Friday, April 6, 2012

A Thresh Lemon -- Where Moonlight Cannot Go

Character: Thresh

Fandom: The Hunger Games

OC: Ine, from District 11, Age 18

Inspiration: The fields of District 11

The message in a single glance can mean anything.  When her mother looked at her, it was usually full of sternness and a hint of love.  When her siblings looked at her, it was usually teasing and light hearted.  When Thresh looked at her, it was always with a sort of quiet admiration.  But this time, his eyes were filled with a certain urgency -- an invitation to find him, to follow, to yield. 

People weren't supposed to be out in the fields after hours.  If Ine and Thresh were caught, there could be serious consequences.  But it was the danger that prompted them, and the fact that there was nowhere else to go that made them seek the peaceful fields.

They had done this before.  Sneaking out of their houses wasn't too difficult.  Getting past the peacekeepers required a little more finesse.  But the fields, once they were there, were theirs alone.  There were so many places to hid, so many opportunities to hurry out of sight if the rare peacekeeper ventured close to their hiding place.  It was so easy being with him; so easy to break the rules in order to do so.

Today, his glance had been filled with an urgency that was different.  It was somehow more important, like he was trying to tell her something.  She thought she knew what the message was, and that was why she was hurriedly trying to get to the fields to see him.

But when she entered the apple orchard -- their meeting place every Thursday night -- he wasn't waiting for her.  His name was whispered from her lips in the same urgency as the emotion that had dwelled in his eyes, and it took three calls before he appeared before her.

She stumbled in surprise, not expecting him to drop down like that.  He must have been waiting for her in the trees.  With a sigh, she fell into his arms and took what she had been dreaming about all day long: a kiss.

Their lips melded together for a few short seconds before he pulled away.  It wasn't safe to be standing in the middle of the orchard like they were.  They had to go deeper, to the area of the forest that was almost completely dark and where the moon couldn't find them.

He took her hand and they ran.  The wind picked up her hair and blew it away, along with all her inhibitions.  They tumbled down the path together, fingers interlocked and eyes straight ahead.  When the light of the moon couldn't follow them, they careened into a tree trunk and stood body to body as they caught their breath.

But when they did catch it, they quickly lost it again as their lips found one another's.  The urgency was building now, and there was only one outlet for it.  Their hands drew one another closer, wrapping themselves in the other's embrace as they kissed.  This was what they had been desiring all day long; this dangerous bliss that could only be achieved together.

Her back was pressed firmly to the tree trunk.  It was uncomfortable, but the feeling was quickly overwhelmed by the broad expanse of Thresh's chest as he followed her.  Her hands rested uselessly on his shoulders and he pressed his mouth over her jaw, down her neck, and under her ear.  She let out a shaky breath, tilted her head back, and closed her eyes.  Her immediately satiation was cleared, but the long term ache of her body would take more than just a few kisses to be relieved.

He seemed to know this, because his mouth didn't linger on her neck for long.  He pulled away and looked at her.  She could just barely make out the dim reflection of his eyes, and the lack of sight made her shiver against him.  His hands blindly felt her up, slipping beneath her shirt and drawing quick breaths from deep within her. 

His fingers slid over her breasts, beneath her bra to thumb over her nipples.  Then, his touch was gone and the warmth of his hands were cascading down her abdomen, over her belly button, to curl under the hem of her pants. 

She pushed off from the tree to watch him, but her eyes couldn't cut through the thick darkness that surrounded them.  Thresh whispered a reassurance into her ear before delving into her pants and loosening them.  They fell to her knees and she shivered again at the cold of the night's air.

His fingers flipped up her shirt, pulling it just above her breasts so that he could press her naked front to his.  His shirt came off and she sighed at the blissful feeling of skin to skin contact. 

Their lips met again, but this time their kiss was unfocused because of the passion the rest of their bodies were feeling.  Her grasp ran down him just as his had, touching his chest before dipping into the muscles that made up his stomach.  She gingerly traced the hem of his pants before sliding her fingertips over the button that kept them up.  Their faces were so close now that they could finally see each other's expression.  That urgency was back.

Ine wordlessly undid the button and wriggled the jeans from his hips.  They fell to his ankles, boxers quickly following.  As he stepped out of them, he quickly did away with the flimsy underwear that had been latched around Ine's waist.  And then they were pressed against each other, body to body, and the urgency was back tenfold.

He took her slowly, however, regardless of that urgency.  The danger that saturated the air around them was filled with something that needed to be kept slow paced.  Thresh buried his face into the conjuncture of Ine's neck to muffle the deep groan that escaped his throat.  Ine didn't bother; she couldn't breath anyway and so the threat of a moan didn't effect her.

Still, they breathed deeply, panting with each other as their lower bodies moved.  He hooked a leg around his waist and rammed her suddenly against the tree trunk.  The abrupt emotion made her loose sight of her world, and she fell into pace beside him as they raced each other.

His fingers clutched at her thigh, drawing her closer and closer.  Their chests were pressed together and their breath was shared.  Hasty kisses were given here and there, but they were short and unfocused and their lower bodies dominated the moment.

He drove himself deeper within her, unsure of when the next time they'd be joined would be.  They had to keep their relationship under wraps because they didn't want to draw attention to themselves or their family.

Her name slid past his lips and he once again buried his face into her shoulder.  They bodies were hot, flushed even in the chilly air, and utterly in the possession of the other. 

"Thresh….Thresh-" she broke off into a soft, pleading moan.  She was so ready for him, so ready to let herself go, but she wanted to fall with him.  He grunted, thrusting quickly inside her and lifting her other leg around his waist.  Drawing his head back to stare at her, he breathed, "…Come.."

And they did.  He pushed them over the edge, rammed her back hard into the tree, gave her a rough kiss, slammed satiation into her.  It lasted a few long, drawn out seconds, and then they were rushing to catch their breaths and their bodies were slacking against the other.

Heavy pants flew from their mouths.  Deep, wallowing gasps hastened the end of their love making.  This was it: the end.  And yet it was just the beginning.  The moon was not even at it's peak in the sky yet.  They still had hours upon hours to be together before daylight would separate them.

"Thresh…let's go," she whispered, and drew back to collect her clothes.  There were other places in the apple orchard where the moon couldn't follow them.  Beyond the pitch black night between them, Ine saw Thresh's eyes flash. 

"Let's go."  He took her hand and the ran once more.


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