Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Jiraiya Baby Daddy -- The Power of Irony

Character: Jiraiya

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Rin Kinasai, hyper, fun loving, blue eyes and white hair

Inspiration: Showers,Tsunade, coming home from a mission.. 

// How You Met //

A 12 year old Rin Kinasai ran down the busy streets of her home village of Konoha.  She was breathing hard and looked as though she had just come back from training, for her skin was scratched and bruised.  Behind her, her newly found friend tore after her.

"Rin!  Slow down, will you?!  Not all of us are as fast as you!" the young Tsunade pushed herself faster, but every time she thought she would be able to match Rin's speed, the white haired kunoichi seemed to quicken her own pace.  Her speed was, of course, the best aspect of her strength.

But the easy going girl just laughed, throwing her head back and tossing her arms behind her as she reveled in the satisfaction of the breeze.  "Not a chance, Tsunade!  Consider this extended training!"

All she could hear was the whistle of the wind about her ears, and so she did not detect the annoyed growl that emanated from her friend.  They had only just met a few weeks ago, and at first they didn't much like each other.  Tsunade didn't like Rin because of her blatant friendliness, and Rin didn't appreciate Tsunade's rudeness.  But as they kept running into each other around town and began to know each other more, they soon became almost inseparable in such a short amount of time.

Rin shot around the corner, moving with a grace that should not have been owned by a 12 year old Genin.  She laughed again, feeling freer than she had all morning, and nearly shouted in her elation.  Well, she would have if not for the figure that suddenly walked into her path.

It came so suddenly that she didn't have time to swerve, and ended up stumbling straight into him and knocking them both to the ground.  She was fortunate enough to land atop him and not on the hard ground.  Or, well, she would have considered it fortunate until the boy opened his mouth.

"Oh, why hello there, cutie~" he winked, grinning in what he probably considered to be a suave manner.  "Women just can't get enough of me, isn't that right?"

Irritation suddenly spiraled through Rin.  She opened her mouth to yell at him, but ultimately didn't get the chance because Tsunade was suddenly behind her.

"JIRAIYA YOU IDIOT!" Rin pulled herself off of the boy and glanced back at Tsunade in question.  Jiraiya, she knew, was Tsunade's teammate.  But she had never met him in person and didn't really know anything about him except that he made her friend really angry.

Rin could only stare in surprise as Tsunade began beating the crap out of the white haired boy.  She smirked lightly and settled down to watch.  In was entertaining, after all.

// How It Happened //

It had been a long time since Rin was able to enjoy the comfort of a long shower.  She had been on mission after mission for the past four months, and had hardly been able to rest between them at all.  Of course, her high rank among the Jounin didn't cut her much slack, but she didn't mind most of the time.

What she did mind was how she was never able to spend time with her lover.  Many times when she'd be home, Jiraiya would just be leaving for another mission of his.  It was a circle that seemed to have no end…until now.

He pressed her to the wall, hovering over her with intense, starving eyes.  There were few things that could move Rin, but his eyes were definitely one of them.  She tilted her head back and stared into them, studying the way the dim glimmer of the bathroom light shone through the glass stall. 

They were both home for two entire weeks of recuperation.  She had just returned from the hospital and he had just returned from the Hokage's tower to report his last mission. 

His large hands shifted over her hips and locked onto her thighs, lifting her gently up and stepping between her legs as he pinned her in place.  She could feel his pulsating manhood pressing against her slick folds and felt her desire to have him skyrocket.  If he sensed the heightened passion within her, he did not act upon it.  Instead, he just continued to look at her -- the only woman who had ever really accepted him for what he was -- and pressed fervent kisses to her mouth.

They had not been able to relax like this in months, and it felt good to just be with one another.  She arched into him, arms sliding behind him to lock around his neck.  She pushed her breasts to his bare skin, reveling in the open contact that they shared.  Though a shower stall was not the most romantic place to become one, there was something entirely intrinsic about being like this with Jiraiya.  Perhaps it was the almost gloomy atmosphere of the small space, but whatever it was, it made her adoration for him grow.

He kissed down her neck, pushing his lower body against hers and groaning.  His hands slid over her curves, delicately tracing her body as though she were a work of art.  His mouth raced over her, tongue slipped over her nipple while his fingers worked her other breast.  She swallowed thickly at the feeling of him worshipping her, head tilted back as she stared unseeingly at the ceiling.

Her satisfaction grew when his hand reached her opening, fingers rubbing over her sensitive nub before slowly dipping into her.  She couldn't hold back her moan then, because it felt so good to feel him this close to her.  He watched her carefully as he stroked her, pumping gently into her.  The control he had over her made her want to come right then and there.

"Nnng…Jiraiya-!" she opened her eyes to peer at him and was caught off guard at the force of his gray eyes.  He jostled his fingers into her deeper and she moaned out again, eyes snapping shut.  "Please…" she whispered, barely coherent.  But it sounded loud in the shower, and Jiraiya was already way ahead of her anyway.  In less than a moment, he was removing his fingers from her and replacing them with his hardened erection.

He leaned forward, pushing the tip of his cock into her.  Her eyes were still tightly closed, and so Jiraiya gently murmured, "Open your eyes."

She did, slowly.  He was right in front of her, face hovering over hers and chest pressed deliciously to her body.  When he saw that he had gained her full attention, he eased himself into her further and further, until he was full sheathed within her.

She breathed out, arms tightening their hold around his shoulders, and he began to move.  As he thrust into her, their eyes remained locked, as though they were speaking silently.  He leaned in to take her mouth with his and rolled his hips faster.  Her responding moan got lost in their kiss, which grew more and more heated with every hard move.

"Ahh!  Nnn-Ji-Jiraiya!" she threw her head back and gasped, fingers tangling into his hair in a death grip.  There was absolutely nothing that could compare to this.  Nothing could make her heart speed up this fast, and no amount of training or missions or accomplishments could make her feel this powerful and womanly and real.

"F-Faster," she begged, bringing his mouth back to hers.  "Faster…"

The water rushed over them, but they could barely feel it.  All they could do was remain pushed against the tiled wall, moving together as only man and woman could.  He pushed himself on, ramming her against the wall and kissing her sloppily, because both their minds were on the intense satisfaction of their lower bodies.

He gave a long, drawn out moan that spoke volumes and kissed her harder, releasing all his emotions into the kiss.  And then, his thrusts were becoming more controlled, and he was reveling in the sound of his lover's pleas to go faster, to take her harder.  But he didn't, because he knew that release would be so much sweeter this way.  And it was.

It was sweeter because nothing could compare to the expression on Rin's face when she came, and when she took him with her, and when she kissed him with all she had and more because she loved him so much.  And it was sweeter because he took her under the water, in their shared bathroom, after months of being apart.  And it made him want to take her again and again and again just to prove that she was the only one for him, and that at the end of the day, when all was said and done, she was the only one he thought about.  And so he did.  He took everything she was and gave her all of him, again and again beneath the water.

// How You Told Him //

There were some things that Jiraiya knew he wasn't ready for.  Like attaining his recent position as a legendary Sannin, or facing Tsunade after being caught near the girl's onsen. 

The ticking of the clock seemed to mock him.  It rang in his ears, going slower with each stroke and raising the deafening silence at the same time.  He was aware that Rin was watching him, but he couldn't bear to look at her.  He just stared at his hands, trying to come to terms with a fact that he already knew, deep inside of him, even without some silly plastic machine to tell him.

He knew that he should try to look stronger, if only for her.  Because it's not like it was her fault she got pregnant.  If anyone was to blame, it was him.  He, who was promiscuous toward her.  He, who wouldn't let her say no.

It would be so dangerous bringing a child into the world.  He wasn't old, but he was a highly ranked ninja now -- a Sannin, of all things -- and he would be targeted simply because of that fact alone.  But he was thinking too far in advance.  He should be worrying more about Rin, and how this is impacting her, and how she probably feels more alone now than ever because the father of their child couldn't even look her in the eye.

He sighed, feeling ten years older.  His head tilted up, ever so slowly, and he peered at her face.  She was indeed watching him, and she seemed surprised when his metallic eyes locked onto hers.

He reached out to grasp her hand, and the simple movement meant more to her than anything.  In a deep voice, her lover murmured, "…Whatever happens…"  His voice faded, but his gaze didn't break as he stared relentlessly at her.

He felt her squeeze his hand, moving her fingers so that they perfectly fit into his own.  He felt a bolt of warmth at the emotive gesture.  "I love you, Jiraiya."

His eyebrows shot up in surprise, because it had been the first time she'd ever said those words aloud.  Sure, he already knew.  He could see it in the way she moved when she was around him, and he could feel it in the way they made love.  But hearing it coming from her lips…that made everything realer, and this time, he wasn't as afraid.

Yes, there were some things that Jiraiya knew he wasn't ready for.  But what she was offering him now -- a home, a life together, loyalty, fidelity -- he would be a fool to turn away.  So he merely slung an arm around her slim form and brought her close to his side.  This was something he wouldn't have to do alone.  In fact, he'd never have to be alone again.

// Epilogue //

"Now, Kenji, remember what I've taught you.  Luckily, you've inherited your mother's intense speed, so this should be easy for you.  Just go in here, snap a few shots, and get right back out.  Oh, and if you're discovered, you know what to do -- "

"I know, dad," the nine year old crossed his arms and huffed, rolling his eyes for good measure.  The sight of the impudent little boy made Jiraiya roll his eyes in a similar manner.  "Honestly, we've been over this already…"

The white haired Sannin glowered at his son, "Whatever, kid.  Just finish the mission-"  But, unfortunately, Jiraiya's final words were cut off by a very loud, very angry voice.


"Ah, shit.  We've been routed!  Get out of here!"

Kenji saluted him and was gone before Jiraiya could even blink.  The boy truly had inherited his mother's speed…oh, right.  He should be escaping before she found him --

"Going somewhere?" she spat, raising one pointed eyebrow as she snatched onto the collar of his shirt. 

"Ahahahahah…haha…" he gulped.  "Dear, I had no idea that you were -- "

She rolled her eyes and he turned around to face her wrath, knowing that there was no way to escape it now that he'd been discovered…and right outside the girls onsen, too.  Luckily Kenji got away --

"Don't 'dear' me, Jiraiya.  And I know about Kenji, too."

Ah, damn.  Why was she so stubbornly intellectual?!  He sweatdropped, raising his hands in surrender and trying to find the words to placate her.  But it was useless and he knew it, and he only ended up floundering around while she glared at him.

"Honestly, a grown man using his own son for perverted, underhanded tactics?!  And if that wasn't enough, you leave your wife who, no thanks to those stupid books, has been your test subject for nine years.  And this is the thanks I get?!"  Ah.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Especially Rin, who wasn't quick to anger.  But when she did get angry…well, let's just say that Jiraiya ended up being the punching bag.

But this time, things ended up differently.  Instead of punching him senseless, or calling Tsunade to do it for her, Rin used a tactic that was even worse.  Much, much, much worse.

"I guess that means no sex until you straighten yourself out, hmm?"  And as she walked away, Jiraiya could do nothing but stare after her, his face twitching and his mouth gaping open in bereft disbelief.

"Ah…R-R-Ri-Rin…?  Sh-Shi-t…" he fell over in what could only be described as melodramatic irony.



  1. Aw I love it! The ending is probably my favorite part. Thank you <3


  3. My inner fangirl approves! I love it!