Friday, June 22, 2012

A Fred Weasley Baby Daddy -- Rain, Rain, Go Away

Character: Fred Weasley

Fandom: Harry Potter

OC: Coraline Fey, brunette, bubbly

Inspiration: Rain, the Joke Shop, kitchen counters…

// How It Happened //

It was a raining.  It wasn't a light drizzle, but rather a heavy downpour that soaked Coraline to the bone only moments after she stepped into it.  In truth, she wasn't entirely sure what had prompted her to take a walk in such overcast weather, but for whatever reason, she ended up in Diagon Alley, outside her boyfriend's shop.  Which was closed by the way, because she was literally the only one on the street and it was a Sunday afternoon.

She huddled by the door and tried the knob, finding it locked.  Rain was a nasty business, and she was starting to look like a bedraggled cat.

"Fred?!  George!" she glanced at the sky and gave it a good glare, feeling slightly better.  Not that the new outlet of her anger did anything to help her get dry, but that was besides the point.

"I don't think glaring at the weather will help," a voice suddenly said from behind her.  Coraline swallowed her surprise and spun around, straight into the arms of her boyfriend.  He laughed at her, tugged her into the shop, and swung the door shut behind him.

She grumbled at him, but didn't argue back because she was shivering so much.  He chuckled again and threw an arm around her as he led her upstairs to his apartment.

"I didn't know you'd be coming by today.  George isn't here, unfortunately, but he'll be back in about an hour or so," he shrugged, not seeming to care that much about his twin's disappearance.  He was sending her one of those looks - the one that made her a shivering mess that made the cold seem insubstantial.  She noticed at his eyes were latched to her body, and when she looked down, she blushed.  Her clothes were sticking to her in a less than decent way.  When she glanced back up, she saw Fred grinning at her.

"I'm glad you came by, though," and he couldn't keep the slightly perverted edge from his voice.  Which earned him a halfhearted smack to his shoulder.

She was going to walk over to his bedroom and steal some of his clothes to change into, but she was suddenly trapped to the counter by her lover, who hovered over her with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.  But it wasn't his expression that made her surprised.  It was the very slight pressure at her thigh.  She sighed, but couldn't deny that this was something she'd been thinking about all day.

"I hope you're not thinking of going anywhere," he murmured, face just inches away.  His hands spread over her sides, fastening lightly to her hips as he pushed his lower body against her.  She hummed and shook her head, knowing that he wouldn't let her leave even if she wanted to -- which she didn't anyway, at all.  She let him lean in and kiss her.

His kisses felt as refreshing as the rain outside.  There was something so natural about this intimacy.  It made her heart want to beat right out of her chest and her resolve weaken entirely.

His name was whispered from her lips, and it seemed to make him restless with an emotion she felt all too well.  He caged her to his chest and she clung to him, keeping her arms firmly around his neck as she deepened their kiss to a more satisfying level.

Her back was pressed to the kitchen counter, and it was digging into her skin.  But the slight pain only intensified the reality of their actions, and she had never been more enthusiastic to feel it.  Her hands shifted down his shirt and she melted against his chest, head tilting back.  He followed her, towering over her as his grasp tightened around her waist.

There was really nothing he wanted more than to have her completely.  He'd already forgotten about the fact that George was supposed to be coming home soon, or that his family was having a big dinner together that night.  His only thoughts were for her, and how much he wanted to take her, and how he longed to hear more of those breathless, fervent, delicious moans.

She was following the intensity of his thoughts exactly.  Her head tilted back more and their kiss was broken.  Fred immediately filled the gaps of the passion by littering her tender neck with kisses.  His teeth grazed over her, making her shiver in his arms, and she very nearly moaned again.  The fact that she didn't seemed to make Fred slightly disappointed.

His hands moved down her, slipping past the hemline of her jeans to grasp onto her ass.  And then he was lifting her up, not onto the counter but onto him.  Her legs curled around his waist immediately and she hovered over him in question.  But her merely grinned that heartening grin of his and carried her out of the tiny kitchen and into the adjoining living room.

She was slightly surprised that they didn't just go into his bedroom, but didn't feel the need to complain.  As long as they could linger in their shared desire, she didn't care where they were.  She wanted only Fred, and he understood the feeling completely.

Coraline was dumped onto the frayed couch a moment later.  Fred quickly followed her down, trading places with her as she climbed onto his lap.  She straddled him, taking in the flush of his cheeks and the intensity of his eyes, and knew they didn't have much time before they could be interrupted.  This thought, and the aching between her legs, was what prompted her to capture his lips again.

He happily returned the kiss, upping the passion as his hands slid beneath her shirt.  She shivered against him and he tore the fabric away, throwing it into a heap on the floor before breaking their kiss in favor of pressing his lips elsewhere.

She was glad he did, because the thrills of pleasure now shooting through her body intensified.  She ground her lower body against his erection as his mouth brushed down her chest.  The friction between them made Fred let out a muffled groan.  His fingers scrabbled at her bra, and when it was gone, he wasted no time in admiring her breasts.

Her fingers tangled into his red hair, tugging him closer as his tongue raced over her taut nipples.  Her heart was beating hard against her chest, and she was sure he could feel it.  She was also sure that Fred was wearing entirely too much.

So she did something about it, reaching down his sides to grab a fistful of his shirt.  It was forced over his head a moment later, making him break his attention on her breasts.  Their eyes connected heatedly and Fred seemed to realize that she needed him now, and that there was really no time to spare.

So he fumbled with their remaining clothes, suddenly feeling very feverish as he tried to tear off their pants.  Though she wanted him to hurry, she wasn't making it especially easy for him.  Every shift of her body made his erection flare against her, aching to feel her around him.  It was getting very hard to breath.

When their pants were finally nothing more than a puddle on the floor, Fred guided Coraline above him.  For a moment, everything was still and silent.  She could feel his tip scourging her folds, could feel the heat radiating from his body and mingling with hers, and could taste the desire that their breaths gave in to.  And then, she was lowering herself onto him, pushing his throbbing member into her depths and wrapping her arms around his neck and completely forgetting who she was.

Her world erupted before her eyes, but the connection of their gazes grounded her to her reality.  Her vision swam, and she buried her head into the crook of his neck, kissing and biting and moaning into his skin.  She felt everything, from his hot skin pressing against her to his dominant grasp on her hips and, finally, the intensity of every single thrust that riveted through her.

She was moaning loudly but could hardly hear herself.  All she could do was try to keep up, try to move with him, and not get left behind as he raced along.  She gasped and kissed the underside of his jaw.  Her mouth was sloppy but he didn't seem to care.  Tilting his head toward her, they kissed a haphazard, passionate kiss.

It was over faster than she'd realized.  Their orgasms exploded through them and Fred couldn't help but groan out her name.  The sound of it made Coraline react in a similar manner, hips pounding into his faster now, as though they had a time limit that couldn't be met.  And they did, but neither really knew it.  All they knew was that it was complete bliss being with each other like this, and that they didn't want to part.  But things had a way of working themselves out. 

"Hey, Fr-ARGG MY EYES!" George immediately turned back around, face stricken with horror.  "CAN'T YOU TWO AT LEAST GET TO A ROOM WITH A FREAKING DOOR?!"

Fred and Coraline could only chuckle sheepishly.

// How You Found Out //

It had been going on for weeks.  Coraline wasn't a picky eater, but she was suddenly craving things that she didn't before, and disliking things that she'd liked before.  It was odd and was throwing everyone off balance.

"Dear?" her mother looked at her worriedly.  "Are you sure you're feeling alright?  You haven't touched your meal-"

"I'm fine, mom," she sighed, feeling strangely annoyed.  She wasn't a teenager anymore.  She didn't need to be babied.  She glanced up at her mother's face and murmured, "I just…don't feel like eating right now.  I'm not hungry."  But her words only made her mother more concerned.

She stared at her daughter for a long moment, taking in the pale glow of her skin and the healthy shine of her eyes.  She didn't seem sick or anything, but there was definitely something off about her…  Perhaps it was the woman in her, but she had some idea as to what it was.

"Does Fred know?" she wondered, popping some food into her mouth as she stared at Coraline.

Her daughter raised an eyebrow and wondered, "What are you getting at?  There's nothing wrong with me -- "

But she was interrupted when her mother burst into little chuckles, shaking her head and sighing, "Dear, I think I know what's going on.  You have all the symptoms, right?"  she began listing off various 'symptoms' that her daughter had, which she grudgingly agreed to.  "I think it's safe to say that you're pregnant, dear."

Immediately, Coraline choked on her water.  She began coughing violently, eyes wide as she stared at her mom.  "W-What?!  You're crazy!"

Her mother just shrugged.  "Call me whatever you like, but I know what's going on.  You'd better go to the doctors and make sure.  And then tell Fred, because he doesn't deserve to be kept out of this!"  the strictness of her words made Coraline cringe.

Was she really pregnant?  What would happen if her mother was right?  Would Fred be happy?  She sighed and decided that she'd at least go to the doctors and see if her mother's guess had any stock.  There was still a chance that this whole conversation was meaningless, after all.

// How You Told Him //

It wasn't meaningless.  The conversation, I mean.  Directly after returning from the doctors, Coraline apparated right to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes to find the twins.  It was a busier day than it had been before, though the slight drizzle of rain still made business slower than normal.  Coraline was thankful for that, at least.

"Cora!" George grinned and threw an arm around her shoulders.  "Come to help us out?  Or did you just come to help out Fred?"  he gave her a suggestive wink that made her glower at him.  The blush on her cheeks gave way to her embarrassment.

Fred's voice interrupted them, "George, I need you at the register -- Oh, hey Cor."  He smirked and took her away from his twin with a triumphant look.  "Didn't expect you to be here today."

"Oh, er, yeah," why was she so nervous all of the sudden?!  She looked anywhere but at Fred, wondering if this was really going to be that hard.  She'd planned it all in her head before she'd come, but she couldn't remember what she'd planned now.  "I actually…um, I have to tell you something…"

When she peeked up at his face, she could tell she'd worried him a little.  He was still smiling, but it was slightly strained.  His eyes held all his emotions, and she could tell he was wondering what was wrong. 

He silently navigated them around the shop, until they were climbing the steps that led to his apartment.  His arm was latched around her and it made her feel safe.

When the entered the kitchen, Coraline immediately leaned against the counter.  Memories of their last encounter buzzed through her head, but she buried them as soon as they came.  She had to be serious, had to tell him what was going on.  Because like her mother had said, he deserved to know.

"Fred, I -" she halted, glanced up into his eyes, and sighed.  Damn it.  This was really hard to do…  "I think I…um…"

His eyes were like fire.  They scorched through her, making her nervous.  What was he thinking?  There was that brooding look on his face that, for once, held no traces of laughter.  "Coraline…are you breaking up with me?"

Immediately her eyes widened, "What?!  No!"  she lunged forward, grabbing onto his arms as though trying to hold him there.  Not like she needed to or anything, but it felt better being closer to him anyway, like she'd found strength at his touch.

"I'd never -- " She swallowed, met his burning gaze, and blurted out, "Fred. I'm pregnant."  There.  It was done.  Now it was his call.

But he didn't do anything except stare at her with wide, surprised eyes.  It was silent for a few blistering moments, and then, he laughed.  Fred Weasley began to laugh.  Like he thought she was pranking him or something!

She stared at him, frowning while he shook his head and mumbled something about how she'd gotten him pretty good, how he'd never excepted that one.  And he didn’t seem to notice the growing fury that was capturing his lover's expression.

She glared at him and flew away from him, furious that he hadn't taken her seriously.  Maybe he didn't deserve to know after all.  If he was just going to throw away her words then he obviously wasn't worthy of hearing them.  She was halfway to the door before he had caught her wrist in a hurried grasp.  He pulled her back with raised eyebrows, slowly coming to the realization that maybe…she hadn't been joking after all.  She was really pregnant.

He opened his mouth, but it fell closed before he could find the right words.  What could he say to make her feel better?  He felt awful now, especially since he could see the blurry tears that were sprouting up behind Coraline's eyes.

"I…" he frowned, tugging her into his chest and holding her there even as she struggled to free herself.  "I'm sorry, Cor.  I thought you were…I shouldn't have…I love you."

She looked up at him, as though searching his face for any traces of a lie.  But she couldn't find any, and so she just sighed and decided that she'd enjoy the warmth of his embrace while she could.  "Whatever, Fred.  You're going to have to redeem yourself, you know."

He shook with silent laughter and nodded, kissing the top of her head, "Yeah.  I know."  Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.  She felt him grinning against her and knew that he'd be a great father.  For the first time since she'd discovered the news, Coraline felt excited.  "…I love you too, you know."

He hummed and held her tighter, "Yeah…I know."  And he did.

// Epilogue //

Coraline was right about one thing: Fred Weasley was a great father. 

"Edward!  Hurry up -- we need to leave now!" she sighed, helping her four year old daughter into her coat while she waited for her six year old son to come downstairs.  It didn't really matter if they were a little late.  Molly would understand.  But she didn't want to make the entire family wait because they didn't get there in time.

Beside her, Fred smirked and threw an arm around Coraline.  "Stop worrying so much.  He'll be down soon."

She threw him an annoyed look, not understanding how he could be so laid back.  She really shouldn't have been surprised.

A sigh left her and she shrugged, cuddling into her husband's arms and bringing her daughter with her.  The small Darcy struggled only a little.  "I guess you're right," she muttered to Fred, who smiled wider at the acknowledgement.

A moment later the six year old was bounding down the stairs to where his parents and younger sister stood.  His mother immediately began to wrap him in his coat, "It's about time!  What were you doing up there?!"

Edward grinned sheepishly and held up a paper bag that, upon closer inspection, he had filled with some of his toys.  Immediately, Coraline softened up and gave him a warm smile.  She ushered the two children outside and turned to her husband, who stood watching from the threshold.

"Well?  Are you coming or not?" she wondered, adjusting the collar of her cloak.  It was slightly chilly outside for a late autumn evening. 

Fred shrugged, meandering outside and pulling the door closed behind him.  If Coraline didn't know any better, she'd have guessed he was stalling.  With a raised eyebrow, she silently questioned him.

In response to her expression, Fred laughed.  He tugged her to him and smirked down at her, eyes lingering on her lips for a second longer than necessary, making it blatantly obvious what he wanted.

She sighed, rolling her eyes at his dramatics, and murmured, "Just kiss me already, Fred.  Honestly -- "  His kiss cut her off, and all thought immediately flew from her head.  She made a noise of slight surprise before promptly melting into his arms and forgetting about everything around them.  Well, at least until -- "Ew!  Momma and daddy are kissing!"  Childish giggles made the couple break apart.

Coraline laughed along with them and agreed jokingly, "Ugh, I know.  How yucky!"

Fred gave her one of those looks -- the one that spoke of how he'd get her back later -- and she threw a smirk at him as she picked up Darcy.  Together, the family of four made their way down the street.


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