Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Laxus Dreyar Lemon -- Vixen

Character: Laxus Dreyar

Fandom: Fairy Tail

OC: Vika Levend, short black hair, tattoo on lower abdomen

Inspiration: The second floor  :O

Laxus was bored.  He had been ever since returning from his latest S-Ranked mission.  Normally he would have immediately left on another one, but today he wasn't craving the fight.  Or, at least, he wanted to partake in a fight of a different kind.

She was doing it on purpose.  He knew this because he knew that dress she was wearing, and he remembered telling her in passing how good it looked on her figure.  He'd also seen more than a few of the glances she'd thrown his way as she sat with her friends.  Her eyes, when he finally allowed them to lock with his, held traces of smoldering lust.

The gesture she gave him would have been invisible to everyone else.  It would have been meaningless to him, as well, had he not known her so well.  His fingers tightened on the wooden railing as he overlooked the first floor of the guild, sharp eyes darting around the room before landing back on hers.  He gave the slightest, most unperceivable shake of his head and then pushed away from the edge. 

When Vika reached the top step of the Second floor -- a floor that, coincidentally, she was allowed to be on as she was S-Ranked -- she caught his eye again and gave him a vivid, luxurious smirk. 

He'd retreated to a nearby table that was far from the stairs, and looked quite comfortable as he threw his legs onto the wooden surface and leaned back in his chair.  His eyes were closed, but Vika had a feeling they wouldn't be for long.  Another smirk lit her face.

The sexual tension between the two was thick but ignored.  Vika made her way slowly to where Laxus sat and took her time in undoing the zipper of her dress, which was located on the side of the silken fabric.  The gown tumbled to her feet a moment later and was kicked away as Vika began to undo her hair.

The fact that she was Laxus' mistress was a fact not known to many.  It was mainly kept a secret and that was how they both liked it.  Only the Thunder God Tribe really had any knowledge of the relationship, which was enough for Vika as Evergreen could be annoyingly jealous. 

She turned back to Laxus and looked into his eyes, which had no doubt opened as soon as her dress had slipped.  He hadn't moved from his laid back position in the chair, but this didn't surprise Vika in the least.  It often started like this, and then Laxus would take control of the situation and leave Vika near begging.

He gestured for her to come to him, eyes burning into hers.  That one look was enough to crumble her willpower and ignite a familiar passion within her body, and she shook from it as she heeded his order.

Her hands shifted over his clothes, gently removing them.  He still didn't kiss her, but she knew he wanted to.  She knew everything about him -- what made him tick, or moan in pleasure, or beg for more -- and was prepared to use her knowledge.

She kept her eyes trained on his as she slipped her hand down his body to palm his clothed erection.  Exhilaration shot through her as she felt how hard he was.  With a pleased hum, Vika pressed tiny kisses down his chest, pausing only to nuzzle the bulge of his pants when she reached her destination.

Laxus' reaction was soft but existent, and the whispered moan that left his throat made her lower half ache for him.  They had to be silent about this, because the second floor was not far from the first and attracting attention to themselves would be more embarrassing than Vika was willing to admit.

He allowed her to rub him through his pants for a while longer before he lost patience with the slow pace.  Laxus leaned forward, threading his fingers through her hair with one hand and, with the other, undoing his pants and releasing his manhood.  "Vika…" he watched her shiver with calculating, lustful eyes.  "Suck."

Dear God, she loved it when he commanded her.  It was so erotic, and so delicious.  She leaned forward, dragging her tongue over his tip and watching him for a reaction.  But he remained steadfastly still, and so she continued to take him into her mouth and gave him the treatment he so desired.

Laxus enjoyed seeing her like this, kneeling in front of him in such a way.  He studied her movements, watching her shift her rebellious hair from her eyes and delighting in how her nimble fingers brushed over his length.  Vika had a charm about her that he liked in a woman.  She knew her place and was happy about it, but she also knew when it was time to tease him. 

Her tongue darted over the thick veins of his cock, licking each one as though it was sacred.  He didn't taste particularly good, but Vika didn't mind.  Seeing him like this -- struggling to control his reactions as he was -- made her delirious with pleasure. 

She released his member to run her mouth up the side of him.  He was so hard that she barely knew what to do.  She could only watch as he jerked, eyes slipping closed for an instant before darting back to hers.  She liked when he struggled.  In some sadistic way, she loved to see him helpless and pleading.

When his hips began to betray him, Laxus pulled her head away from him.  He took a few deep breaths, no doubt attempting to slow the erratic beating of his own heart.  But it was silly to try, because things had only just begun.

He stood with one fluid motion.  Turning to a still kneeling Vika, he leaned down to wrap his fingers around her arms and heave her up.  She smirked at him lightly, brow raised and wondering what he was do next.  The answer came not a moment later when he dragged her to the table and a harsh growl tore from his throat, "Bend over."

She couldn't help it, really.  He sounded so delicious that she could only rub her legs together in hope of some sort of friction.  A whimper drowned out the silence when it didn't help, and Vika complied to the erotic order that had been given to her.

She bent over the table, pressing her breasts to the hard wood and spreading her legs for her lover.  She could feel her face exploding with red, but she tried not to think of how indecent the position was but rather how amazing it would soon make her feel.

She heard the rustle of fabric, and then his hands were on her bum, slipping beneath the thin panties she had still not taken off.  They were ripped away a moment later and replaced again by warm hands as they felt her up.  Laxus took his time now, teasing her in a way that only he could.  He rubbed his tip just against her opening, shifting his hardened cock against her and watching her squirm with dark satisfaction.

A cynical chuckle drifted over her ears, but Vika could barely hear it.  Her senses had been cut off and she could only feel.  Her entire body shook as Laxus curled his hand around her thigh and dipped a finger into her hot core.  Coupled with the threat of his manhood, the exhilaration stopped her very thoughts.

She knew exactly what Laxus wanted from her, and it was complete submission.  She ground her teeth and jerked her hips back, but it was fruitless.  Laxus wouldn't give her what she wanted until he heard her beg for it.  So she did. 

She careened forward, pushing her hips against his and whining out a pathetic, "Pl-Please, Laxus!"  To which he squeezed her bum appreciatively and smirked.

"Please what?  You'll have to do better than that, Vika," he murmured, watching in fascination as she continuously rolled her hips.

She panted, feeling desperation cloud her mind.  "Please fuck me, Laxus."  Her head jerked toward him, looking at him over her shoulder.  Their eyes connected and she breathed, "I need you so badly!"

That was that.  A moment later Laxus was slamming into her from behind and Vika was muffling her deeply satisfied moan.  It felt so good to have him inside her after all that.  So good that Vika could hardly breath.  She couldn't do anything, actually, except hold onto the table for dear life as Laxus crushed her hips with his.

He was rough and dominant, and she would have bruises tomorrow.  But this sinful union was something that Vika would never give up.  It made her forget who she was and gave her a new meaning, even if it only lasted for a few minutes.  She would never get enough of him.

He pinned her to the surface of the table, one hand leaning in to grab her shoulder and the other holding her thigh.  The force of his thrusts had the table creaking under the weight, but he didn’t give a damn.  He didn't even care if they were found out by the rest of the guild.  All Laxus needed was release, and nothing would get in his way of that.

Nothing did, in the end.  Laxus came with a terrifying force, shuddering both of them as he jerked wildly against her.  The quickened pace rushed Vika's orgasm forward as well, and she was soon muffling more moans into her arm and Laxus thoroughly took her.

Despite the force of their orgasms, neither made much noise in the heat of their release.  It was habit, though, to remain as quiet as possible so as not to be discovered.  Even in the veiled hours of night, they were near silent. 

If they were found out, then their muse would be destroyed and their outlet would be gone.  If they were found out, then Vika was sure she wouldn't see Laxus much more.  So they spoke with their hearts, whispered with their fingers, and loved with their bodies in quiet reformation.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Rock Lee Lemon -- The Morning After Syndrome

Character: Rock Lee

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Anzu, blunt, stubborn, chin length black hair, orangey eyes

Inspiration: I have no idea… XDDD

Rock Lee didn't drink.  Or at least he never remembered drinking.  Life was all nothing but a blur to him when sake was involved.  A blur that made absolutely no sense.

He groaned, wanting to reach up to cradle his head but deciding it was too much work.  His head felt like it was splitting open.  It was a pain he rarely ever felt because he usually didn't get as drunk as he had the night before.  In fact, it took hardly anything to make him that intoxicated, but he had a lingering feeling that many, many bottles of sake had been the culprit.  And there was something else, too…someone who had egged him on.  Probably Neji.

He blurrily opened his eyes, and then immediately closed them again as he let out another pitiful whine.  He took shallow breaths as he gingerly sat up, eyes still resolutely closed.  Each movement made his muscles scream at him.

He was still dressed in his ninja clothes, but his sandals were laying neatly on the floor not far away.  And his headband was also gone, rolled up and laying on his bedside table.  Had someone been there last night?

It took Lee ages to stand up, and ages more to stumble from his room.  He finally jerked his eyes open as he went, hands reaching out blindly so he didn't bump into anything.  But he still ended up walking into corners and scraping the edges of various furniture as he made his way to his kitchen.

He would see what he had for breakfast first, then go back to fix his countenance up, maybe shower, and see if he had any painkillers left.  He doubted he did, because he rarely used them unless he was this drunk.  And he had only ever been this drunk a few times in the past.

He was just passing the living room, which was connected to the kitchen as his apartment was all open concept, when he suddenly stopped in surprise.  He'd heard something -- a sleepy moan, or some such thing.  Sure enough, when he stumbled toward the couch and peered over its edge, Rock Lee was shocked to find that it was inhabited by a girl.  (And one he happened to know very well.)

Out of the ordinary as it was, Lee handled the situation neatly.  Or…he was about to, you know, but his maturity was put on hold a moment later when the blanket she was using shifted off of her.

Anzu Hinomaya did not have a very girlish figure.  Her breasts were small and easily ignored when compared to her muscles, which were lean and firm from years of taijutsu training.  But if there was one thing Anzu did have, it was nice legs.  And that dress she was wearing right now, which was riding precariously far up her thighs, gave Lee insight into just how nice they were.

His face exploded in red and he jerked his eyes away from her figure, mentally scolding himself for even looking.  This was Anzu, his best friend, the one who had shown him that he could be a great ninja, and who had believed in him when no one else had.  This was Anzu, the girl he had cared for since they'd first met as bumbling toddlers, and the girl whom he thought to be in love with.

She let out another sleepy moan that only served to further Lee's blush, because it sounded so…provocative.  Her arms reached up above her head in a cat-like stretch, making her dress ride ever further up her body.  Lee stared at the revealed flesh of her thighs for a moment before turning his head away and walking back towards the kitchen.  If she caught him staring at her like that…well, Anzu could be rather foul mouthed at times.  He could just imagine what she'd call him.

He didn't get very far in the kitchen when he realized that his friend was already awake and padding after him.  The coffee maker was on, though Lee rarely used it.  He thought Anzu might like a cup and, when he poured her one and slid it before her, she nodded gratefully at him. 

Lee couldn't pretend that this was weird or anything, because it had happened a few times in the past.  (There was even that one time when he'd waken up to her next to him, in his bed!)  But none of those times had ever been quite like this, and Anzu had never worn…that during their previous mornings together.  (And Rock Lee had never felt quite so nervous, or frazzled about it.)

Her dress was slipping off her shoulders but she didn't seem to notice, or even care.  Anzu was merely sipping at her steaming coffee, watching him with catty eyes that made him shiver -- in what?  Excitement?  Anxiety?  He didn't understand what he was feeling, only that it felt somehow good, in a forbidden kind of way.

"So…do you remember anything that happened last night?" she wondered.  Lee had to pull himself back down to earth.  This was his friend, not some stranger.  He swallowed and shook his head jerkily, "N-No!  A-ah…I do not seem to remember anything…at all…" he added shakily when he saw her raised brow.

Anzu shifted, nodding.  "Do you want me to tell you what you did?"

Oh, he could only imagine it now.  Threatening innocent bystanders, making a mess of the restaurant, stumbling around like a fool -- "No.  I am fine with not knowing the specifics."  Because he sort of already knew, anyway.  Though the memories were fuzzy, they were still there.

To his surprise, the look on Anzu's face portrayed a certain sadness at his words.  It was as though she had wanted to tell him what he'd done.  Was it that bad?  Did he embarrass her and made her want to revoke their friendship?  He looked at her worriedly and she turned back to her coffee, strangely silent.

Rock Lee would never, ever understand the emotions of females.  Even now, as he watched his friend's expression clear into determination, he felt himself grappling for something familiar.  What was she thinking?  He watched her get up, body stiff with some sort of emotion as she walked around the kitchen table to where he was standing.

He hadn't expected her to get quite so close to him.  But there she was, mere inches from his face as she looked up.  He felt himself blushing, and even thought he might have detected the hint of red upon her cheeks, as well.  But before he could look closer, Anzu decided to speak.  "Well," she said, voice softening, "I'm going to tell you a little of what happened, anyway."

He gulped as he felt her hand on his chest.  It danced over him, sinking between each muscle, brushing over his clothed nipple.  He felt a shiver wrack through his body, and Anzu smirked when she felt it herself.  She could feel his confusion and she knew she had to clear it up, so she murmured a soft, "You kissed me," into the fabric of his suit.

Immediately, he stiffened and his face exploded with red.  Anzu knew him well and could see through his embarrassment and shame.  She raised a brow at him and watched his face curiously.

"I-I am sorry, then.  I did not mean to offend -- " but he was cut off by a pair of lips as they reached up for his own, and the shock nearly made him lose his head.

For a moment, they remained completely still.  And then, Anzu was pulling back gingerly, lips hovering not far from his as she smirked up at him.  "You didn't offend me," she whispered, fingers tracing circles into the back of his green suit.  He vaguely wondered when she had twisted her arms around him like that, but didn't put much thought into it because it felt nice, having her pushed against him like this.  It felt somehow right.

"If anything," Anzu continued, giving him a smile that made him momentarily forget how to breath, "you only made me want more."  And he blushed at the intricacy of such words, and also because Anzu decided that it was time to kiss him again.

"A-Anzu, I --" her mouth crashed against his, demanding him to kiss her back.  So he did, albeit slowly and rather hesitantly.  It was his first kiss, after all, and he hadn't expected such things would happen in this way, or even that Anzu would return the feelings that he had festered for her all these years.

He heard her mumble something more, but couldn't catch it, and he forgot about it a second later as Anzu's lips became more heated upon his own.  Lee's hands slid up her arms, holding onto her as he moved his mouth with hers.  Fire had long since ignited through his body, and there was, ashamedly, only one thing on his mind.  But he would not initiate that, because this was only their first kiss and nothing more.  Or so he thought.

Anzu pulled back and twisted her hands into his.  Her mouth contorted into a dizzying smile as she tugged him back with her out of the kitchen.  They didn't get very far at all -- they only reached the living room before Anzu threw patience away and jumped back into his arms to kiss him again.  He felt himself falling backward, and the next moment he was met with the couch and Anzu herself as she straddled his legs.

He felt himself blushing again, because she was sitting nearly directly on his manhood and it was rather embarrassing to admit how erect he'd gotten over just a few kisses.  But Anzu didn't comment or tease him whatsoever.  Instead, she smirked knowingly, slid her hands over his shoulders, and allowed her lower body to grind against his.

His reaction was immediate as Lee gasped and threw his head back.  No one had ever done anything like that to him before.  Hell, he'd never even done anything like that to himself.  This experience was utterly new and he was rather shocked at how good it felt.  He was also rather nervous because he had absolutely no idea how to proceed.

Anzu seemed to have read his thoughts, because the next moment was spent whispering away his insecurities as she hovered by his ear.  Her fingers brushed away his fringe of hair, watching as it immediately fell back into place.  Her lips danced over his cheek, jaw, chin and her hands moved down to trace comforting circles down his chest.

"Relax," she told him, giving him a smile that sent his heart spluttering uselessly in his chest.  It would be impossible to relax, but Lee would try.  Or, at the very least, he'd give her complete power to do whatever she liked.

Anzu had never taken Lee's clothes off before -- or watched him take them off -- so removing him of his green body suit turned out to be a rather harried experience.  She never had a lot of patience to begin with and so she began throwing curses at it before she'd even tried very hard.  There were no buttons or zippers or anything and it was driving her crazy with annoyance.

Lee wanted to smile, but his face seemed to be caught in one solid expression that, however much he tried, he couldn't shift.  So instead he helped her, pulling the stretchy suit down his body as he normally would when removing it, and stopping just at his lower half for his own security.

Anzu didn't mind.  She had also never seen Lee's naked chest before, and couldn't seem to look away for an instant.  God, he was muscular.  His body was lean and rock hard, which she found out as she palmed him.  Of course he'd be like this.  He was a Taijutsu specialist.

Anzu leaned in and got to work, beginning the tedious task of glorifying Lee's chest.  He watched as she did, unable to so much as groan as he felt her lips shift over his taut nipples, or her fingers dip into the hollows between every hardened muscle.  He wanted to, so badly, but like his expression his voice also seemed stuck.

She continued her ministrations until she reached the green suit again, and decided that it was high time to take things a little farther.  Her fingers curled under the fabric and she finally pulled it away, not stopping until the entire suit was thrown over the opposite couch and forgotten.  And then, Anzu turned back to study Lee's uncomfortable self.  She glanced at his member and didn't know why she was so surprised to find it so large, in both girth and length.  A wicked smirk lit her face and make Lee gulp harshly at the sight of it.

The ache between her legs had only intensified at the sight of his manhood, and so Anzu made quick work of her clothes.  She hadn't wearing much anyway, only that silly short dress that she'd probably threw away when all this was over.  Underneath, Anzu was wearing a pair of simple black panties and a matching bra.

She clamored back into his lap, pushing her lips to his in an effort to make him more relaxed.  She was well aware that it was Lee's first time and wanted to make it easier for him.  But his body was unyielding and stiff, and so she decided to do the one thing that would undoubtedly lull his horrid nerves.

Her hand slipped around his hard cock.  His eyes widened slightly and he stared at Anzu, finally getting some expression into his face.  She threw him a smile and pumped him a few times, staring at him in a rather calculating manner.  He couldn't help it, really.  The feeling of her hand around his arousal was just too much for him to handle.  A low groan left his parted lips and he threw his head back, arching his back slightly as she moved faster, rubbing her thumb over his tip.

But Anzu didn't linger, and she most certainly didn't let him come.  She moved her hand away from his manhood before he had the chance and leaned in to kiss his neck as she murmured, "Ready?" into his ear. 

Whether he was or not, it didn't matter to Anzu.  Still, she wanted to be sure he was ok with all of this.  She was so turned on that she hoped he was. 

"I-I," Lee swallowed thickly, "I think I am…"  and he moved his hands up to her hips as though trying to annunciate her words.

She hummed as he did, enjoying the contact.  In a voice that bordered on sultry, Anzu whispered, "…Then take my panties off, would you?"  and she watched him shiver at the slightly dirty words.

Still, he nodded firmly, brows furrowing in concentration.  His fingers slipping beneath the fabric and jerked them down, skin sliding over her bum as he did.  When the annoying fabric had found its place on the floor, Lee moved his hands up her back to fumble around with her bra, as well.  Anzu watched with a cat-like exterior as he did, pleased that he took part of the initiative. 

When the clasp came undone, Lee pulled the bra from her shoulders and it fell to the floor, revealing her breasts to his eyes and making him blush with renewed vigor.  Anzu giggled at his expression and captured his mouth once more, smiling into the kiss and curling her fingers around his length again as she guided him to her core.

He nervously assisted her, lifting her hips over him as she slid his tip into her.  Just that one movement felt amazing to Lee, and he had to brace himself as the rest of him was sheathed within her.

"Ahhh~" Anzu tilted her head back and clamped her hands onto Lee's shoulders.  She remained still for a moment as she grew used to his size.  When she started moving, it was unlike anything either of them had experienced.

A husky groan flew from Lee's lips as he rested his head on the back of the couch.  His hips moved on their own to meet up with Anzu's, but she did most of the work.  The heated sound of slapping skin filled the room, along with the hesitant but delirious moans that soon became integrated into their lovemaking.

"A-Amazing…!" Anzu leaned in, nuzzling his neck with her face as she rocked her hips into his.  Another moan slipped past her throat and was muffled against the sweaty skin of Lee's collar. 

Lee's hands moved up and down her back, but mostly remained at her hips in a firm clutch.  She was riding him for all he was worth and he could hardly breath, and think, and even move for fear of disrupting the pleasure.  But such a thing would have been impossible. 

"Anzu…Anzu!" another groan, and then the muffled sound of kissing as Anzu crashed her mouth against his.  The coil within her abdomen was cracking, splitting under the weight of what would be a heady orgasm.  She snapped her hips more fitfully against his and groaned.  Lee's name left her mouth relentlessly.

Lee's own orgasm came before hers did, but she wasn't surprised or annoyed at this at all.  His hips jerked harder against her as he came, fingers undoubtedly bruising her hips as he gripped her.  Her name was a mantra upon his tongue and it furthered her own orgasm, which ripped through her before his had completely finished and stole away everything she thought she was.

The couch, it seemed, was not the ideal place to make love.  Which was why, when Anzu had managed to catch her breath minutes later, she shakily stood up on her battered legs and pulled Lee with her.

He didn't ask where she was taking him this time, or what they would be doing once they got there.  He just followed her, hand clasped resolutely in hers and face more relaxed than it had ever been before.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Peter Pevensie Lemon -- Her Sun

Character: Peter Pevensie

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

OC: Ava, long auburn hair, bright blue eyes

Inspiration: Cause now that I know someone else likes Peter I'll probably write a lot more for him :DDD

Narnia had the sweetest sea breeze.  Having it cascade over you was like no other sensation in the world.  And, Ava mused, it rather felt like Aslan's breath, which made it all the sweeter.

The young woman was on the beach for one main reason and a myriad of others.  First of all, she needed a break from the bustling castle.  It could be so stifling at times, and Ava always felt better when she was around nature.  It calmed her down, grounded her, and made her feel at ease. 

Plus, there was something rebellious about it, especially the sea.  The way it crashed against the sand and erased and rebuilt and destroyed again…it was what Ava needed right now.  A little rebellion to make her forget about the main reason she was here.  Peter.

They rarely fought.  In fact, they never did.  She could only recall a few instances when she'd ever heard him say callous things out of anger.  To others, maybe, but not to her.  And that was why she was standing on the beach, feeling lonely and ashamed as tears built up steadily behind her eyes.

But she would not cry, not because she was incapable of it, but because she was the High Queen now, and such things could only be done in very, very private rooms so that no one else knew of her weakness.  Especially Peter.

She ran a hand through her hair as it whipped around her.  She'd undone the tight braid it had been in before she'd even left the castle, and now her once neat hair was nothing more than a mangled mess as the sea winds tossed it about.  Her dress, too, was ruined, bogged down with salt water as it was.  But she didn't care, and she just remained still as she felt the water lap at her bare feet.

This was her revenge.  Her own, silent little revenge.  Peter would no doubt be embarrassed to have his wife seen in such a state, being High Queen as she was.  And it would also be good revenge for Susan, as well, who had pushed Peter into thinking such discrepancies about the one woman who he should have trusted above all else.

She sniffled, wiping her nose as she stared out to sea in an abandoned sort of way.  She glanced down at herself, taking in the dulled green fabric that had once shone beautifully.  Her shoes had been left on the beach, kicked off in a moment of frustration.  But no one had to see her like this, because the castle's view didn't reach this particular beach.  Which was why she found it to be so peaceful here.

She had half a mind to just lose herself in that sea.  Throw off her clothes and jump in.  Who cares about decency?  Peter had not, when he'd accused her of those things -- she broke away from the direction of her thoughts, holding a hand to her mouth to stop the onslaught of bitter emotion.  A few furious blinks made her tears retreat, but her eyes remained blurry and unfocused as she tried to forget.

She was so lost in her private meanderings that she hardly noticed that she was being watched.  If she had, she would have straightened herself up, smoothed out her ruined dress, tried to make herself look vaguely presentable.  But it didn't really matter anyway, because the man who stood behind her on the beach was the one person to whom appearances made no difference.

Peter had come here to look for her.  He'd also arranged a rather scolding speech on how the respectability of royalty only went as far as one allowed it.  But he had paused in his step, and in his rehearsing, as soon as he'd seen her huddled figure.  Her sorrow was plain to see.  Her shoulders were hunched and her arms drawn in around herself as she stood there.  But that aside, Peter found himself rather mesmerized by her silhouette.  She was strikingly beautiful with her hair down and tangled, and it caught him off guard.

He felt foolish.  Before he had even finished accusing her he felt silly, because he knew all along that the mere thought of her cheating on him with another was stupid.  But there were glances, and she had spoken of that man with an admiration that had left Peter gasping, wondering if his darkest fear had come to life.  He'd always known he trusted too easily, but it was foolish to think that this woman didn't love him, because they shared much more than glances and soft words.  He was a fool.

"I knew I'd find you here."

She jumped, glancing behind as shock flew across her face.  How had she not noticed Peter?  And how long had he been standing there, watching her?  Her back immediately straightened, expression turning stony.  The wrinkles were eased from her gown and she blinked away the moistness in her eyes.

But it didn't matter, because the moment she had looked back at him Peter had seen her.  Not just her, but everything she had felt since that morning.  He was ashamed of it all.

He reached for her hand but she withdrew it before he could.  A pang spread through his chest, but he didn't blame her.  How could he when it was all his fault?

"Ava-" she stepped away from him, and from the circle of his arms as they attempted to catch her.  His blue eyes peered down at her, trying to get her to look at him.  But she just continued to stare at the sea.

He pursed his lips, wondering how far he'd have to go for her to forgive him.  It was incredible, the extent of her stubbornness, but then he supposed he was stubborn as well.  Besides, he fell for her because she was wild and difficult.  He loved her stubborn streak.

He made a grab at her and pulled her to his chest, hugging her tightly.  Too tightly, actually, but it couldn't helped because she was struggling, glaring at him, and he could see the redness around her eyes and knew he had to get his apology out before he made things worse.

"I'm sorry," he murmured into her ear, hands tugging her to him.  "It was stupid.  What Susan said was stupid and she didn’t mean it.  She was just saying it in passing, you know.  But it made me feel…doubtful…of myself and what I meant to you.  I know you'd never -- " 

She was stronger than he gave her credit for, a fact that he probably should have taken in account before forcing her to comply with the hug.  As a result, Peter, the High King of Narnia, ended up being jerked into the water very…ungracefully.

He gaped at her with wide eyes, but he wasn't shocked at her strength.  He was shocked because of how completely beautiful she looked with that furious expression on her face.  That mad, glistening twinkle in her eyes made him gasp at the sheer force of her anger.  He forgot he was in the water, and that his clothes were ruined, and that he didn't look like a king at the moment, least of all High king.  All he could see was her.

"You…" she glared at him, frustrated tears building up.  "You inconsiderate cow!"  She continued spitting out insults.  Insults which, coincidentally, Peter didn't really hear, as he was too busy gaping at the sight of her.

" -- should really have thought about how I felt -- "  her tears finally broke, racing down her cheeks.  "You're so insensitive -- "

"Ava…" he leaned back on his elbows, enjoying the feeling of the waves lingering at his back.  She ignored him, and he watched as more tears ran down her face.  "Ava -- "

"WHAT?" she exploded, cheeks red as she stared at him.  Oh, her anger was fierce.  He held down a shiver as it threatened to take him and focused on her lips, which he suddenly wanted to kiss, badly.

"Kiss me," he told her, knowing that she'd probably explode again but not particularly caring.  She was beautiful when angry.

However, Peter didn't quite understand the extent of said anger, or how hormonal women could get when placed in Ava's position.  So he was shocked when her hand suddenly came crashing down on his cheek.  His head twisted with the force and stinging erupted all over that side of his face.  He guessed he had deserved it after everything he'd put her through --

"You're insufferable and tactless and impossible -- " she knelt down between his legs, not caring about the state of her dress as the water caught it.  She grabbed his face and glared, "And unbearable --"  she leaned in to kiss him with a ferocity that he reveled in.  Her fingers tangled into his hair and he kissed back, moving his mouth with hers as passionately as he could and grabbing her waist.  The next moment, they were both careening backwards into the water and then spluttering back up as their heads went under.

Peter gave her a lopsided grin and blinked against the salt water, "I was going to say courageous, honorable, noble -- " he leaned in to capture her lips once more, feeling her melt against him and grinning wider.  "But insufferable works," he admitted cheekily, raising his hand up to brush away her tears.

After a moment of silence, Peter murmured a soft, "I really am sorry, you know."  He was going to say more, but Ava beat him to it, "Let's not speak of it any longer."  They exchanged rather sheepish smiles.

"You know," Ava murmured, tilting her head as the remnants of her fiery anger turned to scorching mischievous, "You can't see this beach from the castle.  It's completely secluded."

They way she said it, with an almost teasing lilt to her voice, made Peter raise a brow.  A conspirative look crossed his features.  "Is that so?" he wondered, eyes darting down to her parted lips.

She smiled and hummed, leaned down to give him a lingering, forgiving kiss that sent his heart into a dramatic mess.  Her lips scourged over his, erupting a fire within him that had been laying dormant ever since the last time she'd tampered with it.  His free hand reached up to loosely grip her waist while the other kept his weight out of the lapping water in which they were sitting in.

While Ava moved her lips to kiss his neck, Peter wondered how he had ever deserved this.  She was exactly what he thought a woman should be: liberal enough to not be afraid of standing up to him, but feminine and forgiving enough to understand his wrongdoings and even love him for them.  He tilted his head back and sighed, a happy expression catching his eyes as he watched her move aside his tunic to kiss his chest. 

"If you truly want my forgiveness…" she moved his mouth back up his body, lingering by his ear.  Her hot breath folded over him and he shivered.  "then will you take me?"

He chuckled huskily, feeling his body react to both her question and the physical effect of her kisses.  "Is that a trick question?" he wondered. Because Peter couldn't think of a time where he wouldn't want to take her.  She consumed his thoughts.

He eased himself onto his knees before her, gently pushing her back down so that her back lay on the wet sand.  In hindsight, they probably should have moved farther up the beach, as the sun would soon be setting and the tide would change.  But they couldn't bear it right now; their minds were bent on one thing and one thing only, and doing anything that required thinking of something else would have been downright painful.

Her dress was completely ruined, saturated by the water as it hovered about her and then whooshed back as though in mid-dance.  Her hair, which haloed out around her, was also now damp and sandy.  But she didn't care.  She could see only Peter as he hovered above her, arms on either side of her head and lips bruised to perfection. 

He leaned down to capture her mouth once more, tongue drifting out to touch hers.  Jolts of satisfaction took hold of them both as they kissed.  It somehow felt better than usual, no doubt due to the fight they'd had before and how much they wanted to forget about it.

It wasn't long before Peter grew tired of just kissing her.  He always was impatient, especially when it came to sex.  His hands soon began moving over her body, first content with grazing above her clothes.  But soon he grew tired of that, too, and so he began undoing the laces of her bosom.

He moved his lips down to follow the progress of his hands.  Which each undone lace, he pressed a desperate kiss to her flesh.  Her arms reached around him as she watched, entranced by the way his mouth moved over her. 

When her gown had loosened enough for Peter to jerk it away, Ava's face exploded in warmth.  He hadn't been quite this dominant in a long time, and she had to admit rather sullenly that she enjoyed it.  He chuckled at her expression with knowing eyes, and then he ducked his head and allowed his mouth to capture one of her breasts.

Her reaction was immediate as she whimpered out his name.  His teeth grazed over her nipple as her fingers caught his hair.  His tongue was practically magical as it tumbled over her sensitive skin, and it was driving her absolutely mad.

Peter's other hand trailed blazing touches down her nude body, taking ravenous delight in the way her skin was slippery and wet due to the waves.  He fingered her leg as his mouth worked, hand sliding ever so close to her core and making her gasp aloud.

When he did touch her, it left her so bereft of oxygen that she could hardly breath.  It was so indecent, feeling his fingers slipping over her nub, but also something that made her ache and pant and desire him.  And Peter knew it too well.

When he slid his fingers into her, pumping slowly into her core, Ava could only breath his name in such light whispers that Peter could hardly hear.  He kissed back up her body, leaving lingering kisses around her mouth as he caught her eyes.  Whatever he saw in them seemed to change his mind on going slow.  He withdrew his fingers from her with a muffled curse and immediately began tearing his shirt away.

She helped him in a rather dazed manner, slipping her hands up his bare chest as he worked on his pants.  When he fumbled with the drawstring, Ava managed a breathless chuckle -- which he returned with a glower -- and reached down to assist him with that, too.  She eased the fabric over his hips and was slightly amazed to find how hard he was.

But Ava didn't have time to admire his body as he had admired hers.  Peter was demanding now, and she could feel the effects of his passion within her, as well.  Foreplay was over and they needed each other now.

Peter leaned over her, spreading her legs with his knees and guiding his member to her dripping core.  As he entered her, he gave her a sweet kiss that contradicted the level of their passion and made her heart beat right out of her chest.

Her name immediately left his mouth as he sheathed his cock within her.  She could feel him throbbing against her and it felt amazing.  She gasped and stared into his eyes, which were just above hers as their breath intermingled.  And then, with a low, erotic groan, Peter began to move.

He rocked into her body with a elegance that left Ava astounded.  She had never seen him so magnificent than when he was like this, taking not only her physical self but also her emotional one as well.  He was like the sun -- a sun that she undoubtedly orbited.  Her sun.

She whispered his name like it was sacred, and it was.  Her legs locked around his waist and she pulled him closer, wanting to feel as much of him as she was able.  And Peter would never deny his lady anything, so he did as he was silently told and shifted her body, throwing her legs over his shoulders and reaching more of her with every thrust.

She grappled uselessly at his chest, nails scraping over his skin and leaving little trails of red.  It felt so amazing, so wonderfully good.  It was got even better when the sun began to move closer to the horizon and erupted its brightness over Peter.  The halo of light made him seem Godlike and otherworldly.  He was beautiful.

His hips moved swiftly with hers, each time pushing his throbbing cock farther into her.  He moaned out her name, voice carrying over the beach.  The sound of it made Ava's heart swell in happiness.  She all but glowed with the realization that they could be as loud as they wanted and there would be no consequences.  They were far from the castle, and alone.

So she followed his example, whispers turning to loud, whimpering moans and moans turning to pleasured screams.  He groaned against her, murmuring something in her ear.  She nodded against him and swallowed thickly, feeling the tight coil within her abdomen swell and snap.  Her orgasm ripped through her as Peter's pace raced to catch up.

"Ava…" his bucking hips turned to controlled, painfully erotic thrusts as he found his own release and drew out their pleasure.  "Ava!"

Her name was a harsh yell, a cacophony of pleasure, a myriad of times spent wallowing in a similar indulgence.  And Peter did not bother to muffle his voice.  He yelled it loudly to the ocean and the trees and the far off castle, with a pride that made Ava vivacious.

Extended Ending

Her hand was clutched resolutely in his as Peter dragged her up the steps with a vigor that suited him.  Their faces were a mix of relief and bliss, and their smiles were enough to throw the other Pevensies off guard.

"…Weren't they supposed to be fighting?" Edmund whispered to his older sister, who felt the edge of guilt roll away from her at the sight of her dear brother and sister-in-law on happy terms once more.

Susan took in their countenance and then their clothes, which were damp and ruined.  They had been to the beach.  "I suppose they made up."  A knowing smile graced her lips.

Edmund scoffed graciously and watched as a giggling Ava followed Peter out of the Great Hall.  Neither his brother nor his sister-in-law seemed to have even noticed them, or anyone else for that matter.  They were completely in their own world. 

"I think the term 'made up' is a little light, don't you think?  It looks to me as though they went all out -- OW!"

"That hurt, you know."

Susan obviously didn't care.


Friday, August 3, 2012

A Hong Kong Lemon -- Express Me

Character: Hong Kong

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Chang'n Mu, Represents Beijing, nickname: Bei Bei, Mu

Inspiration: That one scene from the Titanic…I think you know which one I mean~

"Are you finished yet?" there was an annoyed huff as Chang'n Mu wiggled around on the couch, feeling numb from laying still.  She was also slightly uncomfortable to begin with, seeing as she wasn't exactly wearing much.  That is, she wasn't wearing anything at all.  There was only a small blanket that covered her nudity.

Not many things made Beijing uncomfortable.  She was very confident in her image -- especially her physical one -- and only sometimes felt awkward when it came to such matters.  But in the presence of Hong Kong, there really wasn't any time to feel discomfort because she was the most relaxed around him.

The stoic nation didn't say anything, preferring to use his silence as an answer as he moved his pencil across the pad of paper situated in his lap.  His eyes intensely took her in, now focused on her bare shoulders that were provocatively flashing at him.  He shaded in the area of her collar bones and then moved to give more attention to her hair, which cascaded over the pillow in a rather rebellious manner. 

Beijing didn't exactly know why she'd asked Hong Kong to draw her in such a precarious position, but she knew it had something to do with her infatuation of the man.  Though she managed to hid it most of the time, Beijing couldn't possibly deny her own attraction for him.  She supposed that this situation was the result of said attraction, and the desire to see how he would react to it.

But there was nothing out of the ordinary in his expression.  Sure, his eyes were strangely intense, but that could only mean that he was in his drawing zone.  He was sitting there as calmly as ever, face absent of a blush or anything that even hinted at discomposure.

Perhaps this stoicism was the reason that prompted Chang'n Mu to bother modeling in the sheet in the first place.  She felt the strange, almost alluring desire to see Hong Kong defenseless, without the strength of his stone demeanor.  She wanted to break him, and then carefully reconstruct him after she had seen everything he was.  It was a sick, blatant wish that she knew Hong Kong knew, but she didn't care and his knowledge of it wouldn't stop her.

She shifted a little, feeling the sheet dropping slightly to reveal cleavage.  She watched his eyes catch sight of it and wondered what he was thinking.  He studied her silently, drawing pencil hovering just above the paper, before flicking the pencil aside, grapping an eraser, and no doubt adding the newly revealed flesh to the already provocative image. 

She smirked up at him, "You know, I was thinking…perhaps we could do a series.  I know all kinds of positions~" 

Whatever expression she was hoping for, Hong Kong merely glanced at her and wondered, "Is that so?"  He returned to his picture not a moment later, seemingly unconcerned with her obviously flirtatious comment.

But she didn't take his lack of interest to heart.  "Mmhmmm.  In fact, I bet I'd surprise you."  She threw him a smirk and shifted again, out of discomfort and also the desire to lose the sheet.  Maybe then Hong Kong would actually do something instead of stare at her blankly. 

"Don't move around so much," he told her, though he most likely knew why she was doing it.  He leaned back in his chair and looked at the picture, then looking back up at her.  His eyes curved over her, gliding past her smooth skin, over the sheet, and to where her legs were propped up on the arm rest of the couch.  She liked when he looked at her like that.  It made her feel alive and excited, even if his thoughts were completely hidden away from her.

His staring went on for longer than usual, and Chang'n Mu raised a brow at him.  She slowly sat up, holding the sheet against her chest and feeling suddenly nervous about it all.  But she needn't be, and she already knew that, so she stood up and began walking over to where he sat. 

He must have been finished, otherwise he would have told her to lay back down.  Still, he remained oddly stiff as she walked over to him, and he clutched at the sketchbook as it lay flat in his lap.  It was only when she'd reached him and was staring wide-eyed at the scandalous picture of herself that she realized what exactly was going on.

She wasn't wearing a sheet in the picture he'd drawn.  In fact, she wasn't wearing anything at all.  Beijing gaped at it in surprise, marveling at how he had pretty much get everything right, even though she'd never -- consciously -- let him see her naked before.

And that was when she noticed how taut his body really was, and why he was holding the sketchbook against his lower half.  A trill of excitement plowed through her and she giggled lightly, slowly easing the drawing from his fingers and studying the bulge of his pants. 

"I can't believe you," she murmured to him, slowly leaning over him to hover close to his mouth.  This was her chance, and she wouldn't let it go to waste.  Hong Kong, for once, was looking slightly unsure of himself as she gently placed a kiss on his mouth.  He sat very still, tilting his chin upward to accept her affection, eyes wide open and locked to hers.

Here she was, thinking Hong Kong to be utterly devoid of the basic human emotions.  She felt only slightly shamed of her previous thoughts on the matter, because she always knew he had feelings.  Just that he didn’t often show them or even understand them himself.

Her hands slid over the cool material of his duangua [1] and she marveled at the way he shivered at the simple touch.  Another light kiss was pressed to his mouth.  He remained seemingly calm in his chair as he watched her hover over him.

"Yes…I think a sequel is in order," she mumbled against his lips, which were currently unresponsive.  But the fact didn't hinder her whatsoever, because she didn't need proof of his attraction any more when it was already pressed against her.

Her hands slowly slid down his arms and wrapped around his wrists, tugging gently until he was forced to stand up.  When she stepped up against him, Hong Kong still didn't move, so she took matters into her own hands with a sigh and a roll of her eyes.

"Honestly…" she murmured, but couldn't deny the excited flourish in her body as she felt his erection.  There was definitely something off about him.  Not that she was surprised at this or anything since he was so turned on.  But the flicker in his normally stoic eyes, and the almost invisible blush on his face gave way to his nervousness.  Chang'n Mu knew him too well to overlook what was obvious to her.

She leaned up onto her toes and caught his hair with her fingers, tunneling through it as she pressed more soft kisses to his mouth.  He finally, finally accepted them and moved his lips against hers hesitantly, but with more force as he gained courage.

Beijing smiled into his kiss and ran her hands back down his body, appreciating the way the silky fabric contorted to his chest.  She pushed herself further against him and her fingers followed the trail of his sash.  He always tied it in the back, and so as they kissed she worked it away.  His robe was quick to follow, landing in a puddle on the floor as Beijing skillfully unraveled the fabric. 

There was something exotic about him now -- something she had never noticed before.  Sure, she'd never seen him without his traditional shirt, but Chang'n Mu hadn't expected the sight of his bared chest would effect her quite so much.  She vaguely wondered how she would react to the rest of him, and smirked.  Hong Kong narrowed his eyes slightly at the devious curve of her mouth, but said nothing because, at that moment, the sheet that was wrapped haphazardly about Beijing's nude body fell to the floor.  The sinful sight he was met with made a delicious shiver to roll through him.

Her smirk heightened.  She'd never thought herself to be particularly courageous, but this instant made her rethink herself.  She tilted her head and gave him a look -- a sultry, possessive look that he didn't seem to know what to do with.  Not that she minded. 

But in the next moment, Hong Kong proved himself wrong as well.  His warm hands converged around her waist, tugging her close to him as he crashed his lips to hers.  She immediately melted against him and sighed, tilting her head back and allowing him to dominate the kiss.  She eased her leg up around his waist and shivered at the feel of his clothed erection against her core.

He shivered too, pulling away slightly to glance down at her.  Their position was one he had only dreamt about, but he'd never thought it would actually happen.  His eyes moved up to her face and he studied her, intense eyes catching hold of the lingering flush in her cheeks, the smoldering sight of her eyes, the careless way her parted, bruised lips hovered just before his.

He greedily caught her mouth again, hands dipping low to pull her hips firmly against his.  The reaction of her body was immediate -- a shivering ache, a breathy moan -- and Beijing closed her eyes as the fire within her scorched and seared and burnt.

Her fingers reached down to tumbled over his pants, tugging and pulling at the drawstring, fumbling and dragging them past his hips until they had joined the pile of cloth.  And then her hands danced over him, feeling the steely velvet of his erection, watching him bite his lip as she wrapped her fingers around it.  She pumped him in and out for a few seconds before pulling back, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, and slowly sinking to the floor.

The ache between her legs was stifling, and it was apparent that they wouldn’t make it to a bedroom.  They wouldn't even make it to the couch, which was mere yards away.  The floor would have to do, and the sheet would be their makeshift bed.

Her lips burnt a path down his neck, tongue flicking here and there as she climbed on top of him.  Hong Kong, who was flustered in a way she'd never seen before, could only shiver and watch as she kissed her way down to his awaiting manhood.

When she reached her destination, her tongue immediately went to work.  Her fingers padded over his hipbones, dipping over the light pattering of hair before grasping his base and pumping him.  Her tongue teased his tip, gently bringing him into her mouth.  All the while he watched, lidded eyes taking her in as his body went haywire.

She knew exactly when he was about to come.  It was obvious, really.  His breathing had picked up and his back was slightly arched, pushing his cock further into her mouth.  Chang'n Mu stopped before he could finish, watching him shudder and gasp with an amusement that bordered cruelty.  But it was a good cruelty, one that she knew he would appreciate before they were both done, and so she didn't feel too guilty as she eased her mouth away from him and crawled back up his body.

His hair was a mess.  His cheeks held traces of red, and were flushed.  His eyes were clouded.  He looked pretty…sexy.  Beijing smirked at the sight and he narrowed his eyes at her, looking slightly annoyed that she didn't let him come and aching much more as a result.

She pressed a lingering kiss to his mouth as an apology of sorts, but her eyes didn't show that she was sorry and Hong Kong doubted he himself cared anyway.  He eased himself up onto his shoulders and watched her curiously, waiting to see what she would do next.  But she merely giggled and leaned in, catching his mouth in a firm kiss. 

"Do you want me?" she whispered, fingers reaching down to touch him again.  He stared at her, but she could read him now like she never could before, and his normally aloof expression held blatant traces of desire, and everything that accompanied it.

But he didn't answer her, and so she took his silence as a yes.  She guided his member to her core, slowly bringing her hips down around it and taking him in.  Hong Kong watched her all the way.

"Mmm," her head fell back, breathless moans wavering through the air as she fully sheathed him within her.  For a moment, they remained perfectly still while Beijing got used to his size, and then…

Hong Kong grunted and his back met the floor, eyes locked with hers as she moved.  It felt so damn good that he could hardly breath, so different from what he'd imagined.  This was his first time, and he thought he'd be ready for it.  But it was unlike his sultry pictures, unlike the cold showers, unlike his dreams.  It was much, much, much better.

Her name was a breath on the wind, but she could still hear it and it felt good to hear him say it.  She leaned forward, pressing her chest to his and nuzzling his cheek with her nose.  His hands slid up to her hips, grasping them tightly as he met her thrusts halfway. 

It wasn't long before he was ready to come, and Chang'n Mu could tell.  She had never been able to read him very well before, but he was an open book now, unable to hid anything.  Her own pace increased as she hurried to catch up to him, feeling her own orgasm rush through her.

"Ho-ng K-Konggg!" she gasped, snapping her hips in an almost angry manner as she stared down at him.  Their eyes were locked, and neither felt that it was possible to look away or break the connection.  She held herself over him, arms on either side of his head as their breath mingled and their chests heaved.  It was only when the peak of their orgasms ended that they allowed themselves to move.  She lowered her mouth to his and kissed him slowly, matching the spasmodic pace of their hips as they drew out the pleasure.

And then they were reaching for the edge of the sheet and drawing it over them, cuddling together on their makeshift bed, on their makeshift pillows, trying to restart the aching, thundering unison of their hearts.

Extended Ending

"You said you wanted me to draw you some sequels."

Beijing glanced up at him, mischievous smirk winding up her lips.  His expression had long since gone back to it's usual inscrutable look, but she could tell that he wasn't without emotions.  It was apparent in the way he was holding her, with his head tilted towards her as he watched her smirk.

"Mmm…let's get going then~"

The bedroom wasn't too far away, after all.


[1] Duangua: Traditional Chinese shirt, which Hong Kong is always seen in.