Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Kakashi Hatake Lemon -- Ragdoll

Character: Kakashi Hatake

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Rei, black hair, blunt, sometimes sarcastic

Inspiration: It all started with Gai…and then snowballed into a Kakashi Lemon…I honestly have no idea how that happened -_- Enjoy it damn it~!

It had not been Eve's idea to wake up at 5:00 in the morning just to go training.  But Gai had some delirious ideas and often dragged her into them because she…well, she wasn't really sure why, actually.  All she knew was that she might just be dying. 

"Don't be so dramatic, Rei!"  and then Gai patted her on the back in his typically friendly way.  Except it wasn't really a pat on the back.  It was more like a punch because Gai didn't know his own strength.  Needless to say, Rei ended up laying on her stomach in the dirt and gasping even harder.

She couldn't move.  Oh God, she couldn't move, and she had a mission in two days.  Her eyes slipped closed and she groaned in pain.  Her muscles felt as though they were combusting and it hurt like hell.  So much for the relaxing morning she had planned.  She'd probably end up bedridden.

"Well, come on then.  I'd say its time to get some breakfast!" Gai was on his feet in less than a second and was walking away before he realized that Rei wasn't following.  When he looked down at her, she was still laying face first in the dirt and her body was twitching.  He raised a bushy eyebrow, clueless, "Rei?  You can go to sleep later.  Let's get something to eat first!"  And then he dragged her into a standing position and proceeded to haul her towards the village.  She felt like a ragdoll.

Somehow Gai must have realized her inability to do…anything, and so she ended up on his back.  Her eyes slipped closed and she could hardly bring herself to speak.  So she didn't.  Sleep soon converged upon her.
When she woke up next, Rei wasn't sure where she was.  All she knew was that she was really comfortable, surrounded by sheets and a pillow that smelled familiar, like musk and spices…

She rolled over, eyes opening just a bit and noticing the glass of water on the bedside table.  Beside it were two pills, and seeing them made Rei remember that she had a splitting headache.  She slowly sat up, cringing just a bit before reaching over and taking the water.  The pills were swallowed a moment later.

Vague images filtered back through her brain.  She had gone training, with Gai, but had worked herself too hard and had passed out.  She didn't remember anything after that, but something else must have happened because this wasn't her bedroom.

Somehow, Rei managed to stand and then proceeded to stumble for the door.  But before she could open it, it opened on its own and then Rei was falling into something hard and also very familiar, and she realized where she was and who she was in the arms of. 

"Kakashi…" she cringed at the helpless sound of her voice and tried to free herself from his grasp.  But he wouldn't release her and just sent her a tilted smile, plausible through his mask. 

"You've been out cold for fourteen hours," he informed her, and then cheekily wondered, "How are you feeling?"

Her mood turned grumpy in less than three seconds and she didn't answer him, preferring to give him a withering stare that answered his question and then some.

"You shoulda woke me up, Kakashi.  Now I'll have to stay the night," she said this mostly to spite him, but he didn't seem to mind and she hadn't really expected him to.  She had spent many nights at his place, after all, and had spent many mornings in his bed and wondering where her clothes had disappeared to.  Such was the nature of their best friend-turned-loved relationship.

"You still look exhausted…I'll make you a cup of tea," he said in his normal lazy tone, and then walked out of the room after sending her an amused look.  She hated how he refused to acknowledge the blatant come-on in her voice, but she also loved it.  She couldn't get enough of his carefree, devil may care attitude when it came to their personal life, and her adoration of it shocked even her.

Rei was quick to follow him into the kitchen, and quicker to wonder what, exactly, had happened and how she had ended up here.  He began explaining as he boiled the water and set up the tea cups.  "I ran into Gai while he was heading towards the village and saw you passed out on his back.  So I offered to bring you to the hospital." 

She smirked at him, leaning forward in the seat she had claimed, "But you decided to take me here, instead."  And the delicious twinkle in his one visible eye made her more excited than she could explain.  "Yes," he murmured lowly, and she couldn't help but shiver at the nearly seductive tone of it.

"How sweet of you," she playfully smirked, callously flirting as she watched him adjust the heat on the stove.  "You're always trying to get me into your bed, Kakashi~"

He shot her a look that edged precariously on danger and she laughed at the sight of it.  Said feeling only grew bolder as Rei slowly got up from her chair and eased around the counter to stand behind him.  She slipped her arms around his waist and felt him relax against her hold.  But he didn't completely let his guard down, because somehow he must have seen the workings of her plan and knew she wouldn't rest quietly.  She was far too stubborn for that.

He felt her press her lips to his shoulder blade and looked over his shoulder at her.  He was wearing his navy blue mesh tank top, because it had been rather hot today.  His jounin vest had been carelessly tossed aside the moment he'd entered his apartment.  He was thankful for that, because it would have provided quite a reluctant barrier between them.  Now, at least, Rei was able to press herself fully against his back.

He held his breath when her hands dipped into his chest, and watched with a strange fascination as she felt the hardened muscles of his abdomen.  He was about to protest when her touch gently lowered, but it was gone before he could even open his mouth.  Instead of moving to rediscover his body, Rei turned off the heat on the stove and murmured against the skin of his arm, "I don't really feel like tea."  Somehow, her voice came out much more coyly than she'd intended.

It was her voice that triggered Kakashi's decision, and the teasing lilt of it that was the reason he turned so suddenly.  A moment later, her back was pressed against the other side of the counter and he was towering over her, muscled arms forming a cage. 

"You should have just said so," he told her, mouth curving up into a smirk.  He watched her gently touch the edges of his mask and slip her finger into it, and he didn't bother stopping her as she pulled it slowly down his face. 

The sight of him would never get old.  He was beautiful, flawless, and perfectly hers.  She was quite sure that she was the only one to ever see his face.  But even if she wasn't, she was the only one to have memorized the planes of it, and the shadows and the contours.  She knew him like the back of her hand and would never grow tired of him.

Something in her expression must have told Kakashi of her thoughts, because his eyes softened.  He reached out to caress her cheek, and a moment later, gingerly pressed his lips against hers.  She responded in the same breezy, almost lazy manner which moved him.

It wasn't long for those carefree movements to turn into frenzied, breathless touches, however.  Soon, Rei was trapped against the counter in a way that was much more demanding now, and Kakashi was the one doing said demanding.  Not that she was complaining.

She loved it when he kissed her like this, with that desperation and that clouded sense of need.  It made her feel alive and wanted, and so out of control that it was mind blowing.  It wasn't often that she left herself get out of said control, but sometimes, she liked to just hand it over to Kakashi and let him keep it safe for a while.  It was much more fun that way.

So when his mouth moved from hers to attack her neck, she let him.  And when his fingers tumbled into her clothes and shifted up her bare abdomen, she merely gasped and silently pleaded for more.

Her hands threaded through his silver hair and she pulled him back suddenly, chest heaving from the curling desire that had found its way into her system.  He looked at her with a heady gaze and it made her want to shrivel up and give in to her lust.  But first, she had other things to deal with.  Like the fact that his bedroom was too far away.

She didn't really have to say anything, though.  Kakashi knew what she was thinking and so he tugged her back, cradling her against his chest before lifting her up bridal style.  Rei could only tip her head back and laugh as he carried her off, arms clutching him tightly.  He sent her a smile that, without his mask on, nearly stole every last bit of her breath.

She was deposited on the bed a moment later, but Kakashi didn't immediately go to her.  Instead, he drew the curtains so that the evening sun was forced elsewhere.  As he did, Rei shuffled out of her shirt and was working on her pants when Kakashi stopped her.  His visible eye was twinkling with amusement and something dangerous, some sort of warning that screamed at her to not rush the moment, because it had been so long. 

Well, it had been a long time, she mused.  She wanted to say that she could hardly remember the last time they'd been united, but then again it was impossible for her to forget.  She kept every moment with him close to her heart and relived them whenever he wasn't there.

So she let him push her onto her back and watched him crawl up her body.  She let him slide his warm, calloused hands up her body and then back down.  She let him slip his mouth back onto hers and felt him whisper sweet words to her that made her want to moan and scream all at once.  And then she felt him push his lower body against hers and did just that, gasping at the hardness that made her quake with undistilled pleasure.

She could hardly think and they were only in the beginning stages of their lovemaking.  But it didn’t surprise her because this always happened.  She was always left a gasping and incoherent mess with just the slightest touch.  She could never really find herself when Kakashi was wrapped up around her, because she was too busy finding him, instead.

She pressed little kisses down his jaw and neck, and when she couldn't get farther because of his shirt, she decided that it was high time to do something about that.  She pouted, glancing up at Kakashi and the smirk that was currently twisting up his mouth.  "Kakashi, take this off," she told him, her voice edged with the traces of a whine.

He chuckled deeply but acquiesced, drawing away from her to pull the shirt off his chest.  And good Lord, the sight of him shirtless was enough to make any woman shiver.  When he came back to her, Rei couldn't help but touch him.  She shifted her hands up his chest and melted against it.

She was next, it seemed.  That bra that was still wrapped around her chest had to go.  It was only fair, Kakashi decided, and so he slide his hands around her back and fumble with the clip.  It came loose a moment later and then Rei was gasping and writhing and Kakashi was descending on her revealed skin like a starving man. 

Her fingers slipped into his hair and brought him closer.  It felt so good that she could only lay there and gasp.  Every touch enforced a new fire to curl up her body, and she shivered and moaned as his tongue worked wonders on her breast.

But it wasn't enough.  It didn't ebb the burning ache of her lower body; didn't bring any sort of relief to her maddening desire.  If anything, it only intensified it, made it hotter and more needy and completely, utterly smoldering. 

So Rei did the only thing she could do to get Kakashi's attention and then force it elsewhere.  Her hips jerked into his and he immediately lost his train of thought as he groaned, the sound muffled against her skin.  God, that felt good, Rei decided, and did it again.  This time, she bucked her hips into his a little harder just to annunciate her point a bit more.

He understood.  Of course he understood.  Kakashi drew back to send her a playful glare and she smirked, hands flying to his pants with the intention of getting them off and far, far away.  He let her, watching her with lust in his eye and that escalating danger that made more excited than she cared to admit.  Soon, both the pants and his boxers were forced down his hips and tossed aside.  But before they had even touch the floor, Kakashi was working on hers, as well.

She pouted when he didn't give her any time to touch him, but didn't complain because this would ultimately be far better anyway.  He jerked her pants away and then came to nestle in between her legs, his length pushing against her aching core in a way that made her crazy.

Her arms curled around his shoulders and she brought him in for a kiss that was intensified each time his hips moved.  Before the kiss was even done, Kakashi had decided on a new way of pleasuring her.  She broke the connection of his mouth and her head hit the pillow when his fingers found her clit.

Oh, that wasn't fair.  He was playing dirty but there was really nothing she could do about it, not when his fingers were doing that -- God.  She moaned and arched her back, pushing her breasts against him in an effort to make him stop teasing her and just take her already.  But it was useless because Kakashi was having far too much fun.

"Kakashi…!" her nails caught his back and pressed down.  She couldn't help it.  He was making her insane with every pass of his hand and she just wanted him, so badly…  But he only chuckled and watched her delicious despair with a lustful gaze that twinkled promisingly.  Perhaps that was the reason she didn't try to stop him: she could see the dark intent of his visible eye and knew this was far from over.

It was.  Far from over, I mean.  Kakashi made this fact known when he suddenly retracted his hand.  Rei watched him bring it to his mouth and slowly lick away her fluids with mixed emotions.  The dominant one was desperation, and the others folded behind it as she swallowed thickly.  Dear God, she wished he would hurry up.

When he finally slid his hands down her leg and then hefted it over his shoulder, Rei almost sighed in relief.  She could feel his thick member so close to her now and it was making her even more crazy than before.  She clutched at him, bringing her eyes up to meet his, and then bit her lip to hold in a moan as he began to enter her.

She couldn't breathe until he was completely sheathed inside her, and then her gasps turned to moans.  She could feel him everywhere and it was heavenly.  Her back arched and Kakashi pressed himself against her, arms forming a cage around her head and forehead meeting hers sweetly.  She could hardly think of anything other than the fact that Kakashi was finally taking her.  But then she realized randomly that he was still wearing his forehead protector.  That would have to go, and so a moment later Rei was running her fingers through his hair and slipping it off.

Kakashi didn't seem to mind.  He didn't stop her, at least, but he also didn't open his Sharingan eye.  Instead, he leaned down to press a soft kiss to his lips and she instantly melted into it.

"Kakashi…" he shivered at the sound of her voice and thrust deeper into her, delighting in the warmth that spread over his entire body.  It was mesmerizing, being one with her.  He would never grow tired of it and would never want to stop.  He heaved her leg farther up his shoulder and began diving into her core at a faster, more hectic pace.

Their kiss broke as Rei arched her back.  Her fingers scrabbled uselessly at his naked back, his name coming out faster upon her lips as his pace quickened.  She tightened her legs around his waist and her eyes flipped open to look at his.  The sight within them made her want to come right then and there.

"K-Kakashi…" God, she would last much longer.  Her eyes slipped closed again as intense pleasure wavered over her.  He was making her insane, more insane than before.  Every thrust had her pinned to the mattress with renewed vigor and she was left breathless, incoherent to anything except Kakashi as he hovered above her.

He heaved up her other leg and jumpstarted his pace, and the sight of him with that dominant expression, clutching at her legs like that…taking her in such a way…it forced the coil that had built up to snap.  Her orgasm washed over her like rain and she gasped, eyes locking to his as he hurried to catch up.

He did, moments later, and then her legs were dropping back onto the bed and he was rediscovering the warmth of her body, still nestled within her and seemingly content to be there.  And Rei could only lay there and hold him close and wonder how she had ever gotten to be with a man like him, completely unaware that he was thinking the exact same thing.

Extended Ending
Rei was sore.  God, she was sore.  She could hardly even move her body…

"How're you feeling?"

She glared at the cheeky tone of her lover's voice and muttered, "Awful.  I feel awful."  Ah, and now she had a headache.

His hands slid onto her shoulders and began to lightly massage them.  As she relaxed into his touch, she could only imagine the amused smirk that was no doubt catching his features. 

"I'll make you feeling better~" he murmured to her.  Yep, he was definitely smirking.  It was a shame she had such poor self control, though…or was it?  She sighed: she'd find out soon enough.


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