Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Gale Hawthorne Lemon -- For The Mountains

Character: Gale Hawthorne

Fandom: The Hunger Games

OC: Zinnia Griddings, Post HG, Lives in District 2

Inspiration: Tree Houses

To Zinnia, the world was at it's finest during the sunlit hours of afternoon, when the breeze captured the tall grasses and the endless sky was filled with rolling white clouds.  The afternoon meant that she could escape her own life and recreate herself when no one was watching.  Among the fantastic landscape outside of District 2, Zinnia could laugh and be a happier person than she was when she was anywhere else.

Often, when Zinnia was overcome with an emotion -- in this case, extreme peace -- she didn't notice anything around her.  Like the gray Seam eyes gazing at Zinnia from a few yards away, or the soft smile that lit up the man's face -- a smile that only ever came from watching her.  He stepped closer, hands stuffed into his pockets, and meet his eyes with Zinnia's.

Her reaction was immediate.  She threw her head back and cried out, "Gale!" before rushing to him and tossing her arms about his neck.  He caught her around the waist, chuckling a rare chuckle and spinning her around a few times.  His heart was flying with the same happiness as Zinnia's.

There was something remedial about the landscape here.  It wasn't all woodland like it was outside District 12, but was rather a broad expanse of mountains, which rose up like towers and nearly touched the clouds.  Grassy fields surrounded them, filled with small forests and high hills.  It was a wild place, or so it seemed to Zinnia, who spent much of her time exploring the ignored countryside.

To Gale, the outside world of District 2 didn't hold the same meaning to him as District 12 had.  This place wasn't a safe haven from the outrageous happenings before the rebellion.  It wasn't his hunting grounds, where he and Katniss had spent many days enveloped by the peace that the cool forest brought.  But there was something refreshing about the mountains that loomed up before him, and it made him realize how he had turned over a new leaf in his life.

He looked over at her, watching as she stared up at the sky.  They'd often lay in the grass, or at least she would, and Gale would simply do it because he wanted to be close to her. 

He reached out to move a stray hair that the wind had captured, and wondered tenderly, "What are you thinking?"

She smiled and shrugged, closing her eyes a bit.  Gale heaved his weight onto one elbow and listened closely as she said, "Nothing…everything.  Maybe of how it's so beautiful out here.  Maybe of how I'm so happy.  Maybe of you."  And she opened her eyes slightly to look at him, mirth dancing behind the intense emotion that was building there.

Gale knew he was smiling, but he couldn't really feel it spreading over his face.  He couldn't feel the light breeze washing over his skin, or hear the hollow sound of woodpeckers illuminating the scattered trees.  What he could see was her, laying just beneath him and looking up at him with those eyes, which seemed to showcase every sultry emotion in the most innocent of ways.

So he leaned down to kiss her, because the moment called for it and because he desperately wanted to, and had ever since he'd seen her in the fields, below the tree house that had seen so many of said moments.

Her lips were cool below his, but she seemed to want to fix that.  Her arms shifted up his chest, over his shoulders, and locked themselves around his neck as she demolished the space between them.  This legs moved together, intertwining as their mouths softly worked together.  There was a strange, otherworldly sort of quality to the kiss, as though they had all the time in the world and yet none of it.

The kiss came to an end as Gale moved his head away from hers, just slightly.  She stared up at him, saying nothing aloud but everything in silence.  He smirked because he could hear that silence pounding against his skull, and it was screaming out to him that she wanted him desperately.

He kissed her again, lips lingering on her mouth for a few seconds before plunging down to taste the tender skin of her neck.  He shifted over her, biting and nibbling and sucking over her collar and chest.  And she clutched at him, slipping her eyes closed and just enjoying the attention.

The little affection didn't last long, because Gale never was one to linger.  His large hands moved up to touch her, squeezing her breasts through her clothes and running down to shift over her stomach.  He turned his mouth back to hers and caught her in another swift kiss that gradually deepened.  A soft noise escaped Zinnia's throat at the obvious adoration behind the kiss.  She threw a leg over his waist and tilted her hips upward to connect with his. 

Gale sighed slightly, though in relaxation or gratification she could not tell.  His free hand reached down to slip around her hip and he dragged her lower half back up to his.  As he silently showed her exactly what she was doing to him, their kiss became slow, as though the passion had finally caught up with them and time was pausing.

Shakily, Zinnia pulled back.  Her head fell onto the grass and she stared up at her lover as he hovered above her.  He didn't move, but rather allowed her to reach out and brush away a strand of hair from his eyes.  The tenderness in her movements surprised him.

And then she was propping herself up and tilting her lips to his ear, whispering a secret into it which didn't really shock Gale, because he already knew about it.  "I'm in love with you." 

He grinned, because even though it didn't surprise him, it still made butterflies explode in his stomach.  His heart fluttered against his chest and he chuckled.  His answer, when it came, was another kiss and a sudden, lighthearted grab to her waist.  They tumbled over, so that Zinnia was perched atop Gale, and shared a loving smile.

It was times like these that made Gale feel alive.  He wasn't a shadow anymore, living for work and nothing else.  He had a purpose, and that was to make this woman smile. 

Zinnia leaned down.  Her palms rested at his chest and her legs were comfortably swung over his hips.  When her mouth lightly touched his through her dazzling grin, her hair created a soft wall between them and the rest of the world.

She moved atop him, delicately swishing her hips against his as she claimed his mouth.  She could feel him through the fabric of his jeans and it was such a refreshing moment that she wanted it to linger on and on.  But she knew that to drag this passion out wouldn't be entirely beneficial, for either of them, and so she began the daunting process of removing as many clothes as she could.

There was something unofficially perfect about watching a lover do something so intimate.  Gale propped his weight up on his elbows and studied Zinnia as she kissed down the bare skin of his chest.  Her fingers were now dealing with her own shirt, jerking it above her head slowly and yet impatiently, and Gale couldn't stop smiling at the sight of said impatience. 

Her fingers twisted around his hipbone, danced to the hem of his jeans, and gingerly ducked under the fabric.  His eyes took on a hungry look as he watched her unbutton them.  The hunger grew with every movement she made.

And that's when Gale snapped.  He always had superb control, except Zinnia proved to be a contradiction to that control.  He could never stop himself around her.  She was intoxicating, like water to a thirsty man, or the first ray of sunshine on an overcast day.

He was on top of her in a second, jeans only halfway down his legs.  She seemed slightly shocked at the sudden move, but the fact that she also seemed to have almost guessed at it made him smirk.  He leaned in to her, brushed his lips over hers, and whispered, "Let me have you."

And she did.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him in for a kiss as he rid her of her remaining clothes.  She threw her legs around his waist and went absolutely crazy when she felt his length slid into her.  He possessed her with every swift thrust; took her with every tauntingly sweet kiss; wanted more of her before he was even finished; and had every single bit of her before he had even begun.

Together, they lost sight of the world around them and fell into themselves.


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