Thursday, July 4, 2013

An America Lemon -- Indian Summer

Character: America

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Andrea Ruiz, long brown hair, hazel eyes, outgoing

Inspiration: Happy 4th! I wrote this like a crazy person just for my lovely readers.  Hope you like it :3

American summers could be hot or cold, humid or dry, depending on where in the country one was.  For Andrea, it was humid, sweaty, yucky, and the nights were spent laying atop sticky sheets and trying to imagine that it is cold and not hot, dry and not humid.  Usually, this failed to work.
You'd think that Andrea would have gotten used to this by now.  She'd lived with Alfred for a number of years already and had long ago experienced her first Indian summer.  But she would never get used to the sleepless nights, the way the air almost curled in on her, suffocated her and drowned her and pushed heat against already scorching skin.  The sun had long since left the sky but the heat remained.  And it was all she could do to just lay there and accept it.  Unfortunately, the man beside her didn't have the same amount of fortitude.
You'd also think that Alfred wouldn't mind his summers.  He liked the summer, liked the parties he was able to host, the slow evenings spent outside watching the stars and the fireflies and the fading taillights of cars.  But when it came to sleeping, he simply couldn't handle it.
He laid beside Andrea and he sighed, shifted, moved.  He couldn't get comfortable.  He was too hot, his skin too sticky.  His hair was pressed adamantly against his forehead and even without a shirt, he was melting.  And the fact that Andrea was beside him, wearing only a pair of panties and a loose fitting cropped shirt, wasn't making him feel restful.
"Alfred…stop moving around," Andrea complained, voice muffled against the pillow.  She opened one eye to glare at him, and the way he pouted at her with big blue eyes.  His face was slanted with moonlight and it traveled over the entirety of his chest.  He had kicked off the sheets moments before, leaving himself completely nude.  The fact that he wasn't wearing boxers didn't seem to concern him in the slightest, though it did surprise Andrea a little.  Her eye twitched.  "…Why aren't you wearing pants?"
He smirked in amusement and something else, something that Andrea could very easily guess at.  Then he rolled onto his side and pulled her closer, slipping his hand beneath her shirt and drifting it over hot skin.  "Why?  Does it bother you~?"
She rolled her eyes and tried to push him away.  "'S too hot, Al.  Not tonight."  But even as she pushed away, he pulled her closer, until there was hardly space between them at all.  And by then, Andrea was already reassessing her words and wondering if they were what she truly wanted.
"Mmmhmm," he agreed, leaning in to kiss her shoulder.  He pushed the fabric away so as to reach her skin better, then threw the sheet away from her body and looped a leg over the both of hers.  "Exactly.  Too hot to sleep," he mumbled, moving his fingers over the plane of her stomach.  She inhaled a little bit as she was very sensitive there, and watched Alfred with eyes narrowed in suspicion.
He pressed his mouth against hers and pushed her onto her back, holding up his weight with one arm.  When she didn't immediately respond, Alfred drew back and whined, "C'mon, 'Drea.  Let me have you."  And it was whispered in such a low, gravely voice that Andrea couldn't help but shiver and pull him back.  Even though she was burning with heat, even though their next actions would drive whatever coolness they had left into the far corners of their bodies.
Alfred smirked against her suddenly needy mouth and crushed her to him passionately, gently.  His hands sought her, smoothing over her skin as he pulled her shirt away.  The moment the fabric was gone, he was ducking his mouth over her breasts, capturing one nipple and kissing over the fullness of her form in a half circle.  Then, because he wanted to see her completely bare as soon as possible, Alfred drifted his hands down her hips and hooked his fingers beneath the band of her panties.  Then he was forcing them down her legs and tossing them away into the darkness.
The moonlight cascaded over them smoothly, like liquid courage, like shards of glass.  Alfred studied her form, the way her body breathed beneath his, the unhindered path of her skin.  And then he leaned forward and kissed her again, slowly this time, as though trying to tell her something.  She absorbed his kiss with a deep one of her own and threw both legs around his waist.  The resulting clash of friction made him moan against her lips.
"Ah…"  He buried his head into the crook of her neck and moved his hips, easing them against her core and delighting in the wetness of her.  She was already pounding for him, ready enough to have him, and though they'd only just begun their passion Alfred couldn't help it.  He wanted her now.  Wanted to pin her to the mattress and take her like he'd never done before, with wild, blazon, rugged need.
So he moved his hands to her thighs, pushed them apart, and angled himself towards her.  Then he looked up into Andrea's eyes and saw within them a mirrored form of lust, so great that it was almost made of fire.  Hot and burning, searing, pulsing, for him.  The next moment he was burying himself as deeply into her as he could possibly go, and they were both murmuring out their whispered love, compassion, strength.
The first few thrusts were slow like that.  Alfred hilted himself with each one, dragging his cock nearly entirely out of her before slamming back in.  It made Andrea delirious with pleasure, her body forgetting the intense temperature and conforming to a different one, one made entirely from lust and Alfred. 
She pulled him closer and moaned, legs locking behind him as he pulled him closer, forced him faster.  The world shifted over them in black and white, too quickly to fully grasp.  And then Alfred was forcing her hips down, ramming into her once, twice, before suddenly pulling completely out.  His cock glistened with her fluids, trained just above her core like a teasing reminder of the passion he was capable on inflicting upon her.
The world slowed, grasping, wondering.  Andrea opened her eyes to stare up at him.  Her silent question hung heavily between them and was answered with two thick, coarse words from Alfred.  "Turn around."
She shivered almost violently but acquiesced, slowly sitting up with his help.  Then she turned, sliding onto her knees and bending over.  Immediately, Alfred was pushing her down, one hand smoothing over her butt and the other easing her shoulders to the mattress.  Then, without wasting any more time, he was lining himself up again and tearing into her at a pace that left her gasping, shattering, rebuilding.  The world sped back up and vanished.
"A-Alfred!  Oh!"  she rocked back to meet his thrusts halfway, but there was no need.  He had complete control over her, a feat that only seemed to make her that much more turned on.  He took her with a sort of vengeance that made her heart skyrocket, pound, flutter against her chest.  His thrusts were controlled and adamant, his hands guiding her hips against him at just the last moment so that her world sparked and shone with passion.
It was delicious.  And the way the moon shifted over her curved back made Alfred moan.  His hand moved from its place at her hip to touch her elsewhere.  He smoothed over her thigh and then retreated to her stomach, the curve of her waist, her back, her spine, her breast.  His touch and his thrusts sent her into a fervent display of passion.  Her hands curled tightly around the sheets, her eyes closed, her voice muffled just a little by the pillow she laid on.  And then Alfred nudged her legs farther apart and just that tiny little movement made everything so much different.  So much more delicious, more fiery, more hot.  Andrea gasped and then moaned, eyes snapping open as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm tear through her.  She was a goner.
She heaved her weight onto her elbows and pushed back against him, determined to do something to spark her own orgasm and not just let Alfred have all the fun.  Her show of dominance made him groan, his hips snapping fitfully against hers as they quickened his pace.  He leaned forward, hand falling onto the headboard as he gripped it hard and increased the tempo even more, until neither of them could fully breath, speak, even moan.  The sound of skin slapping skin was the only sound in the room.
"Oh!  Alfred!  I'm…I'm coming…!" she cried out, back arching desperately as she tried to hold her orgasm at bay.  But she couldn't, not at all, and it was with a wild exclamation that she came, hard and fast and powerfully, with such a force that she could scarcely even form coherent thoughts.
The sight of her body unfurling like that made Alfred's end come all the faster.  He pushed her down again, domineering her body as he forced his hips to hurtle at a pace that was nearly inhuman.  She felt so good, her core pulsating from her orgasm, the tightness of her pleasure, the wetness of it.  It made him come with an equally loud cry, racing toward his end faster than he thought possible, faster than he'd ever done before.
"God…" Alfred moaned, spilling himself inside her.  Andrea whimpered a little a the intense feeling of his warmth spreading throughout her.  Her eyes closed again and she sighed out, feeling her body relax as Alfred's thrusts turned haphazard and inconsistent.  Then, he was pulling himself completely out of her and was sighing, lowering himself back to the mattress, pulling her against him in a single, swift move.
Silence, caressing and light.  And then, "…I'm still hot."  And Andrea only sighed, curled up against him and closed her eyes.  The heat didn't bother her anymore.  So she just pressed a gentle kiss to his chest and mumbled, "Goodnight, Alfred."
He chuckled a little, drew her closer, and whispered a soft, "Goodnight."
Together, they were dragged under the spell of the Indian summer, and they never looked back.



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  2. Heyyyy!!!! I really love your lemons, but do you know what I'd like more?; AN AWESOME TRIO LEMON!!!!! If you can't get to it, or are to busy to do it that's fine too!