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A Peter Pevensie Lemon -- Her Sun

Character: Peter Pevensie

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

OC: Ava, long auburn hair, bright blue eyes

Inspiration: Cause now that I know someone else likes Peter I'll probably write a lot more for him :DDD

Narnia had the sweetest sea breeze.  Having it cascade over you was like no other sensation in the world.  And, Ava mused, it rather felt like Aslan's breath, which made it all the sweeter.

The young woman was on the beach for one main reason and a myriad of others.  First of all, she needed a break from the bustling castle.  It could be so stifling at times, and Ava always felt better when she was around nature.  It calmed her down, grounded her, and made her feel at ease. 

Plus, there was something rebellious about it, especially the sea.  The way it crashed against the sand and erased and rebuilt and destroyed again…it was what Ava needed right now.  A little rebellion to make her forget about the main reason she was here.  Peter.

They rarely fought.  In fact, they never did.  She could only recall a few instances when she'd ever heard him say callous things out of anger.  To others, maybe, but not to her.  And that was why she was standing on the beach, feeling lonely and ashamed as tears built up steadily behind her eyes.

But she would not cry, not because she was incapable of it, but because she was the High Queen now, and such things could only be done in very, very private rooms so that no one else knew of her weakness.  Especially Peter.

She ran a hand through her hair as it whipped around her.  She'd undone the tight braid it had been in before she'd even left the castle, and now her once neat hair was nothing more than a mangled mess as the sea winds tossed it about.  Her dress, too, was ruined, bogged down with salt water as it was.  But she didn't care, and she just remained still as she felt the water lap at her bare feet.

This was her revenge.  Her own, silent little revenge.  Peter would no doubt be embarrassed to have his wife seen in such a state, being High Queen as she was.  And it would also be good revenge for Susan, as well, who had pushed Peter into thinking such discrepancies about the one woman who he should have trusted above all else.

She sniffled, wiping her nose as she stared out to sea in an abandoned sort of way.  She glanced down at herself, taking in the dulled green fabric that had once shone beautifully.  Her shoes had been left on the beach, kicked off in a moment of frustration.  But no one had to see her like this, because the castle's view didn't reach this particular beach.  Which was why she found it to be so peaceful here.

She had half a mind to just lose herself in that sea.  Throw off her clothes and jump in.  Who cares about decency?  Peter had not, when he'd accused her of those things -- she broke away from the direction of her thoughts, holding a hand to her mouth to stop the onslaught of bitter emotion.  A few furious blinks made her tears retreat, but her eyes remained blurry and unfocused as she tried to forget.

She was so lost in her private meanderings that she hardly noticed that she was being watched.  If she had, she would have straightened herself up, smoothed out her ruined dress, tried to make herself look vaguely presentable.  But it didn't really matter anyway, because the man who stood behind her on the beach was the one person to whom appearances made no difference.

Peter had come here to look for her.  He'd also arranged a rather scolding speech on how the respectability of royalty only went as far as one allowed it.  But he had paused in his step, and in his rehearsing, as soon as he'd seen her huddled figure.  Her sorrow was plain to see.  Her shoulders were hunched and her arms drawn in around herself as she stood there.  But that aside, Peter found himself rather mesmerized by her silhouette.  She was strikingly beautiful with her hair down and tangled, and it caught him off guard.

He felt foolish.  Before he had even finished accusing her he felt silly, because he knew all along that the mere thought of her cheating on him with another was stupid.  But there were glances, and she had spoken of that man with an admiration that had left Peter gasping, wondering if his darkest fear had come to life.  He'd always known he trusted too easily, but it was foolish to think that this woman didn't love him, because they shared much more than glances and soft words.  He was a fool.

"I knew I'd find you here."

She jumped, glancing behind as shock flew across her face.  How had she not noticed Peter?  And how long had he been standing there, watching her?  Her back immediately straightened, expression turning stony.  The wrinkles were eased from her gown and she blinked away the moistness in her eyes.

But it didn't matter, because the moment she had looked back at him Peter had seen her.  Not just her, but everything she had felt since that morning.  He was ashamed of it all.

He reached for her hand but she withdrew it before he could.  A pang spread through his chest, but he didn't blame her.  How could he when it was all his fault?

"Ava-" she stepped away from him, and from the circle of his arms as they attempted to catch her.  His blue eyes peered down at her, trying to get her to look at him.  But she just continued to stare at the sea.

He pursed his lips, wondering how far he'd have to go for her to forgive him.  It was incredible, the extent of her stubbornness, but then he supposed he was stubborn as well.  Besides, he fell for her because she was wild and difficult.  He loved her stubborn streak.

He made a grab at her and pulled her to his chest, hugging her tightly.  Too tightly, actually, but it couldn't helped because she was struggling, glaring at him, and he could see the redness around her eyes and knew he had to get his apology out before he made things worse.

"I'm sorry," he murmured into her ear, hands tugging her to him.  "It was stupid.  What Susan said was stupid and she didn’t mean it.  She was just saying it in passing, you know.  But it made me feel…doubtful…of myself and what I meant to you.  I know you'd never -- " 

She was stronger than he gave her credit for, a fact that he probably should have taken in account before forcing her to comply with the hug.  As a result, Peter, the High King of Narnia, ended up being jerked into the water very…ungracefully.

He gaped at her with wide eyes, but he wasn't shocked at her strength.  He was shocked because of how completely beautiful she looked with that furious expression on her face.  That mad, glistening twinkle in her eyes made him gasp at the sheer force of her anger.  He forgot he was in the water, and that his clothes were ruined, and that he didn't look like a king at the moment, least of all High king.  All he could see was her.

"You…" she glared at him, frustrated tears building up.  "You inconsiderate cow!"  She continued spitting out insults.  Insults which, coincidentally, Peter didn't really hear, as he was too busy gaping at the sight of her.

" -- should really have thought about how I felt -- "  her tears finally broke, racing down her cheeks.  "You're so insensitive -- "

"Ava…" he leaned back on his elbows, enjoying the feeling of the waves lingering at his back.  She ignored him, and he watched as more tears ran down her face.  "Ava -- "

"WHAT?" she exploded, cheeks red as she stared at him.  Oh, her anger was fierce.  He held down a shiver as it threatened to take him and focused on her lips, which he suddenly wanted to kiss, badly.

"Kiss me," he told her, knowing that she'd probably explode again but not particularly caring.  She was beautiful when angry.

However, Peter didn't quite understand the extent of said anger, or how hormonal women could get when placed in Ava's position.  So he was shocked when her hand suddenly came crashing down on his cheek.  His head twisted with the force and stinging erupted all over that side of his face.  He guessed he had deserved it after everything he'd put her through --

"You're insufferable and tactless and impossible -- " she knelt down between his legs, not caring about the state of her dress as the water caught it.  She grabbed his face and glared, "And unbearable --"  she leaned in to kiss him with a ferocity that he reveled in.  Her fingers tangled into his hair and he kissed back, moving his mouth with hers as passionately as he could and grabbing her waist.  The next moment, they were both careening backwards into the water and then spluttering back up as their heads went under.

Peter gave her a lopsided grin and blinked against the salt water, "I was going to say courageous, honorable, noble -- " he leaned in to capture her lips once more, feeling her melt against him and grinning wider.  "But insufferable works," he admitted cheekily, raising his hand up to brush away her tears.

After a moment of silence, Peter murmured a soft, "I really am sorry, you know."  He was going to say more, but Ava beat him to it, "Let's not speak of it any longer."  They exchanged rather sheepish smiles.

"You know," Ava murmured, tilting her head as the remnants of her fiery anger turned to scorching mischievous, "You can't see this beach from the castle.  It's completely secluded."

They way she said it, with an almost teasing lilt to her voice, made Peter raise a brow.  A conspirative look crossed his features.  "Is that so?" he wondered, eyes darting down to her parted lips.

She smiled and hummed, leaned down to give him a lingering, forgiving kiss that sent his heart into a dramatic mess.  Her lips scourged over his, erupting a fire within him that had been laying dormant ever since the last time she'd tampered with it.  His free hand reached up to loosely grip her waist while the other kept his weight out of the lapping water in which they were sitting in.

While Ava moved her lips to kiss his neck, Peter wondered how he had ever deserved this.  She was exactly what he thought a woman should be: liberal enough to not be afraid of standing up to him, but feminine and forgiving enough to understand his wrongdoings and even love him for them.  He tilted his head back and sighed, a happy expression catching his eyes as he watched her move aside his tunic to kiss his chest. 

"If you truly want my forgiveness…" she moved his mouth back up his body, lingering by his ear.  Her hot breath folded over him and he shivered.  "then will you take me?"

He chuckled huskily, feeling his body react to both her question and the physical effect of her kisses.  "Is that a trick question?" he wondered. Because Peter couldn't think of a time where he wouldn't want to take her.  She consumed his thoughts.

He eased himself onto his knees before her, gently pushing her back down so that her back lay on the wet sand.  In hindsight, they probably should have moved farther up the beach, as the sun would soon be setting and the tide would change.  But they couldn't bear it right now; their minds were bent on one thing and one thing only, and doing anything that required thinking of something else would have been downright painful.

Her dress was completely ruined, saturated by the water as it hovered about her and then whooshed back as though in mid-dance.  Her hair, which haloed out around her, was also now damp and sandy.  But she didn't care.  She could see only Peter as he hovered above her, arms on either side of her head and lips bruised to perfection. 

He leaned down to capture her mouth once more, tongue drifting out to touch hers.  Jolts of satisfaction took hold of them both as they kissed.  It somehow felt better than usual, no doubt due to the fight they'd had before and how much they wanted to forget about it.

It wasn't long before Peter grew tired of just kissing her.  He always was impatient, especially when it came to sex.  His hands soon began moving over her body, first content with grazing above her clothes.  But soon he grew tired of that, too, and so he began undoing the laces of her bosom.

He moved his lips down to follow the progress of his hands.  Which each undone lace, he pressed a desperate kiss to her flesh.  Her arms reached around him as she watched, entranced by the way his mouth moved over her. 

When her gown had loosened enough for Peter to jerk it away, Ava's face exploded in warmth.  He hadn't been quite this dominant in a long time, and she had to admit rather sullenly that she enjoyed it.  He chuckled at her expression with knowing eyes, and then he ducked his head and allowed his mouth to capture one of her breasts.

Her reaction was immediate as she whimpered out his name.  His teeth grazed over her nipple as her fingers caught his hair.  His tongue was practically magical as it tumbled over her sensitive skin, and it was driving her absolutely mad.

Peter's other hand trailed blazing touches down her nude body, taking ravenous delight in the way her skin was slippery and wet due to the waves.  He fingered her leg as his mouth worked, hand sliding ever so close to her core and making her gasp aloud.

When he did touch her, it left her so bereft of oxygen that she could hardly breath.  It was so indecent, feeling his fingers slipping over her nub, but also something that made her ache and pant and desire him.  And Peter knew it too well.

When he slid his fingers into her, pumping slowly into her core, Ava could only breath his name in such light whispers that Peter could hardly hear.  He kissed back up her body, leaving lingering kisses around her mouth as he caught her eyes.  Whatever he saw in them seemed to change his mind on going slow.  He withdrew his fingers from her with a muffled curse and immediately began tearing his shirt away.

She helped him in a rather dazed manner, slipping her hands up his bare chest as he worked on his pants.  When he fumbled with the drawstring, Ava managed a breathless chuckle -- which he returned with a glower -- and reached down to assist him with that, too.  She eased the fabric over his hips and was slightly amazed to find how hard he was.

But Ava didn't have time to admire his body as he had admired hers.  Peter was demanding now, and she could feel the effects of his passion within her, as well.  Foreplay was over and they needed each other now.

Peter leaned over her, spreading her legs with his knees and guiding his member to her dripping core.  As he entered her, he gave her a sweet kiss that contradicted the level of their passion and made her heart beat right out of her chest.

Her name immediately left his mouth as he sheathed his cock within her.  She could feel him throbbing against her and it felt amazing.  She gasped and stared into his eyes, which were just above hers as their breath intermingled.  And then, with a low, erotic groan, Peter began to move.

He rocked into her body with a elegance that left Ava astounded.  She had never seen him so magnificent than when he was like this, taking not only her physical self but also her emotional one as well.  He was like the sun -- a sun that she undoubtedly orbited.  Her sun.

She whispered his name like it was sacred, and it was.  Her legs locked around his waist and she pulled him closer, wanting to feel as much of him as she was able.  And Peter would never deny his lady anything, so he did as he was silently told and shifted her body, throwing her legs over his shoulders and reaching more of her with every thrust.

She grappled uselessly at his chest, nails scraping over his skin and leaving little trails of red.  It felt so amazing, so wonderfully good.  It was got even better when the sun began to move closer to the horizon and erupted its brightness over Peter.  The halo of light made him seem Godlike and otherworldly.  He was beautiful.

His hips moved swiftly with hers, each time pushing his throbbing cock farther into her.  He moaned out her name, voice carrying over the beach.  The sound of it made Ava's heart swell in happiness.  She all but glowed with the realization that they could be as loud as they wanted and there would be no consequences.  They were far from the castle, and alone.

So she followed his example, whispers turning to loud, whimpering moans and moans turning to pleasured screams.  He groaned against her, murmuring something in her ear.  She nodded against him and swallowed thickly, feeling the tight coil within her abdomen swell and snap.  Her orgasm ripped through her as Peter's pace raced to catch up.

"Ava…" his bucking hips turned to controlled, painfully erotic thrusts as he found his own release and drew out their pleasure.  "Ava!"

Her name was a harsh yell, a cacophony of pleasure, a myriad of times spent wallowing in a similar indulgence.  And Peter did not bother to muffle his voice.  He yelled it loudly to the ocean and the trees and the far off castle, with a pride that made Ava vivacious.

Extended Ending

Her hand was clutched resolutely in his as Peter dragged her up the steps with a vigor that suited him.  Their faces were a mix of relief and bliss, and their smiles were enough to throw the other Pevensies off guard.

"…Weren't they supposed to be fighting?" Edmund whispered to his older sister, who felt the edge of guilt roll away from her at the sight of her dear brother and sister-in-law on happy terms once more.

Susan took in their countenance and then their clothes, which were damp and ruined.  They had been to the beach.  "I suppose they made up."  A knowing smile graced her lips.

Edmund scoffed graciously and watched as a giggling Ava followed Peter out of the Great Hall.  Neither his brother nor his sister-in-law seemed to have even noticed them, or anyone else for that matter.  They were completely in their own world. 

"I think the term 'made up' is a little light, don't you think?  It looks to me as though they went all out -- OW!"

"That hurt, you know."

Susan obviously didn't care.


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