Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Kankuro no Sabaku Lemon -- Lady Killer

Character: Kankuro no Sabaku

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Akane, jounin, lives in Sand village, is a dreamer

Inspiration: Kankuro freaking assaulted my mind the other day and forced me to love him.  That attention whore.

It was another sandy, windswept day in Suna.  The sun was, as always, blazing hot.  The calm breeze dismissed just a little, but the heat was still scorching, burning, searing, and Akane could hardly take it.  She hated Suna.
She hated it because of its temperature, because it made her skin dry and cracked and dark.  Because it was filled with people who were cruel and who didn't care about human lives.  Though, Akane mused quietly as she continued on her journey home, that last part had changed since the new Kazekage had taken his role years prior.  Which lead her to the only reason she liked Suna.  The Kazekage's brother.
He was a renown puppet master who was often gossiped about, mainly by the girls of the village.  Those who couldn't gain Gaara's attentions - which was everyone, just about - turned to Kankuro.  The ninja might have been interested in them a few years prior, but he clearly had other things on his mind these days.  And one of them was her.
Akane found herself smiling as she walked up to her apartment door.  She tried the knob and was unsurprised to find it unlocked.  Kankuro was often home before her, so she entered, feeling his chakra signature weaved around everything in the house.  It made her warm.
"Kankuro?  I'm ho-oh!" she exclaimed, eyes widening as she peered into the kitchen at where her fiancĂ© and both of his siblings were standing.  Temari was standing over her stove wearing a pink frilly apron, and Kankuro looked as though he'd been forced into a similar one.  When Akane stepped closer, Kankuro gave her an apologetic grimace and she almost laughed at the sight he made. 
Akane leaned in to kiss Kankuro quickly on the cheek before sliding into the seat beside Gaara, who glanced at her lazily and nodded in a silent 'hello'.  She sent him a small smile and reached over to fill a glass with some of the saki he was partaking in, ignoring the fact that it had been taken from her own cabinet.  Before she could inquire into their presence, Temari began speaking.
"Kankuro told us about your new schedule," she began, and Akane shot her lover a raised eyebrow.  He made a face behind his sister.  "So I decided to be a good sister-in-law and we all came to help make dinner."  She said this as though everyone was helping, but it was clear that her brothers had done nothing in all the time they'd been inside the kitchen.
"Oh?" Akane questioned, sipping at the sake.  "That's very nice of you, Temari," she said, though she'd rather just have a nice, slow evening with Kankuro instead.  Such things were rare because of their busy work schedules, and having siblings like Gaara and Temari often got in the way of their romantic life.  But Akane sucked it up because angering Temari was the last thing she wanted to do, especially since the older sand sibling had been very accommodating toward her since Kankuro asked her to marry him.
Temari smiled happily and nodded, "Yes, well, why don't you go get into something more comfortable?  We'll start getting dinner on the table."  And before Akane could really protest, Temari was shooing her from the room and she was trudging off with a sigh.  She liked Temari, honestly.  But sometimes the woman could be so persistent.  It made Akane mental! 
Five minutes later, Akane returned wearing a loose fitting kimono-style dress.  She was surprised to find that the table had been set and the food was being plated.  She was even more surprised to find the sand siblings working together without arguing.  With a raised eyebrow, Akane approached.
Kankuro glanced at her and then she could see from the way his eyes glinted that he wanted to be alone with her.  Wanted to wrap her up in his arms and kiss her.  She suddenly found herself craving the exact same thing, except her desires were wrought with something deeper, something more passionate.  She touched his arm and resisted the urge to pull him close in a rough kiss.
If the other siblings were aware of Akane and Kankuro's behavior, they didn't show it.  Instead, they all sat down at the circular table in the kitchen.  The food, Akane found, wasn't all that bad considering it was Temari who made it.  She wasn't exactly a good cook, but had her moments here and there.  Akane made sure to compliment her on the food, which earned her an appreciated smile.
"Akane, are you ready for our trip to Konoha next week?" Temari wondered, looking at her over the table.  The trip to Konoha was an annual one that the sand siblings always made during the summer months.  It was a sort of renewal of diplomacy between Suna and Konoha.  This would be the first year that Akane would be attending at well, as Kankuro's wife-to-be.  She slipped her hand over Kankuro's leg, out of sight, and nodded.
"I can't wait.  Getting out of this hot weather will be great," she said, slanting a glance at her lover, who had curled his fingers around hers idly as she spoke.  She also liked the idea of going with Kankuro.  It would be a sort of vacation for them, something that they rarely got to go on.  Though they'd been seeing each other for years now, the only vacation they'd gone on together had been to a resort in Suna.  It had been nice, but it didn't really feel like a vacation because there were constant reminders of Suna everywhere.
"Right?" Temari asked, shoveling another bite of food into her mouth.  "And Shikamaru will be there to escort us around.  And Naruto, too, which Gaara will like."  Gaara glanced up at the sound of his name but remained silent, as per usual.  And then Kankuro slowly dragged Akane's hand farther up his leg, and she looked at him in surprise.
He just smirked and leaned back, rough fingers brushing over her own as he gently forced her touch over his jeans.  She swallowed a little in nervousness, because doing such a thing around Kankuro's family seemed too wicked for her.  But then Akane remembered what Kankuro and her would have been doing right now if not for Temari and Gaara's presence, and she allowed herself to smirk a little as she acquiesced to his obvious wish.
He let go of her hand as she rolled her fingers over his core, which was just beginning to arch with traces of his arousal.  He was hardening rather quickly and it made Akane wonder if he'd been thinking of her for a while now.  She wouldn't be very surprised if he had.  She held back a laugh.
"This really is good, Temari," Akane announced casually.  She reached forward to take a sip of water and sighed.  "A nice ending to a stressful day."  Except not the perfect ending.  No, that would have to wait until she was alone with Kankuro.
Temari hummed and pushed her plate away.  "I'm glad we did this.  We really don't get to spend a lot of time together."  She began to say something about how they were always so busy, but Akane couldn't help but tune her out.  Kankuro was covering her hand with his own again and was forcing her to touch him faster, rougher.  Akane hoped that no one else noticed.
But then Temari laughed and stood, "Gaara, I really thing it's time to go.  You have a lot to thing to do before the day is over.  And something else is obviously on our dear brother's mind."
Akane blushed vividly and tugged her hand away from Kankuro's.  "A-ah, sorry, Temari-"
But Temari only laughed again and brushed her away.  "We'll leave you to it," she winked at her, and it wasn't until she'd pulled Gaara out of their apartment that Akane realized they hadn't stuck around to clear the dishes.  She scowled and began to clear away the dishes.
"Your sister is incorrigible," she complained, dumping the dirty plates in the sink and then going back for the glasses.  Kankuro chuckled and stood, "She'll be your sister too, soon enough.  And then she'll be even worse, trust me."  His words made her groan.
She stepped back up to the sink and Kankuro followed, looping his arms around her waist and propping his chin on her shoulder.  He nuzzled her neck, tugging down the shoulder of her makeshift kimono and pressing his lips against her.  She craned her neck to give him more room, smiling as she rinsed the plates of food.  But she didn't wash them.  That would simply have to wait until Kankuro wasn't trying to seduce her.
Akane grabbed a nearby dish towel and dried her hands.  Then she turned into Kankuro's arms, throwing the towel away and wrapping her arms around his neck.  Her eyes shone warmly up at him.  His mouth formed an irresistible grin and he leaned in to kiss her.  Slowly, delicately.
"Kankuro…" she sighed, and he dragged her closer, hands burning through the thin layer of her clothes.  The sound she made, all breathless and wanting, left Kankuro desperate.  He kissed her harder, lips moving in a sudden fierceness that didn't fully add up to the romantic atmosphere of the room.  Akane tangled her fingers in his hair and laughed a little, shattering the faux hard passion that Kankuro was beginning to work up.  He narrowed his eyes at her.
"I want you slow tonight," she told him, as though in explanation.  Slow and passionate and teasing.  She was in the mood for gentle caresses, for romantic touches and kisses that whispered out in lighthearted delight.  And Kankuro sighed, because he didn't particularly care how he took her, only that he needed to have her.  Needed to feel full and satiated and alive, and knew that the only way to feel those things would be burying himself into her.  Kankuro shrugged, "Fine."  And then he jerked her into the air, tossing her over his shoulder and turning to the bedroom.
Whatever constituted for slow and romantic, it certainly wasn't being lugged off to the bedroom like a sack of potatoes.  But Akane knew that it was sometimes hard for Kankuro to submit willingly to those kinds of feelings.  He'd never known the love of a mother, or even that of a father.  Growing up, his emotions had been cold, arrogant, and it wasn’t until Gaara started to change that he did, too.  So she didn't really complain, and when she was thrown rather roughly onto the mattress, Akane could only lay there, watching Kankuro curiously to see what his next move would be.
She wasn't disappointed.  Though Kankuro had only recently allowed warm emotions through his exterior, he'd always understood the more primal, animalistic tendencies of sex.  Akane didn't usually like to think of how he was before their relationship, but Kankuro had been something of a lady killer.  The term made her smile a little bit, and Kankuro glanced at her as he pulled her to the edge of the mattress.
"What?" he asked, casually hooking his fingers beneath her socks and pulling them off.  Her short kimono was simple to remove, but Kankuro seemed as though he wanted to take his time.  He continued at a slow pace, rubbing his fingers over her legs lightly as he waited for her to reply.
She just shrugged, throwing her arms over her head as she watched him through narrow, calculating eyes.  "Nothing~" and the quick way she dismissed him made his interest spark, just as she knew it would.  His eyes flashed and he dragged her farther to the edge, so that her core was pressed diligently to his leg.  She merely raised an eyebrow.
"Tell me," he said, voice dark, eyes locked with hers.  His fingers tumbled down her legs, pushing her kimono up to her hips and then tracing the edge of her panties.  White lace, seemingly innocent, one of Kankuro's favorites.  He wondered if she'd planned this out, or just picked them at random.  From the look in her eye, he opted for the former.
She laughed a little and threw her legs around his waist, dragging her toward her.  "Oh fine.  I was remembering how people used to call you a lady killer."  She burst into laughter again, partly because of his semi horrified expression and partly because she knew what was going to happen next.  Kankuro scowled at her, cheeks blazing a soft red, and then thrummed his fingers over her, tickling her mercilessly.  Akane gasped and laughed harder, weakly trying to grasp his hands and failing utterly.
"S-stop, Kankuro!" she laughed, but he didn't.  He merely grinned and pressed on knee to the mattress, sinking his weight over her as his fingers flew faster.  His eyes glinted warmly at her, sparking something inside Akane as she peered up at him.  Something stark, something blind, something that had little to do with lust and yet edged on it, intertwined just a little bit so that the lines became blurred and heady.
And then he suddenly stopped, suddenly threw his weight into his elbow as he hovered above her head.  His lips sought hers and he kissed her with that starkness, that blindness that didn't truly make sense.  And yet it was understood as easily as breathing, or kissing, or loving.
"Kankuro…" she murmured, and this time, his name was bathed in love, the soft, gentle kind that made the heart pound fervently.  Her hands drifted up to palm his cheeks.  "I can't wait to marry you," she told him, and this too was soft and gentle, and made his heart pound and his body ache and his reality brighten.  He swallowed thickly and sighed, kissing her again, pouring his love into his movements rather then into his voice.
And then he was roughly tugging at the tie that held her kimono up and was burying his hands against her skin, warm and real and alive.  He pulled her up and she shifted her weight onto her elbows, allowing him to drag her kimono from her shoulders and off her arms entirely, so that it was only a pillow for them to lay.
The sight that she made, laying beneath him in her matching white lingerie, was almost too much for him to take.  He wanted to tear that bra and those panties away and take her fiercely, roughly, quell the burning need that had festered within him all day long.  But he also wanted to cherish her, caress her, love her gently, bare his soul for her to see and judge and accept.
Akane drifted her hands down his chest, fingering the hem of his shirt and then slipping her hands beneath it.  The hard muscles beneath his skin called out to her, making her want to melt against them, kiss them, lick them.  Her legs tightened around his waist and he looked down at her.  The next moment, he was allowing her to roll him onto his back and take her place above him.
His shirt came off quickly and was replaced by her lavish attention.  She loved his chest, loved the hardness of his muscles, loved the fact that she felt completely safe around him.  Like he was her castle, a wall between her and those who wished to hurt her. 
Her lips moved down his chest, tongue flicking out to lick over his nipple, to trace the edge of his pectorals.  Kankuro watched in blind fascination as she went, eyes sharply taking in every detail of her touch, of the way her fingers curled over him.  And when she reached the hem of his pants, he could only lay there and watch as she slowly undid the fastenings.
"Help me," she told him, smiling cheekily up at him.  Kankuro grumbled but obeyed, because he wanted his pants off just as much as she did.  His arousal was so hard now that it almost hurt, straining against his jeans like it was.  So when he helped her shuffled the offending fabric off his body, along with his boxers, Kankuro nearly heaved a sigh of relief.
"That's better," Akane murmured, looking down at his hardened shaft as it sprung into the air.  He was a lot harder than she'd anticipated, but that only made things more interesting.  She lazily touched him, drawing gently fingers up and down in the barest of ways.  Kankuro gritted his teeth and slid his hands over her hips, growling out a short, "Come here."  To which she ignored, wholeheartedly.
Kankuro didn't like being ignored.  And he didn't like being made light of.  With a fierce growl, he was rolling them back over, taking his place above her once more.  He knew of only two things in that moment.  One, that if he didn't take that white lingerie off her, he'd die.  Two, he wasn't going to be able to go slow tonight, not now.  He wanted to fuck her hard and fast, till moving was out of the question, till her voice was raw from screaming his name.  And nothing she could say would make it easier for her.
But, not completely surprisingly, Akane had no interest in making things easier for herself.  She was quite happy with where things were going.  Though, at first, the thought of a nice, romantic evening appealed to her, her thoughts on the matter had changed significantly.  Such things happened when she had Kankuro for a lover.  So she just lay there, waiting, watching, smiling coyly.
Kankuro wasted no time at all in removing her bra.  Unclipping it was annoying and went over his head entirely, so he ended up just grabbing the cups and jerking it over her head in one fluid motion.  Akane smirked a little, somehow feeling her arousal spark at the show of impatient dominance.  And then Kankuro was ripping her panties off her legs and throwing them to the floor behind him.  His eyes crashed against hers and she swallowed thickly as his gaze slowly lowered and he looked at her. 
It wasn't like this was the first time he'd seen her naked, but there was something in his eyes that made the moment seem important.  Akane had no idea what it was, only she knew it was there, lurking just beneath the surface.  It felt like he was trying to memorize her.
"Kankuro?" she wondered, and his eyes lazily returned to hers.  He hummed and moved, lowering himself to her level.  Her eyes flashed as his member brushed against her core, but he didn't do anything else.  He just stared at her expectantly, one brow raised.  She sighed.  "Really?  You're really gonna make me say it?"
Because she couldn't think of any other reason why he wasn't fucking her silly right about now.  Kankuro grinned voraciously and shrugged.  "If you would," he told her casually, languidly, and she rolled her eyes.  "…Please fuck me, oh great lady killer," she mumbled, and he frowned at her.
"Don’t call me that," he told her, and eased his tip into her opening.  But he wouldn't push all the way in.  "Now say it properly," he smirked, hands roughly holding her hips down as she tried to find a way around his order.  It wasn't fair, she scowled.
A sigh, a twitch of her eye, and, "Please take me, Kankuro-sama."  And Kankuro raised an eyebrow and nodded.
"Alright.  But next time, lose the 'sama'.  Makes me sound old," he mused, and Akane glared at him.  "Just fuck me, Kan-oh!"  Her back arched vividly as he roughly tore into her, hilting himself completely inside before tearing back out and doing it again, and again, until Akane could hardly even breathe.
"Ohhh, yes," she moaned, nails digging into his arms as he hovered above her.  "Th-that's much…better…"  she cried out again when Kankuro lowered his mouth to her breast and sucked.  And she knew that it wouldn't take her very long at all.
Kankuro chuckled darkly, tongue flickering over her sensitive skin.  The force of his thrusts made her entire world fluctuate.  She moaned loudly and dragged him closer, legs tightening their hold on his waist.  It felt so good, so very good.
"Kankuro!" she cried, arching her back again.  He made her feel so alive, so loved, so wanted.  She gathered him into her arms and he kissed her lips before moving to bury his face into her neck.  He gasped against her, ramming his cock so deeply into her that Akane was sure she'd get bruises all over her lower body.  But she didn't care, didn't care at all.  She didn't feel the pain of their colliding hips.  She only felt pleasure, pleasure so bright and so lively that it swallowed her entire world, transformed it into an array of shattered emotion.
"I'm gonna come," he gasped against her, and gritted his teeth fiercely.  He couldn't come before her, he couldn't.  But already he was feeling his orgasm tear through him and he couldn't possibly stop it.  Akane moaned again.  "'S alright, j-just come, Kan…Kankuro…"  and that was the last straw.  The sound of his voice, so shaky, so breathless, was what made him spill himself into her like an adolescent schoolboy.
He came with a wild moan, tossing his head into the air and thrumming his hips harshly against hers.  And the sight of him finding his release made her own orgasm imminent.  Akane rolled him over, pushing him onto his back and impaling herself on him, again and again as she came.  Her end was dazzling and blinding, and Kankuro watched her through half lidded eyes as she cried out and clutched at him.
It was perfect, flawless, and it made him feel so alive, so lucky to have her.  Kankuro watched her until she was completely spent, until her hips stopped pounding against his, and then he eased them farther up the mattress and she collapsed on him, still connected.
He tucked her against him as they panted, waiting for their worlds to stop spinning, waiting for reality to set in again.  And when it did, soft and splendid, Akane murmured a very gentle, "I love you, Kankuro."  And his arms squeezed her tightly to him, as though he was loath to let her go, give her up. 
He buried his face against her hair and whispered the words he rarely uttered, but felt every moment of every day, in her presence or out of it.  And she smiled giddily as he did, feeling her heart burst pleasantly.   


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