Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Kanda Yuu Lemon -- It Was Caution

Character: Kanda Yuu

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Olivia, aristocratic, gray-blue eyes, tanned skin, curly red hair

Inspiration: Going with Kanda on a mission~

"Che.  This will do," were the first words out of Kanda Yuu's lips when he first laid eyes upon the small living space they'd be occupying during the next week.  It would do because it had two twin beds and a tiny bathroom.  It would do because Kanda Yuu didn't need anything else.

But this room was hardly even a room.  It only had one dresser that was pressed up against the wall, cramped between the far bed and the window.  The shades seemed to be eternally drawn, making said window seem even smaller than it actually was.  No, this room was far from luxurious.  It would not do.

It wasn't that Olivia wanted to be difficult or anything -- she wouldn't even outright complain about it, because that just wasn't her style.  But she definitely made a show of claiming the slightly larger bed and sending Kanda one of her looks to ward him away from it.  (To which he ignored with a scoff and wondered for the millionth time why he had to be stuck with this woman.)  Because even though Olivia didn't try to be difficult, Kanda had long since decided that she was much more trouble than he'd originally thought.

He dropped his bag on the other bed and threw his Order coat off, looking at Olivia out of the corner of his eye.  She was untying her high heeled boots with a scowl on her tanned face.  She obviously didn't approve of the living conditions, but there was little anyone could do about it.  Their type of job didn't allow them much leeway in terms of comfort.

"I'm going to take a shower," Olivia announced after she slipped her jacket off.  She swung it neatly over the back of a nearby chair -- that coincidentally looked like it was ready to fall apart -- and began to search through her luggage for the towel she'd brought along.  (Because let's face it, expecting room service in this dreary building was like wishing for snow in July.)  When she'd secured her towel, Olivia sauntered to the bathroom and swung the door shut.  A moment later, the shower was running.

Kanda quietly scoffed to himself and sat back on his bed, closing his eyes as his face twisted into ever present annoyance.  There was a couple reasons why he was unhappy with this job.  One of them was because it brought them to China, which was a rarity in and of itself for the European section of the Black Order, and it was far too close to his homeland for him to feel very secure.  The other reason was currently bumping around in the bathroom.  Loudly.

Kanda glared at the door and waited for the noises to stop.  When they didn't, an annoyed curse flew past his lips and he shifted over to the door.  Fury was really the only thing guiding his movements when he curled his fingers around the doorknob and jerked it open, but emotions are fickle things and tend to change fairly easily.  His mouth ran dry and the furious words he'd prepared died instantly on his tongue.

Olivia didn't seem overly annoyed, which surprised him greatly -- though said surprise didn't show through his stoic mask, nor any other feelings.  She was looking at him haughtily, of course, with that arrogant lilt in her eyes that made him crazy with anger.  But he wasn't angry now.  Actually, he didn't know what to feel.

"What do you think you're doing?" she asked, one eyebrow uplifted.  And then, that haughty gleam was replaced by a mischievous, teasing smirk that made him tighten his grasp on the door.  "If you wanted to join me so badly you only had to ask, Kanda," and she smirked wider at the intense annoyance on his face, which finally managed to show through.

She pulled the towel tighter around her body, waiting for him to speak, or move, or do anything really.  Just not stand in the doorway looking at her like he was some kind of statue, because it was starting to creep her out.

Kanda narrowed his eyes at her, gave her a scowl that could have curdled milk, and spat out a cold, "Just shut up, onna. [1]  I'm trying to rest."  And then Kanda was ignoring the indignant look that caught Olivia's expression and twisting out of the room, pulling the door shut with a firmness that the rest of his control didn't feel.

This was one of those stupid reasons why Kanda didn't want to go on a mission with her.  He sat back down on his bed and glared fiercely at the bathroom door as though hoping it would burst into flames.  Every time he was stuck with her, something like this happened.  One of them were caught in some embarrassing situation.  It was usually spurred on by Olivia, and Kanda ended up on the receiving end.  It was enough to make a man crazy.

And damn it, Kanda was a man.  It wasn't often that he allowed himself to think about women, but even he found it difficult to dispel the sight of her in that towel.  It was painfully obvious that she'd been wearing absolutely nothing underneath.  He bite his tongue hard and forced his mind away.  The taste of iron infiltrated his mouth and brought him steadily back to the dingy hotel room.

When Olivia exited the bathroom, steam billowing around her, she was struck with the sight of Kanda combing through his hair with his fingers.  She stared for a moment, slightly surprised at what she was seeing.  She didn't recall ever seeing him with his hair down, and it looked really lovely.

"Stop ogling me, stupid onna," Kanda muttered, but there wasn't much force behind his words.  In fact, he seemed strangely laid back, in a relaxed sort of way that Olivia had also never seen before.  She'd been on missions with him in the past, but it had never been like this…

She raised her brow in speculation, toweling her hair as she made her way to her bed.  She was already clothed in her pajamas -- a nightgown that reached a little above her knees.  Apparently, Kanda had changed while she was in the bathroom as well, but only into a black tank top and plaid navy pajama bottoms.  He looked good with that top, actually…it showed off his firm muscular arms and -- "Stop staring."  Whoops.

She threw him an annoyed glower but didn't respond, because she didn't feel like arguing.  She'd save that for tomorrow, when the action would begin, but for now, sleep was in order.  Or so she thought. 

Olivia had only just gotten comfortable when the loud, ominous sound of scurrying made her sit up.  That definitely sounded like a rat.  And this was definitely a disgusting hotel.  The chances of it being infested were high.  She loathed rodents, especially when they were underneath her bed.

Across the room, she could hear the calm breathing of Kanda, but it was impossible to discern whether or not he was awake.  If he was, he made no comment on Olivia's sudden movement, nor the scratching noises coming from beneath her bed.  And somehow, his silence made it all the more worse.

She tried to go back to sleep, she really did.  But she couldn't get comfortable and couldn't possibly relax after knowing that she wasn't alone in the bed she occupied.  Which was how she ended up gingerly padding across the floor to the other, smaller bed and sliding into the covers.  Kanda must have been asleep, otherwise that wouldn't have happened so easily.

But he was a light sleeper, and before she could get completely comfortable against him -- because she was pressed firmly against him as there was no space -- Kanda's cold voice spoke through the darkness.  "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

Olivia didn't get frightened easily, except when it came to small rodents and the like.  The anger in Kanda's voice made her shiver, but whether it was in fright or something more akin to strange excitement, she couldn't process.  (Probably because her brain was being fried at the close proximity of Kanda's mouth, which hovered by her forehead in a scowl.)

She didn't answer him at first, because for a few moments she forgot he'd even asked her a question.  But she could make out his eyes gleaming at her through the darkness, and the danger within them could be seen by a blind man. 

"O-Oh, well…you know," she giggled breathlessly, wondering why she was suddenly so nervous.  It wasn't that this was that weird, was it?  Sure, she was pressed against his front, but that didn't mean she enjoyed being close to him…right?  She swallowed as she saw his eyes flash down to lock with hers, but his expression was one she would not have expected.  In fact, she couldn't quite pinpoint the emotion behind it.  She could only really see the hint of alluring desperation that caught his eyes, and it made her shiver.

She swallowed thickly, suddenly aware of just how close he was to her.  In fact, through her flimsy nightgown, she could pretty much feel everything.  And his face was mere inches away from hers -- a fact that made her extremely on edge.  She shakily breathed in and murmured, "I didn't…want…to be alone."  And the slight surprise that she felt at her own discovery shocked her more than Kanda's.

She wasn't really sure what was wrong with her exactly.  (Why she was breathless, and couldn't find her words.)  She wasn't normally like this, and didn't usually act of a whim.  But when she closed the distance between them and pressed her lips to his, it somehow felt right.

Her hand slide up his chest, delighting in the flexed muscles that lay just beneath his alabaster skin.  He was tense, unsure as to why she was kissing him and how he should respond.  Even when she pulled away, Kanda remained stiff. 

Memories tugged at his mind, firstly reminding him of the sight of her in that damned towel, and then flashing back to other missions he'd had with her, and other embarrassing moments they've shared.  But they weren't embarrassing now.  Actually, they made the moment all the more delicious, which was what ultimately forced Kanda to tug her hips closer to his and initiate another kiss.

Only this kiss wasn't like the other, unsure one.  This was more demanding.  Because Olivia unknowingly awoke something within Kanda that she probably shouldn't have, though she was having a hard time realizing that now.  She couldn't really think at all, actually.  The only thing she could do was lay against him and wonder at the intense emotions that were driving him to kiss her so passionately.

When she'd first met him she would have laughed if she knew something like this would happen.  He was always so stiff, so perfectly astute and angry.  He had a temper like a hot iron and she'd known it to often spark, especially when she was in the same room.  But this was fire of another sort -- the kind that suffocated as well as reconstructed, and it was driving her absolutely mad.

He bucked his hips into hers slightly and she gasped aloud at the friction between them.  He wasn't merely mocking her.  This was as real as it could get, and the sentiment was proven by the hard bulge that rubbed against her lower body.

He growled one deep, dangerous growl and snapped his head back, breathing hard and glaring at the opposing wall in fury.  "Damn it."  And then he proceeded to veer off into Japanese as he spat out curse after curse.

Olivia could guess his thoughts exactly, because she was wondering the same thing.  What would happen if they kept going?  The night would no doubt be amazing, but the morning would bring all sorts of discrepancies and awkwardness, and their priority was their mission.  Which Kanda would no doubt throw himself into in his own way of forgetting her.  But they couldn't take that kiss back, nor the way Kanda had wholeheartedly reacted.  She, for one, would think heavily on it when she was alone in days to come, and she'd probably regret not taking action.  And Olivia lived with no regrets.

Kanda was still cursing harshly in his native tongue when she decided to act.  What did she have to lose?  Besides, Kanda seemed to want this just as much as she did, which was why she threw all caution to the wind and crashed her mouth back onto his.

Whatever reaction she had thought she would receive was not the one she actually got.  Kanda did not push her away in annoyance, nor did he lay there in shock.  He seemed to know she would kiss him again and threw himself into it, moving his mouth so skillfully against hers that she was sure it was all a dream.  But it wasn't, and she knew this because no dream would feel so satisfying.

In the dark of night, Kanda was a different person.  Well, sort of.  He was dominant, creating a fierce battle between them as she fought against him.  But he spurred all his anger and severity into passion.  The level of it all made Olivia's head spin uncontrollably.

He pinned her beneath him, shifting his hips against her core and watching her squirm with calculating, dark eyes.  There was something delightful in the way she moved -- something that awoke the animal within him, and the strange desire to have all of her, as much as he could get.

She pulled him down and their lips crashed together once more, wildly moving in a saturated sort of way that left them utterly bereft of oxygen.  He nipped her lip, teeth scraping sinfully over her before gently, teasingly sucking on it.  She moaned into the kiss and wove her fingers into his hair, touching silk in a way that no one -- not even Lavi -- had ever succeeded in doing.

Foreplay seemed silly in such a heavy atmosphere, but it was there all the same.  It was subtler, though: a squeeze here, a lick there, until both Olivia and Kanda were gasping for breath.

He kissed down her neck, tongue flicking over her hot skin as his hips continuously moved against hers.  She didn't normally lay there in submission, but this was one of those rare moments where Olivia wanted to do nothing at all and just hand over everything she was.  And Kanda didn't seem to mind.  He made her moan in ways she never had before, torched pleasure through her that she'd never known, and it was making her delirious.

It was a struggle to rid themselves of their clothing, because the bed was small and they had no room.  But soon, Olivia was bare and was pushing Kanda's shirt up and all but melting against his chest, which was deliciously pressed against hers.

He shivered at her touch, pausing for just a moment to revel in it before tossing his shirt onto the floor.  And then he was moving his lips against hers again as she helped him out of his pants.  They also joined the pile on the floor and were soon forgotten.

"K-Kanda…" she arched her back as his mouth came into contact with her chest.  His tongue swirled around her taut nipple as his free hand moved to her other breast.  Her breathless moans were making him lose sight of his self control, which had turned into a frayed mass as he hovered above her.

He stared down at her through lidded eyes, teeth scraping over her tender breast as his fingers danced down to her core and touched her.  The moans that left her throat heightened and broke, legs spread apart and Kanda was quick to nestle against her warmth, and quicker to take it.

When he slid himself into her, he was met with a pleasure that he had never felt.  It wasn't often that Kanda let himself be immersed in such carnal desire, and he felt wild, untethered to anything and everything except the woman he was united with.

She lost herself immediately as well, feeling only Kanda and seeing only Kanda.  She gathered up all his heavy breaths and soft moans and locked them into her memories.  This was precious to her, this moment and the feelings they were both subjected to.  She wanted to remember it all as clearly as she was feeling it now.

He rocked against her slowly at first, but with a growing hunger that couldn't be quenched.  His hips were soon snapping fitfully against hers, no doubt bruising her.  But she didn't care and couldn't feel any pain.  There was only dark pleasure and a thirsty, maverick passion that didn't have an end or a beginning.

It was disconcerting, especially when Kanda's fingers hurried their pace and dipped against her nub.  She gasped out in feral delight and her back arched, pushing her breasts against him and feeling her orgasm spike.

She tried to tell him, but her words were stuck and she only managed to let out another long, breathlessly indulgent moan that prompted Kanda's own end.  His name was on her lips and it felt right to be there, and also completely arousing and erotic.  Shivers took his spine and crashed him into another dimension entirely as he let himself go.

"K-Kan…Kanda!  Kan…da," she moaned -- a loud, needy sound that gave way to her utmost revelry.  She shook against him and whined out his name again and again as he filled her up.  This was vicious delight, untamed wilderness.  This was what he had always felt for her, in secret and in cold showers, and away from eyes that could see attraction and steal it away.

When all was finished and they lay a helpless, gasping mass on the bed, Kanda felt Olivia press a soft kiss to his chest.  Tomorrow, he would dive into their mission.  But tomorrow night, he would dive into her love and never let go.

Extended Ending


A soft grunt.  A sleepy sigh.  The scurrying sound that frightened Olivia more than she'd care to admit, even with Kanda's arms wound up around her.

"Kanda…did I mention that there's a rat in our hotel room?"

A lazy eye opened and stared at her through the lightening atmosphere of early morning.

"No really -- " her words morphed into a bloodcurdling scream as the rodent made itself known…in plain sight, at the foot of their bed.

"Fuck-!" the normally graceful samurai hit the floor with a resounding grunt.



[1] Onna: woman


    Are you posting on more sites or is this stolen again? People have to stop doing this to you.

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