Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Dino Cavallone Lemon -- His Ears Only

Character: Dino Cavallone

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Oh mai~  James Bond reference~
He is a mess.  His hair is strewn over the pillows and he is gasping, fingers scrambling to hold onto something, anything.  This is what he has been waiting for all day while he stared at paperwork.  This is what he's been wanting.

She knows it too well.  She has him twisted around her fingers and she loves it, loves seeing him squirm and call out for her, loves when his lips are bruised and his body is flushed.  She can't ever get enough of the helpless way his hips surge upwards, only to be pushed back down against crushed white sheets.  And she adores the sounds he makes when he's flustered and feeling clumsy -- those little nervous moans that slowly turn more and more confident as she hands over the control bit by bit…

His fingers grasp her head, digging into her scalp gently and pulling her closer, eyes dilating with warmth.  He cannot get enough of her.  He breathes her in and exhales her essence and wonders when she has become so essential to him, like the very air he needs to survive.

He watches her through half lidded eyes, intently taking in every single movement she makes as she bobs her head over his member.  The moment becomes ingrained into his memory along with the others, but somehow he knows that later on when he remembers this, it will never equate to the ultimate desire that he feels here and now. 

A strangled moan leaves his throat and he closes his eyes for a brief second before they lunge open again.  No, he can't have any of that.  He has to keep watching her, and the way her tongue is licking at him, and how her breasts are pressed against his thighs and God, his eyes close again because the pleasure is getting to him.

She has his hips pinned to the mattress and doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon.  She likes dominating him, to an extent.  But she also likes it when he flips her over and shows her exactly who the boss is.  He will, she tells herself, fingers sliding down her body to alleviate some of the aching need that is accumulating there.  All in good time.

It seems that her movement, and the way she is touching herself, has caught Dino's attention.  He watches her now with renewed vigor, eyes forcefully strained so that he doesn't miss a single pass of that delightful mouth.  He can feel himself coming, and he tries to let her know.  But words don't seem to want to leave him mouth, so instead, he settles for a buck of his hips.  His cock is forced farther into her mouth and she splutters for a moment, clearly not having expected that.  And then she is drawing away from him with a vulgar 'pop' and Dino is left with a feeling of limbo, half pleased that she stopped him in time and half wishing she'd just let him finish.

"Dino…"  God, yes.  Yes, yes, yes, yes.  He wants to tell her to say his name again, and to make it wonderfully breathless and whimpering.  He feels shivers roll down his spine and, if possible, his erection hardens even more, until it is an aching, twitching mass that yearns for release.  He feels her kiss his inner thighs and wants to moan, but he also is overcome by the sudden urge to flip her over and bury himself within her.  He likes the thought of that, and the image of it burns into his skull.  His eyes close briefly but then reopen, and then his world is shifting without him even realizing it, and his body is taking over the frazzled control.

Immediately, his lips are crashing against hers and his body is crushing her.  Her arms weakly wrap around his neck as she lays, helpless but deliriously happy that he has finally found his dominance.  She loves him like this, loves when he makes her scream his name and brings her directly to the brink of shattering release. 

His hips are grinding up against hers before she can grasp onto the situation, and she is lost because the utter hardness that greets her sensitive skin makes her crazy with need.  Her hands dance down his hips and try to drag them closer.  Her eyes lock with his amid the furious flurry of their lips and she nearly faints at the imperfect passion that resides there.

His hands grasp her hips and jerk them against his own, and then his member is pushing past her folds and he is finally, finally sinking into the heat that he has been craving since the moment he saw her, all dressed up in that risqué blouse and those sleek, patterned stockings.

He grunts loudly, relishing in the intense feeling of her completely wrapped around him.  This is glorious, this union.  He watches her through lidded eyes that scream out in passion, and he nearly comes right then and there when she arches her back and breathes out his name.

It is all too much, and they have only just begun.  He slips back and then tumbles forward, thrusting deep, powerful thrusts as his fingers grasp the sheets above her head.  When his hips move in little circles, she goes berserk, fingernails digging almost painfully into his skin as she tries not to give into the bliss.

"Dino!" he groans and buries his head against her skin, teeth nipping lightly at her as his hips continue to move.  "Dino, Dino, Dino~"

For a moment, Dino can't even bear to open his eyes.  Pleasure zings through him like lightening.  He is so close, so very close, and he wants to spill into her already.  But first, he has to hear her say his name again in that sinfully erotic way.  He think he might die if he doesn't come to the sound of her beautiful voice, and so he whispers out in a strained voice, "Say it again…"

And she does, because she wants to satisfy him to the best of her abilities and this is the perfect way to do so.  His name tumbles from her lips urgently, and the sound of her little whimpers makes him grunt and pick up the pace.  They both rocket toward release: him because the sound of her is so precious, and her because being surrounded by him makes her utterly amazed.

They moan in unison as they let themselves go.  It is a sacred moment, a moment of absolute bliss and comfort and satisfaction.  Dino lets out one last grunt as he feels himself come undone.  He spills into her and sighs, hips moving from their alarming pace to a quieter, slower one.  She feels him go limp within her and exhales, sliding her hands up his chest to tangle into his hair.  And then they are kissing, silently thanking each other for the bliss that had been exchanged.

"Dino…" she whispers out one last time.  As they snuggle up together beneath the crisp sheets, he thinks he'll never get tired of hearing her say his name like that, lovingly and sleepily and for his ears only.