Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Gaara no Sabaku Lemon -- Fire of Suna

Character: Gaara no Sabaku

Fandom: Naruto [Shippuden]

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: I think waking up next to Gaara is every fangirl's ultimate dream…or am I alone here? :D

Gaara felt different when he woke up that morning.  It was an odd difference, an unexpected one.  But it felt alright, even good, and so Gaara didn't immediately get up like he usually did.  Instead, he opted to remain warm and happy in that strange, different sort of bliss.
He had to get up eventually, though.  His duties as the Kazekage took up his entire schedule.  So after an hour of lazing in bed, Gaara lifted himself up and dressed hurriedly in his robes.  Still curled up beneath his sheets, you didn't seem to notice his absence, though you shifted a little in sleep at the loss of warmth.
He watched you for a moment, his red hair falling into his eyes as he trailed a gentle hand up your arm.  Your expression was peaceful, and rested, as though you, too, were experiencing the strange morning bliss even in your sleeping state.  The tiniest smile curled over Gaara's lips before a knock on the door shattered the peace.
Gaara moved toward it quickly, not wanting to wake you up.  You'd been so tired lately, after all, but that wasn't the only reason he wanted you to remain in the depths of sleep.  He didn't know how to go about this sort of thing.  This romance, this passion.  He wasn't sure what to say to you, he wasn't prepared to see you awake yet.  So he cracked open the door quietly and frowned at Kankuro, who was being his normal loud self as he said, "The elders are wondering where you are, Gaara.  They're waiting for you in the meeting room.  Did you forget about it?" 
The messy state of his younger brother seemed to suddenly make sense.  A wave of comprehension dawned over Kankuro's face and he grinned wolfishly.  "Oh," he said, and Gaara felt himself blushing rather furiously at the thought that his brother knew.  Knew that Gaara was far from innocent.  Knew that he wasn't alone in his room.  Knew that there was a very specific reason as to why Gaara was so late this morning. 
Kankuro smirked and backed away, eyeing Gaara's blush with a very amused expression.  "Tell [Name] I said good morning, would you?"  And he laughed as he walked away.
Gaara stood there for a moment, the door still cracked open, his face still bright red.  And he suddenly jumped in surprise as two arms slid around his middle and a very lovely, very naked you pressed yourself against him.
"Was that Kankuro?" you sleepily wondered, and pressed a gentle 'hello' kiss to his clothed shoulder.  If possible, Gaara found his face heat up even more.  You smiled at the tension in his body and slowly turned him around, hand slipping the door shut at the same time.
This was too sudden.  You weren't supposed to wake up yet.  Gaara was supposed to have a plan of action, a thing to say.  But he was altogether tongue-tied as he looked down at you.  It didn't help that you were completely bare.  Memories of the night before slammed heatedly into his mind.
You slid your arms up and around his neck, and when he didn't respond to the embrace, you gently slipped his own arms around you.  His hands smoothed over the flesh of your back.  His heart beat hurriedly in his chest.  His mind was bent on one thing, but it was too early, and you wouldn't like it, and he was so very inexperienced that it made him positively -
You pressed your lips against his and the thought of inexperience flew away.  It was all he needed, that icebreaker, and Gaara only hesitated for a moment before dragging you closer, kissing you harder, slipping his hands lower and pulling you completely against him.
You sighed out happily as the kiss dissolved, slowly, gently.  The taste of his was still very much alive within you, and it had fragments of the night before slamming into your head, as well.  For a moment, you simply rested your forehead against his.  And then you gently stepped back, toward the bed, toward the promise of a delightful, delicious morning wrapped up in the resurrected bliss from the night before.
Your boldness caused strange emotions to raise within Gaara.  For one, he was relieved that you knew what you were doing.  He felt so new at lovemaking, even though he'd been with you more times than he could count.  The familiarity in which you touched him made him feel relaxed, happy.  He also felt exhilarated.  Your boldness made him want to sink himself into you and forget the entire world.  Forget that he had a meeting to get to.
He drew away.  The reminder made him frown, and you stopped to study his expression with curious eyes.  "The Elders are waiting for me," was all he said.  It was a warning, to him.  To you, though, it was a challenge. 
You hummed and slide your arms up his chest, dearly wanting to remove the clothing that separated you.  In a soft voice, you wondered, "So?"  Who cares if some old men were waiting for him?  You were also waiting for him.  And besides, it wasn't as if Gaara wanted to go waste his entire morning in some boring meeting that didn't center around anything particularly important.  You sent him a gentle smile and he felt his cheeks spark with color.  He watched you begin to untie his robe with eyes that were quickly turning to acceptance, and then relief, and then fire.  Hot, scorching, 'I want every single part of you now' fire.
And then Gaara changed.  A moment before, he had been inexperienced, unsure, hesitant.  But as he watched clothes came off him, his eyes and body hardened with lust and he found himself acting very differently.  Which was something you happened to enjoy very much indeed.
A growl, a lunge, and you were on your back on the mattress with him hovering over you.  Your bare breasts made his eyes widen with passionate fascination that soon turned to delicious attention as he lowered his mouth to capture one of them.  You whimpered a little, ran your fingers through flaming red hair, pulled him closer.  His hands formed a cage around your body, his tongue formed fire.
It always shocked you when he turned into this passionate man.  In the beginning of your lovemaking, months prior, Gaara had been nothing but hesitant and unsure.  But the weeks had hardened his discipline and had given him knowledge.  Knowledge of how your body reacted to him, knowledge of how his body reacted to you, and it had made him less hesitant and more active.
"G-Gaara!" you squealed, surprised when he suddenly began to abandon your breast to kiss down your body.  He smirked up at you and you shivered at the sight of it, because it was one of his dangerous smirks.  (All his smirks were dangerous ones, but this one felt even more so.)  His hands were already sliding around to grasp your bottom and then his tongue was pleasuring you in more ways than one, licking and thrusting and delving into your core, faster and faster as your whimpered and moaned and panted.
It was too much, really.  You liked to think that you were always in control of your emotions, but when it came to Gaara this was completely untrue.  If anything, Gaara was in control of you, a fact that he liked to prove each and every time you were intimate.
He lifted your hips, pulling you into a position that you'd never been in before.  It forced your world upside down, and not just literally.  This position gave him fuller access to you and it caused delirious shivers to roll down your body.  Your very veins were on fire, everything had lit up like the sun itself was imploding within the room, and you were coming before you could hope to stop yourself, Gaara's tongue thrumming you to your finish.
He released you and watched you collapse on the mattress with a satisfied gulp of air.  You turned wide eyes to him and watched his cheeks alight in something like a blush, which was somehow sweet in the wake of his hard passion.  Beneath all his newfound bravado, he was still hesitant, you realized.  It was endearing.
"Was that too much?" he wondered, turning his eyes to yours and flicking a hand out to touch your waist.  Your fingers threaded with his and you shook your head, grinning giddily.
"You're so good at this, Gaara," you told him, and watched his face heat up ever more.  "It felt amazing."  The assurance made him lean down to kiss you, and another bout of erotica swept through you as you tasted yourself on his tongue.  He really was something else.
"Will you let me pleasure you now?" you asked, voice thick with desire.  You felt yourself pounding again, but you knew you weren't quite ready to have him inside you yet.  You wanted to wait a little, let the passion take hold of yourself more before you break yourself on him.  He nodded a little, knowing what was in store but somehow looking a little shy about the whole thing.  He was so strange, you thought as he sat back in the pillows.  One moment he was an absolute animal, bringing you to an earth shattering end, and the next he was as nervous as a school boy during his first sexual encounter.
He was very hard, his member straining up as though to prove itself.  You smiled at him as you straddled his legs, ran your hands down his bare chest as though to reassure him, and then allowed yourself to duck down and kiss the tip of his manhood.
The reaction was immediate, and included his hands as they swept through your hair.  You knew he wanted you to go fast, to abandon all your slow pleasure, but you also knew that building this up slowly would make it last longer and would be ultimately more pleasurable.  So with teasing brashness, you began to take him into your mouth, neither slow nor fast.
His eyes, when you glanced up at them minutes later, said all that needed to be said.  That he wanted to go faster, that he dearly wanted to bury himself inside you, that time was of the essence but he wouldn’t rush you.  You hummed and the vibrations of the noise on his cock made Gaara shut his eyes, rock his head back, pull your head farther against him in a gentle, soft way.  You picked up your pace because you could see how the teasing was making him desperate, but you had no intention of letting him come.  That would take too long and you didn't want to wait.  So a moment later, you were releasing him from your mouth and he knew it was time, time to have you, time to lose himself inside you.  He wasted no time in flipping you over, crawling up your body, kissing you.
And then he was lining himself up, pushing past your barriers, sinking himself into your heat.  You arched your back, mouth falling open in gentle surprise.  You were always surprised by this, the intensity, the power.  It drove you insane even before Gaara began to move.  And then, of course, you couldn't breathe, speak, could barely even moan.
"Gaara…" you whimpered, body rocking back and forth from the force of his thrusts.  He groaned out against the skin of your shoulder and picked up his speed, diving against you fiercely, provocatively.  He craned his neck, lifting his eyes to yours, and held that powerful, emotional connection as he rammed his hips again and again into yours.
Being with Gaara was complex.  It frayed emotions and propriety.  And being with Gaara when he was in the throes of passion was even more complex, but beautifully so.  He had a way of speaking his thoughts in that silent manner of his, even beneath sheets.  Just looking into his eyes made you privy to said thoughts, made the experience of it all even more invigorating.
"I'm almost there…!" you moaned, halfheartedly meeting his thundering hips to the best of your ability.  The resulting clash of skin and bone made an oddly delicious friction explode within you.  You heard his breathing intensify, overpower you, and then he reached up to brush your hair away from your face in a suddenly tender moment, and you saw the passion in his eyes, the bright love, the desire.  And you came.
Your fingers scrabbled at his back, nails digging into flesh.  Your head was thrown back at the force of your orgasm.  You moaned Gaara's name, shifted your legs up and over his waist and locked them behind him.  When you felt his thrusts quicken, when he began to push his thickness into you faster, harder, you knew he was about to come as well.
The thought somehow made another orgasm tear through you, stabbing you into uselessness as you lay prone beneath your lover.  Your mouth opened at the sheer force of that secondary passion and you arched your back, vision cloudy.  Gaara ducked his mouth to your skin, pressing open mouthed kisses along your neck.  His hands reached up to tweak your nipples and to cover your breasts.  He came with a furious growl and a heavy battering of thrusts that were almost painful, almost bruising.  But pain and pleasure were one in the same and you didn't care, not one single bit.
For a while afterward, you could scarcely move.  Gaara rolled to your side after drawing the pleasure out to a zinging fullness.  He gathered you into his arms and you shifted into him, chests heaving, fingers grasping, as though this moment would be your very last.
You remained together, breathing in and breathing out, for the remainder of the morning.  All thought of meetings had long since drifted from the Kazekage's mind.

Extended Ending

"I told you, you're gonna have to deal with me instead of my brother," Kankuro muttered to the Elders.  Then he mumbled to himself with a scowl, "He's currently having the time of his freaking life right now."
One of the Elders heard him.  He frowned, "What has made the Kazekage so distracted?  We set this meeting up two entire weeks ago!"
With a roll of his eyes, Kankuro spat, "Fucking.  It's his new pastime.  He's only just discovered it."
The Elder glanced around.  A wistful sigh.  "Oh, I remember when I was young and captured in the throes of flesh and passion - "
Kankuro choked on air and flat tailed it out of there as soon as he physically could.
Damn.  He always got the shit end of things.



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