Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Dino Cavallone Lemon -- Take Everything

Character: Dino Cavallone

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Annabella Solesino, Age 22

Inspiration: You know, I'm not entirely sure XD Just enjoy it damn it~

Annabella was vaguely aware of the fact that she was alone.  It was an unsatisfactory sort of emotion, but one that she wasn't entirely concerned about.  She was still half asleep, after all, and was only barely cognizant of the morning light as it drifted into the room.

As the minutes passed, she grew aware of other things, like the way she was tangled up in the sheets, and how she was still wearing her clothes from the night before.  She could hardly remember what happened last night, except for the fact that she'd had a lot to drink.  But contrary to her actions, she wasn't as hung over as she'd thought.  Her head was pounding lightly, but it wasn't unbearable. 

She moaned and turned over, burying her head into her pillow and wondering vaguely where Dino was.  At the thought of her lover, she realized that the shower was running in the bathroom a few feet away.  She closed her eyes and sunk back into a light sleep.

She woke back up to the sound of the bathroom door closing.  When she opened her eyes, she caught sight of Dino staring at her.  He smiled softly, mussing up his hair with his towel and straightening the clothes he had only just put on.

"How are you feeling?" he wondered as she sat up.  She didn't look terrible, but her make-up was smudged over her eyes and it gave her a dark, brooding presence.  It was actually rather sexy, and Dino couldn't deny the shivers floating down his body at the sight of her.

She shrugged, trying to pat down her hair, "Alright, I guess."  He hummed and came to sit next to her, throwing his towel onto a chair as he passed.  All at once, the fresh scent of his shower hit her and she curled up around his chest, arms wrapping around him.

"I missed you," she told him, but she wasn't really sure what she meant.  She supposed it had to do with waking up without him, because now that he was there everything felt so much better.

He chuckled and kissed her cheek, lips drifting over her skin lightly.  His fingers tilted her chin up and he planted a sweet kiss on her mouth.  But what was meant as a short peck soon turned passionate as Annabella responded heavily.  Her arms locked around his neck and she returned his kiss with an intensity that rather shocked him.  Pretty soon, he was pushing her down onto the mattress.

A moan bubbled up in her throat as Dino shifted his weight onto her.  It wasn't a bad feeling at all, but instead made her feel utterly safe and warm.  The sense of being wanted had her tilting her body back and accepting him and all his desires.

He followed her down, crawling over her as his lips moved relentlessly against her.  Her arms curled around his neck and she swallowed a heavy moan as it slid up her throat.  She tangled her fingers into his hair, tugging at the golden strands with an urgency that had him pulling back slightly and staring at her.

Her expression reflected that urgency.  Her lips were bruised and needy, her breath coming out in shallow pants, and her cheeks were flushed in a way that almost looked like she had a fever.  But it was her eyes that really caught him off guard.  She stared up at him with honeyed eyes, and the deep sense of desire that shifted through them forced shivers to glide down his body.

He pushed forward a little, brushing his nose over hers affectionately.  In response, she smiled at him.  But those intense eyes did not let up, and so Dino happily leaned in to capture her mouth in an equally intense kiss.  She sighed against his lips, tongue moving to caress his as she forced his mouth open. 

Dino couldn't deny that he was a bit surprised at her audacity.  Sure, she was normally strong willed and bold anyway, but for some reason he'd thought she'd be a little more submissive in bed.  The fact that she was not rather pleased him.

In less than a moment, Annabella was on top of him, straddling his hips.  For a moment, he was dumbfounded at the sudden move.  For a moment, he was shocked at how she looked, perched atop him in such a way: like it was where she belonged, like she had every right to be there.  He supposed she did.

She gave him a look that rather made him want to moan.  He could feel his erection growing with every move she made.  She smirked vividly and slowly slid up his body, pressing her chest against his and moving her lips to catch the tender skin of his neck.  This time, Dino didn't even bother holding back his moan.

Her name found solace on his lips as she kissed down his body, fumbling with clothes as she went.  It made her crazy with want, hearing the husky tones of his voice murmuring encouragements, and he wasn't even fully naked yet.  Her lithe fingers flew down his shirt, unbuttoning it and leaving it to hang about his chest.  She pushed it aside and scraped down his front, nails scratching delightfully against his skin as she kissed over his muscular skin.

The sight of her glorifying his body was almost too much for him to handle at once, and so Dino caught her arms and she glanced up at him in question.  He stared at her, trying to convey what he was feeling in the way his eyes moved over her.  Whether she understood or not wasn't a question, because it was obvious that she did in the way she smirked.  She giggled lightly and her hands moved down to cup his hard member through his pants, gently massaging it.  When she kissed the bulge dramatically, Dino had to protest.  "Anna-Nnng!  S-stop teasing-!" 

She did, opting for something much more satisfying as she fiddled with the button of his pants.  She pulled them down over his hips and, when she caught sight of his raging erection, the pounding between her legs grew to an insatiable degree.

She nearly moaned at the sight of it, standing so abruptly before her.  When she glanced up into Dino's lusty eyes, the desire resounding within them made her want to forgo any and all foreplay and just take him now.  So she rocked up on her heels and her fingers flew over her shirt, loosening it for the first time since laying down with him. 

He watched her carefully, with an intensity that made her hasten.  There was no time to undress slowly for him.  She needed him now.

She shook her clothes from her body as quickly as she could, until she was as bare as he.  When she finally returned to him, sliding up his body to hover over his face, he couldn't help but bring her down to kiss her passionately.  One hand grasped her breast and the other trailed down to tumble over her ass, fingers gliding over her soaking folds as though determining whether or not she was ready for him.

She was.  That much was obvious.  It showed in the way she gasped at his sudden touch and leaned into his fingers.  It was apparent in the way her eyes sent shocking messages into his.  His hips jerked up slightly and he groaned when he felt his cock slide against her core.  She was absolutely dripping in her desire, and it made him more excited than he realized.

"Take me," she pleaded against his mouth.  Their breaths intermingled heavily as she shifted her hips over his length again.  Gasps rocked through their bodies at the stiflingly sweet contact.  "Take me!"

And he couldn't deny her any longer.  His hands moved up to grasp her hips, and she moved hers down to aim his member into her.  As she slid onto him, her world burst and she lost herself in the tingling sensation of being united.

They didn't stay still for long.  Soon, he was pumping into her, guiding her hips around his hard shaft.  She hovered over him, burying her face into the crook of his neck as he took her.  Her hands burnt over his chest, her touch scalding him like hot water.  He moaned with her, shook with her, moved with her until he was numb with building apprehension.

"D-Dino-!  Ohh," she tilted her head back, and he jerked up to assault her neck with little bites.  Their new sitting position was somehow even better than before, because now she was cradled in his chest and it felt so nice to have his arms wrapped around her.

He coaxed her head to his, taking her lips just as his lower body increased its pace.  Release was apparent in the now frenzied way they moved, gasping together as though their very lives were about to change.  Coils snapped in their abdomens, and their moans increased as their bodies molded together.

And then, an explosion rocked through them as they came.  Names were shouted, but they were so incoherent in their bonding that they didn't matter.  She moved against him even faster, impaling herself on his waiting manhood with every jerking thrust until she could feel no longer, hear no more, and didn't even know who she was anymore.

And then they were falling, and she was collapsing on his chest as the moment dwindled down and disappeared.  He lay panting beneath her, skin shining with sweat and the scent of sex, and all he could do was wait for her to move.

She did, a while later, when she lifted herself off his member and came to lay beside him on the bed.  They didn't speak for a long time, opting instead to just bask in the afterglow of their actions.  It wasn't until Annabella happened to glance over at the alarm clock that she moved.  "Oh!  Look what time it is!"  She shifted her weight onto her elbows as Dino lazily followed her eyes.

In response, he shrugged, not seeming to care as much as she did that they were going to miss the meeting that had been set up between Tsuna and the rest of them.  She sighed and went to get up, but her lover had already secured her body to his and wouldn't let her go.

"Dino, we should really -- " he cut her off with a kiss that rather shocked her.  She raised her eyebrows at him and he smiled.  His fingers reached up to tangle in her hair.  It was quiet for a moment, and then, "Fine."  She grumbled halfheartedly and relaxed in his arms, snuggling up to his chest. 

He merely chuckled and closed his eyes.  The others would just have to wait.



  1. This was wonderful, thank you so much! Oh my goodness, I loved it!