Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An America Lemon -- Trembling Thunder

Character: America

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Anna, long curly brown hair, honey eyes

Inspiration: Thunderstorms 

Anna was aware of three things when she opened her eyes that morning.  One, it wasn't actually the morning; Two, the storm was still brewing wildly outside; and Three, she wasn't alone.  Not that any of these surprised her.

She turned over and was met with the sight of her lover's toned chest.  He was awake, because when she finally managed to draw her gaze away from his gorgeous body, Anna found his eyes twinkling at her in amusement.  She grinned a goofy sort of grin and inched closer to him, wrapping her arms around his torso and pressing their bare chests together.  He hummed in appreciation and tugged her ever closer, whispering a soft, "Good afternoon," in her ear.

And it was the afternoon -- exactly 2 in the afternoon, to be precise.  Anna was fairly sure that they had something do to that day, like a big meeting at the UN or something like that, but she had ceased caring the moment she woke up to Alfred's incessant kisses.  The heavy rain also lulled her into her lazy streak, and neither had any desire to go about their day as they normally would.

The sudden sound of thunder shattered the silence, and yet it somehow made the atmosphere all the more peaceful.  Anna watched as her lover closed his eyes, snuggling into the pillow.  There were few things that managed to make Anna as relaxed as she was now, and a storm such as this was one of them.  (Alfred, she decided, was most definitely not.  But he had his redeeming moments.)

She was sure she had things to do today as well.  At the very least, a shower was in order, and breakfast -- er, lunch -- was to be made.  And maybe she should get dressed soon and go pick up some paperwork from her office so she didn't feel like she'd wasted her entire day…

But, as though Alfred could read her mind, his arms tightened around her and he opened his eyes to give her one of those looks.  (The ones filled with warning, and the promise of punishment in some form if said warning wasn't taken into consideration.)  Anna never liked to admit things like this, but it made her feel rather exuberant.

Alfred leaned in to kiss her.  It was just meant to be a quick peck, really.  But there was something about her -- her taste, or the way her body was curled around his, or the blunt relaxation around them -- that made his mouth not want to leave hers.

He hummed despairingly, overtaken by the sheer amount of desire that suddenly whooshed into him.  He couldn’t quite explain it, couldn't put it into words or give them meaning, but he knew his feelings had something to do with not wanting for her to leave.  He felt as though he would rather die than have this perfect image be destroyed.

And Anna wasn't helping his desperate cause.  Her fingers tumbled about his back, tracing his spine and trailing down to his hips.  She dipped her hand beneath the sheet and palmed his thigh.  Her actions were schooled by the apparent lust that was quickly building up in Alfred's eyes, and her own burning desire to see it come to life.  So what if she had stuff to do today?  Alfred suddenly took precedence.

This decision was cemented as soon as she felt Alfred's erection against her lower body, and then Anna forgot about all those other silly entanglements and settled for the one before her.  She eased closer, throwing her leg over his and grinding gently against his core.  His resulting moan wasn't really a moan, but rather a whimpering plea that made Anna's desire spike.

He breathed heavily against her lips, firm hands sliding down her back and pressing her close to him.  He quite enjoyed the blush in her cheeks, and so he leaned in to kiss them, trailing his mouth down her jaw and neck until he found her sweet spot.  And then he softly bite onto the tender area and slid his tongue over it, loving her reaction as her nails scraped down his back and his name spilt over her lips.

"Al-Alfred…!  Nng!"  she arched her back as his hand palmed her breast, rolling her nipple around his fingers and gently teasing it.  He left little red marks all over her neck and smirked at the sexy pattern of his claim.  Because she was his, and no one else's, and he would make everyone know about it.  (Because no one knew about it already, of course.)

When his work on her neck was finished, Alfred's mouth trailed down to her breast and he immediately caught her bud between his teeth.  She gasped and arched her back again, pushing her sex against his and making him inhale sharply against her.  She held onto his for dear life, but she had nothing to worry about because Alfred knew when to take it slow, and now was one of those times.

He inched the sheet away from them slowly, because Alfred was still focused primarily on her chest.  The chilled air of the room felt good against her hot skin, and Anna rolled onto her back as her lover followed.  His hands landed on either sides of her head and he stared at her for a moment, taking in the flush of her cheeks and the bruised way her lips beckoned him on.  He leaned down to kiss her.

She returned it fervently, hands gripping his shoulders and back as she spread her legs to bring him against her.  When he was as close as he could get without actually taking her, Anna slid her hands down to curl around the taut organ that was poking her thigh.

And Alfred nearly lost it as she did.  He groaned into the kiss and pushed himself farther into her grasp.  Her fingers wrapped around him and she gently pumped him, opening her eyes to stare into his, which were already trained ardently to her face.

This time, it was her turn to kiss away his blush.  She palmed his face with her free hand, and he turned to press a gentle kiss to her fingers.  The passion in his eyes very nearly took her breath away.

She brought him to the very edge and would have gone further, but Alfred stopped her because he was all too aware of his own recovery time.  He tugged her hand away and kissed her, lips crashing onto hers and tongue meeting tongue.  The intensity of their mouths caused them to pause in their other movements for a short while, but they were soon resurrected when Alfred felt Anna's hands lingering at his hips.

He pulled away from the kiss, looking at her with big blue eyes that were filled with desire and lust.  "Ready?" he wondered, but he knew he needn't bother to ask.  She'd been ready before he'd been, and it was obvious.  She nodded and watched as he lined himself up, pushing his tip into her folds. 

She was whimpering for him before he'd even pushed himself completely in, but when he'd fully taken her, it felt ten times better.  A little uncomfortable at first, yes, but that soon disappeared as Alfred began to move, and then it was cloud nine all the way. 

He reached places within her that no other man ever did -- not that she'd had much experience before him, but the truth was still there.  She pushed her chest against his and molded to his every movement.  Her hips rose up to meet his halfway, forcing him to go deeper with every stroke.  She wrapped her arms around him tightly, and couldn't help the little breathless gasps and moans that flew past her parted lips.

Alfred seemed to enjoy the sounds.  He gazed down at her with a love that made the moment all the more amazing.  When he captured her lips with his, Anna felt the same love prickling up and down her own body.

"Alfred!  Ohh," her nails scraped pretty red lines across his smooth skin, adding to the ones she'd put there the night before.  Alfred could only moan at the feel of it.  He was somehow even more turned on by the harsh touch, and it made his lips thrust faster, harder inside of her.

He took her with a fervency that left her lungs bereft; molded her against him in a way that made her body plead for him; and looked at her with a romance that she'd thought only fairy tales took part in.  By the time he'd worked her body into the frenzy of an orgasm, she was moaning his name again and again and wondering how she had ever gotten someone as perfect as Alfred.

When everything was done and they were nothing more than a gasping, naked mass of limbs on the mattress, Anna couldn't resist the urge to tease him just a little more.  Her fingers spread up his body, lips contorting into a smirk that made his raise an eyebrow.  "You know, Alfred," she kissed the underside of his jaw and he swallowed thickly, gripping her hips.  "We have the entire day to ourselves~  Wanna do something kinky?"

He gave a throaty chuckle and looked down at her, "So you don't think what we just did as kinky then?"
She traced one fingers down his chest, watching him shiver, and murmured against his lips, "I could use a shower~"

"Mmm…you don’t have to ask me again…"

She laughed and pulled him toward the bathroom, "Oh Alfred, I wasn't asking~"

Extended Ending

England wasn't exactly surprised, you know.  America obviously had a screwed up mentality and didn't do things he should.  Like going to important UN meetings, for example.

And it was Arthur's job to hunt down the younger nation and explain -- calmly, without using his fists -- why it was so imperative to go to these meetings and how they can, and do, effect the future of each country.  It was Arthur's duty as America's old protectorate, after all.  It had nothing to do with England's own desire to beat America up.  Nothing, you hear?

But, of course, things had a way of working against England whenever he entered America's house.  First of all, it seemed that no one was home, so he ended up stepping inside and taking a look around.  He wasn't really surprised at the messy house.  The dinner dishes were still in the sink and there was McDonald's wrappers scattered over the living room.  But the atmosphere of the place wasn't dead, as though the country wasn’t home.  Which led Arthur to go check in his room.  Because he was probably sleeping, the lazy bastard.

He was not sleeping.  At all.  In fact, England couldn't have made a more inaccurate assumption.  The poor country took one peek in Alfred's bedroom and it was enough to hear the shower going on behind the bathroom door.  It was also enough to hear that America was not alone.  At all.

Muffled moans slid past England's ears, but one word was clearly annunciated.  "Alfred!  Oh, Alfred~"

And that was how England decided he would never go looking for trouble again. 



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