Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Komui Lee Lemon -- Tension Broken

Character: Komui Lee

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Elaina, coy, blunt

Inspiration: Komui's sexually frustrated…pft XD
This is a sequel lemon~  You don't have to read the first one but there are some references that hint back to it.  Hope you like :D
Komui's job didn't leave him much room for sleep, or anything that had to do with having a social life, or…well, anything besides paperwork, I suppose.  He could go weeks without having a full eight hour sleep, but surprisingly he was able to keep his exhaustion to a minimum because he consumed so much caffeine daily. 

But spending so much time at his desk took a different toll on him, and this one had more to do with physical technicalities that Komui usually ignored.  Of course, that method of dealing with his sexual frustration flew out the window whenever Elaina was around him, and now that Reever was in on their relationship, Komui didn't have much chances of sneaking out to see her…

And it only got worse after that night, when Elaina had utterly seduced him -- he blushed and ducked his head as Reever's eyes glanced at him from across the room.  Of course Reever had had to walk in on them.  Of course. 

He was just glad he was wearing his lab coat today, otherwise he would be in for some major embarrassment.  And damn it all, why did Elaina always have to show up whenever he was suffering from all those arousing thoughts?  She was wearing that skirt on purpose, he decided.  And that was definitely the same shade of lipstick that she'd worn that night…he knew because it had taken him forever to wash it out of his shirt…

Elaina smirked at him, tilting her head slightly and looking all smug, as though she knew exactly what he was thinking about.  Her knees inched apart slightly and she watched in amusement as his eyes darted down to look at them.  His face exploded into a blush that nearly fogged up his glasses.

Oh, she loved it when he got all squirmy and uncomfortable.  It was adorable and, she grinned, it was even more fun when he got back at her later on.  But she had trapped him now, because he would never make a move on her amid the other scientists, especially with Reever just yards away.

Another vivid smirk painted her lips.  She stood up, heels clicking delicately on the floor as she walked to his desk.  Komui could only sit there as she leaned over, flashing him an eyeful of cleavage and the hint of her lacy bra.  When she spoke, he nearly collapsed in shivers at the utter lust that was threaded into her voice, "Komui~  I'm going to head down to get some lunch.  What would you like to eat…?"

Sweet Jesus, she had not just said that.  Had she just said that?  She had just said that, didn't she?  He closed his eyes briefly and his mind instantly conjured up an image that didn't help that sexual frustration building up inside him.  He knew exactly what he wanted to eat, and he knew what he wanted to do afterwards, as well.  When he opened his eyes again, the stark hunger in his gaze made Elaina smirk even wider.

He watched her eyes dip down his body and wished they were her hands.  He was craving her touch, he was completely hard and needed her to help him find release.  It had been so long…and lately they'd just kept getting interrupted…

But then Elaina was humming and drawing back, maintaining a semi-professional distance between them.  "I'll be waiting, Komui dear~"  She sent him a wink and was gone, leaving him more frustrated than he'd been minutes before. 
It was a grueling half hour before Komui was finally able to pull himself away from his office.  Reever, who almost had something of a sixth sense when it came to Komui and his escape plans, had bogged him down with even more paperwork than usual and had forced him to do it.  It was only when Komui's stomach began to grumble loudly that Reever took pity on him and let him go to lunch.  Because damn it, he was hungry.

He was also hungry in another way, though, which was why, when he finally dawdled down towards the cafeteria, he was unsurprised when he was intercepted before he could reach it.  Not that he minded, of anything.

Elaina could be quite dominant when things didn't go her way.  (This especially played out in matters such as these, when their time alone kept getting interrupted in some form.)  In any case, Komui was sometimes glad of this side of her, because it meant less work for him.

She pressed herself against him, caging him to the wall and roving her hands all over him.  They weren't far from the cafeteria, but luckily the Order had plenty of alcoves and they were quite familiar with this one. 

"Oh!" she looked at him, face contorted into surprise as he jerked her into his hips.  His erection had not lessened in the past half hour.  If anything, it had only gotten worse, and it was pressing against her like fire. 

Elaina smirked, eyes portraying her amusement and lust.  She let him pull her close, his hands curled around her thighs.  Somewhere between their hot, breathless gasps and grinding lower bodies, their lips met.

He groaned into their kiss, partly because he'd been wanting this all day and partly because it felt so real.  (And so much better than work, he thought.)  He felt her hands inch into his coat and run up and down his chest.  Her tongue darted out to capture him and his eyes closed, nerves rattling uselessly at the heat that was winding up his body.

This was what he'd been yearning for, this fire.  It scorched its way through him and made him feel, dispelling his sleep and his hunger all in one moment and replacing them with his own desire.  He itched for her, wanted to cage her against the wall and tug her clothes away, but she was making his head spin so uncontrollably that he forgot his own wish as soon as he processed it.  He was left a gasping mess against the wall, with her arms caging him in and her hands loosening his cloths.

Their mouths tumbled together messily, heavy pants filling the static silence in between their kisses.  He tugged her closer, grinding his hips against hers and making her throw her head back and murmur incoherently.  He attacked her neck as it was revealed, teeth grazing over her tender skin and making her writhe against him. 

Her leg wrapped around his hip, pressing herself closer to him.  Curling her fingers around his stark white coat, Elaina jerked the collar away and then proceeded to groan and forget what she'd been about to do, because then Komui's hands were shifting down her body and touching her.

The next moment was a jumble of movement.  A harsh whimper tore from Elaina's lips as Komui heaved her up suddenly, hands gripping her ass as he lifted her up.  This angle was fierce; she fit against his hardened erection perfectly and made him ache all the more.  Their lips crashed together and fingers tangled into hair.

Elaina didn't really know how it happened.  One moment her pencil skirt was hiking up her thighs and the next, it was completely replaced by Komui's hands as he jerked it farther up her waist.  Cold air hit her and she shivered, though it was mainly due to the fact that her lover's fingers were now working against the one part of her that was an utter wreck.

A breathless moan filtered through the air.  Her panties were a mess by now, and Komui was quick to jerk them down and ignore them.  He vaguely wondered what it would look like to anyone who happened to walk by, and hoped that no one would because the mere thought of stopping made him sick. 

"Komui…" a kiss was pressed to his jaw, and he opened his eyes slightly to see Elaina's own gaze filled with warmth.  She nuzzled her nose against his cheek and slid her hands beneath his shirt, which was still preventing her from really seeing him in the way she wanted. 

But that would be impossible.  For now, they would have to deal with what they had: a deserted corridor and burning desire.  Clothes would simply have to stay put.  That didn't stop her from touching him as much as she could, though.  And that didn't stop him from hiking her up farther onto his body and then reaching down to undo his pants.  The fabric was pooled around his ankles a moment later and then he was pulling Elaina back down and moaning at the intense heat of her unclothes womanhood.

He needed her now.  He couldn't bear to wait another moment.  He'd been hard all morning from just thinking of her, and the thought of being interrupted again was what ultimately made him bring her down to his twitching shaft.

He entered her swiftly and with a determination that made Elaina gasp.  Her body was on fire before, but it was utterly smoldering now, and it was all she could do to just cling to him and hold on for dear life.

There was something so sexy about making love against a wall, especially when it was in semi-plain sight and in a long, public hallway.  It was so erotic that Komui almost came right then and there, but then he reminded himself that doing such a thing would ruin the moment.  It was just so overpowering, being like this with her.  It felt like such a long time since they'd last been coupled and every thrust was making him more delirious than the last.

Elaina pushed aside the collar of his shirt and pattered his skin with kisses.  Her hips were moving against him fluidly, until she was nothing more than a quaking mass of nerves.  Her cheek was pressed against his chest and she closed her eyes, legs tightening around him as he sunk into her heat time and time again.

"Elaina…!  Nnng…" God, he was coming.  He had to come.  He couldn't hold it in any longer, not when she was keening like that and moving her hips so deliciously -- "Oh!  Elaina…Elaina…" 

She knew he was coming, so she quickened her pace and tried to catch up with him.  She was tossed against the wall a second later and Komui was ramming into her core wildly, hips snapping into hers and no doubt leaving bruises.  But she didn't care.  This was fire; a fire like no other and it was making her combust.

Her fingers slipped into his hair and she jerked him to her face, kissing him like a dying person depraved of air.  He was her oxygen; he provided security and peace and love and she felt it through his every movement.  A moment later, he was breaking the kiss and burying his head against her neck and spilling his seed deep within her with a low, satisfying groan that seemed to permeate through her entire soul.

When it was over, Elaina couldn't help but sigh in relief.  Ever since that accident with Reever, the air between Komui and her had been almost suffocating.  But the tenseness seemed to have completely disappeared now, and all that was left in its wake was blurry satiation.

She slid down his figure slowly, and for a moment, they were content to just wrap their arms around each other and stand there.  But then, suddenly, footsteps sounded at the other end of the hallway and the blissful relief was replaced yet again by resounding fear. 

Kanda Yuu was late to lunch, and his stomach was growling as a result of it.  All he wanted to do was sit down and eat some damned soba, and then go find that stupid Komui -- who was, for some reason, not in his office -- and make him give him a mission.  Was that really too much to ask?  Kanda didn't think so, until he came across the sight of that annoying Elaina and…what that Komui?  Jesus.

It was fairly apparent as to what they were up to.  Kanda wasn't stupid, you know.  He saw it in their flustered movements and in the unsettled air around them, and also in the haphazard way their clothes were strewn on their bodies.  His hand immediately slid to his Mugen as he stared at them, obviously repulsed.  His eye twitched.

"Ahahaha…Kanda!" Komui gave him a sheepish smile and he wrapped his coat around him, as though hoping it would provide a shield.  Kanda glowered at them, and at the annoyingly nervous lilt to the Supervisor's voice.  But what made him more annoyed was the painted smirk on Elaina's face, and the triumphant way she slid her arm into Komui's and winked at Kanda.  Winked.

Kanda's eye was twitching again.  Uncontrollably.

"Ehehehe…Elaina…I think we should probably run now…"  Because then Mugen was being drawn and the thought of soba noodles was steadily drifting farther and farther from Kanda Yuu's mind.

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A Komui Lee Lemon -- Tension Building

Character: Komui Lee

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Elaina, honey brown hair, coy, sometimes blunt

Inspiration: It's a bit of a Fail!Lemon…so I'm making a sequel for it |D

She always knew it would be trouble. Being an exorcist was a hard enough vocation, let alone the lover to the most eccentric man on the planet. Not that anyone knew of her pain-- their relationship was a secret, after all.

Her heels clacked loudly on the stone floor as she made her way up to Komui's office. In her hands were two steaming mugs of coffee, though she had a feeling they would be cold before either one of them were consumed. Elaina was wearing a new shade of lipstick and she fully intended to test it out. Thoroughly.

A coy smile twisted her mouth up, making her eyes burn with mischief. She was glad that no one was awake -- why should they be? It was 3 in the morning -- because that meant more time to spend with Komui. And, she knew, a sleep deprived Komui equaled a very passionate, very eager one.

She poked her head into his office and saw him working at his desk, eyes heavy as though trying to forcefully evade sleep. For a moment, Elaina just stood there admiring him. He was handsome, and strong in a way that made her heart flutter. He didn't even notice her there, until she decided to make her presence known and cleared her throat. He immediately jerked toward her, surprise evident on his face before it melted into acceptance and, finally, thankfulness at the sight of the coffee.

"Elaina…you should be asleep," he said, but both were fully aware that he needed it more than her. It was obvious in the way he was hunched over, eternally drawn to his paperwork.

She sent him a crooked smile but didn't respond, because she couldn't sleep anyway. She'd been trying for the past three hours and ended up just laying awake and thinking. And, of course, the direction of her thoughts was what made her seek him out in the first place.

Elaina placed the mugs of coffee on the only area of his desk that wasn't covered with papers and then proceeded to ease around behind him. He nearly melted as she started to work at the kinks of his shoulders, his head tilted back and his eyes closing in bliss.

She giggled lightly and pressed a kiss to his cheek, hot breath wavering over his skin and waking him up a little. "Actually, I couldn't sleep." She whispered to him, responding to his previous words and then adding in a voice both distinctive and coy, "I needed you."

She watched him gulp, fully awake now and all too aware of how her twisted words were making him shiver and turn in a puddle of nerves. That, coupled with the smooth grace of her hands and her kisses, were making him forget entirely on his paperwork and solely on her, and she knew it too well.

Her mouth caught a bit of skin and drew it between her teeth, running her tongue over it. He let out a strangled moan that made her grin, and arched his back when her hands danced down his chest to fiddle with the buttons of his white coat.

There was something about their situation that seemed remarkably seductive. It had something to do with the fact that they were in his office, where anyone might find them. The danger flickered over her body and made it ache; burn with the desire to feel him against her, within her, around her, and it made her emotions fold around them both.

He was wearing that stupid turtle neck under his coat, and it was too much trouble to get off. So Elaina just went right to his pants, fingers smoothing down the planes of his covered stomach and making quick work of the button. He swallowed thickly as she tugged at the zipper, and even more thickly when she didn't immediately touch him. Instead, her fingers teasingly drifted over the growing bulge of his pants and proceeded to ignore it.

Komui let out a strangled sort of groan that made Elaina smirk against his neck. She kissed up his skin, licking the lobe of his ear and watching him squirm. And then she was pulling away and Komui was left a panting, haphazard mess in his chair.

He watched her suspiciously as she walked in front of him, but all said suspicions fled as soon as she began pushing papers from his desk. Reever would yell at him in the morning for it, but at the moment, Komui didn't much care. All he cared about was the woman leaning against his desk and the clothes that were forming a pile on the floor.

God, she was beautiful. Komui watched with slightly lidded eyes as she undressed herself in front of him. Had she planned this? By the mischievous lilt in her eyes, he was sure she had. But he needed to stop thinking. There was a lovely, naked woman in front of him and he wouldn't let this chance slip away.

He stood shakily, leaving his coat in his chair before coming to nestle himself between her legs. She wrapped them around his waist and slid her hands onto his chest, looking up at him in an almost coy manner and watching him gulp.

"Komui…do you know what I think about when I'm on missions?" he had to shake his head a moment to process her question. He already knew the answer but he wanted to hear her say it, so he mumbled out a barely coherent 'What?' and waited.

She reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting it slide down her arms before pressing her bare chest against his. Her fingers clutched onto his shirt and she dragged him closer, tightening her legs around him and pushing his erection to her core. The heat of it made them both hold in moans, and Elaina breathlessly murmured, "What it feels like when you take me. How much I love it when you get dominant…"

I felt like she was hinting at something, and Komui wasn't nearly as dumb as he sometimes made himself out to be. So he pulled her closer, hands closing around her naked ass and roughly jerking her closer against him. Her head fell back and she let out a moan as he did, her wish coming true as Komui captured her mouth in an equally heady kiss.

He could be dominant when he wanted to be. It had taken a while for him to fall into that pattern because of his lack of experience, but it was easier now and he rather enjoyed it. He liked seeing Elaina beg for him, liked pushing her to the edge and then drawing her back, again and again until she could stand no more and they both fell together. And he knew she liked it. It was obvious in the way she responded to him, and the way she responded now.

Her fingers curled deftly around his waist and they kissed heatedly. She wanted his clothes off, but she was too preoccupied by his lips, which were taking hers so passionately that she could hardly breathe. She gasped out against them and moaned, tilting her head back as he moved his lips to kiss down her neck. She moaned again when he found her sweet spot and all but melted.

Somehow, in some way, Elaina found herself leaning back. Her bare back was pressed to the cold desk, and she shivered at the sudden lack of heat. Komui followed her down, pressing open mouthed kisses against her skin as her legs tightened around him. She was precariously positioned but it made the moment sweeter, more substantial than ever.

"Komui…Komui…"her voice became muffled as he swallowed her pleas, lips moving feverishly against her own as their hips pressed against each other. She wanted his clothes off, permanently. (Or at least until the morning sun forced them back on.)

Komui was painfully aware of his own arousal. His mind was buzzed with caffeine, sleep, and her, and it made him feel almost inebriated as he fiddled with his pants. But he was so focused on kissing her that said pants didn't go anywhere until Elaina finally reached down to assist him, and then they were flying across the room and forgotten.

A breathless moan fled his lips when she leaned in to touch him. It was a fleeting touch, but it sparked shivers throughout his body and made him ache even worse. Her name was shifted through the air in what could have been considered a plea, but it was ignored and Elaina instead began to ease her touch to his still covered abdomen.

This shirt would have to come off. She wanted to see him naked and this shirt was just hindering her. So she jerked it up, surprising Komui with her intensity, and didn't stop until it had been flung next to the jeans.

And then she nearly melted, because if there was something she couldn't get enough of, it was Komui when he was bare and wrapped around her and erect. "Komui…" her voice was nothing more than the edge of a whisper, like a prayer or a phrase she had memorized and was soulfully repeating. She seemed to be saying something more, too. Though her words were silent, Komui could read them in her eyes, and in the way she was drawing her fingers through his hair and pressing her mouth to his collarbone.

He leaned down to kiss her, tilting her chin up to accommodate his lips as they crashed onto hers. His kiss was fervent, like a breath of crisp winter air, and it had Elaina closing her eyes and kissing back just as intently as she could. But it wasn't enough, and Komui far overpowered her as his tongue darted out to catch hers.

A muffled moan drifted between their heady mouths. Elaina gasped for air and then jerked back to his lips before she had fully obtained it, because she would rather suffer than be parted from his delicious kisses. She arched her back as his hands slid over her, tickling up her spine and holding her close to his chest. It felt amazing, being pressed against him like that, with her bare breasts pushed against his hot skin…

She wanted him, so badly. She was aching for him, so wet and needy that it was nearly painful. Burning from the desire to feel him for what he truly was, Elaina finally gave into her selfish wishes and reached down to palm his erection.

He was hard, and when she touched him, he exploded into moans and shivers. His lips hovered inches from her own, but neither leaned in to steal a kiss. She was too busy admiring him, and the way his hair was framing his eyes and that beautiful expression. He was too busy being lost in the waves of pleasure that her hand was giving him.

She pumped him for a few long minutes, eyes steadfastly locked to his face. He moved in to bury his head into her shoulder, leaning heavily over her body and pulling her tighter against him. The movement slightly restricted the amount of pleasure she could give him, but she figured it didn't matter anyway. Soon, they would be united in the best way possible and this pleasure would seem silly in comparison.

Except they hadn't taken into account the schedule of a certain man and how that schedule started very early -- something about making up Komui's unfinished work. And that was why Reever got an eyeful as soon as he stepped into the office, and how he had left a stuttering Komui and a blushing Elaina in tow.

"K-K-K-Kom-Komui-?"he fell to the ground with a bloody nose and was muttering incoherently long after Komui and Elaina escaped. Needless to say, Reever wasn't able to get much work done that day.

A/N: The sequel will be up within the week, I'm thinking. XD Stay tuned to see who interrupts them next...*coughKandacough* pfttt~

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A Yamato Baby Daddy -- Their Hearts Burn

Character: Yamato

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Aiko, young, kind, determined

Inspiration: Just the realization that Yamato is hot, in a weird way... >>
// How It Happened //
Being with Yamato is like being in a dream.  It is a good dream; one that flutters through the subconscious and chases away anything evil.  It is one of those dreams that you pray for before sleep, hoping against all odds that you are graced with it for just one more night before it is lost.

He smiles at her and her heart crashes.  For a moment, she's convinced that she's having some sort of heart attack, but then he looks away and she can breathe again.  She struggles to tell herself that breathing is good, but somehow she'd rather suffer than have him turn away.

"Unfortunately it doesn't come with beds," he's saying, and she realizes he's speaking of his house jutsu, which they are residing in at that very moment.  So she shrugs and doesn't tell him that it's better than any fancy hotel room he could have brought her to, because now they are alone and that means more to her than anything else.

She is aware that it is wrong.  She's hardly an adult and yet she still has all these feelings when she's around him.  He could never feel the same for her.  He's nearly Kakashi's age and the difference in years between them is like a gaping reminder of her youthful innocence -- an innocence that Yamato refuses to corrupt.  But she doesn't know that he struggles with the same thoughts as he rolls out his bedding, and she doesn't know that his heart is racing even faster than hers is just because they are alone.

This little fact thuds its way into self control and nerves, tingles down spines and lingers gently in both of their minds until they feel as though they are suffocating on the very air they breathe.  They are supposed to be comfortable around each other, but this is not comfort.  This is anxiety and burning wishes and fraying proprieties.

"Um…we could go outside, build a fire…have something to eat…" Yamato murmurs, because he reckons that anything is better than here, where temptation is so great that it practically sears.

But what he doesn't know is how beautifully Aiko's face lights up when the fire frames it, and said temptation is almost just as heavy as it had been before.  He could just take her right here, underneath the sky and the stars and the spirits.  He dearly wants to, but then Aiko is speaking lightly and he sighs in relief at the playful change that her voice creates.

"I was certain that you'd be injured somehow, Captain Yamato," she tells him, cheekily smiling at the light jab.  "You should pay more attention to yourself instead of blocking everything that comes at me."  But she doesn't really mean it because she loves when he is protective of her.

He pauses for a moment, considering what her reaction would be if he just told her that if she got hurt, he'd go crazy with worry.  But she is so young and he is so old, and he ends up shrugging halfheartedly and muttering something about how her sensei would kill him if he allowed her to get even a scratch.  He doesn't notice the look of sadness that lingers around the edges of her eyes.

"Besides," he says, eyes crinkling with a smile, "I'm good enough to protect us both!"  And he hands her packet of crackers that they open and share.  It is the last of their food and isn't a very good meal, but neither are very hungry anyway even though the day had been tiresome.  They are too busy thinking, which seems to be their biggest downfall.

Yamato can't help but imagine what it would be like to be wrapped up in her embrace and Aiko wonders if Yamato cares for her even in the slightest, because he doesn't show it.  But perhaps he has had more experience in covering up such emotions.  But perhaps he doesn't have any of such emotions to cover up.  She feels like her head might explode with all the twisted thoughts, so she hurries to distract herself.

She playfully throws another jab at him and watches as he turns it around at her, and suddenly the thick atmosphere has dissipated and they are themselves again.  Only not completely, because Yamato is still imagining the warmth of her body and Aiko is still helplessly wondering what she means to him.

Eventually they put the fire out and dawdle back towards the wooden house, and Aiko curiously asks whether retaining such a jutsu uses very much of his chakra.  He answers that no, it doesn't, which is good because he uses it quite a lot on missions.  But he's not really thinking of his answer.  He's thinking about her and the way the moonlight is shifting over her hair and turning it to silk, and how the reflection of her eyes seem to steal away his very breath.  And he suddenly doesn't know the meaning of control because he is reaching out to capture her hair and he is brushing his lips against the smooth, sweet skin of her shoulder.

She gasps because she doesn't expect his touch.  She doesn't expect its sincerity and its sensuality.  She gasps because it is like a dream come to life.  She gasps because somehow, deep within her, she knows that Yamato would like to hear it.

He does.  He likes it so much that he kisses her again, once more, before he realizes just what he is doing and just what he has silently confessed.  That kiss wasn't one of friendship, and Aiko seems to have realized it. 

She turns to him, eyes wide in an emotion he has only dreamt of seeing there.  He has guessed at her infatuation with him, but has brushed it aside until now because he doesn't want to take advantage of it.  But seeing her like this, lips parted and eyes practically begging for him…it is too much, and Yamato loses all semblance of self control as he goes in for the kill.

She likes this.  Being pressed against the wall and him.  And she likes the way his lips are molding with hers in that gentle, kind way that is uniquely Yamato.  She struggles to hold onto reality as he kisses her.  She wants to let go, but someone has to remember it and she'd rather it be her, because if its Yamato then he might stop kissing her and she would rather die than allow that.

Her hand blindly reaches for the door knob, because getting inside is the first step to reaching whatever it is they are trying to attain.  She knows what she wants, and she has an idea as to what Yamato wants.  She also knows that if they stay out here then the cold air will eventually put a rift between them.  So she turns the knob and they stumble inside, caught between surprise and a giddiness that nearly brings them to the floor.  But only nearly, because they now have to attain step two, which is reaching the room in which they will be sleeping. 

Yamato slips his hands around her thighs and lifts her up so that her legs are forced to curl around him.  He is drunk by her essence and can't bear the thought of breaking their kiss.  He doesn't care anymore, about anything that had kept him away in the past.  Her young age, and the awkwardness that they may happen across later on, settles in the far reaches of his brain.  He can't bother to think about those.  All this thoughts are consumed by her, bent on the way she is kissing back and caressing his face and hair and neck, and he loves every moment of it.

They somehow stumble to the top floor and fall onto the bedding that Yamato had only recently set up.  It is not a terribly comfortable place, but it is good enough for now.  Plus, she looks perfectly beautiful laying there, with her hair splayed out and her arms reaching out for him, and there is nothing that could make the moment better.

Until Yamato nestles against her once more, and then he realizes how much better the situation will become.  She wraps her legs around his waist and pulls him against her pounding, aching core.  He instinctively knows that she has been ready for him since before the kiss, and perhaps before their mission.  They have waited too long for this and Yamato wastes no time in bringing his mouth back to hers and making her forget.  About what, even she is unaware.

Her heart is skyrocketing and she wonders if she is having another heart attack.  But it is a good heart attack, she consoles herself.  Her eyes flutter open and she stares at him, inebriated at the expression on his face.  Her hands palm his chest, weaving of his clothes and slipping into them.  He flinches lightly at the sudden touch, and opens his eyes.

For a moment, they just look at each other.  They cement the moment into their minds and lock it shut.  And then, when it has been molded and safely stored away, Yamato allows himself to move again.

Aiko gasps breathlessly when he rocks against her.  He is hardly moving, and their clothes are still restraining them, but she can feel his hardness and it makes her heart splutter and her nerves fray.  She tightens her legs around him and attempts to bring him closer, because it feels so good.

But he doesn't acquiesce her obvious wish because his mind is somewhere else now.  It is stuck, caught on the desire to move his hand over bare skin and to see her for what she was.  Clothes are something of the past, important but not needed and certainly not wanted.  They are merely agents that act against the cold now, but that, too, has grown stale because their bodies are both hot enough to counteract that.

She practically purrs out in delight as his hands slide beneath her shirt and drags it up her body.  She wants him to see her, craves his eyes and the way she imagines them lighting up.  This is all new for her, the idea of coupling.  She is a virgin, but only because she has been waiting for him, waiting inconsolably for the moment where he might lay her down and teach her a thing or two about becoming a woman.

Her shirt becomes a pillow of sorts and then is forgotten, shoved from her mind as Yamato's gaze lingers over her.  The pads of his fingers make her shiver, and she softly pleads for him to hurry up.  This time, he agrees.  The rest of her clothes are pulled from her body and she is left bare and shaking from something akin to nervousness.

Of course she is nervous, Yamato thinks.  He knows it is her first time.  It is apparent in the way she is almost cowering beneath him.  He shushes her, smoothes out her hair as it falls into her face, and does the one thing that he has been wanting to do for months, years even.  His hands drag down her body, skin on skin, and he curls over the length of her pale legs.  The best part about touching her, however, is the way she closes her eyes and softly arches her back, whimpering in the gentlest tone.

He knows then and there that it is too much.  He cannot wait a second longer.  He leans down, brushing his mouth over hers and whispers out a wish that is almost an order, except he would never order her to do anything she didn't want to do.

But she wants to do this.  She'd wanted to since the moment her feelings for him had been realized and she doesn't wait to think about it.  She loosens his shirt and drags it over his head, pausing a moment to touch the hard, delicious planes of his chest before she lingers down and catches the drawstring of his pants.  She slides them off his hips slowly, eyes drinking in the sight of his hard manhood as it trembles for her. 

For her.  She darts her eyes back to his face to find him staring at her, eyes incredibly soft.  Her heart splutters again, and she wonders vaguely how she will ever fit him within her.  Will it hurt?  Yes, she thinks, but this is Yamato, it will be alright.  But she begins to doubt that.

He must notice.  It is not his first time and it is certainly not the first time he's taken a virgin.  He knows what to do, and so he leans down to kiss her and forms a cage around her head, blocking off her view of the rest of him and making her focus on his face.

"Aiko…" he wants to tell her that they don't have to proceed if she's truly uncomfortable.  He wouldn't want to lead her blindly into something she might regret.  But he also wants to tell her that it will be fine, that she will feel good very soon, that the pain will only last a minute.  He also wants to tell her that he loves her.  Instead, he focuses on kissing her and silently pouring his love into the way his mouth moves over hers. 

She wraps her arms around him and pushes her hips up, because she will not back down now.  They have made it this far and it would be folly to stop, painful for the both of them and just silly.  She will have to become a woman some day and she'd rather it be Yamato who makes her one. 

He gasps out against her mouth as he feels her heat pushing against his erection, and he knows that it is time.  He breaks the kiss for a moment to look at her, taking in the heady way her eyes stare right back.  She wants him just as badly as he wants her.  So he guides his manhood to her entrance and gently eases himself in.

A clean break will be good, he thinks.  It won't draw out her pain.  Even now, her eyes are crinkling with discomfort and he can hardly bear to see it.  He drops kisses on the edges of her eyes and smoothes her forehead.  Then he presses a hard kiss to her mouth and pushes himself completely within her, eyes tightly shut at his own discomfort as she squeezes painfully around him.

She digs her nails into his back and presses her lips into a thin line.  Yamato lets her be, drawing back slightly before kissing her cheek and whispering out gentle words that he hopes will console her.  But only time will do that, and it takes nearly a full minute before she gasps out in a voice tight with pain, "I'm ok, Yamato." 

He knows she isn't, that she's only saying that for his benefit, but he also knows that if he doesn't start moving then the pain will never go away for her.  So he nods gently against her and moves his hips, trying to ignore the laborious whimper that escapes her lips.

It lasts a few more minutes before morphing into a sore ache and then changing to an ache of another sort entirely.  And then Aiko is gasping in something akin to pleasure, eyes wide and telling Yamato to go faster.  So he does, because he's been wanting to from the first moment he slipped into her.  His hips mold against hers fluidly, and his hands touch her in a way she has only dreamt of. 

His mouth lands on hers for a moment, and then he's kissing down her neck, tongue drawing over her flushed skin and fingers smoothing up her body to cup her breasts.  She arches her back when his tongue follows the example of his hands, and then her body is on fire and she can only gasp and watch as he sucks and kisses her skin.

He takes a full breast into his mouth and he reckons he could stay this way forever and never tire of her taste, and of her warmth, and of the way her body conforms to his.  And he loves the way she says his name, and how it lingers in the static air and crackles over his ears.  His heart has never felt like it would explode quite this much, and he races to catch his breath as he pants.

But he doesn't try that hard because he knows it is futile.  She steals every breath he draws anyway.  So he just decides to throw everything to the wind and he kisses back up her body and he catches her mouth with his again.

Oh, he likes the sounds she is making.  Every snap of his hips enforces a new one to escape and it drives him mad with pleasure.  She is so tight and it feels so good and Kami, he won't be lasting much longer than this.  But that's alright because it is apparent that she won't be either.

She looks as though she wants to tell him, but she can't form even the barest of sentences.  He doesn't mind.  He tells her silently that she can come whenever she wants and she buries her face into the crook of his neck and hugs him tightly.  Her hips meet his faster now, the coil of her body unwinding rapidly and she pants and whimpers and calls out to him as she finds release.  It is the sweetest, most sacred moment she has ever experienced and wants to tell him so badly that she loves him.  But she knows that it will ruin the moment and so she just settles for a pattering of kisses against his shoulder and chest and hopes that it somehow conveys her deep set emotions.

He follows quickly, arms forming a cage around her as he holds onto her.  He never wants to let go, never wants to leave this warmth, this utter peace that she has secured within him.  So even when everything is quiet and the silence forms a shell around them, Yamato keeps her curled tightly to his chest and refuses to break his hold until the morning light threatens to discover them, warm and naked and together.
// How You Found Out //
Kurenai knows something is up the moment Aiko steps into her apartment.  The new mother seems to have gained a sort of sixth sense which all mothers share, and she instinctively knows that Aiko is with child.  It is the strange glow of her smile, she decides, and then goes for a more scientific approach as she curiously wonders about her health.

It has not been good, Aiko informs her.  But she doesn't tell her that she is suffering from a depression of sorts and that is the reason she hasn't looked into it.  She's been eating junk food in a childish attempt to pretend like there is nothing wrong, and that has been the reason for the morning sickness and the headaches.  She hasn't been out on as many missions and has put training on hold.  Her body is suffering because of it; she is a little plumper than before but she figures she'll work it off on her next mission, which is coming up in about a week.

But Kurenai's sixth sense goes farther than she realizes, and the true reason behind what is going on doesn't surprise her.  "You haven't seen him for a while, then."  And the truth of it, uttered so suddenly, shocks Aiko into silence.

Kurenai has known about Aiko's infatuation for years and has often used it as light teasing whenever Yamato is around.  But she didn't realize it had grown in such a way, and she hadn't known that Yamato shared even a piece of those feelings with Aiko.

"Then…you and Yamato…did you…?"  She had to know.  In any case, Kurenai would be there to help and also to inform Aiko of what she seems to be in the dark about.

The younger girl nods shakily, blushing at the confession and at what it had meant to her.  And it is also true that Yamato has disappeared.  She hasn’t seen him for almost two months and that fact alone makes Aiko tremble with sadness and shame.  In a way, she regrets their actions.  She has lost a friend which she considers very dear to her, a mentor who she always looks up to, and a possible lover all in one night.  She is still very much a child, even after Yamato took that innocence away from her.

"I went through the same thing, you know," Kurenai tells her, pushing a cup of steaming tea to the depressed girl.  Her words make Aiko look up with curiosity, and Kurenai chuckles.  "It's true.  Asuma and I…we didn't start dating until after we…well, you know.  He ended up avoiding me because he didn't know what to say.  But then…he realized that I was pregnant."  It had not happened quite like that, but Kurenai is not opposed to twisting the truth a bit in favor of somehow telling Aiko of her condition. 

"Really?" Aiko leans forward and Kurenai finally decides that a clean break may be the best tactic.  She nods and smiles gently and a little unsurely, because she can't determine what Aiko's reaction might be.  "Aiko…you have all the symptoms, and since I went through the same thing…"  the girl doesn't understand.  She looks at Kurenai in confusion and the older woman can't help but sigh, "I think you're pregnant, Aiko."

Whatever Aiko had expected to hear, it is not this.  She leans back as though Kurenai has poisoned her and gapes.  The word 'pregnant' tumbles around in her head, blackening with every rotation as if it is somehow cursed, somehow repulsive, somehow shameful.  And it is.  It is shameful to be pregnant when the father hasn't bothered to contact her since they got back from their mission.  It is shameful because Aiko is young and has no idea what to do or if Kurenai's words are actually the truth or --

The chair grates loudly on the floor and Aiko stands up, staring into the distance with a remorseful expression.  She knows how she wants to feel, knows that she has always wanted a baby.  But this situation doesn't allow her any happiness and she is left groveling, stumbling for an emotion that can fill the emptiness within her.  She falls into one that she normally avoids because she's a pacifist at heart.  But she can't avoid it this time because its calling out to her and wrapping itself around her, and has a hold on her that she can't shake off.  Fury.

Angry tears well up in her eyes and she goes to leave.  Kurenai watches her, unsure how to help and unsure if Aiko even wants her help.  So she ends up watching Aiko walk to the door, tug it open, and then slam it shut behind her.  She sighs and reaches for the untouched cup of tea, pulling it to her lips and hoping Aiko will be alright.
// How You Told Him //
It is raining when she gets to the bar, but she is unsurprised by this.  It has been raining almost eternally for the past week, and Aiko feels as though it is a punishment of sorts.  It is true that she is pregnant.  It is also true that she blames herself for her pregnancy.  She is aware that Yamato had been the first to initiate their contact, but she stills feels as though she is to blame for what happened and for his absence afterward.

She steps into the slightly run down building and casts her deadened eyes over the crowd of people.  She doesn't frequent these scenes, because she is too young to drink alcohol.  The thought makes her cringe as she is reminded of the gaping age difference between Yamato and her.  The pain in her chest becomes significantly heavier when she finds him sitting with his friends, and she begins to wonder if she should even tell him at all.

Kakashi sees her first, because he is facing the door and also because it is impossible not to notice her youthful face in this crowd of older adults.  Kurenai, who is sitting beside him, also drags her eyes toward Aiko and she almost chokes on her sake.  Because of his friend's reactions, Yamato glances over his shoulder and is shocked to find Aiko standing behind him, looking rather worse for wear.

She doesn't really look like Aiko, he thinks.  Her complexion is paler, unhealthy, and there are shadows under her eyes as though she hasn't been sleeping.  Her body is slightly out of shape too, and her hands are caved around her stomach in a strangely protective manner that makes Yamato slightly suspicious.

But he can't really wonder at her appearance.  He feels too guilty, too shamed to even look at her and so he tears his eyes back to his glass and waits for her to speak.  He is slightly drunk and has been for what seems like ages, and the sight of her makes him slightly angry, as though she's blaming him for the sickening way he'd treated her that night.  He hasn't regretted anything more.

For a long, dragging minute, nothing is said.  Genma, the last of their party, watches on in keen interest.  He has heard that something happened between mentor and student, but both Kakashi and Kurenai wouldn't say anything about it.  He casts his eyes to Yamato and wonders why he's looking so upset.

Within Aiko, a plethora of emotions are boiling and she just needs to let them go.  If she doesn't tell him then she'll blame herself even more.  If there's even a slight chance of him turning around and accepting her, she'll take it.  But then she remembers that no, if he'd wanted to accept her then he'd had two months to do so after their mission.  It is a lost cause, she silently cries, but can’t help but cling onto the shredded hope anyway.

When she opens her mouth, her voice is shredded in a similar way.  "Yama…to…" and then she cringes, because it's almost physically painful to say his name.  She feebly says, "I have…something I need to tell you…"  There, it was out.  No he'll turn around and smile and say 'of course, Aiko' and then lead them somewhere private to talk --

But he doesn't move.  He sits there, hunched over his sake with his back to her and doesn't even lift a finger.  And she stares in slight horror when he slurs out a heavy "Say it then," before reverting into silence.

Why isn't he turning around to look at her?  She longs to see the adoration in his kind eyes, but he won't even grace her with the sight of his face.  She wants to cry, wants to be a child again and run to her mother and hide in her skirts.  Instead, she holds her ground and mutters out a small, "I-It's a…private matter…you see…"  Internally, she's begging with him to come with her.

She wants to turn her eyes to Kakashi or Kurenai or even to Genma, but she can't bring herself to do that and so she just wallows in her shame as Yamato says, "Just say it.  I don't have time for this, Aiko."

He's speaking to a child, she thinks.  He'll always see her as a child, but never as the mother of his child.  She swallows thickly and prepares herself for what will be an embarrassment like no other.  Her voice is even weaker now, "I…I'm…sorry, Yam--" no, she can't bear to say his name.  It cuts off halfway through and dies on her tongue.  "I'm…I'm pregnant."  Saying it out loud makes it seem all the more real.

The table's reaction is mixed.  Kurenai sighs, Kakashi's one visible eye widens, and Genma splutters on his beer.  But Aiko is looking at Yamato, the one man whose opinion matters, and he isn't saying anything, or doing anything, at all.  So she chokes back a miserable sob and hurries away, fears confirmed in the worst possible way.

It takes Yamato all of three seconds for his anger to change into fury.  But it isn't directed at Aiko.  It's directed at himself, for not responding just now, and for so many things that have happened in their twisted relationship.  He sits there clutching his sake shot and then downs it, expression full of determination and something else sketched between the wrinkle of his brow as he gets up.  It is apparent where he is going, and the other three do not stop him.  Kurenai and Kakashi, because they want him to go to her, and Genma, because he is still choking on his beer.

Yamato finds her easily.  She doesn't even bother disguising her trail and he thinks he knows why.  She has resigned herself to a life without him.  But he will not allow that to happen.

He watches her for a moment, fumbling in his determination at the sight of her tears.  She is sobbing, body shakily uncontrollably as she leans against a tree.  Her arms are drawn around herself, but she is still shivering from what is probably the chill in the air and perhaps the emotions still degrading her, so Yamato steps forward to offer her his heat.

Well, he doesn't really offer it.  He merely grazes her shoulder, slipping the fabric down slightly to press his mouth to the smooth skin.  It is an action that he hopes might explain some things, but unfortunately Aiko is too overcome by her sorrow to understand the meaning of it.

"W-What are you d-doing he-here?" she chokes out, but doesn’t turn to him.  He wonders if this is what she felt like back there in the bar, staring at his back as he ignored her.  The thought made him cringe shamefully.

How can he apologize?  How can he say he is sorry for all the hurt he has caused?  It is his entire fault for putting her into this situation, but he still doesn't feel completely bad about it.  After all, it is giving him a new chance at a life he never thought he would have.  So what if she is young?  He wonders why it has ever mattered in the past, and then grabs her shoulders, spins her around, and hugs her close to his chest.  One by one, the pieces of their shattered hearts glue themselves back together.
// Epilogue, Four Years Later // 
"How is he?" is the first thing out of Aiko's mouth when she sees Sakura.  The pink haired kunoichi gives her a gentle smile and gestures to the door, silently giving her permission to enter.

It had been a long night.  When Aiko heard of Yamato's injury, she'd come right to the hospital to see him.  That had been almost twelve hours ago.

She pushes the door open gently and peers inside.  It is dim in the room, being early morning.  The sun is still not risen yet and so Aiko must squint to make out the form of her husband -- yes, husband.  She smiles in pride at the thought and makes her way over to him.  She thinks he is sleeping, but when she takes his hand and he takes hers back, she knows he is not.

She leans forward to press a soft kiss to his cheek, lingering by his face for a moment longer and fighting the urge to kiss him more fully.  But she doesn't, because she doesn't want to hurt him.  Eventually, she begins to pull back.

Yamato will have none of that.  Immediately, his hands are drawing her closer and his mouth is seeking hers and they are kissing with an exuberance that makes them want more.  She whimpers gently against his lips and he fights the urge to slip his hands beneath her clothes.  This is neither the time nor the place, he tells himself, but it is easier said than done and it takes him another minute to gain control.

"Where is Daisuke?" he wonders, and doing so helps him clear his thoughts a little.  But not much.  Aiko is curled up against him and it is always difficult to forget his reaction to her when she is so near.  His eyes slip closed as she traces her fingers against his chest.

"Kurenai is looking after him.  He was sleeping when I left and I didn't want to wake him up just to bring him here."  Yamato falls silent at this.  By the way she is speaking, it is obvious that she's been here a while.  He silently tugs her closer -- if such a thing is even possible -- and kisses her temple.  He wonders how he had ever been blessed with such a loving woman, but his thoughts stray as her touch lingers down his body.

"Ah--Aiko, what…?" he gives a soft moan and his head falls back.  This is neither the time nor the place, he repeats, but he cannot bring himself to draw back from her.  She is his one weakness and she knows it.

But to his shock, she pulls away of her own accord and gives him a jaunty smile that makes him want to drag her down and have his way with her.  She knows this, too, and only smiles wider.  She presses a kiss beneath his jaw and swiftly stands, "Speaking of Daisuke, I should really relieve Kurenai of him.  I'll bring him by later with some food, yes?"

Kami, he can't allow her to leave him like this!  It isn't fair.  It is a cruelty like no other, especially since its been so long for him and was so easy to do -- "Aiko."  His voice cracks and he winces, narrowing his eyes on her amused smirk.  She continues to the door.

She's a demon, he thinks, glowering at her back, but then he doesn't expect her to reach the door and then lock it rather than leave.  His eyes widen as she turns to him, head tilted in a seemingly innocent manner.  But her eyes give her away and he shivers at the unadulterated passion there.

"Oh, fine~  You've convinced me," she tells him cheekily, heart pounding against her chest as she made her way back to him.  She situates herself in his lap, leans in to kiss him, and proceeds to erase the rest of the world.

He is thankful that she is so astute and compassionate of his needs -- and her own, he smirks.  He is thankful that she has become so experienced in the past four years they've been together.  But mostly, he is thankful that he didn't turn her away that night, all those years ago.  Mostly, he is thankful that she is his.

"I love you, Yamato," comes her whispered voice, and their hearts burn pleasantly.