Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Poland Lemon -- Blushing His Heart Away

Character: Poland

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Atiena Raposo, Represents Brazil

Inspiration: Actually, my Poland RP.  :U

Atiena hadn't expected to wake up feeling as sore as she did, but after last night's exercise, she figured it was to be expected.  As she shakily sat up in her bed, hair mussed into a haystack and sheets crumpling, she realized just how sore she really was.

She hurt in places she didn't even know existed.  There were a pattering of bruises on her skin, and she traced one of them with a blank sort of look on her face.  She vaguely remembered this one, and the manner in which she'd gotten it.  In fact, her memories were only slowly filtering back into her now, and she grasped onto what she could remember as a mischievous smile lit her face.

Months ago, she would have laughed if someone told her that Poland was a sex deviant.  He just didn't seem the dominant type, after all.  But there had always been something about him -- something proud, and almost superficial -- that made his other side make perfect sense.  And there was always that saying about how you have to watch out for the quiet ones, too.  Atiena believed Poland was a prime example of this.

Not that she was complaining.  At all.  She felt amazing, even if a little pained.  There was something so fulfilling about being with Feliks that Atiena had a feeling she'd never grow tired of it.  A large yawn left her mouth and she sighed, throwing her legs over the edge of the bed and raising her arms above her head in a stretch.

She glanced toward the bathroom door, only just now hearing the light sound of a shower through the barrier of the door.  She shakily stood, giving herself a few long seconds to balance her trembling limbs.  And then she walked to the door, stark naked, and pulled it open.

It didn't appear as though he knew of her presence, but she hadn't expected him to anyway.  She could hardly see him through the dense steam that had infiltrated the shower door, and only his shadowy figure was visible.  A delightful smirk curved her mouth as she watched the figure move, hands in his hair as he washed it. 

There were few things that really excited Atiena quite as much as this.  (This being watching her lover when he was utterly unaware and just so happened to be naked.)  She pushed down the burning urge to join him and instead went to close the door, twisting the knob with a blazing determination.  At night, Poland could be dominant.  But during the day, well, she liked to think of it as her turn.

To say that Feliks was surprised at seeing his lover suddenly pulling open the shower door would be an understatement, but he managed to regain most of his cool by the time she'd turned to face him.  Of course, when he saw the sultry look on her face, he lost much of it again and turned into a blushing mess, but that was neither here nor there.

He stepped back as she strode toward him, cornering him in the tight space with a victorious grin.  He could do nothing but swallow thickly and watch as her hands shifted over his chest.  He'd never admit it, but this was all he'd been thinking about since he woke up to find himself curled around her.

His eyes roved over her body, taking in her full chest and slender, long legs.  The bruises were difficult to see in the dim light, but when Feliks brushed over one by her hip, he outwardly flinched as though he had been bruised and not her.  A stark sense of shame rose up in him as he noticed the other scattered blemishes. 

But Atiena didn't care.  And she didn't like seeing him look like this, as though he was blaming himself for the pleasure he had caused her.  Bruises excluded, the previous night had been one of the best she'd ever had.  So she pressed herself against him and kissed him hard in an effort to throw away that silly shame.

It worked, to an extent.  Poland reached up to palm her lower back, one hand slipping farther down as he held her close.  His mouth moved with hers in a slow manner, as if he was incorporating an apology into his movements. 

The kiss ended in the same slow fashion in which it had begun.  Feliks pressed a few more little kisses to her cheek and neck before grabbing the soap and brushing it over her skin.  He was gentle with her -- gentler than he needed to be -- but it only made his apology stand out more.  Atiena felt a giddy feeling rise up in her chest at his blatant emotions.

She folded her arms around his neck and his hands tumbled down her back, running soapy water over her as they stood, locked in their embrace.  His fingers drifted over her bottom, and he really couldn't help himself from dipping against her womanhood.  He had been wanting to do this ever since he woke up.  The sight of her in bed, sheets tussled over her naked body, flew back to him with startling force and he suppressed a moan.  Atiena didn't even bother hiding hers, which came out in a muffled way as his fingers dove against her harder.

It wasn't long until Atiena was jerking softly against him, face flushed and the image of all his desires.  The way she was so turned on, just for him, made him pleased in both a physical and an emotional sense.  She had given him something he had only dreamt of.  This companionship was so precious to him that simply being like this with her was enough.  Er, well, nearly enough, anyway.  Even he couldn't deny that he was man.  (Though he often acted differently.)

She was a whimpering mass against him, wet and so very needy as she looked up at his face.  Her fingers trembled as they gripped his shoulders, chest heaving in soft little gasps that left him aching, throbbing against her.

She leaned up to kiss him, tongue meeting his and rubbing against him.  She tasted like the night before, and it sent fervent reminders rushing back to him as he moved his lips with hers.  She gasped, jerking her mouth away as she spread little kisses down his jaw, his neck, his collar… "Feliks," she whimpered, and he sucked in his breath as the sound of it.  God, that was hot, and it scalded his entire body with fire as he took it in.  "Do you love me?"

Do you love her?  His mind grappled with the question, feeling a little lost as he struggled against the stirred up passion that directed his movements.  Yes, of course, he wanted to say.  He loved everything about her, from the way her eyes sparkled when she was angry to the way she poured him coffee in the mornings, right down to the way she made love to him.  His fingers twitched against her and he pulled her hips to his, overcome by the immense satisfaction of feeling her core against his.

She panted breathlessly, "Do you?" 

Oh, that's right.  She asked a question.  He looked down at her, eyes half lidded, and took in the sight of her.  She was desperately holding onto him, with upturned eyes that hinted at her worry.  What she was worried about he didn't know, but he wanted to take her nervousness away and crush it.  He leaned down and did just that, whispering his answer against her mouth as he pushed her to the wall.

She gasped out when her back came into contact with the cold surface.  Arching into him, she fingered his hair, gripping onto it as he pushed her up.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and two soft, pleading words left Poland just as breathlessly eager as her.  "Show me."

And he did.  He heaved her hips up, guiding his member to her soaking folds, and eased himself in.  Even now he was gentle -- a stark different from the night before -- but it somehow made Atiena even more excited.  Sure, he could be a sexual deviant, but he was Poland first.  Shy, blushing, somewhat mischievous Poland.

When he rocked into her the first time, she was filled with discomfort.  But the second time was pleasant, and the third was almost stiflingly amazing.  In no time at all, Atiena was gasping into his shoulder and gripping him hard as her hip were slammed relentlessly against the shower wall.  This was vicious satisfaction built on a romance that was inexplicable.

He filled her up like no other, each stroke making her pleasure rise.  At her demand for him to go deeper, he pushed as much of himself as he could into her depths, and they both saw stars.

It was undeniably amazing.  She let out incoherent moans as he rammed into her.  One hand fisted against the tile wall, and his other gripped her hips, keeping her suspended as he took her.  They had never done this in the shower before, but that would be changing after this. 

And then, before either of them could warn the other, they were both gasping out as their hips snapped fitfully together and they rushed toward a bliss that made Atiena's toes curl.  She moaned loudly, head jerking back and hitting the wall hard.  But the pain was barely felt, and she was overcome by a pleasure that was unmistakable and intense.  "F-Fel-Feliks-!  Ahh!" 

He moaned at the sheer sound of her voice, so raw and tangible and utterly sexy as she came for him.  He raced to catch up, wanting to release at the same time.  He jerked against her until the numbing feeling of his end told him that it was time, and then he released, burying his throbbing cock deep within her and letting out a groan that showed all of his want and passion.

There was definitely something dominant in the way he handled her, but it was a good, lightly possessive sort of dominance that made her heart beat hard in her chest.  As she opened her eyes as looked at him, she saw everything he was and everything he wanted to be in his gaze.  Atiena leaned in, pressed her mouth to his, and accepted him.



  1. Holy shit... I seriously think this is my favorite you've ever made 0.0 !

  2. I have never really been into Poland sexually... But now i am!!!! Ohmergerrrd that was pretty sexy!

  3. I never heard of someone with the name Atiena Raposo before and I'm brazilian XD
    That actually sounds like a greek name...
    Oh well, amazing lemon!!! I absolutely love your work *fangirls*

    1. Haha :) Don't ask me, it was all part of the request! And thank you!