Sunday, September 9, 2012

A South Italy Lemon -- Quake

Character: South Italy

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Isabella, smart, a bit of a tease~

Inspiration: Cause I'm thinking a LOT of people have been waiting for this...xD

Loving Romano was anything but peaceful.  It wasn't carefree and it wasn't what Isabella would define as 'normal'.  He had a way with girls -- she would know -- but he hadn't stopped his ways when he started dating her.  He also enjoyed being difficult and hardly ever acted any other way, except in the mornings, when he was still half asleep and exhausted.  That was usually when Isabella would enact her revenge.

She watched him sip his coffee, slumped over in his seat as he mumbled about needing more sleep.  It would have been an adorable sight, except that Isabella was paying more attention to other things.  Like how his hair was mussed up in a way that hinted at last night's activities, and just how strongly said memories were affecting Isabella now.  There was tension in the air, at least for her.  (Romano probably had no idea.  Not that this surprised her.)

"Hmm…you're looking worse for wear, Romano~" she slipped her hands onto his shoulders, lightly massaging them.  His reaction was one of slight relief as his head slid back and his eyes closed.

A wicked smirk tugged on the corner of Isabella's eyes.  She nuzzled his neck and hummed, "You must have tired yourself out last night."

Immediately, his eyes snapped open and he glared behind him, "Th-That's not true!  I don't tire myself out, ever!"  but he paused as he heard her giggling behind him.  "Humph."  He crossed his arms and pouted.

"Really…?" she wondered, smirking in a rather evil way now.  "I seem to remember you falling asleep right after you finished.  Drawing out the pleasure isn't really your thing, is it?"

She was well aware of what she was doing, or at least she thought she was.  But Romano was never an orthodox lover, and he often surprised her.  He did so now, as well, as he all but jumped from his chair and pushed her roughly against the kitchen counter.

For a moment, Isabella could only gape at him.  It was his eyes, she was sure, that made her so surprised.  They glared down at her with a quality that wasn't unlike lightening.  It wasn't an angry glare, however.  It bordered on annoyance, yes, but there was a twinge of something else buried beneath it. 

Isabella was aware of other things, as well.  Like the way his arms were caging her to the counter, and how his chest was pressed up against hers, and the way his knee had slipped between her legs and was pinned against her core.

Oh, she could just imagine how she looked, cowering beneath him.  He seemed pleased to see her like this, like the submissive girl she was.  Without her biting words, Isabella had hardly anything.  She normally would fight back to some degree, but there was no motivation running through her veins now.  There was nothing, except the yearning desire to be taken over the kitchen table.

"So I don't know how to draw out the pleasure?"  Romano grinned wolfishly, eyes crinkling as some wicked thought entered his head.  He leaned down to her, lips barely brushing against hers, and murmured, "I guess I'll have to show you what I'm made of."

Sweet Jesus, Isabella had forgotten how sexy Romano could be.  Everything about him seemed to make him ten times more so in that moment.  His hair, the crumpled dress shirt he was wearing, the musky scent that had mixed with hers ever since their coupling the night before… 

She had a feeling there wouldn't be room for orders, at least on her part, so she managed to get one out before all hope was lost.  Her fingers clung to his shirt and she uttered two words that made the fire in Romano's eyes explode.  "Show me."

He did.  His mouth crashed onto hers, igniting a similar fire within her body.  He grabbed her waist and brought it close to him, hips moving with hers even though he wasn't nearly erect enough to please her.  But it was still hot.  It was hot in a way that Isabella felt she'd never experienced, and she felt like she was melting in her clothes.

Her fingers scrabbled against his chest, tugging at the buttons of his shirt and uselessly trying to undo them.  But Romano easily grabbed her hands and pulled them away, holding them at their sides as his mouth moved recklessly with hers.  He had something to prove, and he wouldn't stop until she fully understood what it was.

His hands curled around her waist and jerked her closer, pressing their bodies together so that no gaps were left between them.  She could feel everything he was, and it made her head spin and her heart pump erratically within her chest. 

She kissed him back, but he overpowered her in his passion and she was forced to pull away to catch her breath.  Waves of desire had captured her and Isabella could only stare wide eyed at her lover and wonder what he would do next.  He showed her not a moment later when he curled his fingers around her thighs and heaved her into the air.

She was placed down on the very spot that had initially started this passionate train of thought.  The kitchen table was the perfect height, and Romano had to lean down only a bit to reach her mouth, which he did a second later as the heat started up again.

Her fingers sunk into his hair, pulling it gently as they finally reached a middle ground in their kissing.  His tongue danced over her lip and she parted her mouth for him, accepting him as her arms tightened around his neck.  His hands felt up her body, from her thighs to her breasts and everything between.  The warmth of his touch made her shiver and ache for him, but he didn't give her what she wanted for another more agonizing minutes. 

When the fabric of her long night shirt was pushed up by Romano's calloused hands, Isabella had to hold in her moan.  The moment was wrought with a dark, twisted sort of passion that she did not know what to do with.  It worked its way into her system and made her feel helpless and small, and only escalated as more of her night shirt was removed.

It hit the floor and a gust of cold air made her quiver into Romano's chest.  He chuckled in her ear, the sexy sound of it not quite helping her control, and his hands began to touch the places that had been covered.

She wrapped her legs around him and watched as he watched her.  She was truly beautiful.  Romano couldn't ever get enough of her kisses, and the perfect way her mouth was bruised after she received them.  Her body was near flawless, save perhaps for the light pattering of healing blemishes that he had given her during last night and other times before that.  He stroked them for a moment, in a tender way that made Isabella's heart serge within her chest.  When she looked up to meet his eyes, what she saw there -- the love, the adoration, and the burning, unquenchable desire -- nearly did exactly that.

"Lay down," he suddenly said, breaking the momentary peace as he hovered over her.  Isabella looked at him, confused, and opened her mouth to ask why.  But he interrupted her, repeating his words as the warmth of his gaze pinned her to the wooden surface.  "Just do it, Isa."

Her heart was fluttering spasmodically when she did.  There was something so strange about laying down, completely naked, in front of your lover.  She felt ever more naked than she actually was.  It almost felt as though Romano could see her -- not just in a physical sense, but in an emotional, spiritual one. 

She watched him, hands curled by her head, as he began to undo the buttons of his shirt.  He took his time, unfastening each button slowly until the whole of his shirt was slipping from his shoulders and joining the pile of clothes on the floor.  And then, he looked at her for a very long moment, just taking her in.  He studied the way her chest was heaving as she silently gasped, and the almost frightened way her legs were pressed together.  But most of all, he looked at her face, and at the undying trust that held her eyes.

When he touched her, Romano could feel the tension beneath her skin.  He stepped closer to the table, smoothing his hands up her legs and past her abdomen.  He palmed her face for a moment, as though silently telling her that she needn't fear this moment, before moving back down her body.  A moment later, his fingers curled around the only remaining bit of fabric on her and he began to slid it from her legs.

Goosebumps spread over her skin as cold air swung past her, leaving her a shivering, aching, wanting mass on the edge of the table.  Romano couldn't think of a time where she was more desirable than she was now, and it was what prompted him to lean in and press open mouthed kisses along the smooth skin of her leg.

Her fingers tumbled into his hair and she froze, not in fear but in apprehension -- which felt cold and feverish and strange.  She felt him spread her legs apart, nestling between them as far as the wooden table would allow, and then his breath was fanning over her and she was gasping and arching up and away from reality.

"R-Romano…!" another helpless whimper spread through her as his tongue caressed her folds.  He was kissing her so intimately that it nearly frightened her, but the pleasure she was receiving from his touch made that alarm disappear, rolling away as passion replaced it.

The pads of his fingers pressed against her hips, pinning her to the table as she attempted to raise them.  She couldn't help it.  It felt so good, so amazingly good to have Romano hovering over her like this, his weight tumbling down around her.  His fingers slowly danced over her skin and thumbed her nub, and the pleasure exploded into little tiny pieces that shattered her nerves like mirrored glass.

One long lick later and Romano was grinning fiercely at her.  His eyes were thunderous and predatory, reinforcing her severed nerves and making her shake from the promise lurking in his heady gaze.  He would draw out her pleasure.  Oh God, he would do exactly that.

His mouth pressed gentle kisses to her thigh, licking up the sweet sweat that had accumulated there and moving to worship the rest of her.  The table shifted as it accommodated his full weight, and Isabella sighed blissfully as most of it was deposited upon her.

He kept her there for what felt like hours.  But it was impossible to know the full passage of time.  All Isabella understood was how fully Romano was playing out his previous promise.  She barely had any sense of reality, could only grapple and sigh and moan as he inflicted all his passion on her, and it felt so good.

"Romano…" it took her a full minute to clear her head, and even then Isabella was floating in the murky area between cold and hot, knowing and not knowing, and it was driving her mad.  "R-Romano…please…"

God, she never thought it would come to this.  She just wasn't the type to beg.  She much preferred making Romano beg for her, winding him up and making him plea.  But still, there was something erotic about this situation that she hadn’t anticipated.  It could have been the submission that she herself was experiencing, but Isabella rather thought it had something more to do with the delicious friction in Romano's eyes, and how triumphant and wicked he looked.  Oh yes, it had to be that.

His mouth locked with hers and he kissed her hard, giving her time to react but not enough time, because his tongue was faster than hers and it made her head spin.  Her body arched into his, and she felt his hard member jolt against her skin.  It made a pleasured hum escape his lips, muffling against her as they kissed.

Another disjointed plead fell from her lips and was washed away in their kiss, but Romano heard it and he grinned wolfishly against her.  His hands tumbled down her body and he finally gave in, because he was utterly aching to bury himself in her heat and he knew she was too.

He rammed into her none too gently, but Isabella didn't care.  In fact, she rather thought it was exhilarating.  He pinned her completely to the table, jerking her legs to curl around his waist and moving his hips rapidly against hers.  Stars hovered on the edge of their vision and hearts bled with gasping bliss.

"Am I pleasuring you?" he growled against her neck, before suddenly sinking his teeth lightly into it.  She gasped aloud, voice merging haltingly as he gave her a series of rough, heady thrusts.  Yes, she wanted to say, oh God yes, but her voice felt forever lost and all she could do was nod her head.

But that wasn't good enough for Romano.  He growled again, lifted his head, and glared at her passionately.  His hips rebounded and took her breath away again, pumping in and out of her at a pace that severely damaged her still frazzled nerves and her altogether common sense.  "Answer me.  Out loud."

At first, all Isabella could do was moan.  She threw her head back and whimpered, tightening her hold on him.  Romano took that chance and began to riddle her smooth neck with more kisses, leaving a trial of red over her once creamy skin.  Another tight growl filled the static silence and Isabella nodded again, remembering that Romano was waiting for an answer.  "Yes," she whispered, barely coherent, and then moaned louder and said in a breathless, but stronger voice, "God yes!  Yes!"

He kissed her gently on the mouth, as though saying thank you, and nuzzled her neck with his nose.  Her fingers threaded into his silky hair and she sighed, overcome by the emotion that was schooling her features and the physical bliss that bounded through her every cell.  She wanted to come.  Sweet Jesus, she wanted to come.

His name filled her mouth yet again, but this time it was a warning.  Because she didn't know how long she could hold out now.  She could feel herself tightening around his hard cock and she knew it was time, and Romano hastened his thrusts to accommodate her.

"Romano!  Ahh…God, Romano…!"  her back arched fitfully and he rammed into her hard, bruising her hipbones but not quite giving a damn, because he was so ready, so ready to let himself go.  A string of curses flew from his lips, mingling halfway through into his native Italian before becoming muffled against Isabella's lips as she kissed him.  Her nails scraped down his back and it was too much, everything was too much. And then he was coming, spilling into her, forgetting everything and remembering some things, like the feel of the rough wooden table under his knees and the soft, supple skin of his lover as she curled around him, and the endless, fathomless pool of her eyes as they drew him in and captured him.

And they were still there, hours later, on that rough hewn table and surrounded by soft supple flesh and endlessly adoring gazes and warmth, because neither could be bothered to get up and move around, or even to find a better place to lay.  Because there wasn't really a better place when all one wanted was the soft, lingering caress of a loved one.


  1. ;-; So. Amazing. I could cry. I love Romano so much <333333

  2. Bless this ;u; The closing sentences you write always hit the heart so beautifully, as does all of your work...

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