Friday, June 21, 2013

A Suigetsu Baby Daddy -- Gentle Voice, Gentle Hands

Character: Suigetsu Hozuki

Fandom: Naruto

OC: Mitsu Kinomi, lives in woods alone, takes care of passing strangers

Inspiration: Mitsu takes care of Suigetsu after Sasuke dumps him into her house.  Cause I could totally see him doing that.  Lol :)

// Prologue //

There was darkness, at first.  It was the sort of darkness that suffocated, that wound about bodies and carcasses and poisoned.  It was the sort of darkness that shattered all forms of light.  And then, there were soft whispers.  Gentle, gentle, hands drifting over skin that Suigetsu could not see, because darkness had taken his sight and his voice.  But not his thoughts, not his feeling.
In the beginning, the gentle voice and the gentle hands told him not to be afraid, he was safe, he could rest as long as he wanted, forever even.  But the word 'forever' had varying degrees of darkness intermingled with it, and Suigetsu didn't like the darkness.  He wanted to be free of it.  So later, when the gentle voice and the gentle hands whispered to him that he should wake up, open his eyes, see, he tried his best to listen.
The darkness had twisted the light so much that his first attempt at seeing failed miserably.  He hissed at the light, which was close to blinding, so brilliant that he thought he'd never be able to face it.  But then, the gentle voice and the gentle hands guided him, gave him courage, and he tried again.  The second time, the brilliance was less mesmerizing.
His sight came surprisingly fast to him, but his voice was another thing entirely.  It took him almost two full days to work up the strength to say even the barest of words, and the woman who had the gentle voice and the gentle hands didn't fully understand him.  It took him a full week to fix that connection.
"Where are…where are my…?" weakness scrabbled at the edges of his unfinished words.  A soft hush sounded from the woman who he had yet to really study.  His eyes were still weak, still adjusting to the blinding light.  He could barely move. 
Gentle hands soothed over his forehead.  Her gentle voice murmured, "The dark haired man, he carried you here, dropped you rather rudely at my doorstep.  He told me to look after you and then left with your red haired companion.  I don't know where they are.  He said he'd be back to collect you."  He heard the sound of water and then, a moment later, the cloth at his forehead was replaced by a newer, fresher one.  It felt heavenly.
"Do not worry," the gentle voice told him, ringing out the old cloth and dragging it down his neck and over the top of his chest that the blankets didn’t cover.  "You are safe here.  When you are ready to walk, and can properly see and speak, you may even find a home in these woods."
But he shook his head, unbelieving, uninterested in her words.  He scrabbled at weak, breathless, unfinished sentences, as though trying to explain.  "No…have to go…help…I-" he let out a low moan and seemed to sink further into the fever that had erupted within him.  Madly, he mumbled, "Have to collect…swords…fate…need to…"  The words didn't stop until gentle hands were pressing delicately to his closed eyes.  Then, her fingers lit up with gentle green chakra, and he was silenced.
"Sleep," she told him, pushing his hair from his eyes.  "Regain your strength."  His handsome face flattened out into peaceful slumber beneath her watchful gaze.

// How It Happened //

"Do you wish to eat?"
Suigetsu turned his head, looking at the woman he had come to know quite well.  The past few months had seen her nursing him back to nearly full health.  Now, he was able to walk short distances, see and speak fully, and he also had almost full control of muscle and chakra reflexes.  He also came to realize just how close to death he had been when Sasuke had unwittingly dropped him off here.
"…Tea?" she wondered again when he didn't respond.  She gave him her soft smile and went to sit beside him on the engawa [1].  A soft breeze blew past them, as though in greeting.  She put down the tray she'd been carrying and then handed him a small cup of green tea.  He glanced at the tray's other contents and noticed that she'd also prepared miso soup and onigiri. 
"You are looking healthier today," she said, studying him.  Her soft amber eyes lingered on his.  He looked away, pressing down a feeling he'd been getting recently while around her.  It was a certain giddiness that he couldn't quite explain, but he felt it everywhere within him, like a slow burn through his veins. 
"I feel better," he told her, voice a little scratchy from disuse.  "With your healing expertise, I should be on my way in no time," he smirked at her, curiously studying the blush that suddenly captured her cheeks.  Could it be that she, too, was experiencing all these weird feelings?  He took a sip of his tea, eyes never leaving her face.
Mitsu smiled and turned to the tray, trying to ignore the way her cheeks had gotten so red.  Any small compliment made her embarrassed.  It was simply her nature.  And it also didn't help when said compliment happened to come from such a handsome ninja who she'd developed some strangely intimate emotions for. 
She wasn't entirely sure what they were, or at least she couldn’t fully describe them.  Mitsu only knew that they sinfully triggered rather wicked thoughts from her mind.  It had been ages, after all, since she'd had a man.  Living out here by herself didn't make for much of a social life.  And Suigetsu was such a man.  Strong and brazen and bold.  And hers, if only for a time.
She lifted her eyes up shyly, nervous of her own searing emotions, and noticed a familiar fire erupt within his eyes, too.  Did he know?  Did he understand how she felt and did he feel it too?  She jerked her eyes away quickly, unsure how to react or if she even wanted to.  He was still injured and she was being foolish, thinking of him in such a callous way.  He wasn't just some man she was nursing back to health, and she didn't just have random flings with her patients.  This was going too far, completely out of her comfort zone.  She wasn't like this.
"I'll be out in the garden," she told him, standing up suddenly.  She couldn't remain one more second.  His eyes were too fiery, too knowledgeable.  To be looked at by that bold gaze would make her crumple up and turn her willpower to dust.  "If you need me, it's just over there," she pointed to her left, where there was a small circle of trees.  One could hardly see it from this part of the engawa, but that was partly why Mitsu wished to escape to it.  She left without waiting for his response.
The sun began a slow arch through the sky, which was bright and sunny and spotted with renegade clouds.  By the time Mitsu got to the garden, and began to focus her hands on pulling weeds, it was already well past noon.  Time, soon, to be preparing for dinner.  She longed for night to come faster, for the comforts of long hours away from Suigetsu.  Being around him had proved dangerous to her emotions, both physically and mentally.  He embodied everything Mitsu didn't possess: freedom, courage, and yes, something more primal.  Something more masculine: a power, a fervor that she couldn't hope to so much as touch.
And yet here she was wrong.  For Suigetsu happened to have been experiencing similarly powerful desires from the moment he woke.  When he opened his eyes to the sight of her calm, soft face, which glowed beautifully in the moonlight, he thought he was dreaming.  To realize that he wasn't, that her hands were real and could touch him, was the best thing that had happened to him since childhood.
And that was why, near to an hour later, Suigetsu found her in the garden.  He watched her for a moment, because she didn't see him.  Her back was turned and Mitsu was filling up a basket with ripe vegetables.  But when he shuffled forward a little in the grass, the girl spun around in a flash, quick but somehow graceful, holding her basket precariously in her lap as her eyes flashed up to meet his.
And then…confusion.  Which Suigetsu brushed away with three simple words.  "I need you."
It was almost too simple, he smirked.  He'd known about her attraction to him for a while, and was content at first to only watch it, regardless of the feelings within him that told him to act.  But he could not watch any longer.  His body was yearning for the touch of a woman but it was something more, something else besides physical desire that schooled his thoughts.  Something deeper that he couldn't possibly understand and didn’t really want to.
She kept her cool even as the redness of a blush pressed over her cheeks.  With a raised eyebrow, she placed the basket on the ground and stood up, brushing out her skirts.  "You need me?" she wondered, no doubt catching on to the underlying message of her words.  She was clever enough to understand, and the way her eyes screamed out at him made him simply know that she knew.  "What for?"  But apparently she liked to watch him squirm.  An admirable trait, he thought sarcastically, and ambled forward.  But two could play at this game.
He reached up to catch a rebellious strand of her hair.  For a moment, he let it slide through his fingers, and then it was tucked gently back behind her ear and he was looking directly into her eyes.  The emotions within them folded to him, like a wave crashing upon the shore.  And he knew he would have her by the end of the day, perhaps many times if he had his complete way.
"I'm…hungry.  It's been quite a long time," he murmured, eyes flashing lustfully.  He'd been successful in keeping his desires under lock and key during his visit, but now they seemed to swirl around him like a monsoon, twisting and fabricating and multiplying, to an extent that left Suigetsu absolutely breathless.  He battled the fierce desire to grab her hips and pull her close.
She tilted her head and allowed her eyes to sweep over him.  His body was tense, certainly, but perhaps it was due to the same taut feeling within her, as well.  With a soft smile that wasn't particularly innocent and seemed to take Suigetsu aback, Mitsu said, "Hungry?  I'm making stew tonight.  I'll get started soon."
But it wasn't enough, of course it wasn't, and Suigetsu was tiring of this little game.  She sent him an amused sort of look and then turned back to get her basket.  But before she could, his hands were finally dragging her into him, his body yearning for her touch, her hands, her voice.  She stumbled back in surprise and found it suddenly hard to breathe.  Suigetsu's hands traveled up her body and touched just beneath a breast.
"I don't want stew," he whispered lowly into her ear.  She shivered, pressing herself into him, feeling somehow on top of the very world itself.  He nuzzled her neck, kissing the hollow behind her ear, and told her, "I want you.  And I want you now."
She almost, almost moaned when he pulled her even more roughly against him, closing the inches of space that had been there previously.  The warmth of his chest made her emboldened, stoked the fierce desires that had leaked into her.  She was suddenly facing the need to look at him, kiss him, taste him, feel him
"Suigetsu…" she whispered, head tilted into the air as he continued to kiss her neck.  His teeth created an odd, delicious friction that sent her entire body aflame with want, with diluted passion, and she could scarcely breathe in the face of it.
He growled, enjoying the breathless manner in which his name escaped her.  He pulled away fiercely, turning her and immediately going in for the kill without warning.  His lips pushed against her and surprised her completely, not expecting his bold move.  But she clearly didn't mind it, and sunk into his mouth moments later with a soft, satisfied moan.
"I've wanted this…" she told him, when his lips pulled from hers.  He studied her for a long moment, and then nodded, flicking his eyes down to their bodies as they clutched at each other.  It felt strange, this immense amount of passion.  "…I know," he told her back, and then his hands shifted up her form and played with the intricate knot of her obi.  And he pulled.
The fabric swung gently away from her body, and was finally tossed away into the grass.  When Suigetsu turned back to her, Mitsu was waiting for him to finish the job, smiling softly and yet not softly at all, like a contradiction, like intensity.
He smirked a little and took her small waist, thumbing over her hipbones for a moment before opening the kimono and slowly dragging it past her shoulders.  He leaned in to kiss her as the fabric fell into the grass, and when his arms came to encircle her bare flesh, he nearly collapsed in the heat of the moment.  Holding her like this was delicious.
Their tongues battled languidly, pushing and tasting and enjoying.  Suigetsu allowed his large hands to roam over the skin of her back, from her shoulder blades to her butt.  Finally, he skimmed his fingers to the front of her, pressing gently against the naked swell of her breasts.  He broke the kiss to look down at her.
She was shivering a little, but not in cold.  For the life of her, Mitsu couldn't seem to remember a more intimate moment.  Even before, in her youth, she'd never experienced anything like this.  Suigetsu was taking his time, lazily enjoying her, touching her slowly.  And it somehow felt better than going fast, and a thousand times more passionate.
He looked back up at her and smirked callously, but his eyes were bathed in soft emotion and the contrast made her shiver even more.  Not from cold but from desire, which ran diligently through her like a vice, a sin, a whisper.  He kissed her collarbone and then whispered, "Lay down."  And the order made her utterly quake.
She obeyed, sinking down into the grass.  Her eyes never left his, even as the sharp blades pricked and tickled her back.  She watched him smirk, then she watched him loosen his clothes.
Watching him was like a dream, and each revelation of skin was that dream coming true, manifesting itself from her subconscious into reality.  She longed, desperately, to run her hands over that broad chest, to trace every scar of his muscled arms.  And then, she longed for other things, more primal things.  Things that made her blush.
He was big.  Bigger, perhaps, than any other man she'd have.  She hadn't had many, but the sentiment was still the same and it made her ache, ache in a way that wasn't innocent in the least.  She wanted him to come down to her so that she could touch him, but he just stayed standing.  Studying her, sweeping his eyes over her nudity.  And then over the underwear that kept him from seeing her most intimate area.
"Take those off," he told her, and she obeyed again.  She couldn't deny him anything in that moment, not when those orders were so sexy and for her ears only.  So she tugged on the underwear and shuffled them down her hips, moving a little bit to make it easier.  She got them halfway off before Suigetsu seemed to snap, and then he was kneeling before her and dragging them off fitfully, spreading her freed legs and tasting her so intimately that she almost screamed.
"Suigetsu!" she gasped, back arching.  It was all so sudden.  She hadn't expected him to do that.  But Kami, it felt so good.  So amazing to have his tongue quench the burning, pounding desire that had taken root within her.  She cried out again when he began to thrust the muscle into her core, and then proceeded to blank out the rest of the world.  The garden around her, the life she'd been living thus far, the matters that she'd need to attend to before dark.  It was all gone, all vanished, all replaced with passion so bright that Mitsu could only lay prone and accept it.
He hadn't planned this, but Suigetsu couldn't seem to help himself.  It was as it his tongue was moving by itself, thrusting again and again into her wetness that he couldn't hope to stop it.  And he didn't want to, because she tasted so delicious, so hot.  He curled his hand around his member and began pumping, grunting into her heat as he touched himself.  But it wasn't enough, not when there was a hot, needy woman before him. 
When she looked down at him, and saw the sight he was making, Mitsu almost came right then and there.  She was filled with a strange emotion that was almost jealousy.  He wasn't allowed to touch himself today.  She wanted to take care of him, wanted to see to his every need.  "Suigetsu, stop," she said, and to her surprise he did, dragging his mouth from her core to look up at her.
She giggled a little, rose to her elbows, and knocked his side with her knee playfully.  "I want you inside me."  And Kami, if her words weren't enough to convince him, nothing could.  He shivered mightily but acquiesced, because he couldn't deny that he wanted to have her, wanted to be taken care of.  His erection was so hard that it almost ached, and to have her heat around him felt like the best thing in the entire world.  And, he soon came to realize, it was.
The first thrust was temperate, slow.  The passion curdled within them as they tested out the waters of their new affair.  And then, a collapse.  Their entire bodies wracked with shivers and unanswered desires that screamed for a way out.  The second thrust was the reincarnation of this.
An explosion took place, within veins and bones and raw, unadulterated thoughts.  Suigetsu let loose a moan that shook Mitsu to her core and farther, unraveling her until she was nothing but endless bundles of nerves, zinging here and there relentlessly.  And that was when she forgot.  And that was when she remembered, too.
Of everything and nothing, of the world and space and time itself as it skimmed them by.  Of broken promises that had hurt her, of promises yet to be fulfilled, and of other things, things she hadn't known were inside of her until this very moment.  Beautiful things.  Breathtaking and scintillating in their nature.  Things that made her gasp and shake and hold and feel.
She moaned.  She moaned because the feelings within her called for it, because she wanted to let Suigetsu know that he was so very good, and that he can't stop, ever.  She would give her entire world for a second longer to spend in his arms, in the erotic movements of their bodies as they slid against each other.  It was foolish, frail, and yet so powerful that she could scarcely take another breath.
"Suigetsu…!  Oh, Suigetsu…" she was coming.  Mitsu could feel her end drawing near.  The zinging pleasure within her body intensified, curling around her like a searing promise.  She arched her back, pressing her breasts against him as she caved into the grass.  Her eyes opened wide and she stared endlessly into the sea of green and blue above her.  And then, she turned her gaze back down to Suigetsu, and into the dark, passionate, smoky gaze that kept her trapped between two worlds, between reality and something else, something that transcended such trivial definitions.
"Come for me," he told her.  His voice was smoky like his eyes, and pinned her against him and the ground with just as much power, just as much force.  "Come for me," he said again, and she felt her entire world implode on itself, for the way his eyes taunted her into submission made everything around her simply brilliant.
She came.  She came with a loud, moaning shout and a furious arch of her back and a gasp, which came hurtling past unsuspecting lips as she watched Suigetsu follow her.  And the sight of his face, twisted up in breathless, wanton lust made her want to come again, and again, and again.
She slid her hands up his chest and he panted.  A chuckle, slightly exasperated in nature, wavered over her ear, "I might…need you again before the day is over."
Mitsu only smiled.  It was a soft smile, a gentle smile.  She touched his hair, trailed light kisses over his jaw, and then whispered softly, "I'll be here."  And she would be.

// How You Told Him //

She knew she was pregnant almost naturally.  It was just a feeling, a feeling that she wasn't alone, not truly.  That there was someone else who needed her.  She was a Healer and generally took such feelings to heart.  And besides, being pregnant didn't surprise her.  She'd taken precautions but Mitsu knew that those things could be useless.  And Suigetsu happened to be very convincing when he wanted to be.  They were intimate a lot.
So she knew that she was pregnant.  And she also knew that with Suigetsu here, life wasn't boring or dry.  Rather, it was filled with color, with spinning lights and dazzling, passionate laughter.  And love, love that drove itself so far into Mitsu that she could scarcely even breathe.
Life was grand.  And she was going to tell her lover about the baby, soon.  But then, all at once, she never got that chance.
She was making dinner, leaning over a pot of stew that had taken her the better part of an hour to assemble.  It would take a while to simmer down the flavor and she was planning on spending the evening with Suigetsu, wherever he was.  They'd taken to sitting outside and watching the sun set in the later hours of the day.  Sometimes, they'd even take they're dinner outside and have a sort of picnic in the grass.  But tonight, Mitsu would soon discover, there would be no such lighthearted meal or romantic sunsets.
She stepped outside, glanced around, and froze.  Her breath caught in her throat but she didn't allow her emotions to show up on her face.  Because the dark haired ninja, the one who'd all but tossed a half dead Suigetsu at her, was standing in her backyard.  With the father of her baby.  And she knew exactly what would happen before it did.
"Mitsu," Suigetsu said, glancing around at her when he noticed his companion's eyes had strayed from his.  He frowned for a moment, looking a little reluctant, a little unsure.  He'd found a happiness with this woman that he didn't think existed.  And yet, he'd made a sort of oath to the Uchiha beside him.  Though he wanted to stay, Suigetsu swallowed down his fierce desires and walked over to her.
He noticed a great many things about the moment.  The way her expression was calm, cold even, as though she was preparing for his words.  The way her hands trembled just a little as she hid them in the folds of her dress.  And her eyes, and the way they shone out at him, the only semblance of her plea that he not leave her in this forest, all alone, like she was before she'd met him.
He didn't touch her.  If he did, he wouldn't be able to let go.  Instead, he heaved a heavy sigh and said, "I'll come back.  Though I don't know when that'll be."  The rest of his words lingered in the air.  Or if I'll even be alive at all.  She swallowed her emotions and nodded, eyes staring straight into his.
She was pregnant with his child, the child he had helped her create.  But she couldn't tell him, not now.  And, Mitsu mused, perhaps she'd never get the chance to at all.

// Epilogue //

"Nachi!  Where are you?" 
Mitsu frowned when silence answered.  She'd seen the boy barely an hour before, running into the forest.  She often told him to stay away from the woods in case he got lost, but the headstrong boy rarely listened to her.  At the time, Mitsu had thought little of it.  He had a mind of his own and a startling precise sense of direction.  But it had been a while since he had shown his cheerful little face…
Five years.  That's how long it had been since the father of her child had disappeared on her.  And though she missed him dearly, sometimes so much that it physically hurt, Mitsu was happy.  Her life wasn't boring anymore.  She wasn't alone.  Nachi had given her a taste of what real, true happiness felt like, and it was enough.  Most of the time.
But sometimes he asked her where his daddy was and it made her have to hold back her tears so fiercely that she thought they'd explode.  And only afterward, when Nachi was in bed, did Mitsu allow herself to remember.  And she was even more ashamed to say that she didn't remember much
Suigetsu had spent six months living with her.  It was barely enough time to really get to know a person.  In fact, before he'd left, Mitsu had only just decided that she wanted to know him better.  That he was someone she wanted to stick around.  Six months, in which half of that time was spent with his initial healng.  That left three months of passion, of discovery.  Hardly enough time to know the answers to the questions Nachi sometimes asked her.
'When will my daddy be home?' or 'What did daddy do before he met you?' or 'Do you think daddy's still alive?
"Nachi?  Nachi, answer me right this instant!" Mitsu called, her voice verging on a sternness that she didn't always show.  She jogged into the first layer of trees and looked around, eyes a little wild, breath a little short.  Did something happen to him?  These woods were rife with dangers.  She stumbled deeper into them, hands flexing, chakra concentrating.
But then she heard something that she hadn't heard in quite some time.  Laughter.  And it made her stop and stare, peering through the trees to catch where it was flowing from.  What she saw there made her blanch.
"Mister, mister, show me 'nother?" Nachi pleaded, hanging off the leg of a man who Mitsu happened to know very well.  Her entire body seized up at the surprising sight of him, sighting there so casually, so elegantly.  She watched him shrug and the pick his would-be son up and set him on his knee.
"Hey, kid, where's your mother, anyway?  Mitsu adopt you or something?" he asked, and then his hand flexed with chakra and turned transparent, like water.  He gave Nachi a lopsided grin and Nachi chortled and tried to grab his hand.
"I live here.  Mitsu is the name of momma, I think.  Why?"  and Mitsu watched with wide eyes as Suigetsu glanced over the boy's features.  He frowned.  Then he opened his mouth to say something, and that was when Mitsu decided it was high time to make herself known.  She stepped forward, ducking under the branches of the trees.
Nachi immediately wrestled himself from Suigetsu's arms and ran to her, careening into her arms like a miniature rocket.  "Momma!"  and Mitsu immediately felt herself put to rest just a little.  She pulled her son close to her and told him softly, "Nachi, go back to the house."  The order was met with confused but obedient eyes, and Nachi nodded before darting away.  And then, minutes after he left, still silence.
She couldn't look at him so she just stared at the ground.  How many times had she thought she'd heard him return to her, only to find that it was someone else.  A lone traveler looking for shelter and food.  How many times did her grief at his loss swell up within her and drag her into depression?  And the long nine months of her pregnancy was the utter worst.  Because that was when she's missed him the most, wished that he could have been there with her through it all, knowing that she'd probably never see him again.
And it was purely torture, to see him now.  Because though her heart was rejoicing, Mitsu wondered if it would soon crash and burn upon the forest floor.  Would he leave her again?  She wasn't sure if she could bear another burden of that kind.
Suigetsu watched her carefully, studied her expression with calm, calculating eyes.  He still didn't truly understand.  Was the boy hers, or adopted?  Or was he simply a result of a one night stand after he'd gone?  For some reason, the thought of her being with another man made him angry, even though he had no right to be.  He stood up.  "Where's his father?" was the first thing he asked, because at the moment, it was the most important thing on his mind.
Mitsu turned to look into the branches, still refusing to meet his eyes.  Should she lie to him?  Tell him that Nachi's father had died?  That he'd gone to war?  That he'd left her?  Some part of that would be true, at least.  But for some reason, lying to Suigetsu about such an important matter seemed silly.  So, because she didn't want to talk about her son in that moment, Mitsu instead asked, "It's been a long, long time.  Suigetsu."  She added his name as an afterthought.  It had been years since she said it aloud, let it warp her tongue in such an intimate way.  Her eyes flickered with emotion and Suigetsu frowned, his impatience coming to the forefront.
"Damn it, Mitsu, tell me who that kid's father is!" he spat, and when she still wouldn't look at him, Suigetsu walked to her, grabbed her chin, and forced her to meet his eyes with a level gaze.  "I deserve to know if you'd gotten with another man while I was gone.  Are you married?  Tell me now and I'll leave you in peace."
Leave.  The word was like poison to her.  She cried out and careened into him, grasping his shoulders with heavy fingers and shaking her head.  "Don't leave, don't leave," she said, and then, "I'm not married, don't be ridiculous, and I'm not seeing anyone."  It had been a long time since Mitsu had lain with another man.  She'd done it here and there after Suigetsu left, but then she decided that Nachi was so much more important than fulfilling her silly carnal impulses.  In any case, Suigetsu was the last man she felt particularly strongly for.
A moment of silence, and then a deep sigh of relief.  Suigetsu pulled her close to him, jerking her softly against his chest.  She melted, hugging him back just as tightly and inhaling his scent.  He was just as she remembered him to be.
"…You're the father," she blurted a moment later, and then everything froze.  She cringed a little when his body turned from relaxed to utterly tense.  And then she sighed and pulled away, looking at his chest rather than his eyes.  Because she couldn't bear to see the disapproval within them.  "I…I found out just before you left.  And I knew you had things to finish.  So I didn't tell you."
The silence turned stifling.  And then Suigetsu was frowning deeply, tilting her chin back up and forcing her eyes to meet with his again.  For a moment, all he did was stare at her.  There was no outright disapproval in his eyes like she feared.  But there was shards of something else, something she couldn't quite explain, but could see were both good and bad.  Then…  "What's his name?"
And she laughed a little, wondering how it was possible that he could make the situation seem so trivial.  She was so thankful for that, so relieved that he wasn't yelling at her, leaving her.  She'd always thought she deserved no less for keeping the truth from him.  "Nachi," she told him, and to her surprise, he smiled a little.
"Not really what I expected to find when I came home," he mused, and her heart stopped at the implications woven into her words.  That he was coming home, to her.  That he wouldn't be going away again.  That he was staying.  His eyes crashed with hers and he raised an eyebrow, as though callously wondering if he was allowed to do all of these things.  Mitsu's eyes filled with tears and she laughed again, a little shaky, a little unsure, because it was all too good to be true.
But it wasn't, and Suigetsu just grinned and pressed his forehead against hers.  Then he pressed his nose against hers, then his mouth, until her entire world was shattering and rebuilding itself all in a matter of seconds.  She laughed against and threw her arms around his neck, kissing him harder, deeper, showing him that he was welcome here, that he always would be.
He'd been gone for five years, after all.  He had a lifetime to make things right.

[1] Engawa: Japanese 'porch' that spans the outside of traditional houses.



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