Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Komui Lee Lemon -- Tension Broken

Character: Komui Lee

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Elaina, coy, blunt

Inspiration: Komui's sexually frustrated…pft XD
This is a sequel lemon~  You don't have to read the first one but there are some references that hint back to it.  Hope you like :D
Komui's job didn't leave him much room for sleep, or anything that had to do with having a social life, or…well, anything besides paperwork, I suppose.  He could go weeks without having a full eight hour sleep, but surprisingly he was able to keep his exhaustion to a minimum because he consumed so much caffeine daily. 

But spending so much time at his desk took a different toll on him, and this one had more to do with physical technicalities that Komui usually ignored.  Of course, that method of dealing with his sexual frustration flew out the window whenever Elaina was around him, and now that Reever was in on their relationship, Komui didn't have much chances of sneaking out to see her…

And it only got worse after that night, when Elaina had utterly seduced him -- he blushed and ducked his head as Reever's eyes glanced at him from across the room.  Of course Reever had had to walk in on them.  Of course. 

He was just glad he was wearing his lab coat today, otherwise he would be in for some major embarrassment.  And damn it all, why did Elaina always have to show up whenever he was suffering from all those arousing thoughts?  She was wearing that skirt on purpose, he decided.  And that was definitely the same shade of lipstick that she'd worn that night…he knew because it had taken him forever to wash it out of his shirt…

Elaina smirked at him, tilting her head slightly and looking all smug, as though she knew exactly what he was thinking about.  Her knees inched apart slightly and she watched in amusement as his eyes darted down to look at them.  His face exploded into a blush that nearly fogged up his glasses.

Oh, she loved it when he got all squirmy and uncomfortable.  It was adorable and, she grinned, it was even more fun when he got back at her later on.  But she had trapped him now, because he would never make a move on her amid the other scientists, especially with Reever just yards away.

Another vivid smirk painted her lips.  She stood up, heels clicking delicately on the floor as she walked to his desk.  Komui could only sit there as she leaned over, flashing him an eyeful of cleavage and the hint of her lacy bra.  When she spoke, he nearly collapsed in shivers at the utter lust that was threaded into her voice, "Komui~  I'm going to head down to get some lunch.  What would you like to eat…?"

Sweet Jesus, she had not just said that.  Had she just said that?  She had just said that, didn't she?  He closed his eyes briefly and his mind instantly conjured up an image that didn't help that sexual frustration building up inside him.  He knew exactly what he wanted to eat, and he knew what he wanted to do afterwards, as well.  When he opened his eyes again, the stark hunger in his gaze made Elaina smirk even wider.

He watched her eyes dip down his body and wished they were her hands.  He was craving her touch, he was completely hard and needed her to help him find release.  It had been so long…and lately they'd just kept getting interrupted…

But then Elaina was humming and drawing back, maintaining a semi-professional distance between them.  "I'll be waiting, Komui dear~"  She sent him a wink and was gone, leaving him more frustrated than he'd been minutes before. 
It was a grueling half hour before Komui was finally able to pull himself away from his office.  Reever, who almost had something of a sixth sense when it came to Komui and his escape plans, had bogged him down with even more paperwork than usual and had forced him to do it.  It was only when Komui's stomach began to grumble loudly that Reever took pity on him and let him go to lunch.  Because damn it, he was hungry.

He was also hungry in another way, though, which was why, when he finally dawdled down towards the cafeteria, he was unsurprised when he was intercepted before he could reach it.  Not that he minded, of anything.

Elaina could be quite dominant when things didn't go her way.  (This especially played out in matters such as these, when their time alone kept getting interrupted in some form.)  In any case, Komui was sometimes glad of this side of her, because it meant less work for him.

She pressed herself against him, caging him to the wall and roving her hands all over him.  They weren't far from the cafeteria, but luckily the Order had plenty of alcoves and they were quite familiar with this one. 

"Oh!" she looked at him, face contorted into surprise as he jerked her into his hips.  His erection had not lessened in the past half hour.  If anything, it had only gotten worse, and it was pressing against her like fire. 

Elaina smirked, eyes portraying her amusement and lust.  She let him pull her close, his hands curled around her thighs.  Somewhere between their hot, breathless gasps and grinding lower bodies, their lips met.

He groaned into their kiss, partly because he'd been wanting this all day and partly because it felt so real.  (And so much better than work, he thought.)  He felt her hands inch into his coat and run up and down his chest.  Her tongue darted out to capture him and his eyes closed, nerves rattling uselessly at the heat that was winding up his body.

This was what he'd been yearning for, this fire.  It scorched its way through him and made him feel, dispelling his sleep and his hunger all in one moment and replacing them with his own desire.  He itched for her, wanted to cage her against the wall and tug her clothes away, but she was making his head spin so uncontrollably that he forgot his own wish as soon as he processed it.  He was left a gasping mess against the wall, with her arms caging him in and her hands loosening his cloths.

Their mouths tumbled together messily, heavy pants filling the static silence in between their kisses.  He tugged her closer, grinding his hips against hers and making her throw her head back and murmur incoherently.  He attacked her neck as it was revealed, teeth grazing over her tender skin and making her writhe against him. 

Her leg wrapped around his hip, pressing herself closer to him.  Curling her fingers around his stark white coat, Elaina jerked the collar away and then proceeded to groan and forget what she'd been about to do, because then Komui's hands were shifting down her body and touching her.

The next moment was a jumble of movement.  A harsh whimper tore from Elaina's lips as Komui heaved her up suddenly, hands gripping her ass as he lifted her up.  This angle was fierce; she fit against his hardened erection perfectly and made him ache all the more.  Their lips crashed together and fingers tangled into hair.

Elaina didn't really know how it happened.  One moment her pencil skirt was hiking up her thighs and the next, it was completely replaced by Komui's hands as he jerked it farther up her waist.  Cold air hit her and she shivered, though it was mainly due to the fact that her lover's fingers were now working against the one part of her that was an utter wreck.

A breathless moan filtered through the air.  Her panties were a mess by now, and Komui was quick to jerk them down and ignore them.  He vaguely wondered what it would look like to anyone who happened to walk by, and hoped that no one would because the mere thought of stopping made him sick. 

"Komui…" a kiss was pressed to his jaw, and he opened his eyes slightly to see Elaina's own gaze filled with warmth.  She nuzzled her nose against his cheek and slid her hands beneath his shirt, which was still preventing her from really seeing him in the way she wanted. 

But that would be impossible.  For now, they would have to deal with what they had: a deserted corridor and burning desire.  Clothes would simply have to stay put.  That didn't stop her from touching him as much as she could, though.  And that didn't stop him from hiking her up farther onto his body and then reaching down to undo his pants.  The fabric was pooled around his ankles a moment later and then he was pulling Elaina back down and moaning at the intense heat of her unclothes womanhood.

He needed her now.  He couldn't bear to wait another moment.  He'd been hard all morning from just thinking of her, and the thought of being interrupted again was what ultimately made him bring her down to his twitching shaft.

He entered her swiftly and with a determination that made Elaina gasp.  Her body was on fire before, but it was utterly smoldering now, and it was all she could do to just cling to him and hold on for dear life.

There was something so sexy about making love against a wall, especially when it was in semi-plain sight and in a long, public hallway.  It was so erotic that Komui almost came right then and there, but then he reminded himself that doing such a thing would ruin the moment.  It was just so overpowering, being like this with her.  It felt like such a long time since they'd last been coupled and every thrust was making him more delirious than the last.

Elaina pushed aside the collar of his shirt and pattered his skin with kisses.  Her hips were moving against him fluidly, until she was nothing more than a quaking mass of nerves.  Her cheek was pressed against his chest and she closed her eyes, legs tightening around him as he sunk into her heat time and time again.

"Elaina…!  Nnng…" God, he was coming.  He had to come.  He couldn't hold it in any longer, not when she was keening like that and moving her hips so deliciously -- "Oh!  Elaina…Elaina…" 

She knew he was coming, so she quickened her pace and tried to catch up with him.  She was tossed against the wall a second later and Komui was ramming into her core wildly, hips snapping into hers and no doubt leaving bruises.  But she didn't care.  This was fire; a fire like no other and it was making her combust.

Her fingers slipped into his hair and she jerked him to her face, kissing him like a dying person depraved of air.  He was her oxygen; he provided security and peace and love and she felt it through his every movement.  A moment later, he was breaking the kiss and burying his head against her neck and spilling his seed deep within her with a low, satisfying groan that seemed to permeate through her entire soul.

When it was over, Elaina couldn't help but sigh in relief.  Ever since that accident with Reever, the air between Komui and her had been almost suffocating.  But the tenseness seemed to have completely disappeared now, and all that was left in its wake was blurry satiation.

She slid down his figure slowly, and for a moment, they were content to just wrap their arms around each other and stand there.  But then, suddenly, footsteps sounded at the other end of the hallway and the blissful relief was replaced yet again by resounding fear. 

Kanda Yuu was late to lunch, and his stomach was growling as a result of it.  All he wanted to do was sit down and eat some damned soba, and then go find that stupid Komui -- who was, for some reason, not in his office -- and make him give him a mission.  Was that really too much to ask?  Kanda didn't think so, until he came across the sight of that annoying Elaina and…what that Komui?  Jesus.

It was fairly apparent as to what they were up to.  Kanda wasn't stupid, you know.  He saw it in their flustered movements and in the unsettled air around them, and also in the haphazard way their clothes were strewn on their bodies.  His hand immediately slid to his Mugen as he stared at them, obviously repulsed.  His eye twitched.

"Ahahaha…Kanda!" Komui gave him a sheepish smile and he wrapped his coat around him, as though hoping it would provide a shield.  Kanda glowered at them, and at the annoyingly nervous lilt to the Supervisor's voice.  But what made him more annoyed was the painted smirk on Elaina's face, and the triumphant way she slid her arm into Komui's and winked at Kanda.  Winked.

Kanda's eye was twitching again.  Uncontrollably.

"Ehehehe…Elaina…I think we should probably run now…"  Because then Mugen was being drawn and the thought of soba noodles was steadily drifting farther and farther from Kanda Yuu's mind.

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