Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An America Lemon -- Windswept

Character: America

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Anna, long curly brown hair, honey eyes

Inspiration: 'Cause for some reason, whenever there's a storm outside I get into this strange Alfred mood…Oh, if anyone's wondering, Hurricane Sandy passed right by where I live and we only lost power for an hour.  :D  butimissedliekthreedaysofclasses~

Delicate fingers clutched a coffee mug close to her heart, her worried eyes turned outside where a figure was struggling to tie down the hatch doors of their house.  The wind was so strong that it looked as though it would pick him up and take him away.

The storm brewing outside had been worrying the entire state and even the next ones over for the past week.  People had been rushing off to buy containers for ice, coolers, and propane.  Men had been out cutting firewood and tying down anything that could become an eventual liability in this horrendous wind.

It had been exciting get ready for the storm, but now that it was beginning to show itself, Anna was rather worried about it.  Alfred had agreed to come keep her company during the next few days because she hadn't wanted to be alone.  (He had actually wholeheartedly offered, but that's not altogether surprising nor important.)  Having a man around the house definitely made her feel better, but she still wondered if any damage would be done to her home, or any of her neighbors homes. 

The sliding glass door she'd been standing behind suddenly burst open and she jumped, coffee sloshing the edges of her mug as she turned her shocked face to her lover.  Alfred laughed and then turned his attention to battling the door closed again and locking it.  Then he drew the curtains over the X'd [1] glass and brought her into his arms.

She snuggled up to him, immediately feeling her worries dispatch like the screaming wind outside.  She felt him press a gentle kiss to her head and then heard him murmur, "Aren't you glad you've got me to help you out?"  A chuckle annunciated his words.

She hummed in acknowledgement and nodded, "So glad."  Because she was.  She'd probably be off risking her own neck to make sure her elderly neighbors were ok if he wasn't there now, or doing last minute preparations outside.  He'd become a sort of rock to her during the past few months, and she often felt better whenever he was near.

"Breakfast?" she wondered, pulling back a bit to study his face.  His lovely blue eyes didn't light up excitedly at the mention of food, like she had expected they would.  Instead, they seemed to almost darken.  The brilliant cerulean turned to a heady, navy color that seemed almost likened to the sky outside, which was curling with ominous gradient clouds.

She frowned slightly, wondering what was wrong with him, and questioned lightly, "…Alfre-mmph!"  Her coffee mug was snatched from her hands and placed on a nearby surface.  She was pressed into his strong chest and her mind softly paused as he kissed her.

This was too sudden.  She wasn't sure what to do.  Wasn't there more work to be done before the rain came?  Did they have everything they needed in case they were quarantined here for the next few days?  Were they safe?

He broke the heated one-sided kiss and gave her an exasperated look that didn't really fit his face.  "Stop thinking," he told her, and her breath caught at the intense look in his gaze.  "We're ready for the storm.  All we can do now is wait."

Wait.  As everything blustered around outside, they would have to wait it out.  As life passed them in rushes of windswept leaves and huge gusts of wind and rain; as tree branches fell and lightening collapsed nearby, they would have to wait.

"Just how many of these storms do you think I've been in?" Alfred suddenly wondered, lips curving up into a smug grin.  "I'm more prepared than anyone, and ten times more qualified to keep you protected!"

His mind seemed to have gone directly from seducing her to showing off, and she wasn't all that surprised at the sudden change in emotion.  She smiled and shook her head, hands smoothing over his dress shirt that he'd hastily put on before braving the winds outside.  He'd missed a few buttons and as a result, the entire shirt was skewed.  But she liked him like this, like a mussed up, rugged man.  She liked to think that he'd keep her safe simply by being there with her, and she truly believed that he would.

Her worries now quiet whispers in the back of her mind, Anna set her sights on more important things, such as the man in front of her.  She giggled lightly, "Oh Alfred…look at you!"  His hair was windswept and messy, his clothes equally so, but he looked more lovely and handsome than she'd ever seen him. 

He laughed and hugged her close, strong arms holding her near and warming her up at the same time.  He pressed a kiss to her cheek and it told her everything, all his love and all his happiness.  A giddy sensation lifted her heart and she smiled softly at him.

The thought of waiting out the storm suddenly seemed insignificant to her now.  In a way, it actually felt more romanticized, more exciting, simply because Alfred would be here with her.  And what can two lovers do when they're stuck in a house for days on end?  The answer, she decided, was purely instinctual.

Her hands trailed down his body and palmed the beginnings of what would probably be a hard erection.  He inhaled sharply and watched her, surprise melting with his eyes as they darkened yet again.  Her fingers danced over the growing bulge and her lips turned upward as she smirked at him.  She was suddenly overcome by the stark desire to see him naked and defenseless.

"Alfred."  His eyes flashed at the sound of his name and jerked up to hers.  She gave him a suddenly squeeze and giggled lightly as his breath caught once more.  "Alfred…I've decided I want you."

He growled lowly and leaned in, hand thumbing over her waist and edging closer.  When he spoke, his voice was lilting with that dark husk, that promise of pleasure.  "I've decided that a long time ago."

She grinned up at him and he grinned back down, their faces rather unlike those of lovers.  But that was because they were unconventional at best, and there was nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it made things all the more interesting, much more exciting and exhilarating.

In less than a second, Anna was being pressed against the cold kitchen counter and her lips were partaking in a wild dance.  They moved together like waves, crashing here and there but always in sync, much like the furious beating of their hearts.  He heaved a leg up to curl around his waist and then shoved his hips against her, moaning softly.  Her fingers tangled into his hair and she pulled his mouth closer, tongue running over his and tasting him as his hand curled around a breast.  

There seemed to be no end to their flurry of passion.  It ebbed against them like water and blew through them like the storm outside.  It paused and halted at random intervals that were controlled only by the unrestrained pass of their hips.

Her fingers flew down his shirt and pulled it off, impatiently shoving it off his body before attacking his chest with kisses.  He allowed her to, for a moment, but his own impatience soon took control and he was suddenly pushing her own shirt away, and pressing hasty kisses to her chest instead.

She watched with vague interest as his fingers tugged down the cup of her bra.  His mouth immediately caught her nipple and sucked, rolling it gingerly between his teeth before passing his tongue over it.  Her hands curled desperately into his hair and she pulled him closer, his name slipping from her lips in an equally frantic manner that made him harden and ache.

He pulled away in favor of her lips, and also because he had to show her how much he wanted her.  His hands grabbed her waist and he pulled her tightly against him, grinding his erection against her core and waiting for her reaction.

She gasped and moaned, head tumbling back as sparks flew over her body.  He immediately kissed at the revealed flesh, licking her neck and moving his hips harder against hers. 

"Alfred…bedroom!"  Because dear Lord, she wanted him badly. 

But there was no time for that, no time to make their way up the stairs to where her bed waited for them.  He shook his head and murmured out what he hoped would explain his reasons for staying right where they were. 

She understood.  She knew because she was feeling the same thing he was.  She wanted him now and even though she'd prefer a bed to the edge of a counter, she'd make do because Alfred would be gentle with her.  He always was.

"Get my pants," he told her, and his voice made shivers roll down her spine.  She nodded, hands leaving his hair and fiddle with the button of his jeans.  She would have attempted to tease him a bit more, but all thoughts of such things exited her mind immediately after she'd freed his manhood.

She'd never tire from the sight of him like this, curled up and waiting for her.  Her hands pumped him for a few seconds and she watched his face twist up beautifully.  His cheeks were flushed and he looked like he desperately wanted to take her, but she was still half dressed and they'd have to do something about that.

They did, but Anna could hardly keep up with the wild, unchartered movements of her lover.  She ended up simply watching him as he fiddled with her pants, and when he had the fabric down to her knees, Alfred converged upon her, fingers brushing controlled strokes against her core.

Her reaction was that of surprise, because she had expected him to fill her up as soon as he could.  But this was delicious, having him hovering over her and watching her as he touched her.  It was purely blissful.

"Ahhh…!"  her head craned back as his fingers dipped into her, pumping deeply.  His thumb drew circles on her button and she almost caved.  Her body was a tight coil of energy that was about to explode, and Alfred could only smirk wickedly as he studied her expression.

His lips brushed over hers and she responded eagerly, curling her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss.  She moaned and tried to move her hips into his thrusting fingers, but he only grinned and kept her pinned to the counter.  She couldn't help but moan again, this time a little helplessly.

"Alfred…please!  Nnng!"  God, she was about to come.  She could feel her body unfurling and knew her orgasm was imminent.  But she didn't want it like this.  She wanted his cock, deep within her, and nothing else would ever be a good enough substitute.

He grunted and bit her neck, feeling her squirm.  This was torture for him, as well.  Oh, he liked when she moaned for him like that, and he liked to bring her to the edge using just his hand.  He liked when she was pressed against him and he liked to watch her come.  But his shaft was utterly aching for her and he dearly wanted to bury himself within this lovely woman.

"What do you want?" he asked, voice taking on a darkened tone that reverberated against her skin.  He had to know.  He had to hear her say it. 

She arched her back and his fingers suddenly slowed dramatically, setting off her orgasm.  This was good, she thought, but dear God, she almost wished he'd let her come.  She was pounding and throbbing and so ready and he was just standing there, looking down at her through cool, calculated eyes that he only wore when he was ravishing her.

Her eyes widened as his finger brushed over her button again.  But it wasn't enough to give her satisfaction and she was, once more, tossed into that feeling of limbo.  "Tell me," he ordered, eyes softening a little.

Her hands slid up his body, and she swallowed thickly, eyes clouded and voice bare, "Alfred…I want…I want you…inside me…"

No, no.  It wasn't enough.  He growled lightly and kissed her neck, removing his fingers completely from her and watching as she whimpered from their loss.  He leaned in to grind himself against her and she cried out at how hard he'd become.

"But what do you want?" he insisted, because he needed to hear that word roll from her mouth.  His hips circled hers again and she gasped.

Excitement trilled through her body and intensified with every pass of those delicious hips.  Her fingers scrabbled against his shoulders and she moaned out the two words that Alfred had been searching for in an almost desperate manner.  "Y-your c-cock…~"

He nearly moaned when she finally said it, because it sounded so intimate, so erotic and so lustful coming from her.  He took her face into his hands and kissed her passionately, moving his dick to her entrance as their tongues battled together.

When he was hilted within her, he knew this wouldn't last nearly as long as he'd like.  She was already nearly at her limit anyway, so he picked an immediate pace that made her gasp and claw at his back as she tried to catch up with his fast thrusts.  He filled her up completely and kept her against that hard counter.

"Alfred!  Oh!"  She arched her back, pressing her breasts into him and curling her legs tightly around his waist.  It was almost too much to bear, having him take her so completely, and it filled her with an excitement that left her baffled.

He pulled himself out and then rammed back inside, groaning out his pleasure as he took her with long, fluid strokes.  His lips ran down her neck and his hands massaged her breasts.  Her mouth opened in a silent scream as he thrust her at the perfect angle.

"Alfred!  Alfr-ahhhh!  I-I'm coming…Alfred!"  her body arched itself again, her fingers digging into his skin.  He was picking up his pace but he wasn't quick enough, and she was already coming undone before he could share the moment with her.  But it didn't matter.  He found his orgasm as soon as he could.  He buried himself deep within her, as deeply as he could, and came with a loud, reverberating moan.  Then he was falling back down to earth and joining her in the kitchen, leaning against the counter and listening to the wind as it swept them away into a surreal dream.

"…Alfred…" Anna mumbled against his shoulder, and he glanced down at her.  She looked tired.  "Carry me to the bedroom…"

A small smile wavered over his face and he chuckled deeply, feeling lighthearted and giddy.  He slid out of her, only to shift her legs out from under her to lift her up.  A gentle kiss was placed to her mouth.

"Alright.  But it's gonna cost you~"

She giggled and kissed him back, threading her fingers through his hair.  She decided that hurricanes should really come more often.
[1] X'ing the windows: You're supposed to do this during hurricanes.  In the event of the glass breaking, the tape is supposed to hold all the pieces together.  Makes it less dangerous and all that.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Squalo Superbi Lemon -- With Vengeance

Character: Squalo Superbi

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: Jacqueline, Nickname: Jac, can be really loud

Inspiration: Because for some reason, I actually think Squalo's rather fine~
"VOIIII!  WHERE IS SHE?!" was the first thing out of Squalo Superbi's mouth when the door of the living room slammed open.  For a moment, the long haired shark just stood there broodingly, eyes glaring at the sight he was met with.  But then he was charging across the room and his hands were grabbing the arm of his girlfriend, forcefully dragging her out of her seat.

"Squalo!  What the hell?" she turned toward the explosive man and sent him a glare that nearly rivaled his own.  Beside her, Belphagor snickered quietly and murmured, "Control your boyfriend.  Ushishishi~"  The tone of his voice was enough to make Squalo's sneer deepen.

"VOOOIIIII!  SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU CREEP!" by now, he had Jac on her feet and was literally heaving her out of the room.  He kicked the door open and then suddenly grabbed onto her legs, throwing her over his shoulder and yelling out another, "VOII!" for good measure.

"Squalo!"  she sighed, used to his brash behavior.  She'd actually been wondering when he'd come to find her.  After that little stunt she had pulled, Jac had been counting down the seconds, waiting for him to do exactly what he was doing now.  He was so predictable.

"Ne, Squalo, is this about the present I left for you?" she couldn't help it, not really.  The teasing lilt of her voice wavered through the loud silence and she couldn't stop the snicker from following it.  She heard Squalo growl at the question and then his hand was coming down hard on her rump and she was gasping.  Why did that feel so good?  A blush stained her cheeks and she smirked lightly.

He jostled her and the movement caused her smirk to drop.  She pouted, though he couldn't see, and stared at the skin tight pants that all Varia members seemed to wear.  She never understood why, because they looked so uncomfortable, but she enjoyed them because of that reason.  Plus, they made certain arousals to become painfully obvious.

She sighed and her hands slunk down his back, fingers fiddling with his belt before dipping lower.  Squalo growled again at her touch and jostled her once more, snarling out a, "Stop that," that was very halfhearted.  Jac grinned and ignored him, as she often did.  She stopped only when she felt her lover's hand begin moving.

Oh, Squalo enjoyed revenge.  He liked it almost as much as he liked pinning this outrageous woman to his bed and ravishing her.  He liked it more than he liked defeating other swordsmen.  He liked it because he liked hearing her make those little noises for him, half begging and half not.

So he didn't even hesitate when his fingers slid up her thigh, even though they were in the middle of a public hall and anyone might happen upon them.  Somehow, the danger of being caught made it all the more interesting, though, and that was ultimately what prompted him to drag his touch well past the respectable distance.

She gasped aloud as his fingertips rolled over her clit.  Her hands grabbed his belt and tightened their hold on it, her eyes slipping tightly closed as she felt him rub her.  His knuckle pushed against her opening before darting up to flick at her nub, and she felt wetness pool at her panties from his arousing movements.

He chuckled, eyes darkening as he felt just what he was doing to her.  This revenge was the sweetest kind, he knew.  By the time he was finished with her, she'd be utterly begging for more; on her knees before him and all too happy to provide the satisfaction he'd been wanting ever since seeing her 'present'. 

That damned woman.  All she left for him was a series of pictures she'd taken during the last time they'd been intimate.  It was bad enough seeing her naked and obviously aroused, but seeing himself equally so, taking her so intimately…it had been a sight he'd never seen before and it had made him instantly hard.

His free hand slapped her bottom and he heard her gasp.  A wicked smirk tilted up his mouth.  Without warning, his fingers plundered her, sliding past her wet folds and making her bite her lip to hold in her moan. 

"Nnng!" Ah, damn.  She couldn't hold in that little noise and she'd surely pay for it.  She could practically hear Squalo's thoughts, and they bordered on vengeful and dirty.  She sighed…and then gasped aloud again when his fingers picked up their pace.

"Squalo!  S-stop that!"  But he didn't.  He merely chuckled and pressed a kiss to her bare leg.  His teeth scraped over the sensitive skin and he heard her stifle another of her delicious moans.  Oh yes, before this was over, he'd have her yelling just as loudly as him.

"Oh dear!  Squalo, hunny, what on earth are you doing to Jac?!"  It took Jac all of two seconds to find herself suddenly on the floor, her face taking on an unbearable blush as she looked up at Lussuria's surprised face.  Sweet Jesus, this was going to be embarrassing.  She pulled down her skirt and buried her face in her arms, not even attempting to get up.

"VVOOOIIIII!  WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK I'M DOING??"  And then Squalo's hands were gripping Lussuria's clothes and pushing the man up against the wall, drawing a fist back and then slamming in into the concrete, where Lussuria's head had been a moment before.

Jac rolled her eyes as she sat up.  There was a time and a place for everything, she knew.  Having Squalo beat up Lussuria when she was so damned aroused was not acceptable.  So, when she marched up to her fuming lover and grabbed him by the furry collar, she decided it was high time to let him in on the other part of her present. 

She smirked and leaned in, completely ignoring Lussuria as she whispered, "Squalo, dear, I have another camera set up in our room.  I intend to break it in as soon as possible."  And then she thumbed the shoulder of her shirt, pushing it aside so that he could just make out a hint of leather.

His eyes immediately darkened.  She felt him slip an arm around her waist, and then suddenly his mouth was crashing onto hers and her world was disintegrating.  Lussuria could only stare at them with a gaping mouth.

"VOI!" he spat angrily, and slid his hands under her thighs to lift her up.  She could feel his erection through the thin, tight pants he wore and it wasn't helping the situation.  With a vivid smirk, Jac's fingers tangled into his long hair and she brought her lips back to his. 

All her emotions were released into the kiss.  All the annoyance, the frustration, the sexual tension; but also all of the admiration she felt for him, all the love and all the want that came from being with him.  And he felt it.  He felt it in the way her lips molded with his, without any inhibitions or fears.  He felt it when her fingertips moved gently over his scalp in that soothing way he just couldn't get enough of, though he often denied it.  He felt it because he also experienced the exact same emotions, felt them swirl deep within him and release into the articulate way their mouths danced together.

He walked blindly but hastily through the corridors, hands slamming into walls in order to keep his precarious balance.  But he didn't care, and couldn't possibly break away from her intense kiss.  It was too precious, too imperfect, and meant solely for him.

When they finally reached his room, things had already gotten more than heated between them.  Squalo's shirt was mysteriously gone, probably lost somewhere in the hallway.  They were both in fairly rough shape, if for a moment, you pretended that 'rough' equated to 'indecent' and 'completely exposed'.  But it was invigorating, pressing against hot skin, and neither Jac nor Squalo would ever get used to it.

The door to Squalo's room slammed shut and suddenly she was shoved against it.  He ground against her core with a powerful lunge and she gasped, head rolling back and hitting the door.  For a moment, she was gone, lost between the blurry lines of her self control and her craving to submit to him.  But fighting Squalo was half the fun of being intimate with him, and so she forced her eyes back open to stare defiantly into his gradient gaze.

His mouth twisted up into a smirk.  He could see her inner struggle and knew exactly what she was thinking, and also of the conclusion she'd come up with.  She had to know what she had just awoken within him.  She had to understand his strong, powerful need to put her back into her place.

She did, more than anyone.  And that was why she turned her head at the last moment and didn't let him kiss her.  She would make him deserve it, and she would have a delicious time doing so.

He growled when his lips met her cheek rather than her mouth.  His fingers tightened around her in an almost painful way, and Squalo couldn't help but feel the crazed annoyance of seeing her like this.  But that annoyance was mingled with satisfaction, with dark pleasure, with the twisted excitement of stripping her down and making her submit to him again.  Because it always seemed to come to this and he never knew himself to mind all that much.

It was a game.  A game of cryptic, coded messages whispered through the darkness and over muffled sheets; secrets breathed against the hard frame of a door, or a wall, or a bedpost; pleas and sacrifices and heady whimpers exchanged with the understanding that those little noises, those imperfect little sounds, were only to be heard in this room and this room only.

His mouth caught her nipple and she vaguely wondered what had happened to her clothes.  Had she been so lost in her private thoughts that she hadn't realized he was stripping her?  But it didn't matter, her subconscious screamed.  Just focus on these emotions, and that tongue running over you, and how amazing this man is making you feel.

Her back arched right off the door and she gasped, loud and hard as his fingers found her core.  It seemed different today, the process of their lovemaking.  It was somehow altered, and she could feel it in her own reactions.  It rather felt as though she wanted to give into him.  She supposed she did, but she usually liked to put up a bit of a fight instead of letting him do whatever he pleased.

But this was artistry and she couldn't deny her desire to see it through.  And besides, she thought in an almost sadistic manner, Squalo seemed to be enjoying himself.  And there was no doubt that he'd enjoy the pictures that the camera was taking of them at this very moment…not that he had any idea. 

A soft moan escaped her as his fingers pushed deeper into her core.  At this rate, she was going to come.  Squalo seemed to know this as well, for his eyes were twinkling dangerously down at her and he was smirking knowingly.  His thumb brushed powerful circles over her nub and her breath caught in her throat as the pleasure intensified.  Her mouth opened in a silent scream and Squalo slammed a kiss onto her lips, running his tongue over hers and making good use of the situation and his fingers hurried onward, stealing over her sensitive skin until at last --

-- everything stopped.  She was thrown into a limbo that made no sense and gave her absolutely no satisfaction.  This was not the pleasant buzz of an orgasm.  No, this was the painful throb of one that had yet to come.

Squalo leaned back to smirk at her, filling her up with that winding fury that seemed to have no bounds.  It wasn't often that she felt such an emotion when she was half naked and caged in her lover's arms.  But then again, it wasn't terribly often that Squalo teased her quite this much.  It was almost as though he wanted her to fight him back instead of give into him. 

And he did.  It was no fun when she just submitted without letting him see her angry side.  He enjoyed the dark, sadistic look that gleamed in her eyes as she teased him; favored the moments when she'd try to make him moan for her; enjoyed those painfully blissful times when she'd catch him off guard and show him exactly what she was capable of.

"You're dead."  The words weren't whispered through the darkness nor were they breathed against a form of wood.  But they were spoken with a determination that made Squalo's blood boil, and not in an angry way.  No, it was her turn to be angry, to be mad with passion and longing, crazed with the desire to have him beneath her and show him the extent of her fury.  And then she could give into him, only after she had gotten back at him for bringing her so close to release and then dropping her before she could feel fulfilled.

Suddenly, she wasn't pinned up against the door anymore.  She threw the rest of her clothes -- the soiled panties and useless shorts -- onto the floor to be forgotten and ignored.  And then her hands were pressing against his chest and she was shoving Squalo backwards, until his knees were hitting the bed and he was falling.

Oh my.  It was already delicious, seeing him on his back with his hair sprawled everywhere and his eyes glinting up at her.  The painfully obvious bulge of his skin tight pants weren't helping the matter, but she had vowed not to give in so quickly.  This would be a moment like none other, not even like the previous ones.  This time, she would make Squalo moan for her.

Oh, he liked to see that determination on her face, even if he knew it wasn't going to get either of them anywhere.  Whatever she was planning, it wouldn't work.  At least not in the way she was probably thinking.  But he couldn't be annoyed at her, or angry or upset, or even impatient that she wasn't touching him already.  That look in her eye spoke volumes and he knew that a lot of teasing was imminent.  He also knew that he was going to enjoy every single second of it.

Her fingers danced over his chest lightly, dipping against the contours of his muscles before diving toward his pants, which were clinging to his hips almost desperately.  He eyed her, wondering what he was planning, but didn't expect her to suddenly draw her hands away.  She crawled atop him and grabbed his wrists, taking his surprise to her advantage as she pulled his hands above her head.  He swallowed thickly as he felt her knee press lightly against his core.

He was so turned on that it was making him ache.  It was her eyes, he decided.  Her eyes were making his body react to her in unsettling ways that he would never grow accustomed to.  And oh, that slight pressure of her leg jutted against his erection was making him strangely delirious.  He wished she would kiss him.

She didn't and this didn't particularly surprise him.  He had awoke a certain hunger within her that he knew couldn't be quenched very easily.  It seared through her every touch and shot electricity down his entire body.  It made blood rush to that one area of his anatomy that he thought couldn't get any harder.

She attacked his jaw with kisses, running her tongue over the underside of it before leaving a trail of affection down his neck.  He was strangely docile to her now, merely content with watching her movements.  His hands were now entangled with hers above his head, and it almost, almost seemed as though he was holding them in ardor. 

It was true, to an extent, but it was also true that he liked to watch her.  He liked to study the way her skin lit up in the dimmed lighting of the room.  He liked drifting his eyes down the length of her body and following her kisses. 

Her tongue darted out and licked his nipple in much the same manner that he had done previously.  It was truly payback, but she would have to try harder than that to make Squalo moan for her. 

Her hands left his to leave a scorching trail down his lean form.  She was surprised when his own hands remained where they were, and couldn't help but shiver slightly as she looked up at him.  There was just something so strange about seeing him laid out like that, in that submissive way.  It made her smirk.

He saw her smirk as a challenge and he raised a brow at her.  She was taking far too long to gain her revenge and he wasn't sure if he could take much more of having her not touch him. 

She smirked wider, as though knowing exactly where his thoughts were.  Her fingers drifted down over his hips to attack the button of his pants, which were jerked down a moment later by impatient hands.  She was hardly surprised to find that he wasn't wearing anything else beneath them.  They had done this wicked act more times than she could remember, after all.  No, she decided, she was more shocked at the size of him, which seemed larger today than on previous ones.

"Hmmm…excited, are we, Squalo dear?" she purred, eyes glinting out dark promises beneath a fringe of darker lashes.  He gave her an equally sinful smile and finally withdrew his hands from this position above his head.  His fingers reached down to curl around her thighs and he gave her an almost arrogant look.  "Just suck it, woman."

She jutted out her lower lip and said, "Don't tell me what to do."  But she obviously fully intended to do exactly that, because a moment later she was shifting further down his form and coming face to face with his member.

His fingers opted to tangle themselves into her hair as he watched her through narrowed, gradient eyes.  She took her sweet time in securing his lips around him, but the effect was eventually the same.  Squalo let out the barest hiss and moved his back slightly, as though he wanted to arch it but didn't want to show her he was enjoying that delicious mouth of hers.

But he was.  Dear God, he was.  She had barely begun and it already felt so good.  Her tongue was running up and down him gently and her lips -- Fuck, she wasn't self conscious about this -- her lips were moving faster and faster and his cock was beginning to throb.

He swallowed thickly, eyes never leaving hers as their gazes remained connected.  He couldn't believe that he was already so close to coming when she had only just started!  Was he really that turned on?  His mind was a puddle of desires and his body even more so, zinging with electrical currents that spread throughout his veins like wildfire. 

His hips bucked upwards, pushing himself farther into her mouth and silently telling her that he was close, so close that if she stopped now then he would surely --

-- Fuck.  Fuck fuck fuck fuck.  "Voi!  What the fuck…is wrong with you…woman?!"

She hummed and he almost died, because the vibrations made his head spin uncontrollably.  She pulled her lips from his thick member and shot him a delicate, playful smirk that screamed out her vengeance and also of her appetite of his own vengeful nature.  Oh, she was asking for it, and she obviously couldn't care less about the consequences.

"Paybacks a bitch, isn't it?" she wondered casually, and sat back on her knees as she looked down at him.  It was a rather glorious sight.  He looked completely sexy, laying like that, so close to release and yet so far.  His lips were bruised and his entire body was flushed, and sweaty, and ready for her.

His reaction to her now was one that didn't surprise her in any way.  He shot out to her like the swordsman he was, his body moving so fluidly that she hardly knew what was happening until she was already on her body.  He growled at her, lips curling up into a sneer, and didn't give her any time to get ready for him before diving into her.

Her back arched immediately and she moaned, unashamedly winding her legs around his waist and pulling him into her.  His hips slammed against hers and pinned her to the bed, relentlessly pounding against her.  His arms were stationed above her head as his hips rocked into hers, his forehead pressed to hers as the only affection he allowed his body to show.

She gasped for him, pressed her mouth to his lips and jaw and chin, moaned out his name in such a submissive, husky way that it made him quake in something akin to reverence.  This was what he loved more than anything else, the plain glorification that schooled them both and made them as one.

"Squalo…Squalo!  Nnng…S-Squa…lo!"  Dear Lord, she was losing it.  She was giving in with every thrust of his amazing body and every swift pass of his mouth as it began searing against hers.  She'd been gone before he'd even found solace inside of her, before she had even tasted his skin, before he had even felt hers.

"Squalo!" Damn it, that was the last straw.  He was gonna come and that was that.  He groaned loudly, and rammed into her faster, bruising her skin but not giving a damn because they were so close that nothing else mattered.  His hands were gripping the headboard tightly and he felt her shiver beneath him.  His eyes jerked down to lock with hers and the look within them -- that affectionate, lovely look -- was what made him burst.

He moaned again, louder now, and buried his head into her neck.  His hips snapped fitfully, skin slapping against hers and bringing her to the very edge of coveted release.  Her name became something of a mantra, and their moans became a chorus that reverberated through the room and maybe even the entire base.

And then he was pulling himself out of her and she was feeling sated and happy as she took him into her arms.  Her fingers passed down his lovely hair and he curled his arms around her, sighing in a soft way that was so uncharacteristic and yet so perfect. 

She wanted to tell him that she loved him, and that she always had.  But such words didn't need to be uttered aloud and she sensed that now wasn't the time to do so.  So she settled for a gentle kiss to his forehead that he would normally never allow her to give and just closed her eyes, drifting into a sleep that was filled with images of Squalo.
Extended Ending

"Shishishi~  What did you do this time, hmm?"

She just smirked and shrugged in what she'd hoped to be an innocent way, but she convinced no one and didn't particularly care.

The door slammed open and her lover's eyes found hers in less than a second.  He was clutching the pictures she had surreptitiously placed by his pillow, his face tinged with the shards of a barely visible blush.

"Ne, Squalo?  Did you like the pictures?  I guess I forgot to tell you that I'd set the camera to take them every few seconds."  And oh, what a fine collection they had.

He was silent for a mere moment before, "VVVOOOOOIIIIIIII!  GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!"  Because those skin tight pants hid absolutely nothing and revenge was obviously in order.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Dino Cavallone Lemon -- His Ears Only

Character: Dino Cavallone

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Oh mai~  James Bond reference~
He is a mess.  His hair is strewn over the pillows and he is gasping, fingers scrambling to hold onto something, anything.  This is what he has been waiting for all day while he stared at paperwork.  This is what he's been wanting.

She knows it too well.  She has him twisted around her fingers and she loves it, loves seeing him squirm and call out for her, loves when his lips are bruised and his body is flushed.  She can't ever get enough of the helpless way his hips surge upwards, only to be pushed back down against crushed white sheets.  And she adores the sounds he makes when he's flustered and feeling clumsy -- those little nervous moans that slowly turn more and more confident as she hands over the control bit by bit…

His fingers grasp her head, digging into her scalp gently and pulling her closer, eyes dilating with warmth.  He cannot get enough of her.  He breathes her in and exhales her essence and wonders when she has become so essential to him, like the very air he needs to survive.

He watches her through half lidded eyes, intently taking in every single movement she makes as she bobs her head over his member.  The moment becomes ingrained into his memory along with the others, but somehow he knows that later on when he remembers this, it will never equate to the ultimate desire that he feels here and now. 

A strangled moan leaves his throat and he closes his eyes for a brief second before they lunge open again.  No, he can't have any of that.  He has to keep watching her, and the way her tongue is licking at him, and how her breasts are pressed against his thighs and God, his eyes close again because the pleasure is getting to him.

She has his hips pinned to the mattress and doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon.  She likes dominating him, to an extent.  But she also likes it when he flips her over and shows her exactly who the boss is.  He will, she tells herself, fingers sliding down her body to alleviate some of the aching need that is accumulating there.  All in good time.

It seems that her movement, and the way she is touching herself, has caught Dino's attention.  He watches her now with renewed vigor, eyes forcefully strained so that he doesn't miss a single pass of that delightful mouth.  He can feel himself coming, and he tries to let her know.  But words don't seem to want to leave him mouth, so instead, he settles for a buck of his hips.  His cock is forced farther into her mouth and she splutters for a moment, clearly not having expected that.  And then she is drawing away from him with a vulgar 'pop' and Dino is left with a feeling of limbo, half pleased that she stopped him in time and half wishing she'd just let him finish.

"Dino…"  God, yes.  Yes, yes, yes, yes.  He wants to tell her to say his name again, and to make it wonderfully breathless and whimpering.  He feels shivers roll down his spine and, if possible, his erection hardens even more, until it is an aching, twitching mass that yearns for release.  He feels her kiss his inner thighs and wants to moan, but he also is overcome by the sudden urge to flip her over and bury himself within her.  He likes the thought of that, and the image of it burns into his skull.  His eyes close briefly but then reopen, and then his world is shifting without him even realizing it, and his body is taking over the frazzled control.

Immediately, his lips are crashing against hers and his body is crushing her.  Her arms weakly wrap around his neck as she lays, helpless but deliriously happy that he has finally found his dominance.  She loves him like this, loves when he makes her scream his name and brings her directly to the brink of shattering release. 

His hips are grinding up against hers before she can grasp onto the situation, and she is lost because the utter hardness that greets her sensitive skin makes her crazy with need.  Her hands dance down his hips and try to drag them closer.  Her eyes lock with his amid the furious flurry of their lips and she nearly faints at the imperfect passion that resides there.

His hands grasp her hips and jerk them against his own, and then his member is pushing past her folds and he is finally, finally sinking into the heat that he has been craving since the moment he saw her, all dressed up in that risqué blouse and those sleek, patterned stockings.

He grunts loudly, relishing in the intense feeling of her completely wrapped around him.  This is glorious, this union.  He watches her through lidded eyes that scream out in passion, and he nearly comes right then and there when she arches her back and breathes out his name.

It is all too much, and they have only just begun.  He slips back and then tumbles forward, thrusting deep, powerful thrusts as his fingers grasp the sheets above her head.  When his hips move in little circles, she goes berserk, fingernails digging almost painfully into his skin as she tries not to give into the bliss.

"Dino!" he groans and buries his head against her skin, teeth nipping lightly at her as his hips continue to move.  "Dino, Dino, Dino~"

For a moment, Dino can't even bear to open his eyes.  Pleasure zings through him like lightening.  He is so close, so very close, and he wants to spill into her already.  But first, he has to hear her say his name again in that sinfully erotic way.  He think he might die if he doesn't come to the sound of her beautiful voice, and so he whispers out in a strained voice, "Say it again…"

And she does, because she wants to satisfy him to the best of her abilities and this is the perfect way to do so.  His name tumbles from her lips urgently, and the sound of her little whimpers makes him grunt and pick up the pace.  They both rocket toward release: him because the sound of her is so precious, and her because being surrounded by him makes her utterly amazed.

They moan in unison as they let themselves go.  It is a sacred moment, a moment of absolute bliss and comfort and satisfaction.  Dino lets out one last grunt as he feels himself come undone.  He spills into her and sighs, hips moving from their alarming pace to a quieter, slower one.  She feels him go limp within her and exhales, sliding her hands up his chest to tangle into his hair.  And then they are kissing, silently thanking each other for the bliss that had been exchanged.

"Dino…" she whispers out one last time.  As they snuggle up together beneath the crisp sheets, he thinks he'll never get tired of hearing her say his name like that, lovingly and sleepily and for his ears only.

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Dino Cavallone Lemon -- If Silence Shattered

Character: Dino Cavallone

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! [TYL]

OC: Lilly-Ann Douglass Cavallone, married to Dino, a hard worker

Inspiration: Dino's being distracting…~
Lilly-Ann loved her husband, she really did, but she was also extremely devoted to her work.  Especially when it concerned said husband and a group of thugs that seemed to want to make trouble for him.  That was why, even though Dino could certainly be very tempting, she had other things to worry about than appeasing his libido.

"Dino…stop that."  He didn't.  His hands kept moving across her shoulders and he let out a light chuckle that was bathed in amusement.  She sort of appreciated the husky tone of it, but she also sort of wanted to be left alone to deal with the job she was currently employed with.  Framing a bunch of top-end criminals was a hard thing to do, after all.

He pressed a kiss to the hollow beneath her ear and whispered, "Not a chance.  You need rest."

At this, she rolled her eyes.  When she answered, her voice was splashed with a teasing lilt that made Dino grin, "But I know I won't be getting any rest if I let you continue, so no."

He hummed out a small, halfhearted complaint and wound his arms around her chest.  It was slightly awkward as the chair created a barrier between them.  "That's not fair.  Tsuna and Reborn are coming tomorrow and you know I can't have you all to myself when they're here."  He pressed a kiss to her neck as though to annunciate his words, and felt her shiver slightly as his tongue dragged over her sweet spot. 

He was playing dirty and they both knew it.  But oh, there was no stopping the Bucking Bronco when he had something in his sights, and she also knew this.  He seemed to sense her giving in and grinned wolfishly against her neck.  His hand curved over hers and he directed the mouse beneath her fingers, saving and closing each document she was working on until a blank screen was all that was leftover from her work.

She sighed and leaned back, feeling her willpower crumbling into dust.  It had been a long day, after all, and the evening brought many prospects of relaxation when Dino was around.  Even if he was often times clumsy, even amidst lovemaking, she figured it was worth it.  So she didn't complain when Dino's hands dropped down to her dress shirt and began to undo buttons.

He smiled at the sight of her submission and chuckles against the skin of her neck, blonde hair falling into his eyes.  "Are you really gonna make me do all the work?" he teased her, and he felt her shrug lightly as she leaned back and watched his hands.

"You don't seem to mind," she told him with a smirk, which she could feel him return against her skin.  It was true, at least.  Dino never gave up the chance to take her clothes off and she didn't particularly care, even when she had work to do. 

He finally pushed her shirt away and she cringed at the rush of cold air that met her.  She heard her lover hum pleasantly at the sight of her lacy bra, and then his hands dipped against her covered breasts and molded them to his skin.

This time, Lilly gave him a reaction.  Her back arched slightly and the quietest little mewl shot from her mouth.  She blushed immediately upon hearing her own noise and glowered when Dino chuckled again.  He liked it when she moaned like that, hoping he wouldn't hear it.  And he liked it when he did hear it and she got embarrassed because of it.  One would think that, after years of marriage, sex would be dry and boring.  But for them it was like a new experience that they hadn't partaken in before.

Suddenly, Lilly was spinning around in her chair and Dino was hovering over her with that predatory look in his eye.  He leaned in, barely brushing his lips with hers, and she couldn’t help but gently ease her hands up his chest to curl them around his neck.  Her lips sought his in determination until he finally gave in to her kiss.

It was fiery, and it made her excited.  Her body was beginning to react to him as only a lover's could, and it made her ache for him to touch her in places the public sphere would never allow.  She kissed him harder in an attempt to convey this message, but whether he received it or not, Dino merely draw back to look down at her.  The sight of her flushed, semi-naked form made him more aroused than he cared to admit.

She knew the look in his eye, and knew that once it was there, there was no going back.  They had crossed the point of no return but she didn't care one bit.  She liked it when he looked at her like that, and when he trailed his fingers over her shoulders to her chest, and when he tilted her head up gently to kiss her with all of his newfound intentions blurring up the lines of reality…

Her fingers shifted down his body as well, and she teasing palmed the bulge of his pants as though to remind him that he wasn't the only one who knew how to tease.  He inhaled sharply at the sudden touch and draw away, eyes locking with hers and making her shiver at the immediate lust within them.

They held the intense gaze for a few more seconds before Dino suddenly nodded to himself.  His hands slid beneath her thighs and he lifted her up.  The unexpected move made Lilly gasp and clutch at his shoulders.  She hoped his clumsiness wouldn't return, but she had little to really worry about because she was deposited onto her desk a moment later, safe and sound.

Dino immediately moved in to nestle between her legs, making sure her skirt rode up to accommodate him.  In this position, he hovered over her and it made her feel a little shy in a way that surprised her.  They had down this many, many times before.  She was his wife and there was no reason to be embarrassed to have him touch her.  But still her cheeks flared red and she kept her gaze resolutely on his shirt, wondering what was wrong with her and why she felt the way she did.

Dino noticed the change in her demeanor, too.  He was still for a moment as he watched her, and then his fingers moved to touch her chin,  "Hey…look at me," he murmured, voice sincere and eyes even more so.  He shifted her head up so that her eyes locked with his, and for a moment, he filtered through the emotions in her gray eyes.  "Are you alright?"
He had a feeling he knew what was wrong.  Sometimes this happened before sex, and sometimes he saw that vacant stare when she thought he wasn't looking.  It brought back memories of how she'd been after the Incident.  She hadn't been able to really look at him for months because she'd thought her kidnapping had somehow been her fault.  He'd never told her that when she tried to take the entire blame, it hurt him more than he'd ever been hurt before.

He leaned in, resting his forehead against hers and brushing his thumb over her cheekbone.  He didn't like when she reflected on the past, and he didn't like when she was regretful.  "…Is it about before?" and the rest of his silent words flowed out: the kidnapping?  The loss of our baby?  The Incident that made it so we couldn't have children again?

He didn't really need to hear her answer to know that he'd hit the nail right on the head.  Her eyes flashed mournfully and he pulled her into him, cradling her head against his shoulder.  He sometimes thought she was over it, because of the stubborn way her personality deflected discomfort.  But at times like these he knew she would never really be.

She clutched at his shirt and sighed, feeling guilty for interrupting what would have been a passionate night that she was sure they both needed.  With another sigh, Lilly whispered, "Dino…I'm sorry.  For thinking about it right now."  Right now, when she could easily be thinking about nothing save him, and how good he made her feel and how she never wanted him to stop.

It had been two weeks since the last time they were alone like this.  Being a Mafia boss left him little time for such activities and who knew the next time they'd get this chance.  She pulled back and looked at him, some of her usual bluntness resurfacing when she murmured, "I want to have you inside me."

He blinked at her, and then he blushed lightly at the sudden words that made him remember the erection between his legs.  She certainly had a way of twisting the situation…  But he still felt wrong initiating something when she was like this, so his hands stayed innocently around her waist and he didn't move to do much else.

She sighed out, not in annoyance but in slight exasperation, "Really, Dino, I'm fine."  And to annunciate her words, her fingers moved up to pop a few buttons of his shirt, which still clung to that glorious chest of his.

He watched with slight fascination as she leaned in to kiss each new recess of skin.  Her hands slid down the crisp white fabric and she pulled it from his dress pants.  He wasn't often wearing a suit and tie, but he'd had a formal meeting today and besides, Lilly liked to see him like this, sleek and handsome and ready to be undone.

He liked it when she messed him up, made him shiver when she ran her touch through his hair and over other things.  He liked when she pressed her hot skin against his and couldn't get enough of her, ever.  So when his shirt slid from his arms and his pants suddenly hit the floor and Dino was pushed rather roughly into the desk chair, he couldn't help but feel delightful satisfaction at her show of dominance. 

Lilly tilted her head and gave him a wicked smile before dragging her eyes down his naked body.  Her stare engulfed the hard erection that Dino was sporting, and he shifted at her gaze.  A few years ago, it would have made him anxious and embarrassed, but now it just made him impatient because he knew exactly what she had planned and wished she'd hurry up and do it.

Her hands touched his shoulders and then were dragged down, moving over the light pattering of blonde hair on his chest and sliding over his pert nipples.  Her fingertips swirled around his naval and then delved down to the base of his manhood, which was practically twitching for attention.  She snickered and he shot her a halfhearted glare that was almost a plea, so she decided to take pity on him.  She had him wrapped around her hands a moment later.

His body quaked at the sheer amount of giddy bliss that her touch brought him.  All he could think was 'Finally!', because how long had it been now?  Well past the time that Dino could normally handle being apart from his wife and lover, for sure. 

His head fell back and he took a deep breath which turned into a gasp when he felt her tongue run over him.  Sweet Jesus, she looked sexy.  It didn't help that, sometime between her touches, she'd shifted her bra so that it was positioned uselessly beneath her breasts.  It also didn't help that, with every stroke of her hands, she sent him a sultry smirk that made him want to kiss it off her face.  Roughly.

A low, husky groan emitted from his throat before he could stop it, but he didn't care much and neither did she.  His fingers reached for her hair and gently tangled into it, silently pleading for her mouth.  She pouted for a mere moment before giving in, because she'd been wanting to taste him properly since she started her little ministrations.  She took him as far into her wet mouth as possible, and he sighed out in relief.  He watched her with half lidded eyes and nearly, nearly forgot the situation when she moaned.  The vibrations sent his head spinning and he gasped sharply to try to clear it.  But it was useless and he knew it, and so he just remained sitting there, vainly trying to grasp onto a shred of self control before he came and ruined the moment.

Ultimately, however, he didn't have to try very hard.  Lilly knew her husband very well, after all, and so she knew the telltale signs of when he was at his limit.  She almost wanted to bring him to it; dearly wanted to see his back arch and his face twist up beautifully.  But she also wanted to selfishly continue her own pleasure, and that was what made her pull away with one final lick and watch him come back down to earth.

God, he was throbbing.  Dino sort of wanted to tug her head back and make her finish the job before he exploded in more ways than one.  He opened his eyes and groaned at the expectancy that matched her own, and also at the way she was sitting before his cock in that seemingly innocent fashion.  (Which, Dino knew personally, was not actually innocent at all.)

He sat up and leaned forward, untangling his fingers from her short blonde hair and instead cupping her cheeks.  She did look rather beautiful, after all.  Her lips were swollen and bruised perfectly and her skin was all flushed.  Her hands slid over his shoulders and she met him halfway, lips crashing together as the heat restarted.

After that, it was only a matter of time.  Lilly gently pushed him back and crawled over him, calves against his thighs as they balanced precariously in the chair.  They didn't have time to go to their bedroom, which was only a few doors down but altogether too far away.  This was more comfortable right now anyway, and Lilly couldn't deny the victorious feeling in her gut as she hovered over his thick manhood…  She'd always wanted to take him in a chair.  It was a secret, silent kink that had her giddy.

"Lilly…" she looked down at him and took him in.  He was staring at her with that pleading look that made her desire skyrocket.  His hands curled around her waist and he pulled her down against his erection.  Together, they shuddered blissfully at the sudden feeling. 

She knew that look and wanted exactly what he did.  So she moved down again, guiding his member to her entrance and slowly slipping onto him.  By the time he was fully sheathed within her, they were both enveloped with a sacred sort of silence that perfectly fit their love.

Said silence was broken, however, as soon as they began moving.  If silence could be shattered, it would be in shards around them.  Everything broke with the initial push of her hips, desperation and passion resurfacing as their moans intermingled and their bodies merged.

Dino's head hit the back of the chair with a loud gasp.  He would never, ever get used to the feeling of her surrounding him completely.  Right now, nestled within her, he felt an overwhelming sense of warmth and comfort as he drank in her essence.  His hands caressed her skin as she moved her hips, searing passion through the entire room.

A muffled moan slipped past her throat and against his neck.  She clung to the head rest of the chair in an almost desolate manner.  She wanted to drag her nails down his back, scratch little red marks over his shoulder blades and watch him shiver out his reaction.  But the moment was too haphazard, too temporary, and so she just settled on jerking her hips as forcefully as she could and making sure she didn't fall off the chair.

Dino helped, for the most part.  He held onto her tightly and brought her hips close to his at every thrust.  He wouldn't allow her to fall, nor would he allow her to escape this warmth for even a moment.  He'd been wanting this all day -- no, all week, for the past fortnight.  In fact, he mused, he could not think of a time when he didn't want her.

The sentiment lasted only a moment before it disappeared from his mind.  He couldn't think of much else besides the physicality of the moment, and how it felt so damned good to bury his aching member as far into her as he could, and how delightful her skin felt against his and -- "Lilly…!"  Another moan bubbled up in his throat.

If silence had words, they would be screamed out over bruised lips and molded against heated skin.  Dino pressed open kisses along his lover's shoulder, shivering as he felt her thrusting wholeheartedly against him.

Damn it, he was almost there.  It really had been a long time if he was almost close to finishing already.  He looked at her and murmured out a breathless warning.  She nodded halfheartedly and increased the tempo of their bodies, slamming into a crescendo that left them hanging by a thread of self control.

And then it unraveled completely, and Dino jerked his hips faster as he came, spilling his essence into her and moaning, eyes glazed over as his expression twisted in that beautiful glow.  It was the sight of his orgasm that prompted Lilly to come.  She moved faster, letting herself go and allowing the pleasure she'd been holding at bay to envelope her.  She fell forward, feeling Dino's arms wrap around her snugly as she came, mouth open in a silent moan as she shuddered against the form of her gasping husband.

If silence could take on any form, it would be dwindling in the breaths that were breathed out over sweaty skin and imperfect kisses.  Lilly's fingers tangled into Dino's hair as she looked up at him from her spot against his chest.  He gave her a sacred sort of smile reserved only for her, knuckles brushing over her cheekbones and tracing her lips.  If silence could see them now, it would be proud.

Long minutes passed them by, and then, "I'm rather sleepy."


Lilly smiled lightly and leaned back, slowly getting off of him and grabbing his hands.  She ignored the definitive desire creeping back into her at the sight of him now, slouched over with his clothes half off.  He looked like he was exhausted and so she pushed down her own selfish wishes.

"Let's go to bed, Dino," she whispered, and watched him blearily open his eyes to look up at her.  She found it strangely adorable.

He nodded and heaved himself up, hands reaching down to grab his pants and pull them back up to his waist.  He made to grab his shirt next, but Lilly's hands stopped him.  When he looked at her face, the smirk upon her lips made him smile.

"Right.  Sleep."

And silence watched them leave.