Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Greece Baby Daddy -- Viridian

Character: Greece

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Eve Shatterfield, can see the spirit of Greece's mother

Inspiration: Greece's famously long naps

// How It Happened //

It was a bright, sunny day in Greece.  The sun wavered warmly on the country and the soft sound of the ocean fluttered by on the breeze.  It was such a peaceful scene that there was no surprise at Hercules' current lack of coherence.  He was fast asleep and surrounded by cats.

Eve sighed as she looked at him.  She had come to visit him because she was bored.  Yes, she knew that Greece wouldn't go out of his way to entertain her, but she liked spending time with him.  After two years of dating the man she supposed she grew to enjoy his silent presence.

She sunk down beside him and brushed a strand of his hair away from his eyes.  His features were composed in a very subtle smile, and she ventured to guess that he was having a pleasant dream.  Eve stretched out beside him and began to wait for him to wake up.

It was a long process.  It wasn't until she'd been laying there for close to half and hour that he moved, and even after that it took him five extra minutes to fully wake up.  But when he did, she found that it was well worth the wait.

"Oh…" he yawned cutely.  "Good morning."

She smiled and told him, "More like afternoon.  It's nearly two o'clock!"

He made a noise in his throat as though in wonderment and then shrugged.  His arms reached up above him head and he promptly closed his eyes again.  "Well, I suppose I'll -- "

"Oh, no you don't," she twisted up into a sitting position and mock glared at him.  He raised a lazy eyebrow at her, as though challenging her to challenge him, and she gladly took the dare.  With a smirk, she leaned down and said, "I want to do something.  It's been so boring watching you sleep!"  Actually, it hadn't been that boring.  But she didn't tell him that because his ego didn't need anymore stoking.

He muttered something and rolled onto his side, only slightly annoyed when she followed him and slumped her body over his.  She did have a talent for aggravating people…

"What do you want to do?" he asked, not really caring.  He was still tired.

She hummed and poked his cheek, "I don't know.  What do you want to do?"

He had to force himself not to sigh heavily, because her response was one he'd been awaiting.  She was just too predictable.  Hercules' rolled onto his back once more and looked up at her.  His sudden movement had jostled her a little, so now she was hovering over his face.  And she was wearing that innocent expression of hers, which she knew provoked him more than anything.  The succubus.  So he did what came naturally and what he knew would eventually lead him back to sleep: he kissed her. 

She hadn't been terrible surprised at the kiss, because she had seen his expression just before it happened.  The hunger in his eyes could only mean one thing, and she gladly accepted him as he pulled her close.  Pressed against his chest as she was, Eve's boredom was finally ebbing away.

His mouth worked magically with hers, stealing away her precious shards of coherency.  Her eyes slipped closed and she tumbled onto her back as her lover followed her.  He caged her to the grassy hill they were situated on, body pressing against her as he caught her wrists and pinned them above her head. 

Hercules broke the kiss to trail his lips down her neck, and she whimpered at the loss of contact between their mouths.  The damned man…he was only ever energetic when it came to things like this, and he was extremely good at pleasing a woman…

A soft plea broke through her lips as his hands began massaging her breasts.  His fingers knew exactly what to do so that he didn't even have to think.  He knew her inside and out, like the back of his hand, and making her feel good was like a second nature to him…and a past time that he took a great liking to.

He crashed his mouth back onto hers, pushing hers apart so that he could taste her.  The feeling of his tongue made the waves of pleasure increase, until she was utterly helpless against him and could do nothing but lay there, paralyzed.

As he worked her mouth with his, his fingers rushed over her shirt, tugging it up over the smooth planes of her stomach.  His warm hands slid up her back as she arched into him, silently pleading him to hurry up.  So he did just that, and a moment later, the useless bit of clothing was extricated from her body and thrown away.

By now, she was panting beneath him.  He studied her for a moment, not being able to help himself as he took in her bruised lips, heaving chest, and flushing skin.  She was so beautiful when she was like this that it nearly made him forget how to breath.

But then, the moment was over and Eve was tugging him back and kissing him passionately as she gave into the urge to just give herself completely to him.  He responded immediately, nudging her back onto the grass in the process and using the new position to climb onto her.  She could feel his hardened length pushing against her thigh and it made the moment all the sweeter.

His hands grabbed the cups of her bra and tugged them up, giving him free access to her breasts.  She seemed slightly surprised at the action, though it was not the first time he'd used it, and nearly lost it when he moved his mouth to suck on one pink nipple.

"Ahhh!  H-Hercules!" her back arched again and she grabbed at his hair, pulling him closer.  His tongue lapped at her, teeth scraping against her as his free hand worked on her other breast.  But it wasn't enough.

He abandoned his position at her chest and allowed his hand to sink down her body, pausing here and there until he reached his destination.  As he rubbed her through the cloth of her pants, he couldn't help but admire the way she mewled for him, sightlessly peering at the sky as she lay there.  It was truly beautiful.

"E-Enough, Hercul…es…" she panted, moaning.  "Nnng!  T-take me…now!"

But he just smirked vividly and increased the pace of his fingers, making her gasp out harder.  "Have a little patience," he told her, but allowed his other hand to undo the ties of her pants and slide them down her hips.

There really wasn't anything he wanted but her.  Even sleep was far from his mind.  He could see only her, and he loved the way she whispered out his name in that breathy, half coherent voice of hers.  He shimmied out of his remaining clothes and took his hand back, his own patience gone.  There was no way he was waiting any more…

And he didn't.  As he once again claimed her as his own, they rushed toward the bliss that came from being united, tangling into each other's embrace as they came together on the cozy little hillside that had seen many of such moments.

// How You Told Him //

It was raining.  Luckily for Eve, she didn't mind being stuck in said rain, but the thought of getting sick absolutely repulsed her.  Perhaps it was the extra baggage she was carrying these days, but she wanted to make sure she was as healthy as possible.

Why she was here, in the ruins of her lover's home, would have wondered anyone.  But there was a reason behind her madness -- and behind the fact that she had waited for an overcast day such as this.

Greece wouldn't come out looking for her, especially not here.  She was safe to talk to his mother in silence, and that was exactly what she was going to do.

"Child," a ghostly voice spoke, and Eve turned to look upon Greece's mother.  "You have come to ask me about my son, correct?" 

"I just --" she cut herself off, gripping her abdomen as she searched for words.  She didn't know how Greece would take it, and she was scared.  She didn't want to let him down, or to take away his freedom, but she didn't want him to leave her either.  She couldn't do this alone…

"Your worries are useless," the woman told her, shifting through the rain like a mirage.  "My son would never leave you."

Eve studied the shadow of the ghost, wondering if she was right.  She was Hercules' mother, after all, but --

"…Eve?" the voice of her lover made her eyes widen.  How did he know where she was?!

She spun around, taking in the wet figure of Greece as he stood at the bottom of the ruins.  He was staring at her, looking confused and worried.  When she glanced back to find his mother, the ghost was gone.

"I-I'll be right…there…" but she took her time getting off of the ruins, and when she was arms length away from Greece, he grabbed her into his arms and put her safely onto the ground.

"What were you doing?" he wondered, frowning.  She didn't like how he was looking through her, almost as though he knew everything going on.  He slipped an arm around her waist and began to lead her to shelter.

But she stopped him, because if she didn't do this now then she might lose confidence to do it later.  "Hercules!"  she took a deep breath, steeling her mind for any sign of his rejection.  "I'm pregnant.  With your…child…" Oh, that felt good to get out.  She peered up at him and was surprised to find that lazy expression on his face once more.  Couldn't he at least try to be shocked?!

When he saw the glimmer of anger in her eyes, though, Hercules laughed.  His arm found her again and he pulled her into his chest.  Nuzzling her nose, he told her, "I know that already."  And he chuckled again, because her expression was entertaining.

She was going to ask him how he knew, and why he hadn't just told her he knew, but then all thought flew from her mind as his lips crashed onto hers.  And, since there's always something terribly romantic about kissing in the rain, Eve just allowed it to pass.  She slid her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.

// The Birth //

It had begun during the early morning.  It was still dark out, but the sun was just beginning to show itself over the horizon.  Eve had gotten up because, for some reason, she'd been laying awake for hours before that and decided to just put an end to the annoyance of insomnia.  She wasn't normally prone to such a thing, but she figured it had something to do with her pregnancy.

She was right.  After being rushed to the hospital not long after getting up, she began to experience the first stages of labor: intense contractions.  They grew worse with each passing hour, and it wasn't until late afternoon that someone actually happened.

"I think it's staring, doctor!" a nurse cried out.  The doctor nodded and looked at Eve, who was a gasping, sweating mess on the bed.  "I need you to focus, now.  You have a baby to bring into the world, so keep pushing even though it'll hurt!"

She nodded shakily, squeezing her husband's hand as he hovered at her side.  On the outside, Greeze was just as lazy as normal.  But inside he was in turmoil, wondering if it really hurt as much as Eve made it seem and hoping that everything would be ok. 

He watched his lover go through what seemed to be endless pain, until a few hours later when the cries of a child finally rose in the room.  And then, everything was perfectly fine, and Eve was holding the result of her pain in her arms.

Hercules shuffled toward it, peering at the tiny bundle with curious eyes.  At first, all he saw was the head, which he swore could have fit into his palm.  But then, as the eyes slowly opened for the first time and landed on Greece, he felt pride shoot through him.  This was his son.

"It's a boy," he whispered, and sent his wife a dizzying smile.  She chuckled weakly and nodded, murmuring, "Yes…which means his name is Apollo, isn't it?"  She smiled warmly at the expression on Hercules' face.  He looked so ecstatic: such a nice change from his normally platonic look.

"Apollo…" and he laid a hand on the baby's head, grinning in pride.

// Epilogue //

There is nothing quite as peaceful as napping outside, when the wind is allowed to caress your skin and you can hear the birds and feel the sun.  It's especially relaxing when one is napping with more than one person.  In this case, three. 

It would have been four, but Apollo had grown into quite the rebellious toddler and didn't like staying still for very long.  He was everywhere curious about this lush, green world and intent on knowing it.  Eve kept a close watch on him out of the corner of her eye, but she knew that he wasn't happy unless he was able to do what he wanted, and she was content with that for now.

She felt her husband's head nuzzle into her neck.  His arms had been wrapped around her and the baby snuggled between them, and he had promptly fallen asleep in that position.  Now, as he hovered along the edge of sleep, Eve couldn't help but roll her eyes at the loving man.

Their second child, a beautiful baby girl whom they named Aphrodite, was still fast asleep and seemed to take after her father in terms of laziness.  She was a strange child without much expression, but Eve loved her unconditionally.  Plus, she was absolutely adorable laying against her father's chest like that, with her little hands in fists…

Eve poked Hercules' cheek, knowing that he was awake.  But his eyes stayed closed until the very last moment, and his warm hand grasped hers before she could interrupt his peaceful reverie.

They locked eyes and she gave him a smile, to which he returned, albeit a little sleepily.  Something flickered in his eyes as he looked at her, and she was sure she knew what it was.  In a silent sort of response, she leaned forward to kiss him, moving her mouth slowly over his.

But their kiss lasted only a moment, because Apollo decided to use that time to interrupt them.  "Momma?  I wanna go see Grandma!"

With a slight groan, Eve pulled away.  Hercules' gave her a suave grin and chuckled at her response before looking up at his son.  "Momma will go with you.  Right momma?"

She gave him a dangerous look, but his eyes were already closing and she knew he was returning to his nap.  Really, if her daughter hadn't been snuggled up to him so cozily, Eve would have made him go in her stead.  But she couldn't bear to wake the sleepy child.  "Fine, but you lose your pillow."

But he was already too far gone to answer her.  She rolled her eyes, picked up her son, and muttered, "Lazy man…"  But she guessed that such was a life when one had Greece as their husband.  (And she decided she didn't really mind said life, at all.)


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