Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Neji Hyuuga Lemon -- Desires and Duties

Character: Neji Hyuuga

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Sagwa Miyagi, Age 18

Inspiration:  Forbiddon love.  Neji is engaged to another woman but loves Miyagi~  And I freaked out when I saw that pic up above and knew I needed to use it somehow ;3
She is elegant.  She walks with precision and grace, her form like hidden water as it jostles beneath cascading silk robes.  She is beauty.  Her lips are stained a brilliant red and it is sultry as well as innocent, contrasting and yet complimentary.  That woman is everything Miyagi is not.  Including Neji Hyuuga's fiancée.

It pains her to think that Neji is not completely her own.  She disregards the fact that Neji Hyuuga could never be completely her own anyway, simply because he is not one to be caged in any way.  But still, she at least holds a part of him -- the part that is stained with gentle kisses and grasping fingers and breathy whispers.  The part that he has given to her freely and of his own accord.

And she is grateful of it.  She loves how his eyes always seem to find hers, even in the thickest crowds.  She loves when he goes out of his way and brushes his fingers against hers, because even the slightest touch in public is something that he doesn't usually partake in.  She also loves when they are alone, and able to let down their walls and breathe their insecurities away until they are replaced by the feeling of nakedness and soft, supple skin.  But she does not have every inch of him, not all the time.  He is split between his desires and his duties; herself and his clan.

"They don't know?" she wonders in a barely coherent voice.  Her fingers are flowing through his long hair as she presses sweet kisses to his mouth.  He has her gently caged against the surface of her apartment door.  The rain is thudding around them and the streets are empty except for them.

"No," is all he responds with.  They, his clan, the rest of the Hyuuga, have no idea where he is.  He is safe here, at her home, because Lord Hiashi does not know of his relationship with this non-Hyuuga. 

She rolls her hips into his, effectively breaking his thoughts away from where she knows they are.  Her hands slide over the armor of his chest -- the remnants of his ANBU mission that he has yet to remove -- and she dips her fingers along the edges of the metal.  The coldness spikes through her and grounds her to him.

They should really get inside, she thinks.  The rain is making them wet and even though the streets are empty, there is always the looming reminder that they may be caught.  And being caught means no more Neji, which is a thought that makes her heart thud painfully in her chest until he kisses the hurt away.

His fingers grasp the doorknob and they stumble inside.  Their lips are moving in a flurry of kisses that are deep and satisfying, but not quite enough to quell the aching of Miyagi's heart.  She is not sad, not when Neji is with her.  But she is apathetic and holds a constant worry of the future, and where it will take them.

He knows this and tries his best to make her forget, even if only for a little while.  He kisses her harder, folds his arms around her as the door shuts and dips her body against his.  She is pushed against the wall and is gasping by the time he is finished with her mouth.  After that, she forgets the necessities of oxygen as he moves his burning kisses down her neck.

"Neji…" her fingers shift down his chest, over the cold armor to finger the buckle that keeps it molded against him.  She wants to be the one to do that, though -- to press every inch of herself to every inch of him -- and so she loosens the buckles and pulls the armor away.  It drops to the floor with a dull thud.

Her fingers tangle into his hair again.  She moves closer to him and catches him in another kiss.  Their tongues dance together for a moment and she is overcome by the delicious taste of him.  And then he is breaking their kiss in favor of pulling her toward the bedroom.

They don't make it.  They get to the hall just outside before caution is thrown to the wind and Neji's body is converging upon hers.  He cannot wait for a mattress or a soft place to lay.  He needs her now and whether or not they actually reach her bed doesn't even come into the equation.

His hips rock against hers and he shows her exactly what he is feeling, and the extent of it.  She opens her eyes to look into his all-knowing gaze and wonders at the emotions she is experiencing.  How can he make her feel so weightless?  She knows it has nothing to do with the fact that her legs are now curling around his waist.

She wants to say his name, to whisper it into his ear and watch his reaction.  She knows he likes to hear it, especially when she breaths it lowly.  But she is distracted by the way he is tugging at her shirt, jerking it from her body and immediately touching the newly revealed skin.  She is not wearing a bra and he makes good use of this fact, mouth moving down to capture a breast.

She wouldn't tell him that she hadn't worn a bra on purpose.  She wouldn't tell him that she knew he'd be here tonight and that is the reason for her lack of clothing.  But she has a feeling that he already knows, because she can feel him smirking vividly against her heated skin and Neji always seems to know everything anyway.

His fingers burn a trail down her body, over her abdomen and down her hips.  The buttons of her pants comes undone a moment later and then his long fingers are easing into the fabric and stroking her core.  At first, the position is an awkward one because of his restricted movements, but then Miyagi's world darkens as pleasure shoots through her.  His fingers now twist within her, pumping blindly into her wet folds.

This time, his name does reach her lips.  She murmurs it over the lingering silence and watches him shiver.  He presses farther into her, bringing his mouth back up to hers, and she continues to breathe it into the kiss.

It is almost too much for him, hearing his name like this.  His pants are tightening with every moment and it's starting to get slightly painful.  He doesn't remember a time when he'd been this erect, and he wants to make good use of said arousal.  He wants to take her so badly that he hardly knows where to begin, but she helps him out as her hands trail down to his pants.

The zipper is sliding down a moment later and he is shuffling out of both his pants and his boxers.  She glances down at him and her eyes widen slightly.  She has seen him before, more times than she could count, but somehow he appears larger than before.  Perhaps it is the lighting; perhaps it is her own aching need, which also feels intensified.

Neji draws his fingers away from her core and grasps her rear, hands tightening over her skin as he pushes himself against her.  For a moment, as their hips meet, all they see is stars gathering up around their vision.  But then, when Neji eases himself into her, the stars practically explode and leaves them hanging between what feels like absolute heaven and the dreary atmosphere of Miyugi's apartment.

He slams into her hard, pinning her to the wall.  She isn't given time to adjust to his sudden penetration, but she doesn’t really need it anyway.  She is soaking and has been waiting for his return for what feels like weeks.  This is what she needs, and so her hips automatically jerk against his as he plows into her.

Her nails run down his back, leaving red marks in their wake.  Neji shivers from the abrupt touch and arches into her, pressing his chest against hers and taking in the sight of the swell of her breasts conforming to his skin.  He shivers anew because the sight of her naked body has the most delicious affect on him. 

"Say my name again," he murmurs to her, and then holds his breath because speaking is almost too much effort.  He clenches his teeth and his fingers tighten around her, drawing her farther up the wall and diving into her again and again.

She acquiesces because saying his name always makes her excited, especially when he has her pinned against a wall and is ravishing her completely.  She throws her head back until the wall restricts the movement, and Neji immediately tastes the skin of her neck as he rains kisses against it.  His name is pulled from her lips a moment later when he bites down on the tender skin.

"Neji!"  he thrusts harder as a reward, tongue licking over the captured skin and making her squirm.  He loves when she does that.  It makes his dominant side purr in satisfaction.  He grunts lowly and she repeats her newfound mantra, making it tumble from her lips again and again as she begins to come undone.

His thumb jerks against her nub and she arches her back with a loud gasp, eyes open wide but not really seeing anything.  The sight of her like this, giving into his ministrations, makes Neji's own orgasm imminent.  He pounds into her harder, faster, reveling in the heat that curls around his lower half.  Numbing pleasure begins to cloud his vision and he buries his head in her neck.  He whispers gently into her ear, but she can hardly hear him because she is already falling, tumbling down into a place that is swathed in passion and giddy happiness.

This is love, she thinks.  Not this exactly -- not the act of sex -- but the feelings directly after, when they are both utterly spent and shaking.  It is love because, as Neji carries her into the bedroom and they finally fall onto the mattress, she can see his emotions firmly in his gaze.  It is love because, as they wrap themselves in sheets and arms and legs, she can feel it in the way his fingers drift up her spine to twist into her hair.  And finally, it is love because she knows, without a shred of doubt, that no matter what the future brings them, she will always be loyal to him and only him.

As they drift off into a well deserved sleep, Neji decides that she is elegant without cascading silk robes, and beautiful without brilliant red lips.  And she is his without having to be his fiancée or taking part in such menial traditions, because their love transcends that and more.


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