Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Edmund Pevensie Lemon -- Detonating Silver

Character: Edmund Pevensie

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

OC: Lilith, medium brown hair, pale blue eyes

Inspiration: Just the fact that Edmund is NOT an 11 year old boy this time around…><

There were many things that appealed to Lilith's sense of adventure and accomplishment.  She took pride in the strangest of things and saw things in a different way than most girls her age.  She saw the world as it was -- worn, exhausting, unfaltering -- and she saw it also as a child, with a naivety that made Edmund smile.

Storm clouds had begun to roll in about halfway into the fencing match Lilith had come outside to watch.  Susan, Lucy, and her had found solace beneath a large oak tree situated not far from the field.  The distance between the boys and them gave them perfect room for discussion, for which they were currently putting to good use as they spoke of Peter and Edmund's fighting styles.

"Peter is talented, of course, but there is something about Edmund's movements…they are more intricate, I think."  Lilith sat back, propping herself up on her elbows as she watched the dark haired man closely.  Beside her, Susan and Lucy shared a knowing look that seemed to escape Lilith.

Lilith felt a rain drop on her arm and looked to the sky, eyes narrowing in worry.  Susan stood up, brushing herself off, "I suppose that's enough fun for one day.  We should go inside before we are trapped out here!"  But her sentiment was useless because, a moment later, it began to pour.

The boys appeared from nowhere, each looking a little worse for wear but otherwise energetic, and the five began to hasten toward the castle's safe, dry walls.  Lilith glanced up at Edmund and gave him a tiny smile.  He returned it by catching her arm and drawing her back, away from the group.  The others didn’t seem to notice, and they made their quick escape into the armory, laughing all the while.

The door had not been shut a minute before Edmund had her trapped in his embrace, pressing his mouth ardently over her skin.  She giggled, throwing her head back and tangling her fingers in his dark hair as he pushed her against the wall.  "Thank Aslan for the rain!  Peter was about to knock me off my feet!"  He laughed deeply, the sound reverberating in his chest, and she smiled at him.

"I think your sisters are onto us," she whispered, smirking devilishly now as he leaned in.  Her fingers slid down to his collar, gripping it tightly as he hummed and brushed his lips against hers.

"Maybe so," he relented, pressing a kiss to her cheek and trailing it down her jaw.  "But until they have proof then our relationship is still a secret."  And he kissed her mouth vividly as though to show her that secret affairs are by far the most interesting.

She tugged him closer, returning his kiss with an intensity that left him quaking.  A soft noise filtered into their interlocked lips and he drew back with a gasp, cheeks pleasantly flushed and looking every bit as aroused as she.  He leaned in further, loving how she felt against his body, and couldn't stop his hands from wandering to scandalous areas.

She inhaled sharply and jerked her eyes to meet his.  For a moment, all she could do was admire the exciting way his eyes sparked with amusement and something more.  But then she came to her senses, caught his wrists, and drew away from him halfheartedly.  "Even so," she steadied her breathing, forcing herself to look away from his eyes, because she knew if she didn't he'd be able to manipulate her in ways she couldn't even begin to understand.  "Perhaps we should -- " 

"Stay here," he cut in, grinning roguishly.  "Since it's raining and nobody will bother to come looking for us in this weather anyway.  That's what you were going to say, wasn't it?" 

She finally looked him in the eye, about to protest at the audacity of the situation, but the look dwelling on his face made her words die on her tongue.  He looked wild, his hair tussled, and his eyes seemed to convey everything that he wanted from her and all his emotions, which he usually kept so tightly locked up.  She let out a shaky breath, overcome by a similar desire as it curled around her chest, and acquiesced, "…Yes."

His grin widened and he swooped down to take her mouth, arms once more wrapping themselves about her waist as he pulled her close.  The armory wasn't an ideal place for these sorts of things, but they were alone and that was all they could ask for.  It was much better than being in either of their rooms in the palace, where servants or the King and Queens could interrupt them at any given notice.

Lilith all but collapsed against his chest, relieved in some strange way at the thought of having him all to herself.  He kissed down her neck, pushing aside the shawl she had on and letting it drop to the floor.  His mouth roved over the newly discovered skin with a temperament that nearly matched the roaring fire a few feet away.  Slipping his hand into hers, Edmund pulled her forward, toward the hay strewn floor beside the forge.

She stood there feeling a little awkward as she watched him shuffle out of his cloak.  It was a bit wet, but the fire would dry it in no time.  He flung it out over the hay to create a snug little bed for them, and beckoned her to him.

She went, clutching at his forearms and trying to bury her racing heartbeat as it pounded through her.  He dissolved the space between them, hands sliding down her body and then back up.  His touch caused shivers to erupt beneath her skin, and she drew herself ever closer as her fingers fumbled over the iron buttons of his vest. 

He was wearing a small amount of armor, but only a pair of gauntlets and chainmail -- for which he'd already wrestled out of before he'd even run to meet the girls and flee for cover from the rain.  Still, his gauntlets still remained on his hands, and so Lilith gently began to undo the tight straps that kept them there.  She felt Edmund's burning eyes watching her with every movement.

When she tugged the heavy things off, Edmund tossed them to the floor with a loud clatter.  He turned back to her with slight impatience on his face, and she laughed at his expression.  He allowed a smile to slip past his own mouth as well, and she finally pushed away his vest and shirt and let them fall to the ground.

The sight she was met with made her want to melt against him.  Though she'd seen his chest bared before, and had memorized the muscles found beneath the skin, she would never get used to the fact that all of this was hers for the taking.

She ran excited hands over him, delving briefly into the light pattering of his chest hair before jerking down, over taut muscle, to where the drawstring of his pants was.  He very nearly groaned at the way her eyes lit up mischievously as she paused there.

Before she could go any further, however, Edmund took the situation into his own hands as they shot behind her, gripping the ties of her dress and chuckling in her ear.  She murmured something incoherent and her attention was immediately drawn away from his pants and instead to where his hands now rested.

He pulled her dress away slowly, in an almost tantalizing manner.  She could hardly breathe by the time it slide down her body.  The small shift she was left in made her shiver because of how thin it was.

He kissed the hollow beneath her ear, this time giving his hands complete freedom as they rediscovered her body.  He slid over her curves, dipping into the contours of her back and jerking to where her thighs were shaking as she leaned against him.  When he was sure that she couldn't take any more of his teasing, he finally turned to the front of her shirt, where it was tied at her bosom.

She watched with wide, passionate eyes as he slowly edged up her breasts, following the pattern of the drawstrings.  He rested his forehead against hers and pressed a small kiss to her nose, and cheek, and mouth, until the shift was dragging down her body and falling in a crumpled heap beside her dress.

She gasped then, because she was still fairly used to being so scantily clad in front of Edmund.  Such a thing had only happened twice before, and both times had the night to cover them up.  But now, as Edmund's eyes roved over her body, she felt as bare as ever, and it made her want to hide and stay firmly where she was at the same time.

His eyes locked to her face, staring directly into her eyes and wondering, "No regrets?"  Because a gentleman would never force himself on a woman.  His finger reached up to brush over her cheekbone, slowly dragging down to trace her lips.  She heaved a deep breath, hands tumbling over his shoulders to bring him close.  Her breasts pushed against him and he shivered at the intimacy of their bodies.  Gently, slowly, she brought her mouth to his and gave him the answer he so craved.

Though she didn't voice it, her body was screaming yes, yes, yes, and it was apparent in the way she moved now, with a frenzied sort of passion that caused them to both tumble down to the floor.  She landed on him in a position that made her blush deeply, and yet it was such a natural thing to do.  She leaned over him, legs straddling his hips and studying the flush of his freckled cheeks, and how his bruised lips looked so inviting, and how his eyes seemed to burn into hers like scalding coals.

And then she was on her back beside the roaring flames of the fire, warm beneath her lover as he caged her close to him.  For a moment, he hovered above her in much the same way she had, faces looming ever so close but not touching.  And finally, he was kissing her, because she looked so beautiful laying bare as she was and he couldn't possible help himself.

She murmured against his wild mouth, telling him to go slower, draw out the pleasure.  She wanted to feel him like she'd never felt him before.  She didn't want a quick coupling like the previous hasty ones they'd encountered.  Unlike those times, Lilith didn't have to worry about being caught out here.  It was like they were in a whole other world that had no access to any other human being, and she wanted to enjoy it.

So he slowed down.  He whispered to her and trailed scorching kisses up her neck, in the hollow of her throat, down her collar and over her breasts.  His fingers held her intimately, ghosting over her body so lightly until she wanted to scream at his teasing.  She opened her eyes to stare up at him, doe-like gaze making him shiver.  Her mouth curled upwards into a tantalizing smirk and her back arched delightfully as his hands drifted over her taut nipples.

And then she was grasping at his hair and pulling him back up for a deep kiss, trapping him in her embrace.  Halfway through their intimate kiss, Lilith's hands slid down his body to pull at his pants.  He broke the contact of their mouths and looked at her, smirking slightly at her obvious plea before helping her with the offending garment. 

There was something utterly romantic about being naked beside a warm fire, especially when your lover was also naked and looking at you through half lidded, intoxicating eyes.  Lilith wanted to groan at the sight, but instead she opted to drag him closer as he positioned himself above her.

He slid into her slowly.  She held her breath at the initial pain until it fluttered away, and then, with a silent tug at his shoulders, Edmund began to move.  It was a liberating feeling, being one with Edmund.  It made Lilith feel more alive than she ever had.  He leaned down to kiss her lips as his lower body rocked against her.

His hands traveled all over her body as they moved, further accelerating the high emotions that wound their way into her abdomen.  She arched her back as his mouth found her breast, looking down to watch him erotically handle her.  It was a sight for sore eyes, and one she'd not likely forget any time soon. 

She threw her legs around his waist and tunneled her fingers through his hair.  Her head was thrown back as she indulged in the senseless feelings that Edmund was unleashing upon her.  She couldn't remember a time where she felt more at ease, and it made her excited and calm all at once.

His name bubbled over her lips, and by the way it sounded, Edmund was sure she was coming close.  He hurried, hips all but pinning her to the floor with every hard thrust.  He groaned, caught her mouth again, and ran his tongue over hers as he tasted his name.  She pulled him as close as she could, nails scraping down his bare back and leaving angry red lines in their wake. 

And then they were coming, and Edmund was pounding into her at a pace that made her want to scream and whimper and remain silent all at once.  He threw a leg over her shoulder and took her for all she was worth and then some, crushing her and loving her and liberating her.

She repeated his name until it was hoarse on her lips and even then, it would never grow old.  And then it was over, and he was breathing out heavy, panting gasps of air and joining her on the floor.  Only the fire beside them gave any noise.

She ran her fingers down his spine, smoothing over his warm skin as she lay beneath him.  And as she cast her eyes to the armory door on the other side of the room, and listened to the faint sound of the rain pelting against the walls, Lilith didn't know a more peaceful moment.



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