Monday, June 18, 2012

A Hayato Gokudera Baby Daddy -- Demolished

Character: Hayato Gokudera

Fandom: Katekyo HItman Reborn! [TYL]

OC: Mei Akasawa, cheerful, naïve

Inspiration: The prompt ran away from me again, but somehow I'm not really surprised…|D

// How You Met //

It all started, as many things did, in the classroom.  The day Mei transferred into her new school was the day that she met him.  The guy she decided that she'd hate until the day she died.  (She was 13 and tried her best to hold grudges.)

"Everyone, this is a new student, Mei Akasawa, who will be joining us this year."  The class chorused a happy, albeit lazy, 'hello' and Mei was sent to the only empty seat available…which, of course, happened to be next to him.

She'd tried to be nice at first, really, because she was always very cheerful towards people.  But there was something about him that made her so frustrated.  "Um…hello.  I'm Mei-"

"I already heard your name, idiot.  Just sit down already.  You're blocking my view of the board."  And the gray haired boy rolled his eyes and began to work out one of the problems the class had been given.

She huffed, irritated, but slid into her seat regardless and pushed her bag beneath the desk.  Since everyone was doing that math problem, she decided she'd have a go at it as well and began to work it out.  She was always a whiz at math, and many other subjects as well.  So it made sense that she'd have the answer before anyone else.

Which was why she raised her hand and was able to give a confident answer.  But…then he got in her way when he pointed out a mistake. 

"You must have done something wrong.  The answer is actually 102 to the third power.  Why don't you recheck your addition."

She ground her teeth together at his audacity.  Her addition?!  Yes: the day she transferred into her new school was the day she realized that her cheerful attitude would probably be demolished due to Hayato Gokudera's incessant annoyances.  

// How It Happened //

Mei would never go drinking again.  No really, this time she meant it.  She had a blistering headache and, upon waking, very nearly wished for her own death.  Her low tolerance for alcohol had once again gotten the better of her.  She grumbled and rolled over…and right into the back of a man.  Huh.

She splayed her fingers over the back, trying to remember who it was.  She wasn't normally the type who'd sleep with people…or go drinking at all.  But Hayato wanted to -- oh…this was probably Hayato.  Who else would it be?!  He was her boyfriend, after all, and they lived together.  And there was no way in hell that he'd let her go home with someone else.  How silly of her.

Sure enough, when the man rolled over to meet her, Hayato's eyes found her.  He raised a brow at her apparent lack of sense and couldn't help but be amused.  "How are you feeling?"

She glared at him halfheartedly, because it was pretty obvious that she felt like shit and didn't want to talk.  But she did anyway, "…Never let me drink again."

He chuckled and edged closer to her, cradling her against his chest.  With a jolt of surprise, she realized that they were both nearly naked beneath the covers.  He must have seen the look on her face, because he murmured dryly, "You don't remember, do you?"  It wasn't really a question so much as a statement.

She shook her head, inhaling his scent and whining, "My head hurts, Hayato."

He sighed, but it wasn't in annoyance.  Pressing little kisses over her cheek, he whispered, "Let me jog your memory."  And she didn't struggle as he rolled her onto her back and captured her mouth with his.  It didn't take long to ignite that familiar passion within them both, and soon their mouths were working heatedly with each other.

He blazed a trail down her neck, teeth grazing over her tender skin and leaving little red marks in his wake.  He was claiming her as his own, so that no other man could touch her.  She was his now.

She wriggled beneath him and he groaned at the friction it caused between their lower bodies.  He was already so hard, so ready to take her, and she gasped at the obvious erection poking her thigh.  His kisses became rougher.

Hayato's hands wove over her, dragging up her body and clinging to her wrists before pinning them above her head.  She struggled slightly, but it was only because she knew how madly it made him want her. 

A moan that sounded suspiciously like his name bubbled up her throat.  It was obvious that she was completely at his mercy, utterly submissive and ready for him, too.  It was this realization that made him quicken his pace, grinding his lower body against hers and stealing away every last breath she drew.

"Ready?" he wondered in a husky, lust-induced voice.  When she opened her eyes to look at him, all she could see was that desire clouding his vision.  It made her excited that said desire was all for her. 

She couldn't really answer, because she couldn't really breath.  But he knew she was ready for him, and had been long before they'd even begun.  It was apparent in her eyes, in the way she looked at him, and in the way her body was moving below him.  A soft, pleading moan slid past her lips and her hands locked behind him, slipping over the bare skin of his back. 

He grunted in appreciation and leaned down to capture her mouth again.  Her fingers tugged at the edges of his boxers, fumbling a bit before finally pulling them past his hips.  When his manhood was released, she couldn't help but whimper.  She could feel it pressing up against her core, the tip just barely scraping against her, and it sent wild, uncontrolled shivers to race up and down her spine.

Her panties came next, following the burning trail his fingers made as he pulled them down her legs.  She watched him with blurry eyes, powerless to the emotions she was forced to surrender to.  But she wanted to give in and she wanted to surrender.

She was saying his name before he'd even slid into her.  Her nails dug into his back as he thrust deeply, fully sheathing himself into her core and waiting, just for a few moments, while she grew accustomed to his size.  It was a little uncomfortable at first, because she was squeezing him so tightly, but the discomfort disappeared as soon as he started moving.  And then, it was bliss.

"Nnng…!  Haa--Hayato!" her nails dug painfully into his back as he pinned her to the mattress.  He groaned, slowly dragging his throbbing manhood out and then burying himself back into her hot folds.  He locked his gaze onto hers, kissing her face with a tenderness that he rarely showed.

It felt like he was coming home.  Like he was relaxing after a long days work.  Like she was his world, and he was finally coming back to her.  He pressed a kiss to her shoulder, biting it gently and making her go wild.  Her fingers tangled into his hair as his hands gripped her breasts.  His free hand trailed down her body and dove against her nub, and for a moment, all she saw were stars.

And then…  "Hayato!  H-Hayato, mmmh…H-!" 

He angled her hips so that he could reach her better, sending her a small smile to show that yes, she could come, and that yes, he would follow.  He could already feel himself doing so.  His cock was swelling within her and he knew it wouldn't be very long.  He thrust deeply into her, picking up his pace and very nearly yelling aloud when he felt her body clamp down on his manhood. 

He buried his face in the crook of her neck and came, fluids mingling with hers as she followed suit.  There was nothing that could compare to the feeling of being one with her, of having everything she was and giving her his essence in return. 

When all was said and done, and they were nothing more than a recovering heap of tangled limbs in the center of the bed, Mei couldn't be happier.  Well…actually, she could.

"…Hayato?" she looked over at him and he cracked an eye open.  He looked exhausted, but utterly relaxed as he lay beside her, arm slung around her waist.  Well, now was as good a time as any.  "Marry me?"

His reaction was delayed.  But when it came, it came fast.  His eyes widened in shock and he sat up, sheet falling down to his waist as he turned to gape at her.  She just lay there waiting for his response, a sly smirk upon her face.

"W-W-What?!"  his expression must have been humorous, because she burst out laughing and he glowered at her before slinking back down onto his back, probably thinking she was joking.

Her hands slid over his chest and she hovered at his side, peering at him with a raised brow.  "Hayato, I wasn't kidding, you know.  I really want you to marry me."

It was silent while he studied her.  He took her in, from the way her hair was a messy tangle of knots to the flush of her skin and, finally, the spark of her compassionate eyes.  And he really couldn't imagine a life without her.  He didn't really know how to be happy -- truly happy -- until he had met her.  She was frustrating and sometimes too sweet, but she was his, and he wouldn't let her go for anything.

"…We'll have to tell your parents."  Hayato sighed, rolling his eyes, "I hate your parents…" 

But Mei wasn’t listening anymore.  She was squealing and tumbling into his arms and kissing every inch of his skin she could reach, and then she was kissing his lips, and forgetting that she had a headache.  And Hayato could never turn down a kiss from her, so they ended up staying in bed for far longer than they had originally intended.

// Epilogue //

The sun was just setting in the horizon.  The evening air was strangely peaceful, and it made Hayato feel at ease.  He sat hunched over on the front steps of his house, elbows resting on his knees and cigarette hanging loosely from between his lips.

Inside, he knew his wife was probably freaking out at him and the fact that he wasn't helping her out with dinner.  But he needed a little relaxation -- some time to clear his head -- and he'd go in when he was ready and only then.  His stubborn streak didn't allow him any lenience.

He tilted his head back, watching the brilliant sunset.  His fingers pulled at the cigarette and he took a long drag, inhaling the smoke before watching it dissipate into the evening sky.  Yep -- this was the life.  These little slivers of peace was exactly what he needed --


He turned, finding Mei at the door a few feet behind him.  She was watching him with a slightly concerned expression.  All traces of her previous annoyance was gone.  He was happy about that.

She slid out of the door, quietly sitting beside her lover.  As she did, he threw an arm around her shoulders and sighed.  Now, where was he?  Peace, quiet, relaxing.  The feelings felt intensified now that Mei was with him.

"I'm sorry…" he heard from beside him, and looked over to his wife.  Her head was dropped a bit, her eyes downcast.  She didn't look as cheery as she normally did, and it worried him a little.

"Huh?" he frowned.  They had gotten into a fight before, but he'd already forgotten about it.  He knew how she was and knew that arguing was just an outlet for her frustration.  And she had the right to be frustrated, especially when it came to him.  He wasn't exactly the easiest guy to live with, after all.

"I…I know I get mad at you a lot," she murmured, glancing up at him with saddened eyes.  "I'm sorry for that."

He studied her for a moment, and then took his cigarette from his mouth and smashed it against the cement stairs.  With his newly freed hand, he touched her chin.  "Don't apologize."  He didn't say anything else, but he didn't really need to.  She knew him inside and out, and understood his silence.

A small smile edged it's way onto her lips and she leaned in to kiss his cheek.  For a moment, they both reveled in the peace of the sunset, feeling refreshed and calm.  But then, the sound of a baby's cries made her stiffen and glance behind her.

"Oh!  It's really time to eat, Hayato.  Come inside," and she stood up quickly, because the baby's cries were getting louder.

He grumbled lightly but followed.  Sure, Mei could get frustrating and angry, and she picked fights with him over silly little things.  But he loved her with all he was, and he was lucky that she was such a forgiving woman. 

Before she could reach out and open the door, Hayato grabbed her waist and spun her back around, pressing his mouth to hers lazily.  Her eyes widened in slight surprise, but she couldn't deny the warmth that spread through her chest.  She smiled into the kiss and returned it, fingering the collar of his shirt for a moment before drawing back with a smirk.

He brushed his fingers through his hair as he watched her enter the house.  Somehow, he had a feeling it would be a long night.



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