Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Laxus Dreyar Lemon -- Vixen

Character: Laxus Dreyar

Fandom: Fairy Tail

OC: Vika Levend, short black hair, tattoo on lower abdomen

Inspiration: The second floor  :O

Laxus was bored.  He had been ever since returning from his latest S-Ranked mission.  Normally he would have immediately left on another one, but today he wasn't craving the fight.  Or, at least, he wanted to partake in a fight of a different kind.

She was doing it on purpose.  He knew this because he knew that dress she was wearing, and he remembered telling her in passing how good it looked on her figure.  He'd also seen more than a few of the glances she'd thrown his way as she sat with her friends.  Her eyes, when he finally allowed them to lock with his, held traces of smoldering lust.

The gesture she gave him would have been invisible to everyone else.  It would have been meaningless to him, as well, had he not known her so well.  His fingers tightened on the wooden railing as he overlooked the first floor of the guild, sharp eyes darting around the room before landing back on hers.  He gave the slightest, most unperceivable shake of his head and then pushed away from the edge. 

When Vika reached the top step of the Second floor -- a floor that, coincidentally, she was allowed to be on as she was S-Ranked -- she caught his eye again and gave him a vivid, luxurious smirk. 

He'd retreated to a nearby table that was far from the stairs, and looked quite comfortable as he threw his legs onto the wooden surface and leaned back in his chair.  His eyes were closed, but Vika had a feeling they wouldn't be for long.  Another smirk lit her face.

The sexual tension between the two was thick but ignored.  Vika made her way slowly to where Laxus sat and took her time in undoing the zipper of her dress, which was located on the side of the silken fabric.  The gown tumbled to her feet a moment later and was kicked away as Vika began to undo her hair.

The fact that she was Laxus' mistress was a fact not known to many.  It was mainly kept a secret and that was how they both liked it.  Only the Thunder God Tribe really had any knowledge of the relationship, which was enough for Vika as Evergreen could be annoyingly jealous. 

She turned back to Laxus and looked into his eyes, which had no doubt opened as soon as her dress had slipped.  He hadn't moved from his laid back position in the chair, but this didn't surprise Vika in the least.  It often started like this, and then Laxus would take control of the situation and leave Vika near begging.

He gestured for her to come to him, eyes burning into hers.  That one look was enough to crumble her willpower and ignite a familiar passion within her body, and she shook from it as she heeded his order.

Her hands shifted over his clothes, gently removing them.  He still didn't kiss her, but she knew he wanted to.  She knew everything about him -- what made him tick, or moan in pleasure, or beg for more -- and was prepared to use her knowledge.

She kept her eyes trained on his as she slipped her hand down his body to palm his clothed erection.  Exhilaration shot through her as she felt how hard he was.  With a pleased hum, Vika pressed tiny kisses down his chest, pausing only to nuzzle the bulge of his pants when she reached her destination.

Laxus' reaction was soft but existent, and the whispered moan that left his throat made her lower half ache for him.  They had to be silent about this, because the second floor was not far from the first and attracting attention to themselves would be more embarrassing than Vika was willing to admit.

He allowed her to rub him through his pants for a while longer before he lost patience with the slow pace.  Laxus leaned forward, threading his fingers through her hair with one hand and, with the other, undoing his pants and releasing his manhood.  "Vika…" he watched her shiver with calculating, lustful eyes.  "Suck."

Dear God, she loved it when he commanded her.  It was so erotic, and so delicious.  She leaned forward, dragging her tongue over his tip and watching him for a reaction.  But he remained steadfastly still, and so she continued to take him into her mouth and gave him the treatment he so desired.

Laxus enjoyed seeing her like this, kneeling in front of him in such a way.  He studied her movements, watching her shift her rebellious hair from her eyes and delighting in how her nimble fingers brushed over his length.  Vika had a charm about her that he liked in a woman.  She knew her place and was happy about it, but she also knew when it was time to tease him. 

Her tongue darted over the thick veins of his cock, licking each one as though it was sacred.  He didn't taste particularly good, but Vika didn't mind.  Seeing him like this -- struggling to control his reactions as he was -- made her delirious with pleasure. 

She released his member to run her mouth up the side of him.  He was so hard that she barely knew what to do.  She could only watch as he jerked, eyes slipping closed for an instant before darting back to hers.  She liked when he struggled.  In some sadistic way, she loved to see him helpless and pleading.

When his hips began to betray him, Laxus pulled her head away from him.  He took a few deep breaths, no doubt attempting to slow the erratic beating of his own heart.  But it was silly to try, because things had only just begun.

He stood with one fluid motion.  Turning to a still kneeling Vika, he leaned down to wrap his fingers around her arms and heave her up.  She smirked at him lightly, brow raised and wondering what he was do next.  The answer came not a moment later when he dragged her to the table and a harsh growl tore from his throat, "Bend over."

She couldn't help it, really.  He sounded so delicious that she could only rub her legs together in hope of some sort of friction.  A whimper drowned out the silence when it didn't help, and Vika complied to the erotic order that had been given to her.

She bent over the table, pressing her breasts to the hard wood and spreading her legs for her lover.  She could feel her face exploding with red, but she tried not to think of how indecent the position was but rather how amazing it would soon make her feel.

She heard the rustle of fabric, and then his hands were on her bum, slipping beneath the thin panties she had still not taken off.  They were ripped away a moment later and replaced again by warm hands as they felt her up.  Laxus took his time now, teasing her in a way that only he could.  He rubbed his tip just against her opening, shifting his hardened cock against her and watching her squirm with dark satisfaction.

A cynical chuckle drifted over her ears, but Vika could barely hear it.  Her senses had been cut off and she could only feel.  Her entire body shook as Laxus curled his hand around her thigh and dipped a finger into her hot core.  Coupled with the threat of his manhood, the exhilaration stopped her very thoughts.

She knew exactly what Laxus wanted from her, and it was complete submission.  She ground her teeth and jerked her hips back, but it was fruitless.  Laxus wouldn't give her what she wanted until he heard her beg for it.  So she did. 

She careened forward, pushing her hips against his and whining out a pathetic, "Pl-Please, Laxus!"  To which he squeezed her bum appreciatively and smirked.

"Please what?  You'll have to do better than that, Vika," he murmured, watching in fascination as she continuously rolled her hips.

She panted, feeling desperation cloud her mind.  "Please fuck me, Laxus."  Her head jerked toward him, looking at him over her shoulder.  Their eyes connected and she breathed, "I need you so badly!"

That was that.  A moment later Laxus was slamming into her from behind and Vika was muffling her deeply satisfied moan.  It felt so good to have him inside her after all that.  So good that Vika could hardly breath.  She couldn't do anything, actually, except hold onto the table for dear life as Laxus crushed her hips with his.

He was rough and dominant, and she would have bruises tomorrow.  But this sinful union was something that Vika would never give up.  It made her forget who she was and gave her a new meaning, even if it only lasted for a few minutes.  She would never get enough of him.

He pinned her to the surface of the table, one hand leaning in to grab her shoulder and the other holding her thigh.  The force of his thrusts had the table creaking under the weight, but he didn’t give a damn.  He didn't even care if they were found out by the rest of the guild.  All Laxus needed was release, and nothing would get in his way of that.

Nothing did, in the end.  Laxus came with a terrifying force, shuddering both of them as he jerked wildly against her.  The quickened pace rushed Vika's orgasm forward as well, and she was soon muffling more moans into her arm and Laxus thoroughly took her.

Despite the force of their orgasms, neither made much noise in the heat of their release.  It was habit, though, to remain as quiet as possible so as not to be discovered.  Even in the veiled hours of night, they were near silent. 

If they were found out, then their muse would be destroyed and their outlet would be gone.  If they were found out, then Vika was sure she wouldn't see Laxus much more.  So they spoke with their hearts, whispered with their fingers, and loved with their bodies in quiet reformation.



  1. That was hot and beautiful at the same time! ^.^ se manifiq

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