Monday, July 29, 2013

A Tsunayoshi Sawada Lemon -- Breathe the Same

Character: TYL!Tsuna Sawada

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn [TYL!]

OC: [Name]

Inspiration: I was looking at the collection of KHR! lemons I wrote and noticed that there was no Tsuna.  "How can there be no freaking Tsuna?" I asked myself.  Thus this lemon was born~  ^_^  truestory

Tsuna only feels truly, perfectly relaxed when he has you folded up in his arms.  The fact that you are so often gone makes this sentiment somehow brighter, somehow hotter.  The fact that you aren't one for physical contact makes it exciting.
"Tsuna, stop it," you whine, not really wanting him to stop but saying it anyway.  Because even though you dislike hugs, receiving them from Tsuna is different. 
His arms jerk you backwards, finally holding you close to him and not allowing your escape.  You smell of grass and wind and travelling, but it somehow makes the moment sweeter, brighter, hotter.  He sighs deeply in something akin to contentment and hugs you ever closer, so close that you are getting a little worried about the response.  Did he really miss you this much?  You'd only been gone for a week.
You struggle to turn in his arms, and when you do, you find yourself looking directly into soulful, bright eyes that seem to steal you away.  You had opened your mouth, intent on saying something to him, but…you suddenly can't remember what you had to say.  All you can think about is how your body is reacting to him, and how you suddenly want to kiss him rather badly.
His eyes are darkened pools of something that isn't quite lust yet, but has the potential to be.  He raises a swift eyebrow at you and you realize that your mouth is still hanging open.  With a dry smile, you close it.  With an even dryer smile, you lean in to kiss his cheek and then draw back, crushing the random desire before it can bleed into something more powerful.  You have unpacking to do, after all, and you're certain that Tsuna must have something important to do today.
He lets you go, skin tingling from your kiss and mind bent on returning the favor.  He wants to do a mighty lot of things with you.  But he just sits back and watches for now, re-familiarizing himself with the sight of your gait, the twisty curls of your hair, the line of your stockings as they hurry up your legs.  And each moment that passes is spent imagining what he will do to make you into clay and to mold you to him.
In the end, though, it is much easier to do exactly that.  You are already molded clay when it comes to Tsuna.  Already ready, already his.  And it takes only a couple of words from him to make you truly ready, and truly his.
"Come here, [Name].  I've missed you."
It is said so calmly, so suddenly, but his eyes are aglow with honesty and warmth.  So you sigh out again and go to him, sitting beside him on the mattress and watching as the setting sun plays with his features.
"I've only been gone a few days," you try to reason, but he doesn't listen.  He is already leaning in to kiss you, and his arms are already pulling you against him, and your mind is beginning to shatter in the wake of his affection.  Yes, you've only been gone a few days, but it is a few days too long for Tsuna.  He tells you this through his kiss as it burns you, sears against your mouth.  He tell you this through his eyes, as they catch and hold your gaze.  And there is little you can do when he treats you like this, so instead of fighting back you just sigh out.  This time in surrender. 
You end up on your back, with no recollection of how you had gotten there.  You only know that Tsuna is hovering over you and that he's making you feel beautiful, like a woman, a goddess, a song.  He sends you muffled whispers that have the startling potential to utterly steal you away, and you go willingly for once, all too caught up in the delicate caresses of your lover's fingers, and the gentle cadence of his eyes.
You resist a little, but only because it makes things more exciting.  When you murmur, "You really should get back to your office, Tsuna…", its only for show, for fun. You wouldn't let him leave you now even if he'd wanted to.  And he seems to know this, which is why he only smiles gently down at you and tells you he'll do more good staying right where he is.
It often shocks you, the pure adoration of your lover's gaze whenever it is turned your own.  You, who'd been brought into the world an orphan, an unloved, underfed child.  And yet Tsuna loves you.  You can see it in his every movement, his every glance.  It is a feeling that you are still coming to grips with, still unsure how to respond to it, still hesitant as to if you even should.  You've never been in love before, but there is something about the way your heart aches for Tsuna that makes you think that, if ever you could fall for a man, it would be him.
"What are you thinking of?" he whispers to you, and your eyes refocus as your thoughts are dragged from the shady corners of your mind.  Tsuna is looking down at you, a little worried.  His eyes are creased, his thumb brushes over your high cheekbone and over the swell of your slightly bruised lips.  For a moment, you are taken aback at how glorious he looks when the sun cascades over his features.  But then your expression softens into something that Tsuna rarely sees, but always makes his heart pound in an iridescent, astounding way.
Tsuna.  He's always been there.  Always, always.  And when you look at him like the way you are looking at him now, he knows that you are thinking of him.  And it makes him so blisteringly happy that he can barely take a breath.
"Tsuna," you breath, you voice the shard of a whisper, just barely coherent as it brushes over your lover's mouth.  His lips arch toward you but do not press against yours, because he is waiting, waiting with baited breath for the rest of your words, which hang in the air between you like three reflected mirrors.
You're fingers reach up and you palm his face, taking both of his cheeks in your hands as you press your forehead to his.  "Tsuna…I love you-" and his mouth is suddenly tearing against yours, moving at an alarming pace as he pushes you down into the mattress.  Heat licks at your skin and you find yourself gasping for air that isn't there.  There is only Tsuna.  Around you, above you, beneath you, taking and giving and returning and loving.
You rush to catch up with him, but it is hopeless.  He is kissing you furiously, with a passion that leaves you more than breathless.  You lay there, your arms curling around his neck, your legs propped up around his waist, and you wonder how you had ever managed to secure a man like him.  A man who would die to make you happy, who would protect you from anything and everything.
His kiss is almost rough, almost unyielding, but the rest of him is still as hesitant in the art of lovemaking as he's always been.  It is a strange happenstance that has gotten easier over the years, but still endears him to you.  For the leader of a legendary mafia, Tsuna is surprisingly unsure when it comes to sex.  That's why you help him along, grab onto his belt loops and jerk his hips down to meet yours.  The resulting clash of friction makes him gasp, slowing down the kiss to peer at you with large, thankful eyes.
You lock you legs around his hips and moan a little, because it feels so good, so amazing.  This never gets old, this pre-foreplay, because being with Tsuna always feels like the first time, in every endeavor.
But it is somehow not enough.  The kiss, the friction.  It goes to your head and makes you greedy for more, more of him and more of his affection.  So as Tsuna begins a not-so tedious trail of kisses down your neck, you focus on easing his shirt off.  When it is only a puddle of fabric on the ground, you start to admire the planes of his chest, the way his toned muscles flex at your touch.  You graze your nails over his nipples and he groans a little into your neck, his hand coming up to touch your hair, to tunnel through it as he presses a soft kiss to your lips.
Emotion sings through you, stark and needy and passionate, and you can hardly breathe in the face of it.  You are overcome by a feeling that comes to you very rarely, but always, always drowns you, rejuvenates you, startles you into submission.  He kisses you again, very softly, as though silently telling you that he loves you just as much as you love him and more.  And then Tsuna draws back, hands smoothing over your sides as he looks down at you.
He glances over at the clock and then back at you.  You follow his gaze, a question in your eyes.  "I'm supposed to be at a meeting in ten minutes," he confesses, blushing a little.  You raise you eyebrows and give him a quick look-over.  He is a mess.  There is an all too obvious bulge in his black dress pants and his skin is flustered, his lips bruised, his eyes too bright.  So you just laugh and shake your head, fingers darting up his pants and unhooking them.  There is no way you're letting him go, not now. 
"That's a shame," you murmur, edging the pants off his hips.  Tsuna swallows thickly but doesn't do anything to stop you.  He just watches with dark, heady eyes.  You smile.  He caves.
His pants are eased off his legs with his help, and soon they are joined by your shirt as he wrestles it from your body.  You gasp and laugh, holding him close to you as he kisses you.  In between the breathless shift of his kisses, Tsuna mutters, "Hayato will…take care…of things…mmm, for me…ah…"  His back arches as your hand suddenly comes down to cup the bulge in his boxers, and his eyes flutter closed.
Your name drifts easily from his lips, light and gentle and encased in that firm desire that has long since spread a fire throughout your bodies.  He presses his hips against your hand and buries his head against your neck, moaning as your clever little fingers bring him down, down to a place that exists only on the edge of reason.
"Tsuna…" your voice brings him back, but only shortly, and he gasps as he tries to clear his head.  It is hard because you don't stop touching him, but your next words are enough to give him something concrete to fixate on.  "Help me with these pants…" 
He does, a moment later.  His fingers clumsily jerk at the button of your jeans and soon, he is forcing them rather roughly down your hips.  When they are halfway down your thighs, Tsuna goes back to hook a finger around your panties, and then he immediately shuffles the both of them down and away. 
He stares for a long moment, and the air suddenly shifts into something deeper, more sentimental, more adoring.  Your heart beats a fierce pattern against your chest as you watch him watch you.  The way his eyes light over your nearly naked form makes you blush, gently, softly, the rosy hue tenderly racing over your pale skin.  "Tsuna…" you prompt, and the spells shatters as his eyes jerk back up to yours.  Within them is an emotion you cannot begin to describe, but you understand it instinctively, as truly as you understand the process of breathing.
You laugh a little, breathless and shy but never hesitant.  And then, since Tsuna doesn't seem ready to make another move just yet, you reach behind your back to unclip your bra, and ease it down your arms and off your body entirely. 
His eyes flash and you know he likes the sight of you like this, laying beneath him without a thread of clothing.  But the image is incomplete because he is still wearing his boxers, and you immediately decide to reconcile this.  You want skin.  Pure, passionate, naked, bare.  You want it so badly that it takes you longer than usual to jerk his boxers off, simply because your desire is so strong that it makes you clumsy.
But when the boxers are finally gone, it is well worth the trouble.  His manhood stands tall and ready for you, and Tsuna blushes fiercely as you stare at it.  The sight of his red face makes you laugh, because it is so silly now.  You've both seen each other so many times that nudity doesn't even matter anymore.  And yet every experience is like the first one.  Nervous, gentle, loving, full of blushes and breathless laughter and sweet, sweet caresses.
Another long stare.  Time slips by quietly, and you reach up to smooth a touch over his chest.  You fingers dance over his shoulder, down his arm.  You hook a leg around his waist and his eyes dance down to your core, which is hot and ready and meant for him only.  And he blushes again because the way you're acting now, with that surety, makes him a little shy.
But shyness has no place here, on this mattress, in these arms, and it is dispelled with a simple tug and a kiss.  A kiss that goes right to Tsuna's head and makes it spin dizzily, like a gambler's dice and a stoke of luck.  Your hips collide and its like the heavens open up, like stars filter down to earth, like the planets themselves have been jerked from their axis and thrown into random, exhilarating directions.
You kiss him and your lips seem to scream out 'take me, take me, take me now', and your body arches into his and you breath his name.  And Tsuna breaks, shatters against you, and against the delicious rivulets of pleasure you burn through him.  He breaks and he wants to break again, with you.  And so the next moment he is lining himself up against that wet, hot core and he's doing exactly as you've silently commanded.
You moan, head thrown back at the force of the intense pleasure.  It is imperfectly beautiful, this connection, and it has only been yours a matter of seconds.  Still, it is enough to make you sear with pleasure, quake with need, tunnel your fingers through his hair and stare up into his eyes and moan his name.  He rests his forehead against yours as his hips bring you down.  His every move, his every thrust makes a new shattering overcome your bodies.
His mouth tumbles down your neck, biting gently, kissing softly.  When he reaches that one sensitive spot at the start of your shoulder, his teeth roughly captures your skin and his tongue darts over it.  Coupled with the fire of your lower bodies, his touch makes you gasp aloud in saturated passion.  The world careens forward and you feel an orgasm beginning to burn its way through you. 
"Oh~  Tsuna," you moan, loudly because you can't possibly filter your voice at this point.  You want nothing more than to sink down into the depths of his love, and you do so the next moment when his thrusts shift into something that leans on domineering.  It is so delicious, the way he pins you down, that you come without warning, with only your hurried moans as explanation.
But Tsuna doesn't mind.  He is almost there, almost ready to spill himself into you, and it is in such relief that he does moments later.  He buries his head against your shoulder and pushes his hips diligently to yours, burying his manhood as deeply into you as he could possibly manage.  Every thrust made your pulse quicken, your world explode, your body fall away into something else, something greater, something inexplicitly divine.
You gasp against the harsh wave of passion as it crashes against you.  The heat of Tsuna's release shakes you to your core.  You take each other for everything and more, so much more, simply because you can.  And it never fails to leave you breathless and weak, as well as strong, tall, ready for the world and the trouble that comes with it.
But for now, trouble is far from your minds, and there is nothing, nothing you want more than to rest against your lover and find a more gentle strength in him.  Tsuna pulls you against him, his arms keeping you caged against his heart, his soul, his essence.  You bundle him up in your arms, fingers gently stroking over his forehead, his hair, and you lean in to press a soft kiss against his closed eyelid. 
It has been a long week without him by your side.  A long, travel-weary story that is both tragic and beautiful.  But now you can make a new story, a new song, one that will last longer and be far more pleasant.  And you do.
Tsuna brings you closer, closer, until your bodies are practically one, until your hearts beat the same rhythm, until your lungs breathe the same breath.



  1. Did you post this story here too or did someone else post it?

  2. Breathtaking and poignant, makes me wish for things that aren't entirely real or are impossible to find. I just adore your writing and can never get enough <3