Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Naruto Uzumaki Lemon -- Breathe

Character: Naruto Uzumaki

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Aya, sharp, intelligent, witty

Inspiration: Because we all can't wait for Naruto to become Hokage…I think XD

The afternoon sun had a way of dancing through Konoha.  It was rather beautiful, and its transience took Aya's breath away.  It was late afternoon, on a Thursday, and she was happy because of one thing: her lover was coming home early tonight.

It was rare that the Hokage was able to take an entire evening off.  He usually sat up in that stuffy office all day doing paperwork and whatnot -- or, at least, the elders tried to make him.  Naruto Uzumaki wasn't one for sitting down and letting the world pass him by.  More often than not, he was in the streets of Konoha, greeting his people and evading the string of elders searching for him.

Aya giggled, clutching her mug of tea closer to her chest as she looked up at the sky.  The sun was getting closer to the horizon, sinking slowly down over the faraway landscape and bathing the earth in color.  The sky had exploded with warm shades of pink, orange, and blue, and Aya was very content to just sit there and admire it in the hot evening air.

It was another hour before anything happened, but Aya didn't move from her spot on the steps.  She felt peaceful, and the mere thought of standing and going inside made her thoughts turn sour.  So she just closed her eyes, set her now empty mug down beside her, and smiled.

"…Waiting for someone?" a sudden voice wondered, and Aya immediately jumped up in surprise and happiness.  Naruto was leaning against the fence that surrounded her home.  His white and red robes were mussed and his hat was dangling from his fingers.  He grinned when she turned to him, brilliant blue eyes crinkling with joy.

"Naruto!" like a rocket, Aya bolted toward him, throwing her arms around him and smiling like a maniac.  But she couldn't help it, really.  It felt like weeks since she'd last seen him, what with his schedule and her own missions.  She buried her face into his neck and inhaled his masculine scent, feeling more at home in his arms than she'd felt all day.

"You're late," she told him, voice muffled against the fabric of his robes.  But he heard her, and he grinned wider.  "Don't be silly.  You're just early."  And she laughed, she laughed because he made her so happy that her entire body seared blissfully.

Without another word, Aya took his hand and pulled him behind her, leading him toward her house.  She lived in a very quaint neighborhood, and in a very small home, but it was enough for her and Naruto didn't care where she lived, as long as she was his.  And he had been waiting to see her for what felt like ages, had been thinking of her all day, had been planning an escape from his office just so he could come see her. 

He pushed her against the front door with a sudden shift of impatience, wrapping his arms around her.  She froze for a moment, and then redoubled her efforts to get the door open.  It was pretty apparent what Naruto wanted, and she couldn't deny that it had been on her mind all day as well.  In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a moment when it wasn't on her mind,

She'd never felt so clumsy as she did now.  Her fingers were shaking and why the hell did she lock her door?  The key wouldn't go into the slot and Naruto was getting more and more impatient by the second and damn, it felt good when he kissed her there…

A whimper tore through her and Naruto grinned.  His hands spread over her abdomen and his mouth began to leave a trail of red down her neck.  His tongue darted out to taste her skin and he nearly gave in to the fierce moan that was spreading through him.  Naruto didn't put much stock into self control, but he couldn't care less at that moment in time.  He didn't care that he was the Hokage and had a certain etiquette to follow, or that the neighbors could be watching right now.  All he wanted was her, spread out beneath him and saying his name again and again and again…

"Hurry up," he whispered, and she shivered at the feel of his hot breath spreading over her.  She finally managed to jam the key into the slot and twisted it heavily, throwing the door open with a force that Naruto couldn't help but chuckle at.

Aya stumbled inside and Naruto stumbled in after her, catching sight of her glare and grinning because of it.  The air was tense but Naruto ignored it, casually swinging the door shut, stuffing his hands into his pocket, and trying to ignore her expression, too.  It was easier said than done.

He gave her a halfhearted smirk and then said, "What??  I've been waiting to see you all day!  It's been killing me!"  He walked forward and touched her arms, looking into her eyes with a dark, pleading, but somehow still lustful gaze.

It was the lighting, it had to be.  The dim lights were playing with his beautiful blue eyes and making him seem somehow dangerous.  A shiver wracked through her at the thought of Naruto, her Naruto, punishing her.  She let him pull her in but he didn't kiss her, not yet.  His lips hovered above hers but he didn't make a move to take her mouth with his.

She spread her hands over his chest and fought the urge to rip the stupid robe off and feel his naked skin against hers.  She had to be patient, because then everything would feel so much better. 

Naruto smirked down at her, as though he was aware of the nature of her thoughts.  He was, actually.  He saw it in her eyes, in the dark way they searched his, silently pleading.  He saw it in the way her body clutched him and in the desperate way she had molded herself to him.  He enjoyed being wanted.  It made his heart spasm delightfully in his chest and it made him grin boyishly.

"What are you smiling about?" she wondered, lips curving up into a grin that nearly matched his.  But nothing could really equal the exquisite shine of his eyes or the adorable dimples in his cheeks, and that knowledge made Aya somehow happier.

He leaned down, brushing his mouth over hers just barely and chuckling at the way her eyes flashed and then closed as the desperation clutched to her.  "…You," he murmured lowly, voice hardly coherent as it drifted over her lips.

She felt his words and couldn't stop herself from grabbing onto the front of his clothes and pulling him into her, pressing her mouth hard against his.  It felt so good to finally, finally kiss him.  How long had it been this time?  She shook her head slightly, not wanting to think.  Too long.  It had been too long but who cared?  He was here now and that was all that mattered.

It was as if the kiss had broken the dam that held them steady throughout the long days of pent up emotion.  Everything broke, the frazzled self control, the thread of dignity, the wanton desperation.  It was thrown haphazardly into the connection of their mouths and their bodies were quick to follow.  Limbs twisted with limbs and Aya was suddenly pressed against the wall with no recollection of how she'd gotten there, only that her legs were wrapped tightly around her lover's waist and their breath was heavy and gasping.

She was struggling with his clothes before she even understood the movements of her own body, and Naruto was watching her with heavy, brooding eyes that were so unlike him but somehow perfect.  His hands were pinned to the wall on either side of her head and their mouths were inches from each other.  But Aya was too mixed up in removing him of his robe to really care, and Naruto was too busy watching her bring the nature of his dreams to life.

The robe fell to the ground and Naruto couldn't really take it anymore.  His mouth captured hers again and they started anew, wrestling for control in the most passionate way they could as their lips grew more and more needy.  Air was trivial and useless and God, Naruto just wanted to throw her down and take her.

And she wasn't making it any easier for him.  She was moaning before she could stop herself, arching into him as his fingers found her breasts.  It felt good even through the layers of clothing she wore, and Aya was struck with a renewed desire to get out of said clothing.

Her eyes flew open and she tugged on Naruto's blonde hair, pulling his head back to murmur fervently, "Bedroom…!"  And then Naruto was nodding out his agreement and crashing his mouth back onto hers.  He tore them away from the wall and stumbled blindly through her house, only pausing their kiss to throw her down onto the bed.

And then everything stilled, and Aya watched as Naruto stared at her, crawling over her body slowly as though he was just realizing that she was there.  When their lips connected again, it was done so in a more romantic way.  Aya's heart seared in her chest and her fingers flew over Naruto's body, easing beneath his shirt and touching his skin.  He shivered against her, cracking his eyes open to stare at her. 

The world shifted suddenly and then Naruto was on his back, breathing quickly and staring in surprise as Aya perched herself on his lap.  She smirked down at him and leaned down to brush a kiss to his lips.  When her hips moved lightly over his, Naruto had to close his eyes at the immense pleasure.

She quite liked this position.  It was exciting, and new.  And, Aya mused, it was also very easy to unzip his shirt.

Her hands slid over his naked chest as she eased the clothing off of him.  He watched her with lidded, heady eyes that screamed out in desire, and Aya shivered as she removed her own shirt. 

It all happened very suddenly.  One moment Aya was smirking down at him and easing her bra off, and the next Naruto had retaken his spot above her and had her pants halfway down her legs. 

She gasped out and clung to him as his fingers found her breasts.  His mouth was quick to follow, and he took one pert breast into his mouth and sucked on it.  Her eyes rolled back as pleasure shook her spine.

His fingers moved down her body, sliding along the crevice of her abdomen and dipping against her hipbones.  They slide into her panties and then roughly tugged them down, not giving her time to recover from his touch before he jerked his fingers against her core.

That, coupled with the immense feeling of his tongue rolling over her breast, made Aya gasp out.  His name escaped her mouth in a breathless sort of way that seemed to make his movements quicken, until Aya was nothing but a helpless mess on the mattress.

"Naruto…Naruto…!" she tugged at his hair and when he looked up at her, he was struck at the unadulterated desperation pooling in her eyes.  The sight made him growl.  He felt animalistic in a way he hadn't felt since the Kyuubi had a habit of coming out.  Fire seared his veins and all he wanted to do was tear his pants away and pin her to the bed and -- "Naruto…" Oh Kami, he liked when she moaned his name like that…

His crawled back up her body and she took the initiative, grabbing the zipper of his pants and tugging it down hard.  He nearly groaned at the sight, but he didn't have the time because then, his pants were gone and she was spreading her legs and he was nestling himself against her heat.

It felt good.  So good.  Naruto had been waiting for this for too long and he couldn't stop himself as he thrust into her roughly.  But she didn't seem to mind.  She welcomed this dominant side of him, throwing her arms around his neck and moaning as he pinned her hips down with his own.

"Say my name," he all but begged.  His voice cracked but he didn't care and neither did she, because a moment later she was doing what he asked.  Except she wasn't, really, because instead of saying it she moaned it aloud, her voice quickly accumulating until his name was a scream upon her lips and nothing less.

He buried his face into her neck and moaned, hips snapping against hers as he thrust his cock ever deeper into her core.  The village had long since accepted him as their Hokage and before that, as the hero of the Leaf.  But Naruto only ever felt truly, completely accepted when he was here, nestled against this woman and sharing his soul with her.

He threw her leg over his shoulder and increased his pace, eyes wild and needy.  She panted beneath him, loving every moment of his rough caresses and the long stroke of his member.  She was a puddle, nothing more.  A puddle of emotion and nerves and pleasure that sparked every time she was pushed against the sheets.

And then, like a clap of thunder that overpowered even the loud sound of skin slapping skin, Naruto was thrusting faster, murmuring against her incoherently.  But Aya understood because she was feeling it too, the imminent sign of her orgasm.  She angled her hips and gasped at the depth that he was able to reach with just a bit of movement.  She enjoyed it for a moment, but then she forgot everything and fell, sinking beneath waves of crashing pleasure as their orgasms clashed and mingled.

Naruto collapsed on her.  Her arms wound about his body and pulled him up, resting her head against the pillows as he followed suit.  There wasn't really anything to say.  The gasping pants that filled the room spoke volumes themselves. 

Breathe.  I'm glad you're here.  Breathe.  I've waited for you.  Breathe.  I'm proud of you.  Breathe.  I love you.




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