Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Sai Lemon -- Charcoal

Character: Sai

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Ayaka, brown hair, green eyes

Inspiration: Sai's lack of emotion

Soft footsteps padded down the hallway.  There was a quiet noise -- the hum of a yawn -- and then the apartment once again fell to silence.  Well...until the loud crash of a pan falling on tile made Sai realize that he wasn't alone.

He was in the kitchen in a second flat, eyes narrowed and fingers brushing over the paintbrush he often used in battle.  But the intruder wasn't an enemy ninja. 

"Ah…hehe…Good morning, Sai~" he studied the blush that was spreading over her cheeks and wondered why his heart was pounding so hard.  It wasn't as though the sight of her in his apartment was strange, after all.  Perhaps it was what she was wearing -- that too tight skirt which seemed to hug her body perfectly.

Ayaka grinned through her blush, "I came to make you breakfast.  It's your birthday today, right?"

Sai fumbled for a moment, expression one of numb confusion, "Ah…yes."  He watched her saunter up to him and wondered at the strange glint in her eye.  Did she have some ulterior motive?  He stepped back as she stepped forward, until his back hit the edge of the counter and he was trapped.

Their relationship was a strange one.  Sai, who hadn't really understood his own emotions until he'd met Naruto, was still grappling with the idea of romance.  Ayaka, who was very much sure of herself when it came to such things, found Sai's shyness adorable.  It was a cat-dog thing, really.  Except that Sai was the cat and Ayaka the dog.

Her hands slid over his chest, eyes twinkling mischievously as she stepped in front of him.  She quite liked what he was wearing.  The soft fabric of his robe was something she enjoyed touching.  It wouldn't be the first time, she smirked, thinking back on multiple times before where she had cornered Sai in much the same manner as she was doing now.

"Birthday's are special," she told him, voice lowering into what could be classified into a purr.  He gulped, turning his chin slightly away from her as she moved ever closer.  Her fingers eased beneath the robe and melted against his skin.  The ache between her legs intensified as she realized just how much she wanted to pull that robe away and see him for what he was.

"I-Is that so?" he wondered, closing his eyes as he felt her lips brush over his jaw.  Shivers curled around his spine and his heart rate accelerated.   He didn't know exactly why, but every movement of her mouth had him wanting more.  He tilted his head back and she converged upon the tender skin, teeth nipping here and there as she tasted him.

His hands slid over her to caress her upper back.  He wasn't sure if he should touch her at all, but this felt better.  This contact, of which he didn't usually have any part in, made him feel alive in a way he'd never felt.  Suddenly, his new found knowledge of his emotions seemed insubstantial.

Ayaka didn't want to scare him off, but she also couldn't control herself.  This felt so good -- so right.  Sai's gentle touch at her back made her body shiver with apprehension.  He was hardly doing anything at all and she was still turned on!  She almost laughed at her fickleness.

"A-Ah…I…I don't understand…" Sai swallowed once more as shallow confusion once again became dominant in his expression.  "None of my books explain this…but I'm feeling something I've never felt before."  Ayaka smiled adoringly at his confusion.

Her fingers brushed over his shoulder.  "Books don't explain everything.  But…I'll try to explain it to you as best I can.  What do you feel right now?"  Her hands slid around his waist, dancing up his back as her mouth caressed his collar bone.  She felt him shiver and a trill of her own flew through her. 

"It feels…" his fingers tightened around her shirt, "…Good.  It's…nice."

She hummed against his skin, and then drew her lips upward, past his chin to where his own slightly parted mouth was.  "What about when I kiss you here?"

He almost couldn't breath when she did.  His eyes flew open and he stared at her, surprised at the immediate reaction his body had.  It was a strange feeling -- sort of like he was flying through the air.  He didn't feel grounded or real, and the only thing he could really pay attention to was the way her lips were cascading over his own.

He experimentally moved his own lips and the pleasure skyrocketed.  His breathing hitched and he heard a slight noise bubble from Ayaka's mouth.  Was it possible that she was feeling a similar pleasure?  He moved his mouth again, kissing back hesitantly, and decided that yes, the satisfaction was somehow connected.

His body felt numb in a way it never had before, sort of like he was suffering from some kind of paralytic poison.  But it wasn't paralytic at all, because he could move his body, feel his fingers brush over Ayaka's back, observe the way his breath was coming out in short, shallow ways.

It wasn't really numbing at all, in fact.  It actually seemed like he was overly sensitive now.  Every controlled brush of Ayaka's hands down his chest made him breath harder.  Each passing of their lips made him want to do things he couldn't explain.  It was strange, and a little frightening, but also pleasant and completely addicting.

Ayaka chuckled, breath wavering over his bruised lips.  Her eyes were clouded in some vivid emotion when she meet his gaze, and it made him shiver.  "You're already hard and we're still fully clothed."  She laughed again, somehow amused, and Sai wondered what she meant.

And then…  "Ah.  I-I'm sorry.  Should I -- "  She cut him off with another of those sweet, amazing kisses, and Sai was once again thrown to the wind. 

He was lost until she found him again, and his body exploded with warmth as he felt her weight upon his lower half.  A soft noise left, unbidden from his lips, and the helpless tone shocked him.  What exactly was this feeling, anyway?  It was nice -- amazing, in fact -- but somehow sinful. 

Before he knew what he was doing, Sai had grabbed Ayaka around the waist and was pulling her against his length again.  Lustful shivers exploded over his again, making his dizzy with an emotion that he associated with want. 

She moaned lowly, fingering the tie that held his robe together, and then tugged at it.  It fell gently away, exposing all of his except the thin boxers around his waist.  But it was enough, and Ayaka all but melted against the pale, lean chest that Sai normally kept hidden.

The robe pooled around their feet, disappearing from their minds as Ayaka immediately kissed down his body.  Her tongue ran over his muscles, delighting in the way they flexed when she added pressure to her kisses.  She glanced up at Sai's expression and decided that she quite enjoyed seeing him like this.  He obviously had no idea what he was doing, and little control over his own arousal, but the helpless puddle he'd become had played nicely to Ayaka's dominance. 

She didn't linger long at his chest.  While her fingers played with the hem of his boxers, her lips found his again and they shared a quick but passionate kiss.  Whispering into it, Ayaka told him, "Sai…take my shirt off."

His fingers immediately jerked at the order, surprised but somehow excited at the thought of it.  The was new territory for him, but he somehow remained skillful as his hands slid the fabric away.  It joined the robe on the floor.

Sai barely had time to be nervous about the half naked woman before him, because Ayaka was immediately pressing herself against him and sighing at the skin to skin contact.  He thought it felt nice, too, and so he hardly let himself think as he reached behind her to unclip the annoying bra that kept them separated.

Ayaka was a little impressed at his audacity.  She smiled at him to show that it was alright, and tried not to be embarrassed when she was completely exposed to his hungry eyes.  She'd always been somewhat self conscious about her breasts, but somehow, Sai didn't make her feel nervous at all. 

He gazed at her womanly curves for a moment before easing his hands up her back and pulling her into his chest.  With her chest against his, the contact felt even more vivid.

"I…" Sai looked away slightly, feeling as though his cheeks were on fire.  He wondered if Ayaka felt as afraid as he did.  "I don’t really know how to -- "

"I'll show you," she told him, expression softening at Sai's admittance.  Her hands tumbled down her body and she pulled off her pants, ignoring the surprise on Sai's face.  She hooked her fingers around her panties, looked at Sai, and slowly pulled them down.

Again, she barely gave him any time to think before she was back in his chest, curling her arms around him and guiding his around her.  He hesitantly touched her, feeling his entire body heat up at the realization that she was completely naked.  His hands slid down her waist, over her smooth bottom.  Thought was utterly gone now, and the only thing that guided his movements was his own intuition.  Slowly, he pulled her core against his and shivered at the reaction his body had.

He suddenly realized how annoying his boxers seemed to be.  He grunted, pushed off from the counter, and was about the jerk them away when Ayaka murmured, "Let me."

As Sai soon discovered, there was something ridiculously sexy about having one's clothes removed by a lover.  He watched her face intently as he felt her hands smooth over him, caressing his skin as she eased the fabric away.  He felt another deep shiver take him, rolling through him like fire as she brushed over his throbbing member. 

He wanted her to touch him more, but she removed her hands as soon as his boxers had joined the other rejected clothing.  She looked up at him with a soft smile, eyes hinting at what he thought was delightful mischief as she stepped away from him.  He followed, but they only made it to the edge of the kitchen before Sai was grabbing her and kissing her without the shyness he'd felt before.

She moaned into the kiss, but didn't linger, instead opting for dragging him down to the floor with her.  It seemed that the bed was too far away for them, because they were quite happy with their new found place.

She eased him back, and Sai flinched at the cold tile that pressed against his back.  It felt very strange to be this exposed, but Sai couldn't think about that for long, because soon Ayaka was crawling atop him and leaning down to capture his mouth.

His arms encircled her, dragging her over his chest and relaxing at the blissful contact once again.  They didn't say anything at all as Ayaka leaned back and took his manhood in her hand.  He swallowed a thick moan and watched as she pumped him a few times, coating him with the precum that was leaking from his tip.  He would have thought that that feeling was enough for him -- that the lustful excitement of having her touch him with her hand was perfectly fine -- but then she began to guide him into her core, and his world altered before his eyes.

The immense pleasure didn't come until she started to move, and then the heat that wrapped around his cock increased.  He threw his head back and ignored the slight pain it caused him, instead focusing on the erotic expression that was playing across Ayaka's face.  She hovered over him, hands on either side of his head and breasts pushing against him as she jerked her hips over his.

He moved too, slowly at first as he got his bearings and then faster, harder, as he felt his own pleasure spike.  It was nothing like anything he'd ever felt, but he was quickly becoming addicted to it.  He was panting hard, snapping his hips up in an effort to keep up with the harried pace Ayaka had set.  He almost felt as though he was floundering, lost somewhere unspecific as time slipped away from them. 

All too soon, his stomach coiled and twisted excitedly, upping the passion that was erupting all over his body.  He groaned, eyes closing as he scrambled his thoughts together and realized what was happening.  He tried to warn her, but he couldn't form the words and it didn't matter anyway.  All the sudden, Ayaka's lips were brushing over his, again and again as she murmured, "I know…I know, I know -- "

And then they were coming, hips snapping together fitfully as skin slapped.  Their fervent pace increased tenfold, drowning them both in a numbing relief that extended over every nerve, breath, and thought.

One last moan flew from Ayaka's mouth as she buried her face into the crook of Sai's neck.  Her thrusts slowed to a lazy, infrequent pace, and it was all she could do to remain still as she collapsed in Sai's arms.

He held her to his chest silently, gasping for air as his mind buzzed slowly.  He couldn't seem to form a coherent thought, or word for that matter, so they merely laid there together as they gathered up their lost identities.

"Hmm…so is this what normally happens to a person on their birthday?" Sai tilted his head.  "I never knew."

It was silent for a moment, and then Ayaka smirked and said, "Only for those who mean the most to you."

Sai glanced down at her with a soft expression and the hint of a smile on his face.  Her words had caused a strange warmth to erupt in his chest.  He suddenly wished that his birthday was an every day occurrence.

Extended Ending

"Happy birthday, Naruto."

"Sai…what are you doing?  Get off of me!  Hey!  Don't touch me there--!  FOR KAMI'S SAKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!"

In the other room, Ayaka sighed.  She should probably have explained this better…



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