Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Purr, Plea, Promise

Character: Neji Hyuuga

Fandom: Naruto

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: This would be the result of my withdrawal from writing all coming out at once…-_-  It's not really edited or anything so sorry for mistakes!

The bathroom door creaked open, and steam showered over [Name] as she peered inside.  Immediately, the dim lighting of scattered candles and the scent of vanilla mingled with her senses, and she slipped inside feeling relaxed and comfortable.

"Neji?" she felt herself wonder, but it came out as more of a purr than anything.  His name felt right on her tongue, and it made his presence in the small room even more distinguished as he turned to her.

She was blown away as soon as his eyes connected with hers.  Her breath halted and then came out faster as she gulped in thick lungfuls of air.  She had not expected this much from him -- the candles and the bath were miracles themselves, but seeing him naked and waiting for her…it was more than she had hoped for.

He was already in the tub, surrounded by bubbles.  It didn't take any of his masculinity away, though.  In fact, if anything, the bubbles and the vanilla scent and the dim lighting made him all the more desirable.  [Name] leaned against the threshold.  Her knees felt wobbly and she had to lean against something, otherwise she'd sink to the floor and would never make it to the edge of that glorious tub. 

He didn't say anything.  His eyes, usually so light and blank, were the epitome of darkness now.  It was a twisted darkness that was both passionate and sinful, and made her spine shake with incessant shivers.  The water rippled gently as his arm came up to rest on the side of the bathtub, but still the silence lingered, softly and yet suffocating in its thick hold.

Somehow, in some way, she managed to walk without stumbling.  Situated on the edge of the bath, [Name] felt even more hazardous.  This was different from the other times.  This time it was heavy, and anxious, and there was that deliciously wicked promise in Neji's eyes that made [Name] forget who she even was.  It was powerful and eye-opening and God, she just wanted to touch him, only wanted to touch him and never do anything else for as long as she lived --

He was moving before she really got the chance to clear her head, and she reckoned her thoughts would never really clear while this situation lasted.  So she just closed her eyes -- and then reopened them, because she couldn't not watch him -- and let him tug at her shirt and rid her body of all those silly buttons.

She had to touch him, had to.  Her hand dipped into the warm water before the rest of her movements, or his, could catch up.  His chest was beautifully bare and made her shiver sinfully as she thought of the rest of him, laying just beneath those fluttering, transient bubbles and waiting -- waiting for her to discover and explore and inherit.

"Neji…" this time, it was a plea, a dance of emotion and thick, scalding desire that seared a burning path through her body and though his.  Her hand slid back up his neck, caressing the wet skin before tracing his jaw, his cheek, his lips.  She could imagine him now.  She could imagine his body and what exactly it looked like.  And, judging from the fiery spark of his eyes, he could imagine hers as well.

Their vulnerability was something they usually eased into.  But this time it was shed as easily as the clothes that were now pooling on the bathroom floor.  When had he taken those off, anyway?  It was a blur.  It was a beautiful, erotic blur that made her shiver and wonder whether or not there would be an end to it.

"Come here," he told her, and she shivered anew at the sexy control of his voice.  It was a husk of his normal tone, stripped down to its barest form, its most desperate and alluring lullaby.  Her eyes closed for a brief moment as she drank in the sound of it, and then she was nodding and her body was slipping slowly into the warm water, and she was being surrounded by Neji, her Neji, everywhere.

She could feel him immediately.  He was rock hard and she loved it, pushed herself to his chest and made sure that there were no gaps between them.  Just knowing he was erect because of her made her ache, painful and perfect and deliciously against him as his mouth pressed open kisses over her skin.

She wanted to tell him that she'd been thinking about this all day.  That it was all she ever thought about during her long work hours and that it was what got her though those dreadful days.  But it wasn't necessary, it never was, and Neji already knew anyway.  Because it was all he thought about too, being one with this perfect being. 

His hands moved over her, rolling her breasts and tugging at her nipples, merging his tongue to her skin and tasting her.  She had such a good taste, it made him groan delightfully low, just barely coherent but coherent enough, because [Name] could hear it and she kissed his neck in response.

"I want you," she thought she said, but she couldn't be sure because she wasn’t sure of anything right now.  Only that Neji's fingers were in places that she'd been longing for all day, and that it was making her head explode.  "Oh, I want you…"

She wanted to kiss him, too, because they hadn't kissed yet, not properly.  He seemed to have realized the same thing, and he didn't make her wait as their mouths connected and their tongues rushed out to meet.  God, she tasted even better now, better than before.  He wanted to taste other parts of her, spread her legs and run his tongue over her folds, but that would have to wait for later. 

He was so hard against her that it was impossible to ignore.  She'd tried to, but there was only so much that kissing could do and [Name] was hypersensitive of him right now.  So she ran her hand down him, into the water and caressed his firm chest, and then curled her fingers around the hardened length.

He let out a shaky sort of groan, and it was unbearably beautiful.  His eyes slipped open to lock with hers, and the moment turned into something almost philosophical as she pumped him, felt him, touched him in the way that made her rock with feverish excitement.

His hands stopped her before she could take him all the way.  He spread her legs around him and grasped onto her perfect ass, molding it in his hands as he guided it over his need.  As soon as he was coiled within her, Neji lost himself and lost her, as well.  He forgot about everything and focused only on her, and the feelings they shared and the desires they brought to life.  And he let her hold onto him, bury her fingers into his long hair, keen against his chest, because the fact that she was so close to him made him so happy that it burned.

"Neji--Neji, Oh, Neji!"  It was a promise, this time.  A promise that she would always adore him, always love this part about him and every other part that he had shared with her.  And he loved it.  His heart seared delightfully in his chest and he took her face and kissed her with a dark desperation that was mirrored in his every move.

She could feel him everywhere and for once, she didn't feel cold.  She didn't feel abandoned or lonely or sad because Neji counteracted all of that and more. 

"Neji…" this time, it was a purr and a plea and a promise and a thank you.