Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Peter Pevensie Lemon -- Dreaming of Auburn

Character: Peter Pevensie

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

OC: Ava, long auburn hair, bright blue eyes

Inspiration: Just felt like doing something for him…idk xD

If there was one thing Ava liked about her life, it was the fact that she woke up every morning to the sight of her breathtaking husband curled up around her.  This morning was no different.  In fact, as she took in the sight of their sheets mussed up around their ankles, Ava rather thought that this morning was even better than normal.

The sun did wondrous things to Peter's appearance.  It made his hair into soft strands of gold and his skin sinfully delicious to look at…especially when he was wearing absolutely nothing and the sun was shining on their entire bodies.

She supposed she ought to let him sleep in a bit, because the past few months have been extremely anxious as there was war amenities to wrap up with the giants of the North.  He hadn't had a decent sleep in weeks -- because, let's face it, Ava had a certain drive that Peter couldn't really say no to -- and she could see the obvious trademarks of said deficiency by the bruises beneath his eyes.

But she couldn't help but gently brush her fingers through his hair as he slept against her chest, and he must have been in a very light sleep because not soon after she'd begun, he shifted into coherence.  As a result, she paused her movements and glanced down at him with a little bit of chagrin.

But Peter merely groaned sleepily and tightened his hold around her waist.  In a muffled voice, he slowly said, "…Don't stop…feels good.."  So she began to tunnel her fingers through his hair once more, a light smile adorning her face at the thought of babying her grown husband.

"Lose that smirk," he grumbled, but couldn’t deny the smile that spread over his own face as he looked up at her.  She giggled lightly and pressed a kiss to his head, refusing to answer as well as refusing to do as he said.  The smirk remained latched to her mouth.

They lay there together in companionable silence for long minutes and watched the sun curl itself around each other.  As the light tangled into Ava's auburn tresses, Peter heaved himself up, elbow jutting out to catch his weight.  He gazed down at her with soft eyes, fingers catching her flaming hair and brushing light touches over her cheeks.  The resulting peace was so breathtaking that she had to close her eyes in her revelry. 

"I suppose we should get up before Lucy comes in and finds us like this," and Ava laughed, because it wouldn't have been the first time to happen.  The poor girl had been utterly scarred to see her best friend and her brother in bed together…even though they hadn't been doing anything terribly illicit.  She wouldn't look either of them in the eye for weeks afterwards.

Peter joined in her laughter.  His voice was husky with something other than sleep when he responded, "Or we could scare her off again…"  And the suggestion made Ava's childish laughter turn into luscious giggles as Peter began to kiss up her neck in a mock sultry way.

"P-Peter!" she tilted her head back to allow him room, lips contorting into a grin that wouldn't seem to disappear.  It only softened when her husband caught her mouth with his and kissed her deeply.

She really couldn't help it, you know.  Self control was an undefined phrase when one was naked and being ravished by a handsome king.  It certainly had no bounds here, and so Ava merely slipped her arms around Peter's head and returned his kiss.

When their kiss evaporated, Ava opened her eyes to watch Peter hovering above her.  His arms were on either side of her head, holding his weight up.  His golden hair was hanging in his eyes, which were glistening brightly into hers as the morning sun exploded on him.  If there weren't other things on her mind, Ava would have thought Peter looked rather beautiful.

She reached up to palm his cheek, eyes half lidded as she appraised him.  Her fingers traced his strong jaw and she suppressed a sudden desire to reach up and kiss it.  Instead, she just brought him to her, languishing in the touch of his mouth against hers and the contact of his body beneath the sheets.

Ava's legs curled up around his waist, silently drawing him closer to her core.  Her eyes locked with his and she gave him a smile, to which he returned with a certain vigor.  His eyes were romancing her; his expression, bewitching.  She allowed him to drag her down into an undercurrent of pleasure.

His lips attached themselves to the underside of her chin, pressing firm kisses along her sweet skin.  Her arms drifted up to rest above her head as she basked in his presence.  His member was becoming a hardened shaft against her thigh, and it seemed to be the only thing that grounded Ava to Peter.

He moved against her, pressing his cock to her opening but not taking her.  Her back arched into submission, yielding to his every desire, but he merely studied her face and forced down the yearning in his heart.

A moan grated from her mouth.  Her eyes snapped open in impatience and she practically glared at her husband, "Damn it, Peter, take me already!"

Her words were answered with a husky chuckle and Peter's member, which slid into her tight womanhood a moment later and utterly took Ava's breath away.  She gasped, fingers digging into his back as he jerked into her.  He was filling her up easily, and it had been weeks since the last time he had.  (Excluding last night, for which Peter had been resolutely tireless.) 

He kept her pressed to the mattress as he towered above her, hands gripping her thighs as he plunged into her.  Every hard thrust forced a different reaction from her, but each centered around her desperation, her impatience, and her satisfaction. 

"P-Peter!  Ohh!" words built up in Ava's throat, only to be burnt to a crisp with each furiously delicious pound.  She rather liked being pinned to the bed, as long as it was Peter doing the pinning.  To any other man, she would be as dominant as they came, but Peter made her want to be submissive.  He balanced out her blatant coarseness with his fire.

She held on for dear life as her orgasm swept through her.  Stars swam around her vision, only to be dispersed and replaced by the beatific image of her husband's face as he followed her off the edge.  With a long moan, he came, burying deep within her folds and letting himself go.  Every thrust shook her to her core and tamed her wild soul and molded her to his side.  And then, with the lazy, intermittent movements that now schooled Peter's hips, he brought her back down into their bedroom, onto their bed, surrounded by the brilliant rays of sunlight as it wavered over hot, sweaty skin.

A soft, sighing noise came from Ava as she found sanctuary upon Peter's chest.  Her fingers traced peaceful circles on the skin of his side as they got comfortable in each other's embrace.  "Well, Lucy hasn't found us yet," she murmured with a gentle chuckle.

Peter's response was a kiss to her head.  He shook with silent laughter and said, "I may have locked the bedroom door last night in the event that Lucy might prove to be a problem…"

It was silent for a few seconds as Ava digested his words, and then she laughed in amusement and leaned up to kiss his mouth.  "What a smart, single-minded husband I have."

This time, his answer was a lighthearted grunt of agreement and a deep, satisfying kiss.



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