Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Kiba Inuzuka Lemon -- A Different Type Of Desperate

Character: Kiba Inuzuka

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Ren, brown hair, blue eyes

Inspiration: Kiba's desperate.  Or something

There was nothing quite like waking up in the late morning and knowing that you have absolutely no duties that day.  It sent fervent relaxation tickling down Ren's spine as she snuggled deeper into her pillow.  She felt completely at peace in her cocoon of blankets, and even more so when the arm that was wrapped around her waist pulled her closer to a warm chest.

A soft mumbling drifted past her ear, and Ren suppressed a giggle at the sleepy tone of it.  It was obvious that Kiba was still fast asleep -- that man could sleep like a log if he wanted to.  Another noise filled the calm silence, this time seemingly more desperate.  Ren was about to wonder what her lover was dreaming about, but her answer came a second later when Kiba curled himself around her. 

Her eyes widened at the feel of his hard erection pushing against her bottom.  She jerked up in surprise, balancing her weight onto her elbow as all semblances of peace were washed away.  Frowning just a little and trying to convince herself that it did not make her excited at all, Ren eased out of the bed and walked toward the kitchen, grumbling all the while.

She'd been dating Kiba for nearly a year now, and she liked to think that she knew him pretty well.  He really was like a dog in many respects, right down to the impatient way he behaved to the way he handled her during sex.  She shivered at the thought of it, feeling a sudden lustiness that had nothing to do with the naked, erect man in her bed, thank you very much.

She sighed and poured herself a cup of coffee, putting all her thought into it in an attempt to wash away all those other thoughts.  It didn't work, however, and she was left with passionate memories of the night before that made her libido spike.

"Damn it…" she couldn't not think about him.  He was everything she wasn't -- cool, confident, and completely sexy.  She closed her eyes and allowed herself to be swept away by images of him, hovering over her, face contorted in a growl.  She touched the mark on her bare shoulder and remembered when he'd bitten it so fiercely the night before.  She hadn't been mad at him -- couldn't be mad, because it had felt so sinfully good coupled with those intense thrusts.  She was a masochist in her own right, but only when it came to him.

She hadn't realized how turned on she'd become until she found herself leaning heavily against the counter with her lower body utterly aching.  With a silent curse she pushed herself off and sighed.  There seemed to be only one thing to do, she reasoned as she walked back toward the bedroom.  Her thoughts concreted as soon as she laid eyes upon her lover.

Kiba wasn't curled up anymore, but rather stretched out on his back now, still sleeping soundly with his mouth slightly parted.  He seemed to have kicked off much of the blankets, because now only a thin sheet separated his body from Ren's eyes, and it didn't little to cover the raging erection that still haunted him.

She raised a brow and pondered her next actions as she watched him, half amused and half taken by her own lust.  He must have been having a seriously amazing dream, because his expression was nearly akin to the one he'd wear when they were actually doing it.  She'd never admit it aloud, but the sight of it turned her on even more.  She wanted to make him utterly desperate.

Her fingers drifted over him, as though she wasn't sure where to begin.  Finally, she settled on his face.  Knees on either side of his body, Ren hovered over him and pressed her mouth delicately over his before brushing it downward over his jaw.  Her fingers glazed over his collar bones and tangled in the slight hair that pattered over his chest.

She was itching to touch him - her mind was completely bent on it - and it took every ounce of her willpower not to just find his manhood and skip all this silly nonsense.  But it wasn't nonsense, not really, because Ren could see the effects it seemed to be having on Kiba.  Every swift kiss had his expression altering just a bit, every light touch forced a new feeling to sprout up between them both, and it was making her painfully attuned to her own need.

Ren had to force herself to go slowly.  She gently erased the space between their bodies, shivering with apprehension as she felt her bare chest press against his.  She held back a moan as she tongued his muscular body, going lower and lower.  Her fingers washed over him, dipping into the contours of his hipbones and tasting the sweet hotness that was his skin. 

When she nuzzled his manhood and eased the sheet away from him, Kiba let out a dreamy moan that sounded suspiciously like her name.  She glanced up at him, lust swirling unerringly in her eyes, and wished he'd hurry up and wake up.

Her wish came true a little while later when she decided that she couldn't stop herself anymore.  She eased his throbbing cock into her mouth and gently pumped him.  She was just beginning to curl her tongue around him when his sleep moans became clearer, more pronounced, and on the verge of waking up.

"Am I still dreaming…?" she heard him wonder, voice clouded with the same lust that was pounding through her.  It took him all of three seconds to realize that his lover was not a dream and that he'd just given away the direction of his thoughts.  (As though there was any doubt.)

Ren felt herself grin.  She flickered her eyes up to meet his, mouth still coiled around his erection, and watched as the blush on Kiba's cheeks exploded colorfully.  He hurriedly tried to take back his words, "I-I mean -- nnngnngmgg!!"

He gasped and his head slammed back down onto the pillow, eyes wide as shock and pleasure became dominant emotions.  His desperate expression turned even more so as Ren gave a particularly deep suck, and Kiba was lost.  His fingers threw themselves into her hair and he moaned deeply.  This wasn't a dream, he knew, because none of his dreams had ever felt this amazing.

Ren's tongue had to have been the best thing Kiba had ever known.  She tasted him like she never had before, hungrily sucking him as her tongue twisted over the bulging vein on the underside of him.  And then - when she moved her attention to his tip, tongue playing deliciously with the sensitive slit, Kiba very nearly came.  Another moan bubbled from his throat and he tightened his hold in her hair.

"Mmm…Kiba…" he jerked his eyes to her, surprised at how sexy her words sounded when they were muffled from his cock.  And the vibrations of her voice made him quiver excitedly.  He was practically on the verge of pleading with her, but his pride would not let him.

When her mouth let him go, he cringed at the coldness of the air.  Kiba watched with apprehensive eyes as Ren kissed up his body, tongue flicking here and there as she went.  When she lifted her eyes to his, face hovering inches from his own, Kiba couldn't help himself as he raced forward to kiss her.

It was erotic in a way he'd never felt before, being able to taste himself on her tongue.  She smirked, pressed his head into the pillow as his hands grasped her waist.  He was about to jerk her down over his manhood when she whispered something into his ear that made him stop.

"What was I doing…in your dream…?" she wondered, sharp eyes watching him.  Her fingers brushed his hair away, as though she were soothing him.  His half lidded eyes turned glassy as he remembered…

"You-you were…" he held back a moan as she kissed his neck, lips curling into a smile at Kiba's hurried pants.  "Mmm…you were…laying on your back…" His hands slid down her butt, over her thighs.  "Looking at me…as you…touched yourself…"  His fingers jerked against Ren's moist folds, and he nearly sighed in relief at the sheer amount of lust that was obviously driving his lover.  It was apparent that she wanted him badly.  So badly that it probably hurt just as much as his aching cock.

Ren moaned against his hot skin, eyes slipping closed as she pushed against his fingers.  Damn it, it felt good.  She wanted him to do more than just delicately feel her, though.  She was getting terribly impatient.

"K-Kiba -- Mmmhm!" she looked up at him, surprised to find his eyes already staring straight at her.  She wondered vaguely what she looked like, hovering over him like this, looking so turned on.  Her voice, when she used it, was filled with that same desperation, "I don't th-think I c-can wait -- "

She didn't have to, because Kiba couldn't either.  Before she had even finished her sentence, his fingers were replaced with his manhood and he was jerked her hips down onto him, lifting his hips up to meet hers.  His control was powerful, and filled with hard thrusts that had Ren gasping and wondering if she'd have bruises later on.  But she couldn't care too much, because the numb pleasure that was displacing itself over her entire body was almost too much to bear.  She was moaning and screaming and moving, and wondering if Kiba felt as blissful as she did.

It felt even better for him.  Being one with her was like the end of his dream, but this time it was filled with the satisfaction that a mere dream withheld.  He clutched at her, guided her around his throbbing member as he rammed himself into her tight folds.  His husky moans mingled with hers and the sound was like music to his ears.  He was completely overtaken by her body, by the way she was looking at him with that despairing emotion, the likes of which he'd never, ever forget and would never grow tired of.

And then that numb pleasure was erupting within them, and their pace was thrown to the wind as they hurried to catch up with each other.  Ren buried her face into his shoulders and Kiba scratched his fingers over her back, pulling her over his chest as their bodies scrambled against the ties of lust, desire, and something akin to love.

There was nothing like being united with a lover in the early afternoon and knowing that clothes will probably consist of mangled sheets that day.  It was a realization that brought the lovers much satisfaction as they snuggled beneath the covers and ignored the sunlit windows. 

"Mmm…Kiba…?" Ren softly wondered as they lay down to rest their sore bodies.  His tired grunt prompted her to wonder with a vivid smirk, "I'm better than a dream, aren't I?"

He snorted and looked down at her, raising an eyebrow.  The smirk on his face told her exactly where his mind was, and she playfully smacked him as she laughed.

"Much better," he admitted, tightening his hold around her.  "You're much better than a dream." 

"That's good…" she kissed his neck and closed her eyes, not caring that sleep would probably never come this far into the day.

Extended Ending

"Hmm…hey, Ren?"


"If you ever want to act out that dream I had, let me know.  You're dream self was really hot-OWW!"

"I'm gonna go make some coffee."

Kiba just groaned and nursed his injured shoulder.