Thursday, June 21, 2012

A France Baby Daddy -- Tough Love

Character: France

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Lexi Miranda Queens, sharp features, hates France…at first mwahaha

Inspiration: France experiencing tough love XD

// How It Happened //

Lexi Queens had no intention of having fun tonight. Well, she did think that maybe a few drinks would relax her a bit, but that was all. (At least, that was what she was making herself think as she neared the party.)

America's fourth of July parties were always such a hassle. It wasn’t that they weren't any fun. No, the reason that they were annoying was mainly due to England, who was always invited, almost never showed, and left America with a bruised ego and the desire to make the rest of the night completely 'out of this world'. Which he did, in typical American fashion.

She sighed heavily as she entered the house. She could already hear the loud music coming from a few rooms down. She struggled out of her coat and tried not to think about how her dress was already attracting attention. To compensate for what she was sure would be a night spent ignoring most everyone around her, she made a beeline to the bar…only to be intercepted halfway there.

Oh, right. Another reason as to why she loathed these parties was the man who was giving her that annoying, lecherous grin as he took her arm and handed her a glass of champagne. France.

She couldn't exactly say why she hated him so much. She supposed it had something to do with how he acted all the time, especially around women. His womanizing personality made her want to -- but no, she sighed, don't think about killing France yet. He hasn't done anything yet -- oh, scratch that. Reaching behind her, Lexi grabbed his hand as it suspiciously drifted low down her back and glared at him. This was it.

She really couldn't help it, you know. Seeing France just made her resolve weaken. (Her resolve to be civil towards him, you see. It had nothing to do with the fact that he looked really good in that suit. Ha.) in less than a moment, he was pinned up against the wall and Lexi was giving him that death glare he knew so well, because he was often on the receiving end of it.

"Ohonhonhon~" he winked, smiling in what he probably thought to be a rather charming way. "Mon amour, you find me positively irresistible, don't you~?"

Her answer was actually one he'd expected, but her blatant refusal didn't make him want her any less. He'd wanted her since the first moment he'd laid his eyes upon her, and his feelings had only increased with time. She was practically indestructible, at least towards him. He'd never dare say it aloud, but the fact that she never gave into him made him respect her more than any other woman…or man, for that matter.

"Come on," she growled out, jerking her champagne glass onto a table nearby. "We're going to find a nice closet." He was about to comment on how lovely that sounded when she cut him off, "And then I'm going to lock you in it and conveniently forget where I put the key."

He pouted slightly as she dragged him behind her. "But ma Cherie, before we find this closet of yours -- " she cut him off again and pushed him rather brazenly against the wall, looking furious.

He was a little surprised at her intense anger. Sure, he flirted with her a little, but was that really enough to make her this...erm…vengeful? He wasn't sure, but France somehow liked it when she was mad. It was her eyes, surely. Her anger made her eyes positively shine.

But she didn't look like she would appreciate the compliment if he told it to her. Actually, she sorta looked like she was about to beat him up, and it was kind of turning him on. Were her lips always this full? He felt an undeniable desire to lean down and kiss them, to take her into his arms and press his hands against the silky fabric of her dress. His fingers scrabbled against the wood of the door he was currently pinned against until he found the doorknob. And then he was turning it, and the two were falling into a rather unkempt mess on the floor.

He took advantage of her shock by stealing the kiss he had so longed for. He'd spent months dreaming of what she would taste like, and spent even more sleepless, uncomfortable nights wondering what it would be like to have her.

And then, Lexi came back to her senses and slapped him hard across the face, breaking their kiss and glaring at him. Only she didn't really come back to her senses, because Francis' kiss stole those away from her. She could deny the passion building up within her. With another helpless glare, Lexi caught the lapels of his jacket and jerked him back to her, mouth moving angrily against his as she tried to work around her uncalculated lust.

She could feel the result of his passion pressing against her inner thigh, and it was making her heart pound hard against her chest. She tilted her head back, looking up at him through furious, needy eyes that flickered between extreme dislike and something else, something more lustful. All that anger had to come out somehow, France supposed, smirking slightly at the sight of her expression. As long as it followed that lust, he was all for it.

His fingers slid down her sides, brushing just over her hips before catching her there. She wanted to struggle out of his grasp, but there was something in his eyes that grounded her. It took her breath away, made her feel senseless and weightless, and she was immediately overcome with the desire to make him pay for the humanity he was inflicting upon her.

She buried her fingers into his silky hair and crashed her mouth against his, fury seeping into her movements. She heard a muffled chuckle and haphazard words spilling from France's captured lips. "You are so eager…"

His words only made her more annoyed, though. Her grasp tightened into his hair and she draw back roughly, pulling his head back as well. His eyes widened slightly at the pull to his scalp and he raised a brow. In that deliciously angry voice of hers, Lexi ground out, "Shut up." And then she was forcing him back to her and continuing the harried kiss.

France didn't know whether he should rejoice at her attention or pull away before he got himself hurt. It went against every moral he had to stop this right now, however, and his resolve weakened further when he was forced against the wall and Lexi pressed her body against his. Oh yes, he wouldn't allow himself to stop this. Not when he could feel her taut breasts pushing at his chest, or the heat of her core soaking through her clothes. Not when that anger had turned to lust, and not when he was finally getting some form of love from the stoic woman. This was a dream come true.

And besides, he reasoned as she moved her lips forcibly from his and began biting down his neck, perhaps this wasn't so bad after all. It was his own fault for making her so angry. And there was something so…powerful, so satisfying at seeing her dominate him like this. He'd never had a woman dominate him before and it was making his heart thud erratically.

He winced slightly at the harsh bites she was inflicting on her neck, knowing that he would get teased for them when Prussia and Spain saw them. But the pain sort of made him want her even more. He could feel his member hardening with every delightful scrape of her teeth and he was starting to lose control. He wondered when he'd become such a masochist.

The bed was too far away. He knew because even though it was only a few yards from the door, Francis was already feeling the strain of his manhood against his pants. He bucked his hips against hers and she gave out a strangled sort of moan that made him grin. She was feeling it too. She wouldn't be able to get to that damned mattress either…not that he cared much.

They were tumbling to the ground, hands flying over clothes and throwing them everywhere. It didn't matter where said clothes went, as long as they weren't caged around their bodies. France felt himself being pushed onto his back, his shirt flying away as Lexi crawled up him. He gave her a suave sort of smirk that made her raise a brow. There was a challenge in her eyes that left France into a shivering, quaking mess.

He moaned as her hands slid over him, down his chest and over his hips until they reached his member, which stood tall and proud before her. His pants were only halfway down his legs from their haste, but neither really cared. Any thoughts of removing them further were cast from France's mind when Lexi's hands began to pump him.

"Nnng!" his head flew back, eyes staring sightlessly at the ceiling. God, that felt good. Better than he'd expected. He throbbed against her and she giggled. Her anger seemed to have faded slightly, or so he thought. But when he came back to himself and looked down at her eyes, the undeniable vice twinkled back at him like two brilliant stars.

Somehow, her anger made her look absolutely sexy. He wanted to take her now. He wanted to take that anger and intensify it until it snapped, overflowing with the remnants of what he knew she felt, otherwise she wouldn't be doing this with him or touching him in such a soft, gentle way.

"Lexi…" he called out, gingerly reaching over to her and touching her wrist. She seemed to understand and acquiesced, pulling away from his aching cock so they could finish the job. Except it wasn't a job, not really, and France proved it to her as soon as he was slipping into her.

A moan flew from her throat and she hurriedly ground against him, wanting to be blown away by the pleasure. He caught her hips and slowed her down. He wanted to be blown away too, but this was their first time -- the first of many, he silently hoped -- and he wanted to take it slow.

He prayed that she could feel his emotions with every swift, jolting thrust of his. Francis had never quite opened himself up to anyone else before, and he felt strangely under confident at the realization. He would not normally have allowed her to sit atop him like this, but he couldn't find the will to move her. And it felt so good with her moving her hips so tantalizingly like that, grinding against him so naturally…

He was coming before he could stop himself or warn her. She turned him on with the smallest trace of her anger and it made him so frustrated. He suffered many sleepless nights letting out his sexual tension, and finally being like this with her made him feel boyish and uncontrolled.

But it didn't matter, because Lexi was picking up her pace and coming as well. He watched her through half lidded eyes, intoxicated by the immense euphoria that drained through him. This was a moment he thought he'd only dream about. Her face was exactly like he'd imagined it would be, twisted up in that beautiful pleasure that he had given her. And her voice! He had to close his eyes momentarily when he heard his name upon her lips. It was a sound that wasn't fit for his ears, but he was so undeniably happy to hear it that his heart nearly burst with excitement.

Did she realize it yet? Did she feel it through their pleasurable encounter? Could she detect it in his eyes as he looked up at her? Her expression wasn't one of anger anymore, but was rather something inexplicable and undefined. He couldn't put a name on it because he'd never seen it on her face before.

But the name was given to him a moment later when she leaned down, pressed her breasts against his heated chest, and kissed him. Huh. She'd never kissed him this gently before. He closed his eyes to enjoy it, sinking into the relaxation she gave him. His hands shifted up her waist and kept her close. But did she know?

"Francis…" he didn't breath, eyes still closed because the thought of her rejecting him made him suddenly nervous, even after everything they'd just been through. He normally wouldn't have cared, but this was her. "Francis, I think I love you…"

And he sighed, letting out the breath he'd held. His eyes slipped open and he stared at her in wonder, because he never thought she'd actually saying it, or feel it towards him at all.

She tilted a smile towards him, thumb brushing over his parted lips, and told him, "Don't say anything."

Which was good, because his words were stuck in his throat and he couldn't anyway. He felt her lay her head down against his chest and together, for the first time, they breathed. It might have been the romantic in him, but France swore that he could feel their hearts beating in sync.

// How You Told Him //

France had been spending his afternoon on his patio. His office felt stuffy and confined, and as he leaned back and listened to the sounds of nature, he felt much more relaxed. Er, well, until she entered the scene.

"You're a stupid bastard."

He raised an eyebrow and looked over at her, wondering why she was suddenly so angry. She did have those annoying bouts of said anger towards him, but France hadn't seen it this empowered since…he smirked as he remembered that night.

Apparently, smirking was the wrong thing to do. Lexi's eyes grew darker, more deadly, and France felt himself shivering before he could stop himself. Sure, she was slightly freaky when she was angry, but there was something so sexy about her fury that made him quiver with lust. Whether Lexi noticed or not was unsure, but it didn't really matter because her anger didn't seem to be letting up.

"Uh, mon amour, why am I a stupid bastard this time?" he leaned back in his seat to look at her. His eyes traveled the length of her body, locking onto her long, tanned legs. By the time he'd gotten back to her eyes, he had a feeling she finally understood what was going on. (His was blatantly checking her out, after all.)

In less than a moment she was crawling on top of him, legs straddling both of his as she leaned into him. He raised another eyebrow but couldn't deny that it felt pretty good being so close to her. Her anger still flashed in her eyes.

"Oh, France," she murmured, pressing tiny kisses from his jaw over to his ear. He shivered again, hands sliding up to grip her waist. He felt her lick the hollow of his ear and he had to hold back a moan. "France," she snickered, "you're a stupid bastard because you got me pregnant."

And then she was gone, flying off of him in and smirking the shocked aftermath. And France, never to have been one to let a chase go unfinished, stood up and dusted himself off with what he hoped was a dignified expression. He was going to teach that woman a lesson in the art of wit. And maybe a few others arts, as well~

// The Birth //

There were certain things that Lexi had never, ever, ever anticipated. And yes, one of those things had to do with having France's child.

She gripped the man's hand, glaring fiercely at him as though this entire thing was all his fault. In response to her obvious anger, France merely patted her hand and gave her one of those 'charming' smiles. Except this time, his smile was a little more sheepish than usual.

This was crazy. Absolutely crazy. Sure, Lexi had never thought she'd be having his kid, but she always never thought she'd be at all pleased by it. It hurt like hell, but it wasn't a terrible pain because she knew she'd get something amazing out of it when it was over.

She could already imagine what their child would look like. He'd definitely have her personality…definitely. He'd look like her, too. In fact, if she was lucky, the baby would be just like her. She didn't want France to make the poor thing perverted in any way.

She was just about to tell this to him when another harsh contraction stung through her. She gasped, grinding her teeth together and squeezing his hand tighter in hers. It hurt so badly that she couldn't breath.

"You're nearly done," the doctor coaxed. He said something else -- something about seeing the head and how much easier it would be at that stage -- but Lexi couldn't really grasp onto the words. She was pushing with all her had and it was making her queasy.

She could sorta hear France's voice in her ear, too. The tones of his accent made her a little bit more relaxed. She leaned towards him, eyes shutting closed and pushing as hard as she could…and then it was suddenly over. A loud, harried crying filled the static air.

Her eyes flew open in wonderment at the sound. It was a beautiful sound that caught her off guard. She stared at the tiny form that was being wrapped in a bundle and felt France stand up.

The nurse turned toward them and gave them a heartwarming, proud smile. "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Bonnefoy. It’s a baby boy."

"Oh," a strangled, half-relieved sigh left Lexi's throat. A boy? She had a son now…her very own son…and France was the father of that son…

She suddenly glared at him, relaxation gone from her body as she reached over to grab his collar. He looked pretty surprised at her sudden bout of fury, but seemed to know exactly what she was going to say because he started grinning.

"If you teach that boy to be a damned pervert I swear I'm gonna move in with England."

The color drained from his face and he whimpered out a halfhearted, "But mon amour~ That's a little harsh, don't you think --"

She cut him off with a glare that wasn't really a glare, catching him off guard again at the sudden swirl of emotion in her eyes. With a shrug, France wrapped an arm around his wife and the baby was given to Lexi.

"Don't worry, Preston," she cooed, and France smiled at the name they'd given the babe. "I'll save you from your perverted, disgusting father~"

The poor man beside her could only gape at them as anime tears rolled down his cheeks.

// Epilogue //

It was harder to keep Preston away from France's influence than Lexi had initially thought. It was very, very hard indeed.

"Momma! Look what daddy showed me!" she scooped up her 5 year old son and took a peek at the magazine he was clutching…only to glare at it with all the hatred she had.

She jerkily eased the magazine from her not so innocent son's hands and told him, "Go outside and play, Preston. Mommy needs to have a little chat with your father." Your disgusting, perverted father.

She found him in his office upstairs. But he wasn't doing any work -- not that she was surprised by this. Instead, he was drinking wine and talking on the phone. By the sound of the insults he was throwing out, he was talking to England. Hmmm, actually, this might be a good thing…

He saw her when she walked into the room, and immediately gulped at the anger radiating from his wife. He spoke a little faster, trying to end the conversation with the frog, but to his surprise Lexi just grabbed the phone and said, "England? Hi, this is Lexi."

"Lexi? Tell that idiot that my cooking does not taste like rocks -- "

"Sure, Arthur, I will. But first I really need to ask you a favor. Preston's become too much like his father and I'm worried about Autumn ending up the same way. I don't think you'd mind us moving in with you, would you?" she turned to send a heart-stopping glare at her shocked husband's face. "You know how France can be."

It was silent for a moment on the other end, but then England started laughing loudly. France twitched and glowered as his rival spoke up, "Anything to make that wretch annoyed! Haha! Come any time you want, Lex!"

She was about to answer when her husband's hand grabbed the phone and he flung it back into the cradle. He turned pleading, slightly aggravated eyes to her. He hadn't missed the nickname England had called her, and didn't like how familiar the two seemed to be.

But before he could say anything, Lexi held up the magazine that featured nude women in skimpy bikinis and tossed it onto his desk. "You asked for it," she shrugged, and left the gaping man in his office to go have a little talk with her five year old son.



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