Monday, May 14, 2012

An Adult!Reborn Baby Daddy -- Crash and Counter

Character: Adult!Reborn

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Isabel Ferrer, loves music and is awkward

Inspiration: Uh grand pianos xD

// Prologue //

She was beginning to think this whole thing wouldn't work.  Oh, she'd tried to tell Reborn that she was in love with him, but the whole business was difficult because of how indifferent he was to everything.

She'd tried the letter last week, but Yamamoto had naively thrown it away thinking it was garbage.  Then she'd attempted to bake him a cake to show her appreciation, but unfortunately, the others got to it before he did.  A few days ago, Isabel had even ventured to composing a small piece for him on her grand piano, but though it had started out well enough her inspiration had soon caved and she was left with nothing.

She felt herself sigh heavily as she sat in her piano room.  She was hovering over the black and white keys, staring languidly at them as those wishing they'd just spring to life and compose themselves so she wouldn't have to.  She wasn't a very good composer to begin with, but Isabel was sure that this particular piece could show Reborn all of her hidden love for him.  It was riddled with emotion that couldn't easily be ignored.

She sighed again and turned her attention to the trickle of moonlight that wavered past the flimsy curtains of the windows.  The light absolutely illuminated the white piano keys and made them shine with beauty.  She brushed her fingers over them and smiled wistfully.  Sometimes, she wished she could be as beautiful as them, and could obtain mere moments where she shone like the moon.

// How It Happened //

Her fingers lightly padded down on the notes, tumbling upward into a strange, eerie melody and dancing into the black keys that held the brunt of that eeriness.  She wished she could figure out how to end the song, but every time she set her left hand on the keyboard to finish the lower bars, her thoughts would mingle together and the notes she came up with would crash and counter.

So she eventually just ended up sitting there, staring wistfully at the traces of what might have been a beautiful song…until she heard the door open and the sound of muffled footsteps on the marble floor.

Her head snapped around, staring at the man who was bathed in shadow.  But the signature curl on the sides of his head gave away his identity, and it caused Isabel to convulse in a familiar feeling of longing.

"R-Reborn?!" she hesitantly caught his eye, trying to figure out what he was doing in her music room, at such a late hour of the night.  It had to be well past midnight by now.  But he remained silent as he stepped up to the piano.  Only the waning smile on his face gave way to any form of emotion.

They watched each other for what seemed like forever before Reborn spoke, voice husky as the darkness that surrounded them and lilting over her like the octaves of her song.  "It's a lovely piece.  Did you write it?"

She nodded, because she couldn't build up the strength to say anything, and watched as he came closer, leaning against the piano with a look of lazy determination. 

"I…." she swallowed thickly, turning her eyes away as she confessed the real reason for her composition.  "I wrote it for you."

But he surprised her by responded with an accepting, "I know."  And caught her gaze with a half amused one of his own.  A blush spread over her face at the thought of him having known about her feelings, and she ducked her head back down in embarrassment.

He chuckled and reached out to tilt her chin up with a slender finger.  His face edged closer to her, until the whisper of his breath wavered over her skin and made her heart erratically pound within her chest.  Softly, he smiled and murmured, "I've known about your affections for me for weeks now."  Another chuckled drifted over her.

She was just starting to wonder at his teasing when the first kiss came, and she realized that he felt just the same for her as she did for him.  She felt her willpower explode as his silky lips moved with hers.  Her head tilted back to accommodate the intensity of their kiss and he smirked, drawing away slightly to give her another amused look.

"I think it's safe to say that I return those feelings," he told her, but she didn't need anymore confirmation, and so she stood up and allowed him to do what he liked with her.  In the midst of another round of heavy kissing, they ended up curled around each other atop the piano.  The cool surface created a surreal backdrop to their passion.

There was something almost sanctifying about the way the moonlight drifted over Reborn's skin.  He looked like the object of a dream as he hovered over her, hair tumbling slightly into his face and framing his eyes.  She reached up to catch him, but he wasn't one to be contained and she ended up scrabbling uselessly at his chest and gasping when he decided to take things into his own hands.

His lips grazed over her collar and his tongue caught the skin there.  Her reacting moan made him shiver with lust.  His hands gripped her smal waist and brought her lower body against his.  The feel of his hard length nearly made her lose herself entirely, but by some mystical quality of their interlocked gazes, her control stayed.

"Please…please…" she arched her back and pushed her breasts against him in a desperate and silent plea for his full attention.  When her eyes slid open slightly, he was staring at her with an expression that was strangely empowering and yet utterly indecipherable.  The ache between her legs blazoned with the desire to feel him nestled within her.

Another plea began to bubble from her lips, but it was ground into dust a moment later when Reborn's mouth descended upon hers.  He stole away the words she had been trying to murmur.

His calloused hands ran over her naked body, grasping her thighs and lifting them over his shoulders.  His dick slid against her clit and she gasped heavily as she felt him inch into her.  He kissed her neck as he took her, slowly pumping himself into her and taking every last breath she had left.

Her arms dwindled over her head, fingers grasping onto the cool edges of the piano in which they were perched.  With every swift thrust of his hips, she felt as though she were flying higher and higher.  Their eyes locked and he gave her a soft kiss, like a promise waiting to be fulfilled.  It was, a few moments later, when he brought her skidding to a stop.  And then she wasn't flying anymore, but rather curling around him as he came, stuck in the present and feeling even more breathless than when she'd been flying over the world.

// How You Told Him //

She couldn't help it, really.  She was so nervous about telling Reborn of the result of their actions that she was shaking.

Isabel sat at the kitchen table, fingers curled delicately around a mug of hot chocolate as she waited for her lover to come home.  The apartment was empty and silent, and the ticking of the clock seemed almost intensified.  It put her on guard and made her even more nervous than before.

But when he did return home a while later, she found that she had no reason to fear.  She didn't know why she'd even been nervous at all.  As soon as the fateful words had left her mouth, Reborn had merely chuckled and given her his amused smirk.

"I know," he told her, chuckling once more as he gathered her up in his arms.  She glowered her at him, slightly put off that he always knew and she never did.  But the annoyance disappeared as soon as Reborn's lips touched hers, and all was forgotten except the joy that came with his amusing approval.

// Epilogue //

Natural light peered into the music room, sashaying over the intricate details of the burnt wood floor and the fireplace, which loomed up on the far left.  It was evening, around 7:00, but it was still light outside because it was the start of summer, and the days were getting longer. 

Isabel's finger dwindled upon the ivory keys of her piano.  She was playing, pushing down the delicate notes and creating a beautiful melody that made her want to cry and laugh at the same time.  When her pinky flourished into the high keys, the music shook her to her soul, and she hurried to write down the compilation of notes before she lost them to her shifting inspiration.

She had just finished charting her piece when two pale hands curled around her stomach, and she jumped a little in her surprise.  A chuckle drifted past her ear, enveloping her in warmth and giving away the stranger's identity at the same time.

"Breathtaking…" her husband murmured, and planted a sweet kiss at her neck.

She hummed, softly smiling, and whispered, "Do you like the piece?" 

He kissed her neck again, steadily getting higher as he chuckled again.  His voice was huskily amused when he answered, "Of course, but I was talking about you, not the music."  And he tilted her chin to the side so that he could kiss the side of her mouth.

She smiled wider, eyes sliding to a close as she reveled in the comfort that his presence brought.  His hands slipped back down to her stomach, where a baby bump was getting more obvious every day.  With Reborn's fingers rubbing reassuring circles against her belly, Isabel could hardly remember where she was or what she'd been doing before he made himself known.

"It's getting late," he told her, drawing away just slightly to gaze at her.  The connection between them rippled at the loss of warmth.

"It is," she sighed, turning back to the piano so she could close her notes.  As she rose, she noticed the almost heady look her husband was giving her.  She raised an eyebrow and wondered, "What is it?"

He smirked and shrugged, wrapping an arm around her waist and pressing a kiss to her hair.  "Well, it's not that late.  I mean, we have hours before it's time for bed."  The suggestion of his words were plain and seductive, and she responded eagerly to it.  She threw her arms about his neck and flew into his embrace with a desire that left him bereft of any control he had left.



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