Thursday, June 13, 2013

An America Lemon -- Free

Character: America

Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia

OC: Adiel Yahav, Israeli, considers Alfred her hero

Inspiration: Eating Latkes, Alfred trying to get out of being healthy, etc. :3  Oh, and I'm not exactly well-versed in Israeli or Middle Eastern culture, so I apologize if I got anything wrong!!

Adiel Yahav never would have considered herself blessed.  Her life in Israel is a life of duty and honor, a life spent in considerable wealth.  And yet, she is ravaged with scars, imperfections that slip over her skin like bruises that never truly heal.  No, she is not blessed.  At least not in the conventional way.  But she does, as fate would have it, consider herself blessed in another fashion.
"Adielllllll, where are youuuuuu…?"  comes the muffled whine of her personal hero, who appears moments afterward looking a little worse for wear.  He looks paler, somehow, and even a little sick.  It takes him all of three seconds to wrap his arms around her small waist and tug her close to him, and then he was whining in her ear.  "I feel sick.  I need some hamburgers or something to make me feel better."
She raises an eyebrow at him and looks him over.  He certainly does look sick.  But it is probably because he's already eaten hamburgers today and it's ruining his diet.  He had them for breakfast and she specifically remembers him packing four or five extra for his 'afternoon snack'.  It's really no wonder he looks so miserable, the poor country is like a child sometimes, misunderstanding the simplicities of a good eating habit.
Even so, she comforts him.  She'll always be there for him, even if its to soothe such a menial ache.  He was there for her, after all, when no one else was.  He found her in a desert that rippled with decay, and death, and misery.  He took her in and helped her to rebuild, like a hero.  Like a lover.
"It'll be ok," she coos to him, kissing his cheek and his ear and feeling him shiver into her.  The sun is just barely grazing the edge of the sky and it makes the moment somehow surreal, like a dream, like the freshest breath of reality.  She tunnels her fingers gently through his wheat-colored hair and pulls back to tell him in a semi-stern voice, "I'm making Latkes for you tomorrow, instead of letting you buy more hamburgers.  They're bad for you!"
He groans as though he has been physically hurt and buries his face into the crook of her shoulder.  What, exactly, he hopes to gain by cuddling her is beyond her, but Adiel enjoys the proximity even as Alfred continues whining. 
"But Adiel, your food doesn't fill me up as much and - " he stops when he feels her hands slip around his waist.  She raises an eyebrow at him and he sulks a little, pouting cutely at her and no doubt thinking that he looks much more masculine than he actually does.
"That's just the point, Alfred," she tells him, feeling like she's speaking to a child.  And big, overgrown child who often doesn't act his age.  His eyes shine at her, sparkling with something that hints at mischief, and before she can figure it out he is already pressing his mouth against her neck, nibbling on the vein that is something of a sweet spot for her.  She clenches her hands against his back.
He makes a muffled sort of noise that sounds almost like a groan and mutters, "I'll go on another diet instead.  I'll cut down the burgers to five a day, how's that?"  His hands take a firm hold of her hips and he draws them closer, fitting her completely against him as his kisses delve upward.  "Just not the Latkes, Adiel, they're too healthy for me!  They upset my stomach!" 
This is said in such a whiny manner that Adiel has to hold back a laugh.  She tips her head back and is suddenly taken by surprise when Alfred makes good use of the newfound space, pressing more of those nibbling kisses over the tender skin of her neck.  She is beginning to felt the effects of those kisses and she isn't sure if she should act on them.  It is early and she had much to do still.  She was raised with the ideal that every day lit hour is an hour that should be utilized…but Adiel knows that in the face of this - this passion, this desire - she is useless.  Crumbling.
Alfred, in that moment, is no longer an overgrown child to her.  He takes on am image of something entirely different: a man who had the knowledge and power to please her like none other.  She allows him to tilt her body toward his, careening into a kiss that leaves her breathless and somehow mischievous at the same time.  She smirks.
He knows that she knows what he is doing.  He often tries to distract her like this, to get is own way.  It happens more often than not, and Adiel isn't ashamed in the least to admit that she usually lets it proceed.  He makes lovemaking exciting, after all.  Not at all like the stiff culture she has emerged from, that calls for shame on any woman who is tainted, willingly or not.  Alfred has a way of taking her that is unlike any man she's ever lain with.  He makes her feel free.
"Don't try to bargain with me," she warns him, as she usually does just for good measure.  But Alfred already knows that he's got her, that she'll acquiesce to him this one time.  He smiles widely and she giggles at his bright expression.  When his hands shift up her body slowly, she almost purrs.  The atmosphere around them calls for a slow coupling.  She instinctually knows that it will be imperfectly flawless.
He drags her into another kiss that is somehow more vibrant, and it shatters the thin barriers that they put up in public and even in private.  Her skin buzzes with emotion that is only beginning to surface, with desire that she knows will come to fruition by the time this is all over.  His tongue gently swipes over his bottom lip and then he sucks on it, taking in her taste and the feel of her body pressed against his.  He treats her as though it is their first time.  He always does.
He takes a moment to drag his hands over his form, delighting in the delicate curves and gentle cotton of her clothing.  And then he kisses her one last, deep time before taking her hands and telling her in a low voice, "Come here."  And she does.
He leads her through the house, past countless rooms, until he reaches the bedroom that they often share.  As they step into it they also step into a world that is breathing with apprehension, delicious tension, friction, desire.  And suddenly Adiel sees Alfred in a different light, a light that never ceases to astound her.  He looks down at her with those soft, bright eyes of his and pulls her into his arms again.  For a mere moment, they remain in innocent bliss.  But the moment passes quickly because there are other, less innocent things on their minds and Alfred isn't exactly well-versed in self control.
But, Adiel reckons, he's got enough of it to make things interesting.  She watches as Alfred pulls his hands from her warm body and instead turns his attention to his dress shirt.  His eyes never leave hers as he undoes every button, slowly, gently, and then slips the fabric down his shoulders and off his body entirely.  She swallows thickly at the passion that burns his gaze and nearly bursts when he sends her a lazy, too-casual smile that sends her emotions into a thicket of thorny haze.
"You're turn," he tells her, voice edgy in an almost cheeky manner.  It gives a playful light to the otherwise serious atmosphere, and Adiel smiles.  She loves him.  She loves him so much that she feels entirely comfortable around him.  And that is why she agrees to the terms of his little game and lifts her hands to pull her shirt up and over her head.
His eyes flick over her skin, caressing her without even touching her.  Goosebumps explode over her flesh and a shiver tears down her spine.  She already feels herself pounding for him and they have hardly begun to rediscover the passion.  His gaze locks with hers and he sends her another of those delicious half-smiles. 
She expects him to do many things during the next few moments.  The mysterious way his smile edges over his lips makes her think that he's planning something.  It is often impossible to guess what, exactly, Alfred comes up with.  What she doesn't expect is for him to suddenly grab the belt loops of her jeans and tug her forward, bumping his hips with hers and exerting a rather delightful dominance at the same time.
It is all they need to really slip into the moment, that one little unexpected move.  Their lips immediately find each other in the dim light, moving suddenly and rather furiously as their hands tumble over each other's body.  Alfred busies himself with undoing her pants and forcing them down past her smooth hips, catching her panties at the same time.  She finds herself once again surprised by this but doesn't move to stop him.  Clothes are unwanted now.  Useless.
"I'm still making you those Latkes," she whispers against his needy lips, and feels him smirk a little into their kiss.  He throws her pants away and moves his fingers to his own, feeling rather restricted in the suddenly tight fabric.  "Not if I convince you otherwise," he tells her, flashing a dimpled grin at her and very nearly makes her swoon.  She giggles a little and then lets out a gleeful laugh as he picks her up, swinging her toward the bed with a little more gusto than usual. 
She lands on her back and immediately sits up, reaching behind her to deal with her bra.  When it skirts over the edges of the mattress, she glances up to find Alfred just watching her, standing in all his bare glory with a gentle expression on his face.  It is that moment that will stand out in her memory of this night.  That one moment that makes her remember just how much she adores him, and why.  With a soft smile of her own, Adiel opens her arms to him and tells him, "Come here."  The invitation is accepted almost immediately.
He crawls into her arms slowly, kissing her as deeply as he can.  Her legs wrap around his hips and pull his core against hers and they moan, moan at the feeling of their arousals grinding against one another so intimately.  But this moment is also intimate in another way, a more emotional way.  And Alfred rests his forehead against hers as they take a second to soak in the utter adoration that has taken a hold of their movements.
"I love you," he tells her, face serious and honest and open.  It makes her heart implode in delightful little slivers of emotion.  It makes her breath out slowly, diligently, and then answer with a breathless, "I love you too," that makes the light in Alfred's eyes shine like little stolen pennies.
They kiss with an exuberance that only exists in that sort of love, in the kind of devotion that is all too often impossible to find.  They kiss because they know that they are lucky to have found it.  They kiss because, in that moment, Adiel knows that she is truly blessed.
And then the passion starts up again, like a vice, like a crystal of desire has taken root in their veins.  Their veins, which burn and sear with need, with intense, dark, powerful fervor.  They kiss again and the Alfred moves his mouth down, down, down until he catches one perk nipple in his mouth and she arches her back and moans and gives in.
"Alfred…" she whimpers, and he shivers at the raw sound of her voice, which is shredded with all sorts of emotions that he can't even name.  The depth of her affection is revealed to him in that moment, and he feels his heart swell with bliss, the domestic sort of bliss which one gets only when they go looking for it.  And he has been searching for it for a very long time.
His tongue dips over the soft skin of her nipple.  He rolls his teeth against her very gently.  He massages her other breast with his free hand before growing tired and instead moving further down to curl against the delicious heat of her core.  She moans.  She grips his hair and moans.
His lips follow that mischievous hand, discovering other ways to use his tongue.  A long, deep lick sends Adiel into a fit of ecstasy that makes her moan his name again.  This time, in warning.  A warning which Alfred conveniently disregards.
"Alfred," she moans again, breathlessly, softly.  She gasps a little when his thumb brushes over her sensitive nub and for a second, she sees stars.  But then she is working up the willpower to say more than just his name.  "Alfred, please…please…"  It is a halfhearted effort, but she really can't help herself.  When he has her pinned down like this, working his mouth on her in the delicious way that he is, Adiel cannot hope to say anything else.  It takes too much effort, too much strength that she doesn't currently have.
But luckily Alfred listens.  He listens because he wants her just as badly as she wants him.  He listens because there isn't really any other way he wants to spend his evening.  Immersing himself in and around this lovely creature, being one with her…it is all he ever wants, all he ever finds himself truly craving these days.
So he gives her one last, delightful lick before kissing his way back up her form.  He presses open-mouthed kisses over the curve of her stomach, her soft, supple breasts, her collarbone.  Then he nestles himself between her legs and looks down at her, studying, discovering, examining.  The serious quality of her stare makes her shift, whimper.  She moves her hands over his chest and wonders, "What is it, Alfred?"
He smiles suddenly and leans in to kiss her.  His hips push against hers just as gently.  She gasps a little and kisses him back with more force, silently telling him that she wants him so, so badly and that he really isn't making this easy for her.  He just grins.
"I think you're beautiful," he tells her, and it takes her a moment to understand him because Adiel is already so far into the desire that she can't really hear properly.  But when she does she finds herself smiling giddily, finds her heartbeat accelerating simply because of the words.  And then she giggles when Alfred kisses her face, here and there in a wicked manner.  And then, he kisses the corner of her mouth and whispers, suddenly serious, "I'm going to take you now."
She swallows thickly because the emotions of the room change so suddenly, so strangely.  But it is delicious, and the look that takes a hold of Alfred's eyes now makes her shiver.  She nods to him, watching with half lidded eyes as he lines himself up, pushes past her barriers, and then sinks into her heat with a deep, satisfied sigh.  And it feels like they're coming home.  And it feels like freedom personified.
Alfred moves almost immediately, shifting his hips a little until he falls into a rhythm.  And then, Adiel is left gasping, hurtling toward something unidentifiable but so, so delicious.  The ache that had been pounding through her is now gone, replaced by the feeling of completeness, of coupling.  She arches her back and closes her eyes and sighs.  Above her, Alfred kisses her cheek, her neck, her jaw, because resting his forehead against hers.
He picks up his pace naturally, and soon the gentleness that had been perfectly acceptable is now something much more hazardous, much more caustic.  His thrusts shift into tight, ramming pushes, pinning her hips to the mattress as he enforces a sort of dominance over her.  And she revels in it, delights in the way he takes her, harshly and yet gently, always contrasting.  It is a dream that is bathed with reality.
"Alfred…" she moans again, feeling him hit her perfectly, deeply, nearly to her womb.  It feels so good, so good, so good.  The way he takes her is like a reawakening, like a spell.  She gasps silently when he lowers his mouth to her breasts and sucks.
The intensity heightens like thunder, singing through their veins and their bodies and their minds.  His tongue flicks over her nipple and she moans loudly, yelping a little when he bites her.  His other hand forms a tight grasp around her waist.  He moans and the vibrations of it jitter over her tender skin and make her want to come, so fiercely and so deeply that she won't be able to even breathe.  But she doesn't, because it is too soon, because Alfred wouldn't like it, because -
"Don't worry," he suddenly tells her, his voice husky and raw and overpowering.  He draws back to her face, pressing a kiss to her mouth.  His body snaps fitfully into hers and she moans, bites her lip.  "You can come," he says, reading the tense way her body is beginning to coil.  He wants to watch her come for him, wants to know that he is the cause of her bliss.  It is a primal desire that takes a firm hold of his entirety.
Adiel wants to hold out longer, wants to wait for him.  But she cannot.  Already she is feeling her orgasm tear through her.  She can't hold on any longer and so she moans, trying to convey a warning to him.  Her eyes widen and she stares at Alfred as he drives her to her end, digging his hardened member deep into her again and again and again.  She comes with a loud cry that sounds like his name and her core tightens around him. 
He delights in the tightness, driving himself faster, harder into her.  He wants to come too, wants to finish, wants to spill himself inside her like an adolescent boy.  He buries his face in the crook of her neck and moans, voice low and deep and passionate as he stumbles into an orgasm.  It tears through him so mightily that he can't even breathe, can't see or hear except for the light, gasping breath of his lover. 
He pants, tilts his head to kiss her cheek, slows down his quick thrusts for more slow, sporadic movements that make the pleasure positively zing through them.  And then Alfred pulls back just a little to look into Adiel's eyes, and together they breathe.  And together they smile.
He draws out of her and gathers her up in his arms and pulls a sheet over them.  And she snuggles close to him and kisses his chest and sighs out in bliss.  Silence.  And then, sleep.

Extended Ending

"…I'm hungry."
Adiel looks up at Alfred.  He looks down at her.  She gives him that look - the one that tells him she thinks he's being ridiculous.  And then he grins, and his smile is so full of that delightful mischief that it makes her a little surprised, and more than a little curious.
His voice is deep and low and subtle when he tells her, "…Not for food, Adiel."  And she blushes and looks away.  He chuckles, presses a kiss to her temple, and begins to follow through with a silent sort of need that had begun to fester in the air between them.
This time, the look she gives him silently tells him that she thinks he's being insatiably delicious.



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      Unfortunately, I'm not a published author. Though I do hope that one day I'll be able to survive on my stories, coffee, and my own laziness. The writer's dream is so lovely :3

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