Monday, May 14, 2012

A Roy Mustang Baby Daddy -- Sinfully His

Character: Roy Mustang

Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist

OC: Mayonaka Kyotou, tough, silver hair

Inspiration: Roy's secretary ^o^

// Prologue //

There comes a time in every woman's life when you start to notice things that are less than innocent.  Of course, the looks Roy had been sending Mayonaka throughout the day wouldn't have taken much to notice anyway -- especially with her demanding crush on the man. 

She'd been strictly sitting at her desk all day because she hadn't wanted to see Roy.  It wasn't because she didn't want to, but rather because she was terribly afraid that she'd do something stupid in front of him.  (It wouldn't be the first time.)

That was why, about three hours before the end of her shift, when Mayonaka received a hastily scrawled note from said boss, she couldn’t help but shiver with grim apprehension.  When she opened it up, the apprehension only increased.

'Meet me in my office just before you leave.' 

And that was that.  But the writing was so familiar to her that it was obvious who it was from.  It was also obvious that she probably wouldn't make it out of here in one piece.

// How It Happened //

It was fifteen minutes before Mayonaka's shift ended, but most people were already gone or in the process of packing up for the day.  She had everything ready to go as well.  Her leather bag hung over her shoulder and her jacket, which was made from a thin summery fabric, was waiting for her on the back of her chair. 

In a way, all Mayonaka wished to do was to leave.  She wanted to surrender to the comfort of her apartment, and the warm bath that came with it.  But then again, there were other equally warm things that awaited her here, too.  And as she stepped out from behind her desk and looked toward the door that housed such fascinating things, she couldn’t deny that her heart was betraying her poignant mentality.

She never thought she was this nervous in her life.  (At least, nervous because of this particular reason.)  Sure, she'd had her fair share of embarrassing moments, but they almost never had to do with an attractive man who seemed to enjoy giving her the 'eyes' from across rooms.  By the time she reached his door, she thought her heart would pound it's way right out of her chest.

Mayonaka was administered into the room by a brief 'Enter', which seemed to have been issued from a tired mouth because, upon opening the door, she was met with similarly exhausted eyes.  As soon as Roy looked up at her, however, all of his exhaustion seemed to clear away.  A mischievous smirk

spoke volumes upon his face.

"You wanted to see me, Lieutenant?" she asked, trying to keep the nervous edge out of her voice.  She fiddled sparingly with the corner of her shirt. 

Whether or not he noticed her uneasiness, Roy didn't say.  He merely nodded sagely and motioned for her to come closer.  She did so, sidling up to his desk and wondering if the looks she'd been rewarded with all day would become another prize entirely.  She rather hoped they would.

He gazed at her, chin perched upon interlocked fingers.  There was something infinitely pleasant about his expression.  It was almost as though he was calling out to her, beckoning her forward.

She felt suddenly very small standing before him like this.  Her pencil skirt felt too tight around her waist, and she wondered if her hair was messed up as she feared it was.  She didn’t often struggle with self-consciousness, but Roy seemed to bring it out of her whenever he was around.

"Do you know why I asked you here, Mayonaka?" he asked, and she shivered at the seemingly lustful way her name sounded on his tongue. 

She thought she had a good idea, especially by the way he was looking at her now, with the same eyes he'd been sending her all day.  She looked at him through long lashes -- in some wanton attempt to be seductive -- and murmured, "I think so, Lieutenant."  Because if she was wrong, she'd surely die out of anticipation and regret.

He smirked wider, lips curving up into a tempest smile that shook her to her core and made an achingly sweet desire spread through her body.  Leaning forward, Roy reached out, long fingers touching the buttons of her shirt from where he sat at his desk.  He tore his gaze from hers and instead studied the way her clothes remained clasped together.  If might have been wrong, but Mayonaka swore she saw an ounce of annoyance flash through his gaze, probably because buttons were such an intense hassle.

She subconsciously shifted closer to him, wishing her would just rip the stupid buttons away and ravish her already.  She couldn't think of a time when she'd wanted something so passionately, and it was showing in the way she was standing, and looking at him, and pleading with her eyes.

Roy definitely noticed these things and more.  His fingers brushed up her, gingerly brushing over each button until he reached her bust.  His eyes slowly moved back up to hers and he was slightly surprised to see a coy expression alighting her face.  This was his kind of girl, he thought, and smirked.

Behind them, the clock hands shifted to eleven.  Everyone would be gone by now, and the few that remained wouldn't bother them.  There was no harm in having a little fun after a long day of work, after all.  And Roy really, really wanted to see all the other expressions that might play upon her lovely face.

So his fingers slid the first button away, and then the second, and the third, until her entire shirt was thankfully gone, shifting down creamy arms and spilling onto the floor.

Her breasts looked heavenly in her lacy bra, but Roy was too far away to completely admire them.  He slowly stood up, drawing her in with dark, intense eyes, and walked around the desk to where she stood.

His hand curled around her waist, fingering the edge of her skirt as his other hand spread over her back.  A twisted pounding rattled through him, stealing away every last bit of self control he had before she'd walked into his office.  He wanted to hold her, bend her other his desk, show her a pleasure she'd never known before him.  Hovering over her, Roy slowly bent down to take her mouth with his.

The sudden ferocity of the kiss astounded her, but she remained painfully thankful as his lips burned over hers.  He tasted like nothing she'd ever tasted and, when her hands palmed his chest, felt like nothing she'd ever felt.  His tongue brushed over hers, engaging her in a battle that was a fierce as the desire pounding through them.  His hands suddenly slid down the back of her thighs and he lifted her up, sitting her on his desk.  Not a moment passed before he was wrestling her bra away and his hands were cupping her bare breasts.

Her head tilted back as the amazing feel of his nearness.  Their kiss was broken, but the passion only increased as Roy began kissing down her chest and fingers her breasts.  When his tongue swiped over her sensitive nipple, she thought she might scream.

His free hand spread down her body, touching her here and there but only stopping when he was cupping her folds through the thin net of her stockings.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and sighed, closing her eyes as waves of pleasure rolled through her.

Her fingers tunneled through his hair, pulling his further to her breasts as he sucked on her.  The swirling motion of his fingers on her clit made her delirious with want, which she expressed a moment later as his name came whispering from her mouth along with a plea that made him want to take her right then and there.

So he did.  He stepped back and did away with the coarse fabric of his shirt, and the leather belt he wore, and the dress pants that remained latched around his waist like a vice.  Then he did the same to her, until their clothes formed a sinful pile at the base of the desk. 

She had that coy expression on her face again, and Roy had to swallow hard to dispel his raging desire from showing on his face.  He didn't think he did a very good job, because she only smirked more vividly and jumped off the desk.  When she turned around to lean over the smooth surface, spreading her legs for him to nestle between, Roy thought he'd died and gone to heaven.

His only hope was that his colleagues were indeed gone, because the noise of their moaning could probably be heard floors away.

// How You Told Him //

For weeks afterwards, all Mayonaka could really see were the intense eyes that Roy continued to send her from across rooms.  She had a feeling everyone knew of their secret relationship, because whenever she'd look away from Roy with a blush adorning her face, the office would implode with quiet whispers and subtle giggles. 

But this was more serious than she'd originally thought.  What had started as a late night rendezvous had morphed into a more frequent occurrence, and sometime or another in the midst of their stumbling around, they must have forgotten to use protection.

So when everyone left for the night, and Mayonaka's shift was nearly over, she slipped quietly into Roy's office with the intention of telling him about the result of their casual fling.  Her serious expression halted any attempt at fornication from Roy, who was now watching her with curious eyes as she fiddled with the edge of her shirt.

"What's wrong?" he asked, hoping it wasn't going to be a termination of their relationship.  He knew they weren't really a couple like she wanted them to be, but his job wouldn't allow much leeway in that department and she knew that quite well.  He studied the nervousness upon her face and stood up to go to her.  "Mayonaka?"

She laughed suddenly: a desperate sound.  "Oh.  Well, Roy -- " she stopped, shooting him a glance before darting away and sighing.  "I'm pregnant," she sighed again, and closed her eyes as though waiting for his rejection.

It never came.  In the wake of Roy's surprise came a silent sort of acceptance which showed itself on his face.  He merely stepped toward her, gathered her up in his arms, and allowed his acceptance to spread through them both.

// Epilogue //

There were some things in life that couldn't be sought after.  Sometimes, you just had to sit back and allow it to come to you naturally.  Sadly though, Roy Mustang wasn't exactly a patient man, and being around him for so long also skewed with Mayonaka's normally unfaltering patience.  But it was the price she had to pay, and she wouldn't go back for anything.

Life with Roy was definitely not the lazy lifestyle she'd had before.  She didn't have her mornings free, or her afternoons or evenings for that matter, because she had three children to look after and a husband to worry after.  But she loved her life.  She couldn't think of being without her kids or Roy.

A deep sigh left her lips.  She was laying in bed, it was 6:30 in the morning, and Mayonaka didn't want to get up.  Roy's arms were wound about her waist and even though it was hot outside -- summers were always unbearable here -- she didn't want to leave his warm embrace for anything.

But there was a child crying from across the hall.  Their youngest boy, Ryou, was probably hungry.  And Roy was so exhausted these days…she should let him sleep. 

It took her a minute to steel herself, and then she slowly heaved herself up and threw her legs over the bed.  Roy's arm slid away from her and he almost looked like he would wake up, but then he rolled over and let out a sleepy sigh before falling back into his dreams.

Mayonaka gazed at him lovingly for a moment before shaking her head and throwing on her bathrobe.  She tied it around her waist as she moved to the bedroom door, and then slipped out into the hallway. 

The Nursery was across from her other two children's room, which they shared, so Mayonaka hurried to the little baby before he could wake up Yume and Kurai, her oldest son and daughter.  When she finally lifted Ryou from his crib and began to shush him and bounce him gently on her shoulder, the baby began to soften up a bit and just stuck to whimpering against his mother's clothes.

Mayonaka chuckled, "Silly darling.  Are you hungry?"  She sat down to nurse him, and while he fed she gazed out the window at the raising sun, which was already fairly high in the sky because of the long summer days.

She sat there for about ten minutes before Ryou began to slow down.  His eyes were softly closing and he looked as though sleep would surely come to him.  With a silent 'thank you', Mayonaka lifted him back into his crib and kissed his tiny head, whispering gentle words to him as she watched him fall back asleep.

When she crawled back into bed, she discovered that Roy was awake, and she happily snuggled up into his arms as he brought her to his chest.  With a kiss to her hair, he wondered, "Ryou giving you trouble again?"  And chuckled because the little babe was quite the mischievous dare devil.

"You know how he is," she responded sleepily, closing her eyes and sighing peacefully.  Roy hummed in agreement and drew gentle circles on her back as he watched her fall asleep.  "Goodnight," he told her.

She laughed a tiny bit and told him in return, "Good morning."  And then she was gone, wrapped up in everything that made her happy.



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