Friday, June 28, 2013

A Might Gai Lemon -- Love Silently

Character: Might Gai

Fandom: Naruto

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: Just the simple fact that Gai needs some love. ^_^

You weren't a patient woman.  You liked action over thought, strength over strategy.  Which is why you paired nicely with someone like Gai, who shared the sentiment.  Except…perhaps not always in the same way.
"Aren't you awake yet, [Name]?!  You said you wanted to come training with me this morning!" Gai called, pulling you roughly from your sleep.  The sun hadn't even come up yet.  A sleepy glance at the alarm clock told you it was somewhere around 4 in the morning.  It was the usual time that Gai got up, but you much preferred sleep if you could get it. 
Sure, the night before you might have mentioned joining him in passing, but you hadn't actually thought that Gai would wake you up at 4 in the morning to go taijutsu training with him!
"Come on, [Name], I want to leave soon!" he tossed you a haphazard grin that, even in the dim light of very, very early morning, dazzled you brightly.
Your relationship with Gai was equally haphazard.  It had started out as a close friendship, and then as an odd tumble into bed, and then it had progressed into something of a partnership.  You’d moved into his place about a year ago, and you'd been playing a rather interesting game of 'husband and wife' ever since.  Which never failed to amuse Kakashi and Asuma.
"Gai…" you groaned, and sat up.  You rubbed the sleep from your eyes and bit back a yawn.  Once Gai's mind was set on something, he wouldn't verge from its path.  Which meant that you were going training with him whether you liked it or not.  End of story.
He was already dressed by the time you stumbled into the kitchen, wearing only a loose fitting robe that dragged down your naked shoulder.  He didn't even seem to notice your lack of apparel, much less the fact that you were wearing nothing beneath it.  Nudity was natural in this apartment.  Sacred.  And besides, the moments spent with Gai yesterday evening didn't exactly require clothes.
Gai glanced at you for a moment.  And for a moment, you thought you saw the sharp darkness that he'd worn last night, making love to you.  But then it was gone and you were convinced you'd imagined it.  But not altogether convinced that you couldn't rekindle it so that you didn't have to leave the house.
Alright, so your desire for intimacy was purely for selfish reasons, but when was intimacy selfless?  As long as you could stay in bed, curled up around the man you'd haphazardly given your heart to, you'd be happy.  More than happy.
So it was without a single moment of hesitation that you walked into Gai's arms and pressed a deep kiss to his mouth.  He seemed surprised at the suddenness of the kiss, but not altogether displeased by it.  He allowed you to remain huddled up beside him for a long moment, sharing in the pleasantness of the contact.  And then he pulled away, slowly, because his mind was still very much bent on his morning training.
But it wouldn't be for long, not it you had anything to say on the matter.  You turned his chin back to you and kissed him again, deeper, more passionately.  Your arms slid from his neck to touch his chest, the contours of his muscles, down the delicious curve of his hip.  You always thought of him as your rock, not only because he was always there for you emotionally, but also because of his physical form, and how it always, always made you feel safe.  But now it was playing less on your feeling of safety and more on the desire pushing up within you. 
He made a soft noise against your mouth and slipped his hands around you, sinking very slowly into the passion you so obviously felt.  His hands were large and warm around your hips, and he pulled you close against him as his lips moved fervently with yours.  After a long moment, he pulled back.
"I know what you're doing, [Name]," he murmured, his eyes amused.  You grinned and kissed him again.  And again.  And again.
"Do you?" you whispered, dragging your fingers back up his body to touch his chest, to glorify it, to melt against it.  Your selfish needs were quickly changing from wanting to remain in bed to wanting to have him within you, around you, on top of you.
Gai hummed and said, in a suddenly bright voice, "Of course!  This is some new training regime!  How amazing of you to manipulate the power of youth to such an extent!"
For a moment, you paused, shocked and a little chagrined.  But then your emotions melted into amusement, and you found yourself nodding.  "Why yes, that's exactly right," you chortled, and dragged your mouth to his neck, his jaw, his collarbone.  "Today's lesson will be in patience.  Your goal is to make delicious, hot love to me and stay in bed all day."  And you kissed him again to annunciate your words, grinning at the sudden blush that spread over his cheeks.
It was times like these that Gai wondered how he had been able to make a woman like you fall for a guy like him.  He looked over your features, at the delicate way your eyes peered up at him, your body pressed against him.  And then he tilted your chin up and you wholeheartedly kissed him, lips moving wildly with his.  You grinned at the surprised noise he made.
His hands immediately slid down to engulf your bottom and he hauled you into him, pressing you tightly against his rock hard form and allowing you knowledge of exactly what he was feeling.  It never took much to turn your lover on, and that was a fact that you often took advantage of.  He tore his lips from yours and began a serious of firm kisses that dragged down your neck.  When he got to the conjuncture of your shoulder, he began biting gently into the skin and it drove you insane.
"Gai!" you loudly swore, wrapping one leg around his waist and grinding your core against his.  His hard erection was straining against green cloth and it was delicious to touch.  Your hands sought him and he groaned, heaving you ever closer.
Your first thought was how surprisingly hard he was already, and how much this pleased you.  Your fingers moved against him delicately but firmly, pumping as much of him as the green suit would allow.  Your second thought was that the damned thing had to come off.  You were ready for skin.  Pure, warm, thrashing skin.
The only problem was that it was damn hard to figure out how to remove his stupid jump suit.  Even after being with him for an entire year and having countless intimate encounters, you had no idea where to start.  There were no zippers, no straps, not even a touch of Velcro to guide you on your way.  Just smooth, untouched fabric.  You sighed.
A moment later, you were shoving Gai backwards onto the bedroom after dragging him rather heartlessly onto the bed.  He looked a little surprised at your roughness, but it wasn't anything new to him and he certainly didn't mind it.  You were tough, you said whatever was on your mind, and in the bedroom your passion was as youthful as an adolescent's.  Er…minus the quick finishes and - never mind.  Both Gai's mind and his narration tips were already disappearing fast.  Because then, you were moving your hands everywhere over his body, trying to find a way to remove his stupid clothes.
It was weirdly erotic, in a 'day in the life' sort of way.  You touched him plenty of times on the arm.  (When he was leading his fair maiden to the store or escorting her down the street.)  But something in the atmosphere altered the way it made Gai feel.  Now, the way your fingers drifted over the covered muscles in his bicep, forearm, wrist, made him feel giddy.  And very turned on.
If you knew what your touch was doing to him, you didn't show it on your face.  Instead, you simply continued your search, running your hands down his chest, his sides, over his hips, thighs, until all at once you were on your back and Gai was hovering above you, looking a little more than determined and feeling harder than ever.
"Impatient?" you wondered cheekily up at him, and he grinned but said nothing.  Then, all at once, he was out of his jump suit, tumbling the fabric down his chest and over his hips and off the bed entirely.
"Very," he admitted, and you could see why.  Gai didn’t wear underwear with his jump suit.  Apparently it 'got in the way of his youthful training' or something.  You looked down at his member and raised both eyebrows at his enormous size.  (Which you were already quite used to but were always shocked at nonetheless.)
"I can see that," you smirked, and then sat up.  You still had clothes on and you wanted to change that, and fast.  The passion had only just began but it was often like this, often the first round was a race to be coupled, united, together.  And then things got slower afterwards, thanks to Gai's splendid stamina.  And right about now, you were very much in need of him.  Inside you.  And you told him that.
He blushed but grinned anyway, because he liked it when you spoke your mind, especially when it was dirty.  You took his hands and guided them to your bare hips, just beneath your night shirt.  And then you watched him slide his warm, calloused fingers up your body, removing the article of clothing as he went. 
Shivers erupted within you, racing along the areas of your skin that still singed from his touch.  Luckily, you weren't wearing much.  Just the nightshirt and panties, which were both quickly dealt with.  A moment later, you were on your back, bare as the day you were born, and Gai was hovering over you with eyes that studied and shone and screamed out in lust.
"I don't think I can wait much more," he told you honestly and a little sheepishly.  But you didn't mind and you let him know this.  You slide your hands up his chest and around his neck, bringing him down into a kiss.  As your lips moved faster and faster, you curled one leg around his waist and he moaned a little at the resulting friction.
"Who says I want you to?" you asked callously, challenging him with smoky eyes, eyes that burned and seared with desire.  He swallowed and then chuckled a bit, because this scene was so familiar to him.  It was so often like this, just before their coupling.  Harsh words that didn't fully add up, that could be contributed to the heat of the moment, the crass need which pulsated through them. 
"Gai…" you murmured, dragging him from his thoughts, and the sound of your voice and the sight of your face made him want to get lost in you, eternally.  He heaved your hips to his and lined himself up, not waiting a moment longer.
As he slide into you, the world exploded.  There was no other feeling that could be compared to being one with Gai.  Even comparing him to other men seemed wrong, silly.  He could be hard to live with and strange at times, but Gai was the only one who could ever fill you up in such a way.  Physically and also emotionally, mentally, spiritually.  You gasped out and arched your back, feeling him hilt himself entirely in you.  The effects of him began to tread through your body like flames, imploding little shivers just beneath your skin.  You blindly reached for him.
And then he moved, just a little at first, but it was enough to make you cry out.  He was so big, so hard, that it didn't take long for you to start whimpering his name.  His thrusts only further quickened after that, until he was ramming into you so fast and so hard that you could see only him and the stars that danced around your head.
He grabbed your leg and heaved it over his shoulder, thrumming his hips against yours in powerful lunges.  Your fingers curled around the sheets as you held on for dear life, eyes locking onto his.  And then, suddenly, Gai was turning you on your side and grasping that same leg, keeping it lodged firmly over his shoulder as he pumped himself in and out of you.  The new position altered your entire world.
"O-Oh!  Oh K-Kami…Gai!" your back arched again, this time sideways because of the new position.  Your breasts heaved against the sheets and Gai reached down to claim one, his hand gripping it firmly.  His attention only made your own pleasure heighten dramatically.
Those stars were now the only things you could see.  You didn't see the rising sun as it peeked above the horizon.  You didn't see the clock that showed just how late you'd made Gai.  Whether he saw either of these things, you also didn't know.  You only knew that you were about to come, that you were hanging off that edged, precarious cliff and you were about to fall.  And a moment later, you did.
A number of things could have made you orgasm at that moment.  But you were sure it was the way Gai looked at you above all else.  In love, in the sort of romance a girl dreams of all her life, does crazy things for just to make it real.  It shocked you to see him look at you like that, for you'd gone into your relationship with Gai in a most off hand way.  You liked him, enjoyed being with him, maybe even loved him, but never thought he'd ever return those feelings.  And the shock of it made you come hard and fast, thrusting back on his member as your cried out and found release.
"Gai!" you moaned.  He hoisted your hips farther to his and thrust faster, deeper as he rushed to catch up with you.  He muffled a moan into your leg, which was still flung haphazardly over his shoulder.  His eyes locked with your again and, in the hazy, melodramatic air of early morning, Gai realized what you'd discovered only moments before.  What he hadn't understood but knew was there, lurking beneath his emotions, his actions, his thoughts.  Love.
He moaned and released your leg, turning you suddenly back into your previous position.  His hand crashed down on the headboard, his other clutched your hips tightly, dragging them to his with every thrust.  You lay helpless beneath him, eyes watching him, hands grasping him.  Until finally, he came, finally he gave into you. 
And then he was spilling himself into you with a loud cry, eyes slammed shut against the wave of shattering passion.  His hips kept thrusting into yours and you reveled in the short, zinging sensations of desire that was used up and shredded away.  And then, you were taking Gai into your arms and he was going, willingly, burying his head into the crook of your neck and tugging you close to him.
You didn't tell each other what you both discovered.  It felt too insincere after sex, too dishonest.  It would have to wait for another time, when it was clear that emotional satisfaction overruled physical need.  For now, you would just lay there and revel in the silence and the peace that threaded through bodies and breath and caresses.  For now, you would just love silently.

Extended Ending

"So…did you forget we were gonna train this morning?" Kakashi wondered as Gai and him walked down the busy streets of Konoha.  Not that Kakashi had woken up at four in the morning just to train with Gai.  He'd come much later, at around ten, only to find the training spot empty.  Strange.
But Gai only shrugged, smirking a little.  The sight of it freaked Kakashi out a little.  "I did train.  All morning.  With [Name]."
Kakashi choked.  Gai's hand came down to forcefully slap him on the back, probably thinking he was helping.  But he wasn't and it only made Kakashi cough even harder.
Gai shrugged again, "She told me she wanted to train even harder later tonight."
Kakashi coughed again and then his mind frazzled and died on him.  He really needed to stop reading those Icha Icha books..



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    2. You should make the part 2 of this! Like the part she promised him after, that would be sooooo hot! I wish I could write like this you are so talented! My sex life is so blah I NEED your lemons in my life

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