Friday, September 27, 2013

A Turkey Lemon -- Egyptian Bird

Character: Turkey

Fandom: Hetalia

OC: Miu Ahmed, kind, gentle

Inspiration: Miu is a dancer who comes to Turkey for a festival :3

The air is thick with perfume and incense, and it wavers over the crowds which have gathered to watch the delicate, passionate movements of the foreign Egyptian dancers.  They have come to the Turkish festival in honor of the strong alliance that has bound them together for centuries.  Beneath the modern sun, in the overlapping city of Ankara, it is all just a guise.  But true friendship pervades the atmosphere, and two men stand off to the side, blending into the crowd but always apart.
"I'm glad you could come," Sadiq says over the traditional Egyptian music.  It rattles through the crowd like a bird seeking a soul, and Sadiq is quite clearly reminded of the vast sands of Egypt, which seem to stretch on forever.  Gupta glances at his friend, his silent demeanor shattering in the proximity of the country who knows him best.  He can see, see the way Sadiq's eyes are watching one particular dancer.  And he understands the emotions which light up his dark eyes as they follow looping limbs, golden glowing wrists, and wispy fabric.
Egypt says nothing, however, about the obvious feelings which Sadiq is suffering from.  It is not his nature to speak of emotions in general, but he does give a little hint, "Miu all but begged me to come.  She's missed you."  And he sends a sly glance up at Sadiq's expression, noting how his cheeks have become slightly colored.
"Oh?" Turkey coughs, looking away for a moment.  But his eyes don't ever leave the dancers for long, and soon they are directed once again on tanned skin which has been made bold with dyed cloth.  His eyes darken and Gupta turns his attention back to where his best dancer, Miu, is performing the finale.  The crowd leans forward in anticipation as she does a complicated flip and then sinks low to the ground, all the while moving her shoulders and chest in the traditional way all belly dancers innately know.  The gleaming, real iron Khopesh [1] lays straight on the back of her neck as she bows her head, arms jutted out like the wings of an Egyptian bird.  The edge of the sword stands straight against her skin and Sadiq is overcome by an intense desire to kiss over where is lays.  But all too soon the sword is flipped artistically back into a sheath as Miu stands up, and the crowd roars to life as they bow low to the ground.
"Should we wait for Miu over there?" Gupta wonders, gesturing to the large hotel which towers above the festival.  Most of the festival guests have undoubtedly booked rooms there.  Sadiq himself had booked three rooms on the penthouse floor.  One for Gupta, one for Miu, and one for him.  He knows they will appreciate the view come morning, when the sun's rays have enveloped the entirety of Ankara in a gleaming, metallic symphony.  Sadiq glances up toward the high-rise building and shrugs, content with the idea of leaving the noisy festivities behind.  It is a week long festival, so there will be plenty of time to enjoy it another night, hopefully with Miu by his side.
"She knows she's on the penthouse floor?" Sadiq casually inquired as they began to weave through the thick crowd.  Gupta glances up at his friend and almost laughs, "Yes.  You really outdid yourself this time."  He doesn't bother telling Sadiq how it isn't necessary, and how Miu already thinks the world of him anyway.  His friend is naturally competitive even without someone to compete with.  He would still have booked the best rooms for them, regardless of what Gupta says.
Sadiq shrugs as though he's disinterested, but his eyes light up like two gleaming moons, and Gupta knows that he is all too excited for the night ahead.  He hasn't seen Miu in nearly a year.  Relations in Egypt have made it difficult for people to leave or enter the country.  They will have a lot to talk about, a lot to catch up on.  The prospect of it all entices Sadiq like nothing else and Gupta has to hurry along in order to keep up with him.
They reach the hotel minutes later, slipping into the expensive looking lobby and heading toward the front desk.  Beautiful marble pillars spiral toward the high ceiling and people of all nationalities linger together talking of the festivities outside.  There is an overall rush of excitement that pulses through the room.
Sadiq steps up to the front desk and leans in to speak with the pretty receptionist, whose catty eyes catch his with the hint of a smirk.  He sends her a suave grin because he can't not smile at a pretty woman, and then tells her, "I booked three rooms on the penthouse floor."  He watches her eyes flash at the mention of the richness of the penthouse, and the woman leans forward to look at her computer.  She demurely clicks away, and moments later turns back to him.  "Your rooms are ready.  Here are you keys."  She hands him three stiff cards and sends him another hopeful smile, but Gupta is suddenly nudging at his side.  Sadiq glances at his friend, then follows his gaze toward the hotel doors.
The dance troupe has found their way to the hotel, but Sadiq has eyes only for the woman in the front, who is staring at him with an almost shy smile.  He grins back and walks toward her, thrusting the card keys into Egypt's hands as he passes him.  And then he has his best friend wrapped up in his arms, holding her tightly and chuckling at the way he has become so excited, so thrilled at the mere sight of her.  He pulls back and sends her a special smile.  It is not particularly suave or charming, but it is soft and true, and meant only for her.  She smiles back and kisses his cheek, and Sadiq has to firmly push down the desire to turn his head and accept her lips with his.  Now is not the time to give into those feelings, especially when Miu doesn't know about them yet.
"Let's go up to our rooms and talk," she says, and Sadiq is only too happy to accommodate her.  He slips her hand beneath his arm and glances back toward Gupta, who has sauntered off to wait for them by the elevators, his mysterious smile painted on his mouth.  They slowly make their way over to him, and all the while Miu is rattling on about how excited she'd been when she heard that Gupta would be attending this festival, and how she'd signed up as a dancer just for an excuse to come as well.  Sadiq's heart is thrumming with warmth by the time they enter the elevator and begin rising to the top floor.
"I was so nervous," Miu claims, holding onto Sadiq's arm with a tight, delightful grip.  He smiles when she begins to recount the months of practicing she'd been subjected to, and how she'd had to brush up on her moves because they'd been a little rusty.  "It's been ages since I've danced like that.  I wasn't bad, was I?" she wonders, just as the elevator beeps and the doors slid open.  He is about to tell her that she was the best dancer out of them all, that she made his heart beat right out of his chest, but then Miu is gaping at the expensive furnishing of the penthouse suite and she's walking to the window, which overlooks dozens upon dozens of twinkling lights that sweep into the valley far below.
"Oh…" she whispers, pressing her forehead against the glass.  Gupta takes one look at the way Sadiq's eyes are flashing and mutters out a soft, "I'll be…uh, going to my room.  Goodnight."  Miu looks back at him and smiles, "Goodnight."  Sadiq says nothing, but waves him off and walks up to where Miu is standing.  She turns back to watch the outside world and he steps up right behind her, close enough to feel her body heat radiating toward him.  The lights behind them causes their reflections to splutter out over the pane of glass, and through it, their eyes lock onto each others.  The sudden seriousness that perforates the air is what makes Miu slowly turn to face him, wondering at the starkness of Sadiq's eyes and the way they bear down on her.  He is reaching for her before she really knows what's happening, and dragging her flush against his chest in an embrace that supersedes his normal friendly ones.  This one is more intimate, more needy, and reflects that stark hunger in his eyes, which she is only beginning to understand.
"Sadiq?" she asks after a moment of enjoying the way his arms circle her so entirely.  She likes this.  Likes the proximity of him, and she will not deny that she's wanted to be more than friends for a long time.  But she is fairly clueless about matters of this nature, and is entirely unsure as to how to proceed into the dark emotions which push at her skin.
He looks down at her, expression serious.  The way his eyes take her in makes her shiver, and she leans closer without even knowing it.  Their mouths are very close now and she'd overcome by this strange desire to kiss him.  The strength of it surprises her, but she isn't one to lie to herself.  So she whispers a very soft, "…Sadiq…I think I want you to kiss me."  And it makes his eyes light up and darken at the same time.  Her heart splutters out, then dies.  The tension between them is a slowly squeezing drug.
His lips tremble just a little because the emotions surrounding them are so powerful, expressive, and that she has only said such words in his dreams.  But he knows this is real.  He knows because he would never be able to dream this up in such a vivid way.  He wants to kiss her, wants to do just as she asks of him, but he hesitates a second too long and she clears her throat in embarrassment, taking his silence for rejection.
"Ah…s-sorry, I must have misread…" she looks away, her cheeks flaring up with bright red, and tries to untangled his arms from her waist.  But he will not let her leave, not now, not ever.  And he pulls her back against him and ducks his head into her neck.  His hot breath fans out over her dark skin and she shivers, shivers at the way his lips careen over her ear.  Then he moves a kiss to her neck, firm and passionate, and against her skin he whispers words that make her flourish with desire.  Her fingers clutch onto the fabric of his shirt and his hands move over her waist, bare because of her belly dancer's outfit.  Her eyes slip closed and her head tilts back, accommodating his lips as they rush to meet hers.  And she feels herself falling, falling away from the world and into one that has room for only two.  Only them.
Their lips move in a frantic, tantalizing manner that makes them breathless.  But breaking away for air is a sin and so they keep going, keep careening into something that they both know the end of.  An act that they both understand, and has the power to change the entirety of their lives, their friendship, their love.
But still they pursue it, because they know instinctively that it will be sweet.  Sweeter than anything they’ve ever had, than anyone they've ever experienced.  And they want this so bad.  Too many years have been spent wasted away in the social restraints of friendship, of hesitance.  And now that those chains have been broken there is nothing that will stop them.  Nothing that will make the night anything but delicious.
Finally Sadiq pulls away, but it is only to gasp in air.  His lungs scream at him and his mind berates him.  He cannot win against this fierce passion but he tries anyway.  And she isn't making it any easier.  She pulls him back into another kiss that has the potential to shake the scope of his integrity.
Minutes pass them by in a blur.  Their lips change from wild and fast to slower, sensual.  Miu leans into him and has all but melted against his warm chest.  Her heart is beating quickly but she ignores it in favor of the delicious atmosphere that has been building up between them.  And then finally the kiss dissolves.  They both breathe silently.  His eyes are still closed when she opens hers and reality sets in. 
"Wow…" she whispers, and her lingering, awe-inspired proclamation makes him look at her.  What he sees in her gaze seems to please him and he smiles that soft, malleable smile that flutters all the way up to his eyes.  He hums out in agreement, but the calm moment is all too soon thrust away when Miu splays her fingers out over his chest.  He is reminded of the opportunities that can come from kissing, and blood rushes down between his legs at the thought of Miu spread out beneath him, sheer fabric tousled and dripping away from her glorious skin.
She is not very adept in lovemaking.  Though she wears glamorous clothes, Miu is not comfortable in them.  She often doesn't understand the workings of her own heart, least of all in matters of the flesh.  But the feelings that Sadiq is feeling, the expressive way his eyes gleam into hers, she can understand that.  And she can even figure out where his mind is taking him, and why he is shivering suddenly and pulling her closer and gripping her harder.  And Miu, who is not one to lie to herself in any way, innately knows that tonight she will not be the shy, unsure girl who had been friends with Turkey, but rather a powerful, lovely woman who will be his lover.
She kisses him again, partly to reassure herself that she can be beautiful and confident if she wants, and partly to relay the information to Sadiq.  She feels another shiver wrack through his body and almost immediately, the calm kiss turns passionate.  He swallows her body with strong arms, lips hungrily kissing her as though these are their last moments, last kiss, last touch.  And this time, Miu doesn't melt against him.  She drowns.
Drowns to the floor, until they have sunk against cold tile and plush, thick fur rugs. 
The barriers break, shattering like the tall glass, dimly lit window panes that glide along the penthouse suite.  The restraints between them amount to nothing now.  There is only the futile, angry seeking of worldly flesh.  Hands inch over ever part of her body and he wickedly touches as much of her as he can.  He has only dreamt of this.  The moment where he can uncover and discover and map her out like a strategically planned battle.
She moans and he feels his erection jerk to life.  The sight of her is perfect.  Her hair is splayed out over the thick rug and the rest of her meets tiled floor.  Her eyes stare up into his, her cheeks flushed, her lips parted.  She is waiting.  Waiting for him to touch her again.  Waiting for him to kiss her.  Her submissiveness makes him want to tunnel his hands beneath those sheer bindings and show her what she has done to him.
But instead he just cups her over her clothes, dragging his thumbs over her sensitive breasts, feeling her hardened nipples through the fabric and watching her shiver through half lidded eyes.  She bites her lip as his knee sinks between the both of hers and pushes against her core.  He can feel the heat of her spreading through his pant leg and it is making him crazy.  So crazy that he can't possibly stop himself from reaching a hand down and cupping her essence, feeling the heat with the skin of his fingers.  She moans again and her backs flexes into a low arch.  The way she pushes her core farther against his hand makes him have to grind his teeth to hold back a moan of his own.
His fingers jerk against her, accidentally brushing over her clothed womanhood.  But the way her body automatically yields to him makes him push against her again, this time in little circles.  A fluttered noise rises up within her.  Her eyes lock onto his and she begins to roll her hips against him.  The sight drives him so insane with desire that Sadiq drags his hand against his own arousal and rubs friction against it.  The movement doesn't offer him as much relief as he thought it would, though, and he frowns. 
Another breathless moan escape Miu, and Sadiq looks down at her to see her watching him with dilated eyes, eyes of desire.  The sight of him touching himself has her on edge, and she is pounding for him as a result.  She hasn't wanted anything as much as she does now.  The need to have him inside of her is making her delirious and Sadiq can see that quite clearly.  He smirks a little, and decides that perhaps it is time to step things up.  Heat is already curling around his erection and he wants nothing more than to release it.  He is sure that Miu follows the same sentiments.
His hands rub over breasts again, this time more roughly capturing the soft, covered flesh.  She wants to feel his skin against her bare skin, though, and gently pushes him away and begins to untie the strings of her chest binding.  He watches with dark eyes, hooking her thighs over his to as to nestle against her core.  When she feels his covered cock against her, Miu goes faster, fingers fumbling over the ties until Sadiq pushes them away and does it himself.
He jerks the breast binding away, the sheer fabric slipping like water off of her skin.  Immediately his lips descend, kissing and devouring every inch of her breasts.  The softness of them, the tenderness makes him moan and rock his hips against hers.  She breathlessly exhales and tunnels her fingers into his hair, eyes slipping closed as she thoroughly enjoys the way his tongue dips against her nipples.
But it isn't enough.  She wants more and so does he, and soon he is tugging off his own shirt and adding it to the steadily growing pile of clothes.  He gives her hardly any time to admire his chest and instead continues kissing down her body, tongue flicking out here and there and converging on the parts of her that he finds most irresistible.  Her belly button.  Her jutting hipbone, the dripping band of her pants, and down, until he presses his tongue against her heat. 
Her reaction to that touch is one Sadiq will never, ever forget.  The way her body jerks and the noise she breathes, as though she can hardly believe that anything could feel as good as the scorching heat of his tongue against her womanhood.  As though she is seconds from coming even though she is only halfway undressed.  It makes him kiss her core again, sinking his tongue against her more, licking up the fabric and inhaling the musky scent of her arousal.  Feeling his cock twitch with the desire to be that tongue, to rub against her in such a delicious way, to sink into her.  He moans and the vibrations of it shake through her. 
"Sadiq…" she whispers, a choked sort of sound that makes him look up at her through the valley of her uncovered breasts.  The sight of her expression, the way her eyes are melted almond pools of lust, it makes him rise up onto his elbows and growl.  He wants her.  And the way he looks at her now makes it obvious that she is his prey and that he is about to devour her whole.
His cock strains against the fabric of his pants and he knows, instinctively, innately, that another moment of this sweet torture will be the end of him.  So his large hands spread over her hips, his fingertips shooting warmth through her and grounding her against those cold tiles.  She watches him through half lidded eyes as his touch turns from gentle to dominating, and he tugs her pants and underwear down in one swift movement that leaves her feeling raw and excited and incomplete.
He drags the fabric down to her ankles and wrestles it away.  Then his hand slips around one slender ankle and he drags one leg to the side, sharp eyes taking all of her in.  It makes her embarrassed, the way he studies her, and she tries to cover herself up.  But he stops her, hand roughly pinning her other leg down as his eyes flicker over hers.  The emotion in his gaze is what stills her.  He is not judging her.  What he sees, he likes.  She can see this in his eyes, but she is still uncomfortable by his stare.  It unnerves her.  No man has ever just looked at her before.  Not like this.  Not with this power, this stark need.  It is so erotic that she doesn't know how to handle it.
He wants to taste her again, this time without the barrier of that sheer fabric.  This time he wants to drag his tongue over her skin and feel the wetness of her, taste that musky arousal and make it pound.  But the way she caves in on herself makes him stop.  This is Miu, his best friend, and he knows things about her that no one else knows.  Facets of her personality that have been gleaned from the decades of their acquaintance.  Tonight is not the night to do everything he wants.  So instead, Sadiq crawls back up to her lips and kisses her again.  She sinks back in relief and hums against him, dragging her arms around his neck. 
He watches her through slivered eyes that gleam out in passion, and then rolls his hips into hers.  The fabric of his pants, his strained cock, they all push against her bare core and her eyes fly open in surprise.  This is lust, plain and simple, and yet it is more, so much more. 
Her hands move down his sleek body, touching him as his lips shake her down and his hips rock desire into her.  Her fingers splay out over his back, his sides, roll over the front of his chest and his nipples, feel him flex and moan against her when she does.  Then she drags her hands down to his pants and flicks the button away, jerking the fabric down his slender hips.  She cannot wait another moment.  She wants to see him bare.  She wants to watch him sink himself into her, pin her to the floor, take her to a place she's only ever been to in her dreams. 
The moment his pants and boxers are gone, his cock springs up and heat rushes through her at the sight of him coiled over her.  Their breath is one intermingled entity that pervades throughout their bodies.  She looks down at the part of him that will soon be a part of her and shivers almost violently.  She wants to touch him but is too afraid.  Of the feelings that she is battling with, of the passion that would result from such an intimate touch.
And yet Sadiq seems to want her to follow through with this particular desire.  He kisses her cheek, presses his lips against her jaw, her neck, and in her ear he whispers in a voice that verges of a plea, "Touch me."  But when she doesn't immediately, when she freezes up instead of doing as he wants, Sadiq lowers his hand to hers and guides it to his arousal, curling her fingers around his cock as he breathes life into her skin.
"Please," he strains out, his voice low like gravel, like salt water that pierces the flesh.  He never begs.  It goes against his competitive nature.  But he will beg a thousand times over for this.  He will beg until the stars fall out of the sky, if only for a moment of her delicious attention.
She breathes out, swallows thickly, and moves her hand.  Immediately, Sadiq sags against her, body crushing over hers as he forgets himself.  She doesn't care.  His weight is a heavenly gift that has her on the brink of reality, and she increases her pace, stroking him faster, faster, until he is rocking his hips in time with the movements and moaning.  Moaning like nothing she's ever heard. 
"Ah…evet, evet." [2] he presses his lips to her skin, melding kisses against her flesh like a scorching iron.  All the while he whispers things into her ear, things that make her body burn and sear and ache.  Things that would make her come right then and there had they not been promises of better things. 
He wants to come all over her.  It is a desire that hits him hard, out of nowhere, out of thin air.  But Sadiq also wants to take her with the strength of the arousal which tears through him now, so it is with reluctant fingers that he pulls her hand away from him.  He kisses her mouth again but this time it is with the shade of a promise.  It is his silent way of telling her that it is time, time to cross the final bridge that separates them.
She watches him line himself up.  Watches the way his cock begins to enter her.  The tip of him breaches her folds and after that she can't watch anymore.  Because then her back is arching high into the air and all her breath is hissing past her lips and her eyes are flying wide open.  Pain tears through her momentarily, like the sheer fabric that she has been wearing all evening, and it isn't until Sadiq is five thrusts in that is begins to dissolve.  He moves gently, molding their hips as fluidly as he can as he watches her expression with careful, solemn eyes.  When she reaches up for him, when he sees the pain slowly draining away from her face, he goes faster.  Jerking his pace quicker.  Pinning her hips to the ground.
And she moans for him, because when the pleasure far outreaches the pain, she can't do anything else.  She is lost between the landscapes of him and her.  Lost between the rocking and the swaying and the intricacy of this elaborate dance.  And she doesn't ever want to be found. 
Sadiq holds himself up with his elbows, which create a circle around her head.  He looks down at her, watching every part of her move with his intense gaze.  Sometimes, one of his hands reach down to grip a breast, or to splay out over her thigh.  His touch drags her down further into the bliss that shoots through her veins and builds a fire against her heart.
"Ben yakında gelecek gidiyorum," [3] he grinds out between his teeth.  She knows Turkish and knows what he is saying, the warning of his tone.  And yet she doesn't focus on the meaning behind his words but rather the way his lilted language seems to make her even more aroused.  She moans, dipping her head back, and he immediately presses his mouth to her neck as it is revealed to him.  He is not done talking yet, though.  Against her neck he growls out words that make her grip him harder, her orgasm tearing a path through her body.  "Adımı söyle. Çığlık." [4]
"Oh!" she moans, chest heaving.  His words only make her orgasm come all the faster.  She pulses around his cock as he thrusts it into her and he knows, knows that she is about lose herself, and knows that it will be a sight he will never forget.  "Sadiq!" she cries, answering his words and answering her own desire as well, to let him know how badly she has wanted this, how much she has dreamt of this.  She moans louder and her back arches with the force of her orgasm.  "Nnh!  Sadiq!"
It is a sight like no other, that uncoiling, and it makes Sadiq grit his teeth as his own orgasm rips through him.  Their hips rock haphazardly, spluttering toward their combined end.  He buries his face against her neck and moans a long, drawn out moan filled with shards of desire.  Her nails dig into the flesh of his back and her thighs tremble with power.  She moans again when he spills into her, body rising into the air as he thrusts his way to his finish on that cold tile floor. 
"Becermek," [5] Sadiq curses, staring sightlessly across the room for a moment.  Then his eyes drift slowly to the lovely creature beneath him, who is panting and flushed, and his eyes soften.  He leans down to kiss her, his cock now soft within her, and neither of them want to let the moment go.  But the floor is cold and they are in the foyer of the penthouse, certainly not an ideal place to make love, and both of them want other things now, too.  Like the softness of a bed and the gentle covering of a blanket.
He draws himself out of her and rises up on his knees, breathing out slowly.  Then they both stand on shaky legs that hold none of the power they'd just had, and they fall into each other.
Miu laughs because it feel just like any other moment with Sadiq.  Carefree, surprisingly refreshing, and the fact that they've just had sex doesn't seem to have changed the nature of their love for one another.  She laughs because she is relieved about that.  And he chuckles and holds her against him, both bare as the day they were born and completely comfortable with that fact.
"My room or your room?" he wonders, idly brushing circles against her back.  She sighs out and says sleepily, "Yours."  And he hums, reaches down to snatch up their pile of clothes, and the drags her against him again.
"As you wish," he mutters into her ear, and in his whisper, Miu hears the beginnings of his lust building back up again.  She smiles because she is glad.  She smiles because she knows that tonight will not be a night for sleep.  And she is fiercely happy.
[1] Khopesh: Traditional Egyptian sword

[2] Evet: yes

[3] Ben yakında gelecek gidiyorum: I'm going to come soon.

[4] Adımı söyle. Çığlık: Say my name.  Scream it.

[5] Becermek: Fuck



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