Monday, May 21, 2012

A Germany Lemon -- Bubble Baths

Character: Germany

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Sophia Costa, Represents Brazil

Inspiration: Bubble Baths~

Nighttime baths were a luxury that Sophia quite enjoyed. There was something undeniably attractive about them, especially when they were full of bubbles and steaming hot water and, in this case, Germany.

She smirked at him, seductively twisting a strand of hair around her finger as she leaned against the threshold of the bathroom. He was desperately scooping bubbles over him to try to preserve what little dignity he could, but it wasn't helping and he cheeks were only becoming redder and redder.

"Why, Ludwig," she purred, eyes alighting in the look that scared him out of his mind and yet kept him resolutely rooted to his spot. "I didn't know you shared my empathy for late night baths~" A light giggle left her mouth, but it was jaded by the unmistakable lust building within her eyes. Ludwig gulped.

He couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from her. It probably had something to do with the fact that she was wrapped up in just a towel, and it wasn't covering much of her in the least. He was getting an eyeful of her busty cleavage, and her smooth, creamy thighs weren't helping the matter. He had to train his gaze to particularly mismatched tile on the opposite side of the room.

But he wasn't fooling anyone. Sophia was certainly experienced in the art of lovemaking and could spot a wanting man (for lack of a better, less innocent term) a mile away. She also knew exactly what to do with one and had no lack of confidence regarding her own body. Which was why, as she sashayed toward the edge of the tub, she didn't mind in the least that her towel was slowly sliding off of her and finding a comfortable place on the floor. She could see only the haphazardly reluctant lust building within Ludwig's eyes.

The water, when she dipped her foot into it, was perfectly steaming. She gave Germany a smirk and he scooted over, face red as a tomato and looking for an escape. But it was no use, because once Sophia's arms had circled his waist and she'd pressed herself against him, he didn't really want to find one anyway.

So he let her have control of the situation, because he wasn’t sure whether his own kinks would be fully accepted or not and didn't want to scare her off. She touched him gently, drawing her hands over his chest and then down, to where his manhood was. It felt foreign at first, having someone else pleasure him, because Ludwig was still very much innocent. But after he'd grown used to feeling her hands over his length, it began to feel rather amazing. He tilted his head back and felt her lips immediately attack the skin there, nipping tenderly and leaving little red marks over his pale neck.

Soon, Ludwig was gaining control as he pushed Sophia back. He began exploring her body in much the same way she'd done to him, and was pleased to find her very much desiring more of his touch.

There was something roughly controlled about the way Ludwig's fingers brushed over her clit. He was making her whine for him, which was something rather difficult to do because Sophia wasn't really one to make noise. But Germany, though still fairly innocent, had a talent that not many men had.

Her head fell back and hit the edge of the tub, exploding in sharp little pangs. She grimaced but couldn't pay much attention to the pain, because Germany's lips were now on hers and his fingers were making a mess of her as they began pumping into her.

She threw a leg around his waist and gasped silently. He was twisting around inside her now and it was sending her ballistic. She clawed at his shoulders and keened at him, chest heaving as she grew nearer and nearer to satisfaction.

But he never let her come, because then he was withdrawing his fingers and replacing them with his firm, long cock. When he slid into her, Sophia couldn't breath. She could only lay there in the water and stare up at him, studying the way his lust was reflected in his eyes. Nothing happened until Ludwig was completely sheathed within her, and then everything - her world, her breath, her reality - was shattered when he began to move.

It was like tasting a piece of what paradise surely tasted like. She sunk down, eyes flitting halfway shut, and tugged him closer to that she could kiss him. Her tongue raced out to greet his and they began a slow battle that wasn't really a battle, but more like a dance that expressed their emotions and their desires. She nipped at him and wrapped her legs more firmly around his waist. It was difficult to keep up with his intense thrusts -- a feat that surprised Sophia in a pleasant way, for it was usually the other way around.

He was hitting her perfectly each time he entered her and it was sending her over the edge. She hadn't ever felt this helpless in such a delicious way before, and it made her want to bring Ludwig down with her…which she did, a few moments later.

He whispered something in her ear -- something in German, which she couldn't really understand. But she heard the tone of his voice, which was frayed and needy, and she had a feeling she knew what he was trying to say. So she readied herself, opened her eyes so she could watch him release, and wasn't disappointed when he did.

His face screwed up in the most brilliant of ways and she quickly followed him, jerking her hips into his as fast as she could as waves of pleasure captured her. She buried her face into his shoulder and gasped, again and again as the overwhelming satiation of the bold heat enveloped her body, and left her wanting more.

But there was no more, and Sophia was left laying in the tub, water around her and nearly all the bubbles washed away, save a few that were lapping at their still entwined bodies. Ludwig gave her a soft smile that seemed almost hesitant, as though he was waiting for her to throw him away like a plaything that had outgrown it's use. But there was something more to Ludwig -- there had always been something more to him that set him apart from every other man -- and Sophia saw him as something much greater than a toy.

She gingerly sat up, nudging him a bit so that she could, and returned his smile in an even softer way. Leaning in, she kissed her neck, then his jaw, and moved her mouth over his to steal another kiss from his lips. Her heart nearly exploded when she felt his arms wrap around her waist. Somehow, this affection felt even stronger than when they'd been united. She breathed out in relief at the discovery and kissed him harder.

"…Are you tired?" she wondered quietly against his mouth.

His eyes opened and he sighed, "Not really."

His response made her smile. She giggled lightly and nuzzled his cheek with her nose, hands shifting over his strong chest as she melted against it. "I'm not either," she told him with a sultry smirk, and she stood up to get out of the tub.

Ludwig quickly followed her, hands wrapping around her waist as he came up from behind. She turned to look at him and saw the matching lust showered over his expression. Resolutely, she kissed him and then led him out of the bathroom. The door swung shut with an air of finality.



  1. Oh my goodness! Hot! This had me drooling! Thank you for all of your awesome stories!

  2. Just too damn hot....XD loved it~

  3. Do you ever do sequels? If you do, or are willing to consider it, you should write a sequel qhere the mentioned kinks are revealed and she accepts them.