Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Takeshi Yamamoto Lemon -- Deafening Rain

Character: Takeshi Yamamoto

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! [TYL]

OC: Kyoko Itsuhara, auburn hair, feisty

Inspiration: Lingerie :3

Takeshi Yamamoto is exhausted.  He walks slowly to the door of his apartment, feet heavy but somehow lithe, as though there is something, or in this case someone, just beyond the door that makes him excited.  His fingers twist the knob and he steps inside, immediately overcome by a sense of familiarity and peace.  For a moment he just stands there, taking in the sight of his living room.  He treasures the telltale sign of warmth and inhabitance that is apparent all over the apartment, reminding him once more that he is not alone, and will never have to be again.

The thought creates an explosion of giddy happiness to erupt within him.  A soft smile gathers on the edges of his mouth and he closes the door behind him before making his way toward the couch.  His body falls down onto it, heavy and tired.  His hands reach up to loosen his tie before falling back down as though in defeat.

He is not deaf.  He hears the shower going, because the apartment is small and the sound reverberates into his ears.  He is not stupid, either, as much as Gokudera wishes to believe.  He knows that he is wounded slightly and is much too tired to join his fiancΓ©e anyway.  She probably doesn't even know he'd been scheduled to come back today.

But his thoughts are proven wrong when the water suddenly cuts off, and Yamamoto glances toward the bathroom with a slightly interested look adorning his face.  He's been waiting to see Itsuhara all week, has been dreaming of her face and of the peace she brings him, but those dreams are little preparation for him now, and for the sight he is met with as the door opens.

Oh, she'd known.  She'd known about his homecoming and would never give up the chance to somehow bend it in her favor.  Though, Takeshi muses as his eyes rove over the silky lingerie, its more in both of their favors.

"Oh!  Takeshi!"  he shivers at the sound of his name lolling from her naked lips.  Her voice is innocent, but there is something twisted within her tone that makes his lust spike.  He watches her slink into a pose that is almost too much for his already frayed self control, and she says, "I had no idea you'd be here tonight~"  The sly mink.

She sends him a smirk that makes her eyes positively glow and he has to catch his breath.  She is beautiful, wrapped up in that lacy number, but then again she is beautiful in whatever she wears.  He leans back in a seemingly lazy manner but he is not feeling lazy, or peaceful or calm.  His heart is spluttering frantically within his chest and his nerves feel like they're on fire. 

She knows what he is feeling.  She can see it in his eyes, in the way the tips of his fingers are white as he tries not to clench them; she can feel it in the atmosphere, and cannot wait to sink her teeth into the lust that is spiraling through her at the mere sight of him.

She pushes off of the threshold in which she'd been leaning and tilts her head.  Kyoko Itsuhara does not like to be kept waiting.  She steps back, eyes locking with Takeshi's and nearly gasping at the smoldering look in his honeyed gaze.  But her own control is still intact and so she continues to step back, until she cannot take it any longer and all but flees into the bedroom.

Takeshi can't help but go after her.  He is only a man, and the sight of her has awakened him from his exhaustion.  He can only think about how badly he wants to sink into her heat, to throw her legs over his shoulders as he pins her to the mattress -- he picks up his pace.

She is waiting for him inside, and seeing her again, this time laid out for him, makes him shiver delightfully.  She is already on the bed, elbow propped up and smirking at him amid dozens of lit candles.  It is romantic, he muses slowly, and his eyes temporarily soften as he looks at her.  She has done this for him.

She seems to have noticed the slight change of his demeanor, because Kyoko's smirk also softens into a smile.  She gestures for him to come closer and he does, sauntering to the bed.  As soon as he is within reach, she tosses her arms around his neck and brings him in for a kiss. 

It matches their current mood.  Their mouths gently move, as though they are saying 'hello' after what has felt like months apart, even though it has only been weeks.  Takeshi sweeps his hand over her cheek to caress her, momentarily forgetting that she is in that skin tight lingerie and that his body has already reacted to it.

But then the heat is brought back into their kiss and suddenly they are careening forward, and Takeshi finds himself hovering over his mischievous lover.  She shoots his a smirk and reaches up to fiddle with his tie.  "Did you miss me, Takeshi?" 

His breathing has gotten heavier just hearing her murmur his name.  He shifts, propping his elbows above her head as he peers down at her.  His answer comes a moment later when he presses his lips to hers again.

She sighs and her eyes slip closed.  He kiss tells her everything and then some.  The level of his concern, his love, his gratifying wish to be close to her after such a long, intense mission…

Her fingers slide his suit jacket from his shoulders, and Takeshi draws back slightly to assist in pulling it completely off.  And then his mouth is back on hers, pressing sweet kisses over her lips before darting his tongue out to mingle with hers.  It is blissful, she decides, tasting him.  She has longed to feel his weight on her and to wrap her legs around his waist and to feel his need, so she does now and finds herself not disappointed. 

But then Takeshi is pulling back and looking down at her through a pair of oddly serious eyes.  For a moment, they look at each other, taking in bruised lips and tangled hair, flushed cheeks and skin hot to the touch.  Takeshi hums gently, kissing along the edge of lingerie as it slopes over Itsuhara's breasts, and then he whispers a deliciously sincere, "I want to feel you."

Its all over, she realizes.  The teasing is done now that Takeshi is here.  He has her wrapped around his finger and she'll do anything for him, so she breathes back in the barest of whispers, "Then feel me."

And he does.  His lips are pushed back onto hers for a moment before he begins to trail them down her neck.  His fingers work effortlessly at the lingerie, undoing it and proceeding to kiss each newly revealed bit of skin he can get to.  When the heated fabric is finally pushed off the bed, Takeshi can only stare in admiration at the flushed, naked woman before him.  He swells up with pride knowing that she is his.

His staring is making her slightly nervous.  Slightly, because they've done this plenty of times before.  But its still unnerving and so Itsuhara pouts and reaches for him, fingers spreading over the front of his dress shirt, "Takeshi…stop staring…"

He just smiles and leans down, watching her undo the buttons of his shirt.  He is aware that he's still staring, but Itsuhara doesn't seem to mind now because she has something to occupy her.  He is glad, because he loves looking at her, especially when she's laid out in such a way and happens to be both naked and directly beneath him.

It is hard for him to restrain himself when his shirt comes off and her palms replace it, smoothing over his chest.  Her mere touch makes him shiver, consumed by the need to have her touch him more.  The bulge of his pants has long since awakened and Itsuhara has known for a while, but still she refuses to lower her hands.

Takeshi is not below begging.  He would rather not, of course, but he has never been terribly prideful and so he buries his head into the crook of her neck and breathes out her name, in the way he knows turns her on.  It isn't really begging, more like twisting the situation around.  He knows he succeeds because she shivers against him and acquiesces, fingers dancing their way down to the waistline of his dress pants.

When she palms him through his pants, he is struck with disappointment.  He wishes she'd just take the fabric away and touch him, so he breaths her name again and she giggles luxuriously, finally stopping her teasing and pulling down the zipper.

She is pumping him before he really knows what happened and he is muffling a satisfied moan.  It has been too long since she has last touched him and the effects of said time are wearing him thin.  And her, too.  They both know that foreplay will have to wait for a later time.  The urgency of coupling is torturously burning through them.

She is wet and ready for him, and Takeshi is all too happy to do the taking.  His fingers brush over her chin and tilt it upward, gazing into her eyes for a moment with an expression that leaves her more breathless that she'd been before.  He leans down to gently press his mouth against hers and, at the same time, nestles against her heat.  The duel touch makes her sigh and slide her arms up his chest to curl around his neck.  She kisses back, but then whispers against his mouth, "Takeshi…hurry up…"

He listens because he is aching and because he knows that another moment away from her core is a moment wasted.  He listens because it has been weeks since the last time they were intimate and it has physically hurt him to be away from her.  He listens because he loves her with all of his searing heart and wants to prove it time and time again.

When they are finally one, it is like a breath of fresh air.  For a moment, neither move.  They are too transfixed at the intense feeling of being united, and of feeling Takeshi buried within her and her wrapped around him.  But then he jostles out, and the movement makes Itushara gasp aloud.  The pace is set and they are suddenly flying through time and space and there is nothing, nothing to hold them to reality save for the feeling of skin and the shards of their romance fluttering around them.

He leans down to trail kisses along her skin, but he cannot focus too much and she doesn't really mind.  All she wants is him, going faster and faster.  So he does.  He pins her to the mattress with powerful thrusts, pounding into her at an alarming speed that vaguely reminds her to his Shigure Soen Ryo style [1].  But this is not done out of anger or distrust, like the way he swings his katana at an enemy.  This is the complete opposite and it makes her moan and shake at the realization.

She can feel herself coming to an end.  The feeling spreads through her and she opens her mouth to somehow let him know.  But he already does because he is feeling the exact same thing, and neither of them really want to stop.  He pulls out of her a moment later and she is left gasping and staring at him in slightly annoyance for stopping.

"…Takeshi, why'd you stop-?"  he interrupts her with a kiss and then he's gently turning her around and she's silently given the answer to her question. 

This position is different.  She doesn't like it as much because she can't see Takeshi, or hold him close or kiss him.  Instead, she's staring at the headboard and holding the wooden edge of it, legs spread apart and on her knees.  She pouts lightly, but her expression changes quickly when she remembers the good part about this position.

She can feel him so much better now.  Takeshi's hands slide over her rear and down her thighs, shifting them farther apart so as to give him more room.  A moment later, his hard member is pushing against her and she is lost again in that interval between reality and dreams.

It is almost more than she could take.  Her back arches and she moans his name, face pressed against her hands.  It's not the most comfortable way to have sex but she doesn't care, not anymore.  She can feel him and that’s all that matters.

He thrusts into her harder than before, ramming his length deeper than she thought possible and leaving her into a puddle of electricity.  The coil was breaking again.  Her orgasm was imminent and God she wanted to come, wanted to let herself go in the most carnal and satisfying way she could.

His hands ghosted up her back, tracing her spine before curling over the mounds of her breasts.  She buries her head into her arm and pushes back against him.  When he touches her like this, she doesn't stand a chance.

He chuckles and she feels his breath tickle over her back.  His hands squeeze lightly, rolling her nipples through his teasing grasp.  She wonders at how amazing he is at multitasking, but can't stop to think because she doesn't remember how to put coherent thoughts together.  So instead she just settles on moaning.  She moans at how good it feels, having him inside her, and she moans Takeshi's name, and she moans how she's been waiting for this, waiting for him to fuck her senseless. 

That seems to be the catalyst to their end.  He moans as well, an incoherent mumble that sounds vaguely like her name coupled with that of a deity.  He is holding her close, with tight fingers that will perhaps leave bruises in the morning.  But his incessant grasp only makes her further realize that he is here, with her, surrounded by her, and those thoughts make her feel better than any physical touch that he could give her.

They come undone in a jumble of moans and a pounding of hips.  Breathless gasps are shifted over skin and Takeshi begins a series of lazy, resounding thrusts as he finishes, drawing out their pleasure until it zings them no more.  When that finally happens, Takeshi is easing her around and they are falling onto the mattress, sweaty and spent and smelling of sex.  But they are comfortable and that is fine, and they wrap their arms around each other until it is impossible to discern where one body begins and the other ends.

She buries her head into his chest and sighs in relief and happiness.  His arms tighten around her and he peers down at her face, which is composed in an expression that makes him more satisfied than he could possible explain.


His heart swells at the sound of his name and he presses a kiss to her forehead to show he is listening.

"…I love you."

He pauses for a moment before breaking into a wide grin and kissing her more soundly on the lips.  It is quiet for a few seconds, and then…

"I love you too."

Together they've fallen and together they'll continue to fall, like the rain that patters against their windows and washes away all their troubles.

Extended Ending

Two arms encircle her waist and Itsuhara feels her lover press a kiss to her neck.  She smiles and tangles their fingers together, ignoring the breakfast she is making and opting for a moment with him, instead. 

He sighs peacefully, and she glances at him over her shoulder to see his face.  He looks like he's having some sort of internal debate.


The spark of his eyes resonates at the sound of his name and he nods in determination, fingers wriggling out of hers to pull at the bathrobe tie around her waist.

"Right.  I want you.  Now."

She giggles anew and lets him pull off the garment.  A moment later, he is pinning her against the counter and fumbling with his boxers, and she is wondering if breakfast will ever be made.  Oh well.  They have more important things to do, after all.

[1] Shigure Soen Ryo style: Takeshi's sword style



  1. Thank you. πŸ™πŸ½ Thank you so much for this. I've been looking for a good yamamotoxreader fanfic but it's been so hard to find one that matches his character and my fantasy. 😭😭 This one is gorgeous, πŸ‘…❤️ and his character is so gorgeously on point and I LOVE the character of the female, she's so mischievous but sweet at the same time; story is absolutely amazing! πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸΌ
    TYSM for sharing!!! 😜