading to a nearby clothesline to hang up the damp clothes.  "I was only having a bit of fun.  Now pick all those clothes up before they get dirty."  She began to ramble on about how it had taken her all morning to wash them, but Shikamaru wasn't listening to her.  Instead, he was staring open-mouthed at what he held in his hands.  There were tiny little baby clothes all around him.

He groaned and fell back into the grass.  He wasn't annoyed at the fact that his wife was pregnant.  (He was sort of annoyed that this was how she'd decided to tell him, but that was something else.)  Rather, Shikamaru felt an indescribably desire to sleep that was coming on fast.  He'd been tired before she'd come home, and now this

But then, suddenly, Haruto's voice was just next to his head, and he heard her ask in a rather hesitant, fearful voice, "…Shikamaru?  Are you…angry?"

Of course he wasn't.  He peered up at her and was surprised to see tears waning in her eyes.  His own eyes widened at the sight and he sat up, hand reaching for her shoulders. 

They sat there for a few long minutes in silence as Shikamaru wondered what to say.  Finally, he fell back once more and brought her with him, so that they were cuddled together in the grass. 

He pressed a kiss to her hair and then told her, "Don't jump to conclusions.  I'm just tired."

Her emotions bounced back immediately.  He felt her smile and she kissed his cheek sweetly.  "Well then, go to sleep."  And she kissed him again.

He just hummed and, as he was drifting off, he murmured, "Wake me up…if it starts to rain…" 

// Epilogue //

Shikamaru never realized that raising two kids would be this troublesome.  He didn't know how Haruto did it when he was away, but he couldn't deny that his respect for her had increased tenfold by the time their second child had come around.  Of course, it seemed that Haruto's respect for him had only decreased.  (It probably had something to do with the fact that he didn't do much.)

"Shikamaru!  Hurry up and help me get the laundry inside before the rain comes!"  A basket was pressed into his hands by his wife as she hurried outside.

When he stepped into the back yard, Shikamaru could see the heavy rain clouds and the flashes of rolling thunder far up in the sky.  He peered at the sight for a moment before he was brought back to the present by his daughter as she tugged on his pant leg.  He looked down at her and smiled, and a moment later she was nestled in his arms as he walked over to where his wife was haphazardly tearing clothes down.

"Oh, Shikako, go and help Hotaru with the his basket."  Shikamaru let his daughter down and she scurried off to do just that.  He almost wished she didn't go, because his wife didn't look like she was in a very happy mood…

"Don't just stand there!  I just felt a raindrop!"  she tossed a few shirts into the woven container. 

After a few minutes, the two children were ushered inside and the rain was adamantly falling down…right on Haruto and Shikamaru as they collected the last of the clothes.

She sighed as they walked hand in hand to the back door.  "I'll have to redo all these shirts."  And Shikamaru chuckled because the whole situation was rather ridiculous.

She turned to him and opened her mouth to no doubt scold him, but he interrupted her with a sudden, rather bold, "I love you."  Which was rare for him because he didn't go around professing such an emotion often.

She stopped walking, seeming to forget about the rain and the sopping laundry and the fact that her own clothes were soaked, and tumbled into his arms with a giddy grin.  He chuckled once more, pressing little kisses about her face before taking her lips with his.

"I love you too," was all she could say the rain stole their breathes and the faded giggles of their children drowned out any hesitance.


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    1. I'm pretty positive she only does oc/readerXcanon lemons considering it's every story on here duh and won't take on your shikatema request.