Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An America Lemon -- Windswept

Character: America

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Anna, long curly brown hair, honey eyes

Inspiration: 'Cause for some reason, whenever there's a storm outside I get into this strange Alfred mood…Oh, if anyone's wondering, Hurricane Sandy passed right by where I live and we only lost power for an hour.  :D  butimissedliekthreedaysofclasses~

Delicate fingers clutched a coffee mug close to her heart, her worried eyes turned outside where a figure was struggling to tie down the hatch doors of their house.  The wind was so strong that it looked as though it would pick him up and take him away.

The storm brewing outside had been worrying the entire state and even the next ones over for the past week.  People had been rushing off to buy containers for ice, coolers, and propane.  Men had been out cutting firewood and tying down anything that could become an eventual liability in this horrendous wind.

It had been exciting get ready for the storm, but now that it was beginning to show itself, Anna was rather worried about it.  Alfred had agreed to come keep her company during the next few days because she hadn't wanted to be alone.  (He had actually wholeheartedly offered, but that's not altogether surprising nor important.)  Having a man around the house definitely made her feel better, but she still wondered if any damage would be done to her home, or any of her neighbors homes. 

The sliding glass door she'd been standing behind suddenly burst open and she jumped, coffee sloshing the edges of her mug as she turned her shocked face to her lover.  Alfred laughed and then turned his attention to battling the door closed again and locking it.  Then he drew the curtains over the X'd [1] glass and brought her into his arms.

She snuggled up to him, immediately feeling her worries dispatch like the screaming wind outside.  She felt him press a gentle kiss to her head and then heard him murmur, "Aren't you glad you've got me to help you out?"  A chuckle annunciated his words.

She hummed in acknowledgement and nodded, "So glad."  Because she was.  She'd probably be off risking her own neck to make sure her elderly neighbors were ok if he wasn't there now, or doing last minute preparations outside.  He'd become a sort of rock to her during the past few months, and she often felt better whenever he was near.

"Breakfast?" she wondered, pulling back a bit to study his face.  His lovely blue eyes didn't light up excitedly at the mention of food, like she had expected they would.  Instead, they seemed to almost darken.  The brilliant cerulean turned to a heady, navy color that seemed almost likened to the sky outside, which was curling with ominous gradient clouds.

She frowned slightly, wondering what was wrong with him, and questioned lightly, "…Alfre-mmph!"  Her coffee mug was snatched from her hands and placed on a nearby surface.  She was pressed into his strong chest and her mind softly paused as he kissed her.

This was too sudden.  She wasn't sure what to do.  Wasn't there more work to be done before the rain came?  Did they have everything they needed in case they were quarantined here for the next few days?  Were they safe?

He broke the heated one-sided kiss and gave her an exasperated look that didn't really fit his face.  "Stop thinking," he told her, and her breath caught at the intense look in his gaze.  "We're ready for the storm.  All we can do now is wait."

Wait.  As everything blustered around outside, they would have to wait it out.  As life passed them in rushes of windswept leaves and huge gusts of wind and rain; as tree branches fell and lightening collapsed nearby, they would have to wait.

"Just how many of these storms do you think I've been in?" Alfred suddenly wondered, lips curving up into a smug grin.  "I'm more prepared than anyone, and ten times more qualified to keep you protected!"

His mind seemed to have gone directly from seducing her to showing off, and she wasn't all that surprised at the sudden change in emotion.  She smiled and shook her head, hands smoothing over his dress shirt that he'd hastily put on before braving the winds outside.  He'd missed a few buttons and as a result, the entire shirt was skewed.  But she liked him like this, like a mussed up, rugged man.  She liked to think that he'd keep her safe simply by being there with her, and she truly believed that he would.

Her worries now quiet whispers in the back of her mind, Anna set her sights on more important things, such as the man in front of her.  She giggled lightly, "Oh Alfred…look at you!"  His hair was windswept and messy, his clothes equally so, but he looked more lovely and handsome than she'd ever seen him. 

He laughed and hugged her close, strong arms holding her near and warming her up at the same time.  He pressed a kiss to her cheek and it told her everything, all his love and all his happiness.  A giddy sensation lifted her heart and she smiled softly at him.

The thought of waiting out the storm suddenly seemed insignificant to her now.  In a way, it actually felt more romanticized, more exciting, simply because Alfred would be here with her.  And what can two lovers do when they're stuck in a house for days on end?  The answer, she decided, was purely instinctual.

Her hands trailed down his body and palmed the beginnings of what would probably be a hard erection.  He inhaled sharply and watched her, surprise melting with his eyes as they darkened yet again.  Her fingers danced over the growing bulge and her lips turned upward as she smirked at him.  She was suddenly overcome by the stark desire to see him naked and defenseless.

"Alfred."  His eyes flashed at the sound of his name and jerked up to hers.  She gave him a suddenly squeeze and giggled lightly as his breath caught once more.  "Alfred…I've decided I want you."

He growled lowly and leaned in, hand thumbing over her waist and edging closer.  When he spoke, his voice was lilting with that dark husk, that promise of pleasure.  "I've decided that a long time ago."

She grinned up at him and he grinned back down, their faces rather unlike those of lovers.  But that was because they were unconventional at best, and there was nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it made things all the more interesting, much more exciting and exhilarating.

In less than a second, Anna was being pressed against the cold kitchen counter and her lips were partaking in a wild dance.  They moved together like waves, crashing here and there but always in sync, much like the furious beating of their hearts.  He heaved a leg up to curl around his waist and then shoved his hips against her, moaning softly.  Her fingers tangled into his hair and she pulled his mouth closer, tongue running over his and tasting him as his hand curled around a breast.  

There seemed to be no end to their flurry of passion.  It ebbed against them like water and blew through them like the storm outside.  It paused and halted at random intervals that were controlled only by the unrestrained pass of their hips.

Her fingers flew down his shirt and pulled it off, impatiently shoving it off his body before attacking his chest with kisses.  He allowed her to, for a moment, but his own impatience soon took control and he was suddenly pushing her own shirt away, and pressing hasty kisses to her chest instead.

She watched with vague interest as his fingers tugged down the cup of her bra.  His mouth immediately caught her nipple and sucked, rolling it gingerly between his teeth before passing his tongue over it.  Her hands curled desperately into his hair and she pulled him closer, his name slipping from her lips in an equally frantic manner that made him harden and ache.

He pulled away in favor of her lips, and also because he had to show her how much he wanted her.  His hands grabbed her waist and he pulled her tightly against him, grinding his erection against her core and waiting for her reaction.

She gasped and moaned, head tumbling back as sparks flew over her body.  He immediately kissed at the revealed flesh, licking her neck and moving his hips harder against hers. 

"Alfred…bedroom!"  Because dear Lord, she wanted him badly. 

But there was no time for that, no time to make their way up the stairs to where her bed waited for them.  He shook his head and murmured out what he hoped would explain his reasons for staying right where they were. 

She understood.  She knew because she was feeling the same thing he was.  She wanted him now and even though she'd prefer a bed to the edge of a counter, she'd make do because Alfred would be gentle with her.  He always was.

"Get my pants," he told her, and his voice made shivers roll down her spine.  She nodded, hands leaving his hair and fiddle with the button of his jeans.  She would have attempted to tease him a bit more, but all thoughts of such things exited her mind immediately after she'd freed his manhood.

She'd never tire from the sight of him like this, curled up and waiting for her.  Her hands pumped him for a few seconds and she watched his face twist up beautifully.  His cheeks were flushed and he looked like he desperately wanted to take her, but she was still half dressed and they'd have to do something about that.

They did, but Anna could hardly keep up with the wild, unchartered movements of her lover.  She ended up simply watching him as he fiddled with her pants, and when he had the fabric down to her knees, Alfred converged upon her, fingers brushing controlled strokes against her core.

Her reaction was that of surprise, because she had expected him to fill her up as soon as he could.  But this was delicious, having him hovering over her and watching her as he touched her.  It was purely blissful.

"Ahhh…!"  her head craned back as his fingers dipped into her, pumping deeply.  His thumb drew circles on her button and she almost caved.  Her body was a tight coil of energy that was about to explode, and Alfred could only smirk wickedly as he studied her expression.

His lips brushed over hers and she responded eagerly, curling her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss.  She moaned and tried to move her hips into his thrusting fingers, but he only grinned and kept her pinned to the counter.  She couldn't help but moan again, this time a little helplessly.

"Alfred…please!  Nnng!"  God, she was about to come.  She could feel her body unfurling and knew her orgasm was imminent.  But she didn't want it like this.  She wanted his cock, deep within her, and nothing else would ever be a good enough substitute.

He grunted and bit her neck, feeling her squirm.  This was torture for him, as well.  Oh, he liked when she moaned for him like that, and he liked to bring her to the edge using just his hand.  He liked when she was pressed against him and he liked to watch her come.  But his shaft was utterly aching for her and he dearly wanted to bury himself within this lovely woman.

"What do you want?" he asked, voice taking on a darkened tone that reverberated against her skin.  He had to know.  He had to hear her say it. 

She arched her back and his fingers suddenly slowed dramatically, setting off her orgasm.  This was good, she thought, but dear God, she almost wished he'd let her come.  She was pounding and throbbing and so ready and he was just standing there, looking down at her through cool, calculated eyes that he only wore when he was ravishing her.

Her eyes widened as his finger brushed over her button again.  But it wasn't enough to give her satisfaction and she was, once more, tossed into that feeling of limbo.  "Tell me," he ordered, eyes softening a little.

Her hands slid up his body, and she swallowed thickly, eyes clouded and voice bare, "Alfred…I want…I want you…inside me…"

No, no.  It wasn't enough.  He growled lightly and kissed her neck, removing his fingers completely from her and watching as she whimpered from their loss.  He leaned in to grind himself against her and she cried out at how hard he'd become.

"But what do you want?" he insisted, because he needed to hear that word roll from her mouth.  His hips circled hers again and she gasped.

Excitement trilled through her body and intensified with every pass of those delicious hips.  Her fingers scrabbled against his shoulders and she moaned out the two words that Alfred had been searching for in an almost desperate manner.  "Y-your c-cock…~"

He nearly moaned when she finally said it, because it sounded so intimate, so erotic and so lustful coming from her.  He took her face into his hands and kissed her passionately, moving his dick to her entrance as their tongues battled together.

When he was hilted within her, he knew this wouldn't last nearly as long as he'd like.  She was already nearly at her limit anyway, so he picked an immediate pace that made her gasp and claw at his back as she tried to catch up with his fast thrusts.  He filled her up completely and kept her against that hard counter.

"Alfred!  Oh!"  She arched her back, pressing her breasts into him and curling her legs tightly around his waist.  It was almost too much to bear, having him take her so completely, and it filled her with an excitement that left her baffled.

He pulled himself out and then rammed back inside, groaning out his pleasure as he took her with long, fluid strokes.  His lips ran down her neck and his hands massaged her breasts.  Her mouth opened in a silent scream as he thrust her at the perfect angle.

"Alfred!  Alfr-ahhhh!  I-I'm coming…Alfred!"  her body arched itself again, her fingers digging into his skin.  He was picking up his pace but he wasn't quick enough, and she was already coming undone before he could share the moment with her.  But it didn't matter.  He found his orgasm as soon as he could.  He buried himself deep within her, as deeply as he could, and came with a loud, reverberating moan.  Then he was falling back down to earth and joining her in the kitchen, leaning against the counter and listening to the wind as it swept them away into a surreal dream.

"…Alfred…" Anna mumbled against his shoulder, and he glanced down at her.  She looked tired.  "Carry me to the bedroom…"

A small smile wavered over his face and he chuckled deeply, feeling lighthearted and giddy.  He slid out of her, only to shift her legs out from under her to lift her up.  A gentle kiss was placed to her mouth.

"Alright.  But it's gonna cost you~"

She giggled and kissed him back, threading her fingers through his hair.  She decided that hurricanes should really come more often.
[1] X'ing the windows: You're supposed to do this during hurricanes.  In the event of the glass breaking, the tape is supposed to hold all the pieces together.  Makes it less dangerous and all that.


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  2. Yes I really loved that one and its one of my favorites too