Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Poland Lemon -- Blushing His Heart Away

Character: Poland

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Atiena Raposo, Represents Brazil

Inspiration: Actually, my Poland RP.  :U

Atiena hadn't expected to wake up feeling as sore as she did, but after last night's exercise, she figured it was to be expected.  As she shakily sat up in her bed, hair mussed into a haystack and sheets crumpling, she realized just how sore she really was.

She hurt in places she didn't even know existed.  There were a pattering of bruises on her skin, and she traced one of them with a blank sort of look on her face.  She vaguely remembered this one, and the manner in which she'd gotten it.  In fact, her memories were only slowly filtering back into her now, and she grasped onto what she could remember as a mischievous smile lit her face.

Months ago, she would have laughed if someone told her that Poland was a sex deviant.  He just didn't seem the dominant type, after all.  But there had always been something about him -- something proud, and almost superficial -- that made his other side make perfect sense.  And there was always that saying about how you have to watch out for the quiet ones, too.  Atiena believed Poland was a prime example of this.

Not that she was complaining.  At all.  She felt amazing, even if a little pained.  There was something so fulfilling about being with Feliks that Atiena had a feeling she'd never grow tired of it.  A large yawn left her mouth and she sighed, throwing her legs over the edge of the bed and raising her arms above her head in a stretch.

She glanced toward the bathroom door, only just now hearing the light sound of a shower through the barrier of the door.  She shakily stood, giving herself a few long seconds to balance her trembling limbs.  And then she walked to the door, stark naked, and pulled it open.

It didn't appear as though he knew of her presence, but she hadn't expected him to anyway.  She could hardly see him through the dense steam that had infiltrated the shower door, and only his shadowy figure was visible.  A delightful smirk curved her mouth as she watched the figure move, hands in his hair as he washed it. 

There were few things that really excited Atiena quite as much as this.  (This being watching her lover when he was utterly unaware and just so happened to be naked.)  She pushed down the burning urge to join him and instead went to close the door, twisting the knob with a blazing determination.  At night, Poland could be dominant.  But during the day, well, she liked to think of it as her turn.

To say that Feliks was surprised at seeing his lover suddenly pulling open the shower door would be an understatement, but he managed to regain most of his cool by the time she'd turned to face him.  Of course, when he saw the sultry look on her face, he lost much of it again and turned into a blushing mess, but that was neither here nor there.

He stepped back as she strode toward him, cornering him in the tight space with a victorious grin.  He could do nothing but swallow thickly and watch as her hands shifted over his chest.  He'd never admit it, but this was all he'd been thinking about since he woke up to find himself curled around her.

His eyes roved over her body, taking in her full chest and slender, long legs.  The bruises were difficult to see in the dim light, but when Feliks brushed over one by her hip, he outwardly flinched as though he had been bruised and not her.  A stark sense of shame rose up in him as he noticed the other scattered blemishes. 

But Atiena didn't care.  And she didn't like seeing him look like this, as though he was blaming himself for the pleasure he had caused her.  Bruises excluded, the previous night had been one of the best she'd ever had.  So she pressed herself against him and kissed him hard in an effort to throw away that silly shame.

It worked, to an extent.  Poland reached up to palm her lower back, one hand slipping farther down as he held her close.  His mouth moved with hers in a slow manner, as if he was incorporating an apology into his movements. 

The kiss ended in the same slow fashion in which it had begun.  Feliks pressed a few more little kisses to her cheek and neck before grabbing the soap and brushing it over her skin.  He was gentle with her -- gentler than he needed to be -- but it only made his apology stand out more.  Atiena felt a giddy feeling rise up in her chest at his blatant emotions.

She folded her arms around his neck and his hands tumbled down her back, running soapy water over her as they stood, locked in their embrace.  His fingers drifted over her bottom, and he really couldn't help himself from dipping against her womanhood.  He had been wanting to do this ever since he woke up.  The sight of her in bed, sheets tussled over her naked body, flew back to him with startling force and he suppressed a moan.  Atiena didn't even bother hiding hers, which came out in a muffled way as his fingers dove against her harder.

It wasn't long until Atiena was jerking softly against him, face flushed and the image of all his desires.  The way she was so turned on, just for him, made him pleased in both a physical and an emotional sense.  She had given him something he had only dreamt of.  This companionship was so precious to him that simply being like this with her was enough.  Er, well, nearly enough, anyway.  Even he couldn't deny that he was man.  (Though he often acted differently.)

She was a whimpering mass against him, wet and so very needy as she looked up at his face.  Her fingers trembled as they gripped his shoulders, chest heaving in soft little gasps that left him aching, throbbing against her.

She leaned up to kiss him, tongue meeting his and rubbing against him.  She tasted like the night before, and it sent fervent reminders rushing back to him as he moved his lips with hers.  She gasped, jerking her mouth away as she spread little kisses down his jaw, his neck, his collar… "Feliks," she whimpered, and he sucked in his breath as the sound of it.  God, that was hot, and it scalded his entire body with fire as he took it in.  "Do you love me?"

Do you love her?  His mind grappled with the question, feeling a little lost as he struggled against the stirred up passion that directed his movements.  Yes, of course, he wanted to say.  He loved everything about her, from the way her eyes sparkled when she was angry to the way she poured him coffee in the mornings, right down to the way she made love to him.  His fingers twitched against her and he pulled her hips to his, overcome by the immense satisfaction of feeling her core against his.

She panted breathlessly, "Do you?" 

Oh, that's right.  She asked a question.  He looked down at her, eyes half lidded, and took in the sight of her.  She was desperately holding onto him, with upturned eyes that hinted at her worry.  What she was worried about he didn't know, but he wanted to take her nervousness away and crush it.  He leaned down and did just that, whispering his answer against her mouth as he pushed her to the wall.

She gasped out when her back came into contact with the cold surface.  Arching into him, she fingered his hair, gripping onto it as he pushed her up.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and two soft, pleading words left Poland just as breathlessly eager as her.  "Show me."

And he did.  He heaved her hips up, guiding his member to her soaking folds, and eased himself in.  Even now he was gentle -- a stark different from the night before -- but it somehow made Atiena even more excited.  Sure, he could be a sexual deviant, but he was Poland first.  Shy, blushing, somewhat mischievous Poland.

When he rocked into her the first time, she was filled with discomfort.  But the second time was pleasant, and the third was almost stiflingly amazing.  In no time at all, Atiena was gasping into his shoulder and gripping him hard as her hip were slammed relentlessly against the shower wall.  This was vicious satisfaction built on a romance that was inexplicable.

He filled her up like no other, each stroke making her pleasure rise.  At her demand for him to go deeper, he pushed as much of himself as he could into her depths, and they both saw stars.

It was undeniably amazing.  She let out incoherent moans as he rammed into her.  One hand fisted against the tile wall, and his other gripped her hips, keeping her suspended as he took her.  They had never done this in the shower before, but that would be changing after this. 

And then, before either of them could warn the other, they were both gasping out as their hips snapped fitfully together and they rushed toward a bliss that made Atiena's toes curl.  She moaned loudly, head jerking back and hitting the wall hard.  But the pain was barely felt, and she was overcome by a pleasure that was unmistakable and intense.  "F-Fel-Feliks-!  Ahh!" 

He moaned at the sheer sound of her voice, so raw and tangible and utterly sexy as she came for him.  He raced to catch up, wanting to release at the same time.  He jerked against her until the numbing feeling of his end told him that it was time, and then he released, burying his throbbing cock deep within her and letting out a groan that showed all of his want and passion.

There was definitely something dominant in the way he handled her, but it was a good, lightly possessive sort of dominance that made her heart beat hard in her chest.  As she opened her eyes as looked at him, she saw everything he was and everything he wanted to be in his gaze.  Atiena leaned in, pressed her mouth to his, and accepted him.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An America Lemon -- Trembling Thunder

Character: America

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Anna, long curly brown hair, honey eyes

Inspiration: Thunderstorms 

Anna was aware of three things when she opened her eyes that morning.  One, it wasn't actually the morning; Two, the storm was still brewing wildly outside; and Three, she wasn't alone.  Not that any of these surprised her.

She turned over and was met with the sight of her lover's toned chest.  He was awake, because when she finally managed to draw her gaze away from his gorgeous body, Anna found his eyes twinkling at her in amusement.  She grinned a goofy sort of grin and inched closer to him, wrapping her arms around his torso and pressing their bare chests together.  He hummed in appreciation and tugged her ever closer, whispering a soft, "Good afternoon," in her ear.

And it was the afternoon -- exactly 2 in the afternoon, to be precise.  Anna was fairly sure that they had something do to that day, like a big meeting at the UN or something like that, but she had ceased caring the moment she woke up to Alfred's incessant kisses.  The heavy rain also lulled her into her lazy streak, and neither had any desire to go about their day as they normally would.

The sudden sound of thunder shattered the silence, and yet it somehow made the atmosphere all the more peaceful.  Anna watched as her lover closed his eyes, snuggling into the pillow.  There were few things that managed to make Anna as relaxed as she was now, and a storm such as this was one of them.  (Alfred, she decided, was most definitely not.  But he had his redeeming moments.)

She was sure she had things to do today as well.  At the very least, a shower was in order, and breakfast -- er, lunch -- was to be made.  And maybe she should get dressed soon and go pick up some paperwork from her office so she didn't feel like she'd wasted her entire day…

But, as though Alfred could read her mind, his arms tightened around her and he opened his eyes to give her one of those looks.  (The ones filled with warning, and the promise of punishment in some form if said warning wasn't taken into consideration.)  Anna never liked to admit things like this, but it made her feel rather exuberant.

Alfred leaned in to kiss her.  It was just meant to be a quick peck, really.  But there was something about her -- her taste, or the way her body was curled around his, or the blunt relaxation around them -- that made his mouth not want to leave hers.

He hummed despairingly, overtaken by the sheer amount of desire that suddenly whooshed into him.  He couldn’t quite explain it, couldn't put it into words or give them meaning, but he knew his feelings had something to do with not wanting for her to leave.  He felt as though he would rather die than have this perfect image be destroyed.

And Anna wasn't helping his desperate cause.  Her fingers tumbled about his back, tracing his spine and trailing down to his hips.  She dipped her hand beneath the sheet and palmed his thigh.  Her actions were schooled by the apparent lust that was quickly building up in Alfred's eyes, and her own burning desire to see it come to life.  So what if she had stuff to do today?  Alfred suddenly took precedence.

This decision was cemented as soon as she felt Alfred's erection against her lower body, and then Anna forgot about all those other silly entanglements and settled for the one before her.  She eased closer, throwing her leg over his and grinding gently against his core.  His resulting moan wasn't really a moan, but rather a whimpering plea that made Anna's desire spike.

He breathed heavily against her lips, firm hands sliding down her back and pressing her close to him.  He quite enjoyed the blush in her cheeks, and so he leaned in to kiss them, trailing his mouth down her jaw and neck until he found her sweet spot.  And then he softly bite onto the tender area and slid his tongue over it, loving her reaction as her nails scraped down his back and his name spilt over her lips.

"Al-Alfred…!  Nng!"  she arched her back as his hand palmed her breast, rolling her nipple around his fingers and gently teasing it.  He left little red marks all over her neck and smirked at the sexy pattern of his claim.  Because she was his, and no one else's, and he would make everyone know about it.  (Because no one knew about it already, of course.)

When his work on her neck was finished, Alfred's mouth trailed down to her breast and he immediately caught her bud between his teeth.  She gasped and arched her back again, pushing her sex against his and making him inhale sharply against her.  She held onto his for dear life, but she had nothing to worry about because Alfred knew when to take it slow, and now was one of those times.

He inched the sheet away from them slowly, because Alfred was still focused primarily on her chest.  The chilled air of the room felt good against her hot skin, and Anna rolled onto her back as her lover followed.  His hands landed on either sides of her head and he stared at her for a moment, taking in the flush of her cheeks and the bruised way her lips beckoned him on.  He leaned down to kiss her.

She returned it fervently, hands gripping his shoulders and back as she spread her legs to bring him against her.  When he was as close as he could get without actually taking her, Anna slid her hands down to curl around the taut organ that was poking her thigh.

And Alfred nearly lost it as she did.  He groaned into the kiss and pushed himself farther into her grasp.  Her fingers wrapped around him and she gently pumped him, opening her eyes to stare into his, which were already trained ardently to her face.

This time, it was her turn to kiss away his blush.  She palmed his face with her free hand, and he turned to press a gentle kiss to her fingers.  The passion in his eyes very nearly took her breath away.

She brought him to the very edge and would have gone further, but Alfred stopped her because he was all too aware of his own recovery time.  He tugged her hand away and kissed her, lips crashing onto hers and tongue meeting tongue.  The intensity of their mouths caused them to pause in their other movements for a short while, but they were soon resurrected when Alfred felt Anna's hands lingering at his hips.

He pulled away from the kiss, looking at her with big blue eyes that were filled with desire and lust.  "Ready?" he wondered, but he knew he needn't bother to ask.  She'd been ready before he'd been, and it was obvious.  She nodded and watched as he lined himself up, pushing his tip into her folds. 

She was whimpering for him before he'd even pushed himself completely in, but when he'd fully taken her, it felt ten times better.  A little uncomfortable at first, yes, but that soon disappeared as Alfred began to move, and then it was cloud nine all the way. 

He reached places within her that no other man ever did -- not that she'd had much experience before him, but the truth was still there.  She pushed her chest against his and molded to his every movement.  Her hips rose up to meet his halfway, forcing him to go deeper with every stroke.  She wrapped her arms around him tightly, and couldn't help the little breathless gasps and moans that flew past her parted lips.

Alfred seemed to enjoy the sounds.  He gazed down at her with a love that made the moment all the more amazing.  When he captured her lips with his, Anna felt the same love prickling up and down her own body.

"Alfred!  Ohh," her nails scraped pretty red lines across his smooth skin, adding to the ones she'd put there the night before.  Alfred could only moan at the feel of it.  He was somehow even more turned on by the harsh touch, and it made his lips thrust faster, harder inside of her.

He took her with a fervency that left her lungs bereft; molded her against him in a way that made her body plead for him; and looked at her with a romance that she'd thought only fairy tales took part in.  By the time he'd worked her body into the frenzy of an orgasm, she was moaning his name again and again and wondering how she had ever gotten someone as perfect as Alfred.

When everything was done and they were nothing more than a gasping, naked mass of limbs on the mattress, Anna couldn't resist the urge to tease him just a little more.  Her fingers spread up his body, lips contorting into a smirk that made his raise an eyebrow.  "You know, Alfred," she kissed the underside of his jaw and he swallowed thickly, gripping her hips.  "We have the entire day to ourselves~  Wanna do something kinky?"

He gave a throaty chuckle and looked down at her, "So you don't think what we just did as kinky then?"
She traced one fingers down his chest, watching him shiver, and murmured against his lips, "I could use a shower~"

"Mmm…you don’t have to ask me again…"

She laughed and pulled him toward the bathroom, "Oh Alfred, I wasn't asking~"

Extended Ending

England wasn't exactly surprised, you know.  America obviously had a screwed up mentality and didn't do things he should.  Like going to important UN meetings, for example.

And it was Arthur's job to hunt down the younger nation and explain -- calmly, without using his fists -- why it was so imperative to go to these meetings and how they can, and do, effect the future of each country.  It was Arthur's duty as America's old protectorate, after all.  It had nothing to do with England's own desire to beat America up.  Nothing, you hear?

But, of course, things had a way of working against England whenever he entered America's house.  First of all, it seemed that no one was home, so he ended up stepping inside and taking a look around.  He wasn't really surprised at the messy house.  The dinner dishes were still in the sink and there was McDonald's wrappers scattered over the living room.  But the atmosphere of the place wasn't dead, as though the country wasn’t home.  Which led Arthur to go check in his room.  Because he was probably sleeping, the lazy bastard.

He was not sleeping.  At all.  In fact, England couldn't have made a more inaccurate assumption.  The poor country took one peek in Alfred's bedroom and it was enough to hear the shower going on behind the bathroom door.  It was also enough to hear that America was not alone.  At all.

Muffled moans slid past England's ears, but one word was clearly annunciated.  "Alfred!  Oh, Alfred~"

And that was how England decided he would never go looking for trouble again. 


Monday, July 23, 2012

A Deidara Lemon -- Shades of Blue

Character: Deidara

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Aki, silver hair, purple eyes, absolutely insane

Inspiration: Deidara's injured and Aki helps him out~

It had started out as a peaceful evening.  Aki had a long, relaxing bath, cleaned up the wounds she had recently acquired, and had ultimately gone to bed on a full stomach with a happy expression.  But she knew all too well that peace was a hard thing to come by in the Akatsuki, and so she remained unsurprised to be woken up at 2 in the morning due to a loud, obnoxious noise coming from a few doors down.

She groaned and rolled over, anger flaring through her.  It was an argument of some kind, and she could tell that Deidara had something to do with it because it was his voice that was loudest.  She couldn't quite make out the words, but she had a feeling that it was either Tobi or Itachi who he was yelling at.

It went on for a while, relentless and incessant as it pounded through Aki's tightly shut door.  A feeble curse flew from her lips as she stared at the ceiling, but no amount of glaring seemed to make Deidara's stupid voice lessen.  She was gonna kill him.

But evidently, fate had other plans for her, which she realized as soon as she sensed Deidara's chakra just outside her door.  Then, the explosive ninja was stumbling into the dark room with a muttered curse and what was probably an annoyed look on his face.

Though Aki would rather not admit it, this sort of thing happened more often than not.  (Deidara falling into her room at all hours of the day, that is.)  it was just this strange connection they had made years prior, when Aki had first joined the group and managed to get beat up on every mission.  Leader would force Deidara to come mop up her blood and that would be that.  But sometimes, their roles were reversed.

She could smell the blood before she'd even bothered turning on the light.  The thick, iron scent invaded her senses and she cringed.  All thoughts of killing him flew from her head as she reached over to flick on her bedside lamp.

Immediately, the room was bathed with dim light, and Deidara's figure was a shadow at the edge of it, leaning against the wall and clutching the wound that was gashed across his chest.  It was bleeding rather profusely and explained why Deidara's expression was so grumpy.

Aki slipped from her bed, feet lightly sliding onto the wooden floor as she neared him.  She could feel his eyes on her figure, examining her short night shirt and how it fluttered over her thighs as she walked.  And she was amazed at how he could be checking her out when he was in so much pain, and slightly surprised at the honesty within his gaze.

Her fingers curled around his shoulders and she pulled him forward, gently leading him to her bed before silently pushing him onto it.  He sat there staring at her for a moment before a short, annoyed noise came from his throat and he pulled his hand away from his wound.

His cloak was barely a cloak anymore.  Aki would describe it more as a tatter of rags that hung limply from his shoulders.  She pushed it away and glanced at the feverish gash, face blanching at the sight of it.  She was no medical ninja, but she would try her best because this was Deidara, and she cared for him more than she let on.

She padded into the bathroom to collect her bandages, ointment, and a bowl of water with a rag.  When she'd returned, Deidara had moved from his sitting position to a laying one, and was taking up the majority of her bed, hair splaying over the pillow she had only just been using.  She gave him an unimpressed look -- even though he couldn't see because his eyes were closed -- and rolled her eyes.  When she sat next to him on the mattress, his expression barely flickered in recognition before he had once again slumped down.

Aki got her revenge by harshly dragging the wet cloth over his wound.  Immediately, Deidara cringed and propped himself up on his elbows, glaring at her, "Watch it!  That hurts, yeah!" 

But Aki just returned the glare and ground out, "What were you thinking?!  How could you let yourself be injured like this -- " she paused, wanting to cry for some reason.  It was not because he was like this, but rather had something to do with the fact that she could do nothing for him but wash away his blood.  "I-I don't even know what to do."  To her horror, her voice cracked on the last word.

She ducked her head in something akin to shame and stared resolutely at his chest, being more gentle as she cleaned the cut.  She could feel his eyes on her as she worked, but he said nothing until she was already wrapping bandages around him.  When she was about to get up to clear away the bloody water, his hand closed around her wrist and he murmured an oddly soft, "Aki.  Can I…stay here tonight?"

She looked at him, eyes lingering over his as he stared up at her.  There was something in his gaze -- something she couldn't quite identify but made her pleased nonetheless.  She had never seen Deidara so human before.  He'd never asked her for something in such a gentle way.  It threw her off guard and the only response her body allowed her was a stiff jerk of her head.  Then she picked up the bowl and padded back to her bathroom, cheeks blazing with a blush she couldn't explain.

When she returned, Deidara was staring up at the ceiling with a blank expression.  He had shifted slightly to make room for her on the other side of the bed, and the gesture made Aki somewhat pensive.  She was just going to sleep on the couch, but…

"Deidara."  He looked over at her, eyes latching onto her own and once again throwing her off guard.  She paused, jerked her eyes away, and told him, "You should take your shoes off.  It'll be uncomfortable to sleep in them."

He just made a noise and slowly sat up, aware of Aki's eyes on him the entire time.  His expression remained composed -- if not a little grumpy -- as he leaned down to undo his sandals.  But he couldn't stop the slight cringe from overriding his features as he leaned too far over.

To his surprise, Aki was by his side in less than a moment, inspecting the bandages for traces of blood.  But the gash had not reopened and she sunk back with a look of relief, which then turned to embarrassment at the smirking look on Deidara's face.  "Shut up," she muttered, crawling into bed beside him.  He only scoffed lightly and told her, "It's not the wound.  My shoulders have been killing me since the fight.  I think I pulled a muscle."

He was still sitting up on the edge of the bed, and glanced over at Aki in silent demand.  She sighed, looking at the clock and realizing how exhausted she was.  But still, she couldn't really deny Deidara much of anything, and rather liked the idea of touching him.  So she hauled herself up, sat behind him, and moved her hands up his back.

It was a good thing he wasn't facing her, because with her legs on either side of him, Aki's night shirt was riding dangerously up her thighs.  She held down a blush and began kneading his sore muscles.  He really was tense, but he relaxed with each swipe of her hands.  She really did have skilled fingers…

Before Deidara knew what was happening, he could feel other problems arising.  He should probably have pulled away from her and called it a night, but the way she was touching him was heavenly -- the perfect thing to come home to after such an intense mission -- and he couldn't pull away for anything.

Aki had an idea as to what was happening.  She wasn't stupid.  And she certainly couldn't deny that Deidara's reaction to her touch made her excited.  It had been too long since she had a man, and perhaps this was what she needed. 

Her nails scraped down him and she leaned against his back, pushing her breasts to his skin and allowing her warm breath to cascade over his neck.  He stiffened slightly, hands fisting by his side, but didn't move.  Aki was glad of it, because from this vantage point she could see the tent of his pants, and it had her desire cementing into lust.

Aki had never been under confident.  She was fairly sure of herself, unless Deidara was concerned.  But she had a certain clarity at this moment that she'd never had during previous encounters with Deidara, and she moved with a grace that showed that confidence.

Her hot breath wavered over his ear, tongue dancing out to flicker down the shell before pressing a lingering kiss at the hollow behind it.  A dangerous shiver wracked through his body as a result, but he remained still -- and almost stiff and uncomfortable -- as her fingers tickled lightly down his sides.

Deidara was stiff, in numerous ways, but he was not uncomfortable.  Instead, he was trying terribly hard to reign in the possessive hunger that was burning through his body.  He ground his teeth together, muscles clenching as he felt her move her mouth to suck on the sensitive skin of his neck.  He felt a strange unwillingness to take her like any other woman he'd had.  He wanted to go slowly here, enjoy her to the fullest, but his self control had never been his best quality and it was quickly running out…

Aki's hands ghosted down his body.  From her perch behind him, she had good access to everything he had to offer, and took full advantage of this.  She palmed his chest, careful to avoid the cut that was still very tender, and smoothed her touch down around his naval, over his hipbones, until she lingered just beside his twitching member.  With a smile that Deidara probably felt against his neck, Aki drifted over the bulge of his pants, watching his reaction with calculating eyes.

She was not disappointed.  His body shivered deliciously again and he had to bite his lip to hold in a deep moan.  But remnants of it still came out, and Aki shivered against him at the husky, undiluted sound of his desire. 

She wanted him so badly that it hurt.  Aki didn't know the last time she had been so turned on by the actions of another.  She was a quaking mess, and the only cure for her intense arousal was sitting just in front of her, a mess in his own right.

"Deidara…" she breathed, voice coming out in a rather helpless way.  She kissed his shoulder, hands shifting over his legs to rest on her own.  He looked over his shoulder at her, and she was shocked at the dark, intense way his eyes flickered over hers.  The hunger within them made her even more flustered than she already was.

He jerked his gaze down her body, moving into a standing position beside the bed to better look at her.  She didn't bother closing her legs, even though he could probably see all the way to her panties since her night shirt had ridden up her legs so much.  He took her in lazily, cerulean eyes somehow dangerous as he looked over her.

Aki was suddenly aware of things she hadn't given much thought to previously.  Like the way the dim lighting was somewhat romantic, and how it washed over them and bathed them in a sweet sort of embrace.  She also noticed how her own body was positioned, with her legs far apart and the straps of her shirt slinking down her shoulders. 

The man before her moved forward after what seemed like forever, finally propping a knee onto the bed before tilting her chin up and leaning over her.  It struck her as odd how they had never kissed yet, and Aki suddenly felt a yearning desire to do just that.  Her mouth fell open in a silent plea, and Deidara snatched it up as he descended on her, lips crashing against hers in an intense, passionate way.

She immediately moaned into the kiss, hands reaching up to break the distance between them.  She buried her fingers into his hair and he pushed her back, until she was a breathless mass beneath him.  When he pulled away to see her bruised lips and flushed body, he felt those powerful urges swell within him and then snap.  He couldn't just go slow now -- he needed her too much, wanted her too badly.  His body was itching to discover her and his control was nothing but a frazzled wreck.

But Aki didn't seem to mind.  She reached down to his pants and ripped the drawstring away, impatiently tugging at the hem.  Deidara chuckled, though there really wasn't anything funny about the situation, and helped her ease the annoying fabric off his hips.  He dipped his hands over her legs and she shifted up the bed, finding the pillows and laying down upon them.  When she was comfortable, she gave her soon-to-be lover a look that told him to do whatever he wanted.

He did, but not what she had exactly planned.  But as he rode her night shirt higher up her hips, jerked her panties away, and descended upon her aching core, Aki couldn't find the willpower to complain.  In fact, she couldn't only grip the sheets around her and let Deidara have his way.

And what a way it was.  His tongue was like magic, pumping in and out of her in a manner that left her more than breathless.  His fingers reached up and fiddled with the button atop her clit, making her pleasure skyrocket.  His name soon became a mantra on her lips as she called out for him, voice getting louder and louder as her orgasm heightened…and then she was releasing and Deidara was moving faster to accommodate the intense satisfaction.  But it was far from over.

She knew because, when Deidara kissed his way back up to her lips, she could see the fire in his eyes and felt her body heat back up at the sight of it.  She could also feel his arousal pushing up against her leg, and that was what prompted her to thread her fingers into Deidara's hair and pull him in for a deep kiss.  This one was different from the others, displaying what Aki hoped was a hungry desire.  Whether Deidara could feel it or not, though, Aki didn't know.  All she could comprehend at this moment was how hot he looked hovering above her like this, and how much she wanted him to just take her already.

But apparently it was easier said than done, because as Deidara wrestled out of his boxers and began to line himself up, he suddenly let out a painful groan that had Aki momentarily forgetting the passionate ache of her body.

"Deidara!" her arms flew around him and he panted hard, glaring at an area to her left.  Of course, she silently cursed, he was still injured.  How she had managed to forget that little fact astounded her.  She was slightly shamed at her own selfishness, until Deidara grunted, "Damn it…this stupid…"  And then Aki decided she'd better look at the whole picture.

It didn't appear as though he had reopened the wound, because the bandages were still a stark white color.  The only physical problem that Deidara seemed to have was the erect one between his legs…one that Aki had surprisingly failed to notice until now.

She stared at it, studying the size of him.  He was big, maybe even bigger than any guy she'd had.  She didn't know -- couldn't seem to remember at this moment in time.  Aki only knew that she wanted him.

Deidara cursed again, this time directing his glare halfheartedly to her.  "If you keep staring at it, I -- "  But his words were drowned in a sudden moan of pleasure as Aki reached down to touch him.

His wound temporarily forgotten, Deidara stared hard at her and frowned.  He couldn’t believe that he was so overcome by his own lust that he'd been about to take her when she was still wearing that stupid shirt!  He growled, hands fisting as they buried themselves into the pillows above her head.  Tugging harshly at the shoulder strap, he spat, "Take this damn thing off!"  And, though he was sorry for her hand to leave his lower body, Deidara quite enjoyed the sight of her naked body as she eased the shirt past her shoulders.

She sat up, kissing him gently on the mouth before murmuring, "Deidara…lay down." 

He stared at her in surprise, with the slight trace of an accepted challenge in his eyes, and Aki sighed in a rather unimpressed manner.  "You're hurt.  If you overexert yourself you'll reopen the -- "

"I know, I know," he muttered, looking like he wanted to argue.  But he didn't, and ended up flopping down onto his back and watching Aki crawl on top of him. 

Yes, this was better.  His lust slammed back into him at full force as he looked down at her, eyes dancing over her bare breasts, down the plane of her stomach, to where her sex was practically begging for him.  His hands shifted over her, clutching at her bottom as he lead her to him member.  There really wasn't any time or need for more foreplay.  The only thing Deidara wanted was her, right now.

She hovered over him, hands reaching down to his manhood and guiding him into her core.  She had to close her eyes as she accepted him because it felt so amazing after so long that her body was exploding.  A helpless, needy sort of moan drifted past her parted lips that had Deidara jerking into her fully, reacting to her.  His sudden action made another moan to come flying past her throat.

"Open your eyes…" he growled, nails digging into her flesh as he pumped himself in and out of her.  His control was long gone by now, but it fled even more when her eyes slowly opened and met his.  He panted, chest searing, but he ignored is wound and focused on the pleasure radiating from his body. 

Their movements were artful, but Aki would expect no less from the artist himself.  He seemed to know exactly what he was doing as he lead her along, and it made her want to come right then and there.  But she held out because she knew how amazing it would be if they came together, utterly united.

The sound of skin slapping together filled the room, annunciated by the desperate moans that left them with each swift jerk of their hips.  By the time the telltale sign of Aki's orgasm began to hit her, Deidara's name was practically a chant on her lips, like the edge of a prayer that had yet to be answered.

But the answer was coming just as swiftly as their movements.  Aki groaned, buried her face into his neck, and quickened her pace.  His hands eased up her back, letting her set the stage as she moved her hips faster, harder down around him.  He moaned, and somewhere between it he managed to tell Aki to look at him. 

She did, and the intense emotion in her eyes was enough to send Deidara over the edge.  Her name came rushing from him and he jerked his hips upward, feeling his own orgasm hit him squarely like a ton of bricks.  And then it was over, and they were left panting on the mattress as they tried to recover from the magnitude of their bliss, which was still wavering over them. 

Aki gasped, fell beside him, and studied the dazed look on Deidara's face.  After a moment, he turned his head to look at her, and the spell was broken as Aki shifted toward him, weaving her limbs with his and kissing away the aftereffects of their union.

Aki thought, as she lay her head down on his chest, that she heard Deidara whisper something under his breath to her.  But she was far too exhausted to seek him out and make him say it again.  As the light was switched off and they were bathed in darkness, she decided that she would find out in the morning.  For now, sleep was in order.

She pressed one last kiss to his chest, and closed her eyes.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Sai Lemon -- Charcoal

Character: Sai

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Ayaka, brown hair, green eyes

Inspiration: Sai's lack of emotion

Soft footsteps padded down the hallway.  There was a quiet noise -- the hum of a yawn -- and then the apartment once again fell to silence.  Well...until the loud crash of a pan falling on tile made Sai realize that he wasn't alone.

He was in the kitchen in a second flat, eyes narrowed and fingers brushing over the paintbrush he often used in battle.  But the intruder wasn't an enemy ninja. 

"Ah…hehe…Good morning, Sai~" he studied the blush that was spreading over her cheeks and wondered why his heart was pounding so hard.  It wasn't as though the sight of her in his apartment was strange, after all.  Perhaps it was what she was wearing -- that too tight skirt which seemed to hug her body perfectly.

Ayaka grinned through her blush, "I came to make you breakfast.  It's your birthday today, right?"

Sai fumbled for a moment, expression one of numb confusion, "Ah…yes."  He watched her saunter up to him and wondered at the strange glint in her eye.  Did she have some ulterior motive?  He stepped back as she stepped forward, until his back hit the edge of the counter and he was trapped.

Their relationship was a strange one.  Sai, who hadn't really understood his own emotions until he'd met Naruto, was still grappling with the idea of romance.  Ayaka, who was very much sure of herself when it came to such things, found Sai's shyness adorable.  It was a cat-dog thing, really.  Except that Sai was the cat and Ayaka the dog.

Her hands slid over his chest, eyes twinkling mischievously as she stepped in front of him.  She quite liked what he was wearing.  The soft fabric of his robe was something she enjoyed touching.  It wouldn't be the first time, she smirked, thinking back on multiple times before where she had cornered Sai in much the same manner as she was doing now.

"Birthday's are special," she told him, voice lowering into what could be classified into a purr.  He gulped, turning his chin slightly away from her as she moved ever closer.  Her fingers eased beneath the robe and melted against his skin.  The ache between her legs intensified as she realized just how much she wanted to pull that robe away and see him for what he was.

"I-Is that so?" he wondered, closing his eyes as he felt her lips brush over his jaw.  Shivers curled around his spine and his heart rate accelerated.   He didn't know exactly why, but every movement of her mouth had him wanting more.  He tilted his head back and she converged upon the tender skin, teeth nipping here and there as she tasted him.

His hands slid over her to caress her upper back.  He wasn't sure if he should touch her at all, but this felt better.  This contact, of which he didn't usually have any part in, made him feel alive in a way he'd never felt.  Suddenly, his new found knowledge of his emotions seemed insubstantial.

Ayaka didn't want to scare him off, but she also couldn't control herself.  This felt so good -- so right.  Sai's gentle touch at her back made her body shiver with apprehension.  He was hardly doing anything at all and she was still turned on!  She almost laughed at her fickleness.

"A-Ah…I…I don't understand…" Sai swallowed once more as shallow confusion once again became dominant in his expression.  "None of my books explain this…but I'm feeling something I've never felt before."  Ayaka smiled adoringly at his confusion.

Her fingers brushed over his shoulder.  "Books don't explain everything.  But…I'll try to explain it to you as best I can.  What do you feel right now?"  Her hands slid around his waist, dancing up his back as her mouth caressed his collar bone.  She felt him shiver and a trill of her own flew through her. 

"It feels…" his fingers tightened around her shirt, "…Good.  It's…nice."

She hummed against his skin, and then drew her lips upward, past his chin to where his own slightly parted mouth was.  "What about when I kiss you here?"

He almost couldn't breath when she did.  His eyes flew open and he stared at her, surprised at the immediate reaction his body had.  It was a strange feeling -- sort of like he was flying through the air.  He didn't feel grounded or real, and the only thing he could really pay attention to was the way her lips were cascading over his own.

He experimentally moved his own lips and the pleasure skyrocketed.  His breathing hitched and he heard a slight noise bubble from Ayaka's mouth.  Was it possible that she was feeling a similar pleasure?  He moved his mouth again, kissing back hesitantly, and decided that yes, the satisfaction was somehow connected.

His body felt numb in a way it never had before, sort of like he was suffering from some kind of paralytic poison.  But it wasn't paralytic at all, because he could move his body, feel his fingers brush over Ayaka's back, observe the way his breath was coming out in short, shallow ways.

It wasn't really numbing at all, in fact.  It actually seemed like he was overly sensitive now.  Every controlled brush of Ayaka's hands down his chest made him breath harder.  Each passing of their lips made him want to do things he couldn't explain.  It was strange, and a little frightening, but also pleasant and completely addicting.

Ayaka chuckled, breath wavering over his bruised lips.  Her eyes were clouded in some vivid emotion when she meet his gaze, and it made him shiver.  "You're already hard and we're still fully clothed."  She laughed again, somehow amused, and Sai wondered what she meant.

And then…  "Ah.  I-I'm sorry.  Should I -- "  She cut him off with another of those sweet, amazing kisses, and Sai was once again thrown to the wind. 

He was lost until she found him again, and his body exploded with warmth as he felt her weight upon his lower half.  A soft noise left, unbidden from his lips, and the helpless tone shocked him.  What exactly was this feeling, anyway?  It was nice -- amazing, in fact -- but somehow sinful. 

Before he knew what he was doing, Sai had grabbed Ayaka around the waist and was pulling her against his length again.  Lustful shivers exploded over his again, making his dizzy with an emotion that he associated with want. 

She moaned lowly, fingering the tie that held his robe together, and then tugged at it.  It fell gently away, exposing all of his except the thin boxers around his waist.  But it was enough, and Ayaka all but melted against the pale, lean chest that Sai normally kept hidden.

The robe pooled around their feet, disappearing from their minds as Ayaka immediately kissed down his body.  Her tongue ran over his muscles, delighting in the way they flexed when she added pressure to her kisses.  She glanced up at Sai's expression and decided that she quite enjoyed seeing him like this.  He obviously had no idea what he was doing, and little control over his own arousal, but the helpless puddle he'd become had played nicely to Ayaka's dominance. 

She didn't linger long at his chest.  While her fingers played with the hem of his boxers, her lips found his again and they shared a quick but passionate kiss.  Whispering into it, Ayaka told him, "Sai…take my shirt off."

His fingers immediately jerked at the order, surprised but somehow excited at the thought of it.  The was new territory for him, but he somehow remained skillful as his hands slid the fabric away.  It joined the robe on the floor.

Sai barely had time to be nervous about the half naked woman before him, because Ayaka was immediately pressing herself against him and sighing at the skin to skin contact.  He thought it felt nice, too, and so he hardly let himself think as he reached behind her to unclip the annoying bra that kept them separated.

Ayaka was a little impressed at his audacity.  She smiled at him to show that it was alright, and tried not to be embarrassed when she was completely exposed to his hungry eyes.  She'd always been somewhat self conscious about her breasts, but somehow, Sai didn't make her feel nervous at all. 

He gazed at her womanly curves for a moment before easing his hands up her back and pulling her into his chest.  With her chest against his, the contact felt even more vivid.

"I…" Sai looked away slightly, feeling as though his cheeks were on fire.  He wondered if Ayaka felt as afraid as he did.  "I don’t really know how to -- "

"I'll show you," she told him, expression softening at Sai's admittance.  Her hands tumbled down her body and she pulled off her pants, ignoring the surprise on Sai's face.  She hooked her fingers around her panties, looked at Sai, and slowly pulled them down.

Again, she barely gave him any time to think before she was back in his chest, curling her arms around him and guiding his around her.  He hesitantly touched her, feeling his entire body heat up at the realization that she was completely naked.  His hands slid down her waist, over her smooth bottom.  Thought was utterly gone now, and the only thing that guided his movements was his own intuition.  Slowly, he pulled her core against his and shivered at the reaction his body had.

He suddenly realized how annoying his boxers seemed to be.  He grunted, pushed off from the counter, and was about the jerk them away when Ayaka murmured, "Let me."

As Sai soon discovered, there was something ridiculously sexy about having one's clothes removed by a lover.  He watched her face intently as he felt her hands smooth over him, caressing his skin as she eased the fabric away.  He felt another deep shiver take him, rolling through him like fire as she brushed over his throbbing member. 

He wanted her to touch him more, but she removed her hands as soon as his boxers had joined the other rejected clothing.  She looked up at him with a soft smile, eyes hinting at what he thought was delightful mischief as she stepped away from him.  He followed, but they only made it to the edge of the kitchen before Sai was grabbing her and kissing her without the shyness he'd felt before.

She moaned into the kiss, but didn't linger, instead opting for dragging him down to the floor with her.  It seemed that the bed was too far away for them, because they were quite happy with their new found place.

She eased him back, and Sai flinched at the cold tile that pressed against his back.  It felt very strange to be this exposed, but Sai couldn't think about that for long, because soon Ayaka was crawling atop him and leaning down to capture his mouth.

His arms encircled her, dragging her over his chest and relaxing at the blissful contact once again.  They didn't say anything at all as Ayaka leaned back and took his manhood in her hand.  He swallowed a thick moan and watched as she pumped him a few times, coating him with the precum that was leaking from his tip.  He would have thought that that feeling was enough for him -- that the lustful excitement of having her touch him with her hand was perfectly fine -- but then she began to guide him into her core, and his world altered before his eyes.

The immense pleasure didn't come until she started to move, and then the heat that wrapped around his cock increased.  He threw his head back and ignored the slight pain it caused him, instead focusing on the erotic expression that was playing across Ayaka's face.  She hovered over him, hands on either side of his head and breasts pushing against him as she jerked her hips over his.

He moved too, slowly at first as he got his bearings and then faster, harder, as he felt his own pleasure spike.  It was nothing like anything he'd ever felt, but he was quickly becoming addicted to it.  He was panting hard, snapping his hips up in an effort to keep up with the harried pace Ayaka had set.  He almost felt as though he was floundering, lost somewhere unspecific as time slipped away from them. 

All too soon, his stomach coiled and twisted excitedly, upping the passion that was erupting all over his body.  He groaned, eyes closing as he scrambled his thoughts together and realized what was happening.  He tried to warn her, but he couldn't form the words and it didn't matter anyway.  All the sudden, Ayaka's lips were brushing over his, again and again as she murmured, "I know…I know, I know -- "

And then they were coming, hips snapping together fitfully as skin slapped.  Their fervent pace increased tenfold, drowning them both in a numbing relief that extended over every nerve, breath, and thought.

One last moan flew from Ayaka's mouth as she buried her face into the crook of Sai's neck.  Her thrusts slowed to a lazy, infrequent pace, and it was all she could do to remain still as she collapsed in Sai's arms.

He held her to his chest silently, gasping for air as his mind buzzed slowly.  He couldn't seem to form a coherent thought, or word for that matter, so they merely laid there together as they gathered up their lost identities.

"Hmm…so is this what normally happens to a person on their birthday?" Sai tilted his head.  "I never knew."

It was silent for a moment, and then Ayaka smirked and said, "Only for those who mean the most to you."

Sai glanced down at her with a soft expression and the hint of a smile on his face.  Her words had caused a strange warmth to erupt in his chest.  He suddenly wished that his birthday was an every day occurrence.

Extended Ending

"Happy birthday, Naruto."

"Sai…what are you doing?  Get off of me!  Hey!  Don't touch me there--!  FOR KAMI'S SAKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!"

In the other room, Ayaka sighed.  She should probably have explained this better…