Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Komui Lee Lemon -- Tension Building

Character: Komui Lee

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Elaina, honey brown hair, coy, sometimes blunt

Inspiration: It's a bit of a Fail!Lemon…so I'm making a sequel for it |D

She always knew it would be trouble. Being an exorcist was a hard enough vocation, let alone the lover to the most eccentric man on the planet. Not that anyone knew of her pain-- their relationship was a secret, after all.

Her heels clacked loudly on the stone floor as she made her way up to Komui's office. In her hands were two steaming mugs of coffee, though she had a feeling they would be cold before either one of them were consumed. Elaina was wearing a new shade of lipstick and she fully intended to test it out. Thoroughly.

A coy smile twisted her mouth up, making her eyes burn with mischief. She was glad that no one was awake -- why should they be? It was 3 in the morning -- because that meant more time to spend with Komui. And, she knew, a sleep deprived Komui equaled a very passionate, very eager one.

She poked her head into his office and saw him working at his desk, eyes heavy as though trying to forcefully evade sleep. For a moment, Elaina just stood there admiring him. He was handsome, and strong in a way that made her heart flutter. He didn't even notice her there, until she decided to make her presence known and cleared her throat. He immediately jerked toward her, surprise evident on his face before it melted into acceptance and, finally, thankfulness at the sight of the coffee.

"Elaina…you should be asleep," he said, but both were fully aware that he needed it more than her. It was obvious in the way he was hunched over, eternally drawn to his paperwork.

She sent him a crooked smile but didn't respond, because she couldn't sleep anyway. She'd been trying for the past three hours and ended up just laying awake and thinking. And, of course, the direction of her thoughts was what made her seek him out in the first place.

Elaina placed the mugs of coffee on the only area of his desk that wasn't covered with papers and then proceeded to ease around behind him. He nearly melted as she started to work at the kinks of his shoulders, his head tilted back and his eyes closing in bliss.

She giggled lightly and pressed a kiss to his cheek, hot breath wavering over his skin and waking him up a little. "Actually, I couldn't sleep." She whispered to him, responding to his previous words and then adding in a voice both distinctive and coy, "I needed you."

She watched him gulp, fully awake now and all too aware of how her twisted words were making him shiver and turn in a puddle of nerves. That, coupled with the smooth grace of her hands and her kisses, were making him forget entirely on his paperwork and solely on her, and she knew it too well.

Her mouth caught a bit of skin and drew it between her teeth, running her tongue over it. He let out a strangled moan that made her grin, and arched his back when her hands danced down his chest to fiddle with the buttons of his white coat.

There was something about their situation that seemed remarkably seductive. It had something to do with the fact that they were in his office, where anyone might find them. The danger flickered over her body and made it ache; burn with the desire to feel him against her, within her, around her, and it made her emotions fold around them both.

He was wearing that stupid turtle neck under his coat, and it was too much trouble to get off. So Elaina just went right to his pants, fingers smoothing down the planes of his covered stomach and making quick work of the button. He swallowed thickly as she tugged at the zipper, and even more thickly when she didn't immediately touch him. Instead, her fingers teasingly drifted over the growing bulge of his pants and proceeded to ignore it.

Komui let out a strangled sort of groan that made Elaina smirk against his neck. She kissed up his skin, licking the lobe of his ear and watching him squirm. And then she was pulling away and Komui was left a panting, haphazard mess in his chair.

He watched her suspiciously as she walked in front of him, but all said suspicions fled as soon as she began pushing papers from his desk. Reever would yell at him in the morning for it, but at the moment, Komui didn't much care. All he cared about was the woman leaning against his desk and the clothes that were forming a pile on the floor.

God, she was beautiful. Komui watched with slightly lidded eyes as she undressed herself in front of him. Had she planned this? By the mischievous lilt in her eyes, he was sure she had. But he needed to stop thinking. There was a lovely, naked woman in front of him and he wouldn't let this chance slip away.

He stood shakily, leaving his coat in his chair before coming to nestle himself between her legs. She wrapped them around his waist and slid her hands onto his chest, looking up at him in an almost coy manner and watching him gulp.

"Komui…do you know what I think about when I'm on missions?" he had to shake his head a moment to process her question. He already knew the answer but he wanted to hear her say it, so he mumbled out a barely coherent 'What?' and waited.

She reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting it slide down her arms before pressing her bare chest against his. Her fingers clutched onto his shirt and she dragged him closer, tightening her legs around him and pushing his erection to her core. The heat of it made them both hold in moans, and Elaina breathlessly murmured, "What it feels like when you take me. How much I love it when you get dominant…"

I felt like she was hinting at something, and Komui wasn't nearly as dumb as he sometimes made himself out to be. So he pulled her closer, hands closing around her naked ass and roughly jerking her closer against him. Her head fell back and she let out a moan as he did, her wish coming true as Komui captured her mouth in an equally heady kiss.

He could be dominant when he wanted to be. It had taken a while for him to fall into that pattern because of his lack of experience, but it was easier now and he rather enjoyed it. He liked seeing Elaina beg for him, liked pushing her to the edge and then drawing her back, again and again until she could stand no more and they both fell together. And he knew she liked it. It was obvious in the way she responded to him, and the way she responded now.

Her fingers curled deftly around his waist and they kissed heatedly. She wanted his clothes off, but she was too preoccupied by his lips, which were taking hers so passionately that she could hardly breathe. She gasped out against them and moaned, tilting her head back as he moved his lips to kiss down her neck. She moaned again when he found her sweet spot and all but melted.

Somehow, in some way, Elaina found herself leaning back. Her bare back was pressed to the cold desk, and she shivered at the sudden lack of heat. Komui followed her down, pressing open mouthed kisses against her skin as her legs tightened around him. She was precariously positioned but it made the moment sweeter, more substantial than ever.

"Komui…Komui…"her voice became muffled as he swallowed her pleas, lips moving feverishly against her own as their hips pressed against each other. She wanted his clothes off, permanently. (Or at least until the morning sun forced them back on.)

Komui was painfully aware of his own arousal. His mind was buzzed with caffeine, sleep, and her, and it made him feel almost inebriated as he fiddled with his pants. But he was so focused on kissing her that said pants didn't go anywhere until Elaina finally reached down to assist him, and then they were flying across the room and forgotten.

A breathless moan fled his lips when she leaned in to touch him. It was a fleeting touch, but it sparked shivers throughout his body and made him ache even worse. Her name was shifted through the air in what could have been considered a plea, but it was ignored and Elaina instead began to ease her touch to his still covered abdomen.

This shirt would have to come off. She wanted to see him naked and this shirt was just hindering her. So she jerked it up, surprising Komui with her intensity, and didn't stop until it had been flung next to the jeans.

And then she nearly melted, because if there was something she couldn't get enough of, it was Komui when he was bare and wrapped around her and erect. "Komui…" her voice was nothing more than the edge of a whisper, like a prayer or a phrase she had memorized and was soulfully repeating. She seemed to be saying something more, too. Though her words were silent, Komui could read them in her eyes, and in the way she was drawing her fingers through his hair and pressing her mouth to his collarbone.

He leaned down to kiss her, tilting her chin up to accommodate his lips as they crashed onto hers. His kiss was fervent, like a breath of crisp winter air, and it had Elaina closing her eyes and kissing back just as intently as she could. But it wasn't enough, and Komui far overpowered her as his tongue darted out to catch hers.

A muffled moan drifted between their heady mouths. Elaina gasped for air and then jerked back to his lips before she had fully obtained it, because she would rather suffer than be parted from his delicious kisses. She arched her back as his hands slid over her, tickling up her spine and holding her close to his chest. It felt amazing, being pressed against him like that, with her bare breasts pushed against his hot skin…

She wanted him, so badly. She was aching for him, so wet and needy that it was nearly painful. Burning from the desire to feel him for what he truly was, Elaina finally gave into her selfish wishes and reached down to palm his erection.

He was hard, and when she touched him, he exploded into moans and shivers. His lips hovered inches from her own, but neither leaned in to steal a kiss. She was too busy admiring him, and the way his hair was framing his eyes and that beautiful expression. He was too busy being lost in the waves of pleasure that her hand was giving him.

She pumped him for a few long minutes, eyes steadfastly locked to his face. He moved in to bury his head into her shoulder, leaning heavily over her body and pulling her tighter against him. The movement slightly restricted the amount of pleasure she could give him, but she figured it didn't matter anyway. Soon, they would be united in the best way possible and this pleasure would seem silly in comparison.

Except they hadn't taken into account the schedule of a certain man and how that schedule started very early -- something about making up Komui's unfinished work. And that was why Reever got an eyeful as soon as he stepped into the office, and how he had left a stuttering Komui and a blushing Elaina in tow.

"K-K-K-Kom-Komui-?"he fell to the ground with a bloody nose and was muttering incoherently long after Komui and Elaina escaped. Needless to say, Reever wasn't able to get much work done that day.

A/N: The sequel will be up within the week, I'm thinking. XD Stay tuned to see who interrupts them next...*coughKandacough* pfttt~

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