Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Laxus Dreyar Lemon -- Remember

Character: Laxus Dreyar

Fandom: Fairy Tail

OC: Anya, small, only lets Laxus call her 'shortie', otherwise gets angry~

Inspiration: Laxus is hot.  That's all, really.  

The morning began normally enough.  Anya awoke in her bed, sheets mussed up over her body, limbs sprawled out haphazardly in the hot, sticky weather.  Like a cat, like a lazy, napping feline.  She opened her eyes as everything was still normal.  Her clothes were strewn on the floor.  Her door was closed.  And then she yawned, tossed her arms over her head, and stretched.  And that was when Anya realized that everything, in fact, was not normal.
"Che.  You're awake already?" a voice casually wondered, and Anya twitched, frowned, and turned her head to look at the man who lay beside her.  Laxus was sprawled out in her bed as though he owned the place, one arm beneath his head, the other resting on his stomach as he watched her from the corner of his eye. 
Her cheeks turned pink and she drew the sheets up to her neck, making a noise and turning away from him.  "I forgot about you…" she mumbled, burying her embarrassment into the warm skin of her arm as she rolled onto her side.  Her words seems to spark something within Laxus, because not long after, he was also rolling over.  His arm tucked around her waist and he heaved her closer, like she was just a ragdoll.
"Hmm?  You forgot about me?" he wondered, trying to get a glance at her eyes.  But they were closed and almost the entirety of her face was hidden from his view.  He scoffed and muttered something about 'crazy females' and how she could 'forget about last night'.  Which only made her blush harder.
"How'd you forget, anyway?  Not like you were drinking," he muttered, hand drifting over her hip to tuck around her thigh.  His thumb brushed lazy circles into her skin and she peeked at him from between her fingers.  He caught her eye with a raised brow.
Then, she sighed and mumbled, "I didn't…really forget…"  Jesus.  How could she possible forget about being with Laxus?  She'd admit that the moment she woke up she was confused, but then Anya began to remember slivers of the night before.  And then more slivers.  Until her entire mind and body were reliving the tremendous experience of being loved by Laxus.
"Oh?" he wondered, and she could tell that he was smirking.  She tensed a little as he pushed her gently onto her back.  His hand enveloped almost her entire stomach as he touched her, dragging rough fingertips over what was once crisp white sheets.  "So you do remember?" he asked, eyes flashing down at her as he leaned nearer.  His leg shifted between hers under the sheets, skin flushed against skin.  She curled her fingers around the edges of the sheet like she was holding onto it for dear life.
"So then you remember when I touched you here?" he breathed into her neck, his hand coming up to slide around the slender, small curve of her breast.  She shivered almost violently, eyes tightly closed.  Though the sheet still created something of a barrier between their skin, it still felt powerful and intense to have him touch her like that.  She bite her lip as his thumb rolled over her nipple.
His lips careened over her skin, just barely touching it.  His breath was hot and fanned over her like a wave, soaking up all her embarrassment and throwing it away.  There was no need to be embarrassed, Anya knew.  After last night, and the moments before, Anya didn't have to be scared around Laxus.  But she was.  Not because he was so powerful, or that he could take her out with a single throw of his fist, but because the feelings that wove around her own heart were so intense that they almost frightened her.  She couldn't ever recall loving a person so much, never.
"And," he almost growled, voice so low that it was almost dark, almost animalistic.  She swallowed as his lips pressed against her neck.  "You remember when I kissed you here?"  Then, rougher, like fire.  Like water.  Like everything the was extreme and passionate and needy.  She gasped as his tongue flicked out to taste her skin, her fingers flying from the sheets to grasp at his shoulders instead.  And that was when Laxus knew that it was time.  Time to completely shed that silly but endearing embarrassment.
He growled and tore away, pressing his forehead against hers.  His hand curled around the edge of the sheet and he murmured, "Look at me, Anya."  And when she didn't immediately obey, he breathed out again, "Look at me."
And she did.  Of course she did.  She couldn't ignore him, not when his voice was on the very edge of pleading, not when she wanted to obey him so very much.  Her eyes slowly slid open and she almost gasped aloud at the sight that Laxus made, towering above her, eyes open and honest.  She looked at him and saw stars, and a future, and the rest of her life.  She looked at him and saw truth.
He kissed her then and it felt like heaven.  And she hurriedly pulled him closer, arms straining around his neck, fingers digging into his hair.  His hands tore away the sheet and then reached behind her, dragging her body nearly into the air and pressing her breasts against his skin.  She gasped and then moaned, throwing a leg over his sliding bare skin against bare skin and melting at the sinful friction it created.
It was as though everything was suddenly free.  All their emotions, all their restraints were thrown into the air, tossed away.  Passion replaced them, deep and sorrowful and brilliant.
"Laxus," she moaned, when his hand roughly rolled her breast.  He pushed her into the mattress and then heaved her leg up higher, locking it around his waist.  The new position gave him more room, and soon he was pushing his lower body against hers and she was gasping louder, kissing him fiercer, as though the very world would end if their passion couldn't be seen through.
He nipped at her lip and growled, "Say my name again."  Because it sounded so erotic, so wicked on her lips and he wanted more, much more.  Already he was hard.  His erection strained against her and he wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep within her.  He panted into their kiss and almost moaned out loud when she acquiesced to his desire.  "Laxus!" 
And then she went farther, whispering more.  "I want to remember better, Laxus!"  Remember the exact way his body felt inside hers, remember the smooth, hard contours of his manhood, and the way he pinned her down with one hand as he took her.  She looked into his eyes and he couldn't deny her this.  Couldn't possibly say no to her.
So he didn't.  He lined himself up and was sliding into her a moment later, without hardly any warning or anything.  But she didn't need a warning and she'd made that perfectly clear.  He pushed himself completely in with a single, harsh shove and her back came off the mattress, arching into a semi circle.  The intensity of being one with Laxus was overwhelming and complex, and yet so, so simple.
He moved, then, with that unbridled power that often made Anya crazy with lust.  She cried out and grabbed onto him, digging her nails into his arm, his shoulder, and then sliding down his back to drag him closer.  He thrust into her slowly, at first, but with such an intense build of speed that Anya felt like she was going to come a thousand times before she actually did.
She gasped and threw her legs around his waist, locking her ankles and forcing him to take her faster, harder.  In response, he chuckled, his voice low and husky as it drifted by her ear.  His fingers roughly caressed her side, her waist, her breast.  "I'm gonna fuck you till you can't stand…" he promised, and Anya could only whimper, plea, moan as he rammed his cock deeper and faster within her.
"O-Oh…God, L-Lax…Laxus…!" she moaned, her voice almost a cry, almost a yell.  He was dragging her toward her orgasm faster than she'd ever gone before.  She was hurtling towards it at a pace that didn't even seem human, didn't seem possible.  But it was and her orgasm was already coiling around her, within her, tightening her up.  And he could feel it, that tightness, and the tense way her body retracted in on itself.  And it made him want to come, too.
"D-Damn it!" he growled, throwing his head back.  His hips pinned hers completely to the mattress, his thrusts growing every more rapid as he enforced his passion upon her.  And she swallowed it up with everything she had, clutching her to her chest as she was thrown over the edge of emotion, of reason itself.
"Oh!" she cried, hips suddenly thrusting back into his as a wild array of blind desire grasped at her.  She came with a hard, fierce yell, pulling Laxus down after her.  He followed nearly simultaneously, hips snapping roughly against hers, eyes locked, lips hovering barely centimeters away from one another.  And then, when he was finally spilling himself into her, his lips crashed against hers and he kissed her with the remnants of that hard passion.
His hips moved slower after that.  Anya panted fiercely beneath him, barely able to return his kisses after that tremendous workout.  Being with Laxus always tore her down into her rawest form, but it built her back up as a stronger person.  Her chest heaved and Laxus pulled away from her, taking a long moment before finally separating his lower body from hers.  She let out a sort of whimper that made his eyes flash and he kissed her again.  Once, twice, three times, before he sighed heavily and then collapsed on her body, nuzzling his head between her breasts and thoroughly giving up on the world.
She blinked.  "Hey…Laxus.  Laxus?"  She peered down at him and raised a surprised eyebrow.  "Jeez…are you sleeping?"  When he didn't answer, Anya sighed again and threw her head back, closing her eyes as well.  His arm squeezed her waist and she smiled.  She gently tangling her fingers into his hair and allowed sleep to take her.



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