Monday, September 30, 2013

An Allen Walker Lemon -- Texas, Hold 'Em Down

Character: Allen Walker

Fandom: D. Gray-Man

OC: Aura, petite, stubborn, blond haired blue eyed

Inspiration: Playing poker with Allen.  Not my best lemon, but hope you all like it anyway!

Her unassuming nature made Aura a prime target for many of the darker pastimes that were favored around the Black Order.  She would never admit it outright, but she really needn't have had to anyhow.  Everyone knew that she could be downright scary when she wanted to be, even though she was so outwardly ladylike.  Everything about her, from the top of her wavy blond head right down to the shiny buckled shoes and lacey attire made her seem both innocent and even a little childish.  But there was nothing innocent or childish about her, which Allen soon came to realize as he picked up another card.
"Your move," he casually told her, though inside he was moments away from freaking out.  Anyone would be with a half naked young woman sitting demurely before them.  And it didn't help that she was beating him.
Her eyes slivered over his bare form, dipping not so innocently down to his boxers, which thankfully still clung to his hips.  They were the last article of clothing he wore, which shocked him even as he watched the glint in Aura's eyes heighten.  He hadn't known that she was so good at poker.  Though he supposed it was more that she was good at watching him.  She had caught him cheating multiple times during the start of the game and was surprisingly adept at countering him.  So adept that she'd managed to wrestle him out of most of his clothes. 
She hummed and looked at her deck.  Her hand wasn't all that good, though she was confident that Allen's wasn't either.  She leaned forward, well aware of the way Allen's eyes darted momentarily down to her cleavage, and laid out two cards.  Their little game of Texas Hold'em would soon be over, or at the very least put on pause.
"Strrrip," she purred, eyes gleaming up into his.  She watched him look down at his own deck, then back at her two cards.  And then she saw his mouth edge upward just a tiny bit.  The two cards he put down knocked hers right out of the water.  "Not this time," Allen said with a smirk.  Inside, he felt very very relieved that he had won this particular round.  He shifted beneath the scrutiny of his opponents pouty gaze, and realized that she didn't seem all that surprised or even upset.  He was about to become suspicious when Aura shrugged delicately and tugged at her lace skirt.
Her eyes were slivers of dark amusement as she stood up and pulled the fabric down.  Her innocence was just an air she put up on missions, because she found that she got farther when people didn't expect much from her.  But she was not innocent, not really, and she was sure Allen realized it in the seconds that followed.  A smirk coated her lips and she slowly sunk back to the floor, folding her legs beneath her.  One hand rested at her hip, her fingers gently curling around the single string that held up her panties.
She watched Allen's face implode with red.  His eyes darted away from her when he realized he was staring and he cleared his throat loudly, uncomfortably.  He shifted when he felt his lower body react, feeling utterly embarrassed at that little fact.  But if Aura noticed, which she probably did, she didn't taunt him or even seem to mind.  She merely smirked slyly and tilted her head, purring out a sultry, "Should we continue?"  And then she watched the blush on Allen's face deepen.
"A-Ah…I think I - "
"You're not being a coward, are you Allen?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at the way he seemed to be trying to get out of the remainder of the game.  "You can't be afraid of showing a little skin."  He didn't bother telling her neither of them were showing a 'little' skin. 
She laid her cards down and rose to her knees, crossing her arms below her breasts.  Then she looked down at him, taking in the way he sat, the way his eyes were filled with reluctance, the way he almost seemed to be leaning away from her.  She smiled.  "Are you afraid of me then?" she asked when he didn't respond to her previous words, and the question seemed to do the trick.
"O-Of course not!" he exclaimed, eyes burning with a sudden fire that Aura rather liked seeing there.  She noted at how his blush seemed to be receding, and decided that she didn't feel like playing cards anymore.  There were other games she wanted to play.  Other things she wanted to do.  So she leaned forward, close enough for her breath to waver over his skin, and she whispered, "Then what are you afraid of?"  This time, the question hung in the air between them, charged and electrified.
Moments turned to seconds and Aura soon grew impatient.  She leaned forward just a little, enough to press her lips against the skin of his forearm.  Her eyes never left his steely gray ones, even when his fluttered shut.  "I'm not afraid of you," Allen said, his voice low and strained.  She wasn't sure if it was because he was lying to himself or because of the feelings that were coursing through him.
She moved her kisses up his arm, to his neck.  When she got there, Aura wasted no time in nibbling at his tender skin.  She caught a bit of his flesh between her teeth and licked it, pleased when he let out a strangled noise that denoted his desire. 
"That’s good," she breathed kissing beneath his jaw.  Her hand came up to splay across his bare chest and she very gently pushed him down on his back.  He went willingly, if not a little grudgingly.  When she followed him down, he looked a little lost.  "I'm not afraid of you, either," she told him.  The smirk was gone from her voice and she looked very serious.  It struck him that she was possibly trying to make him feel better, and it worked to an extent.  Allen felt himself relaxing and even enjoying the way her body shifted above his, brushing his skin just enough to make him harder with every touch.
He swallowed thickly and looked up at her, trying not to think about how bare they both were, and how obvious his arousal was becoming.  But if she was going to push him away then she would have done it already.  So he just lay there, feeling her kisses chill him, feeling her fingers take that cold away and instead replace it with fire.  Burning, scorching, aching over his body.
Her lips brushed over his and his eyes jerked open in surprise.  He wasn't sure why he was surprised to have her kiss him properly but he was.  The shock of it, the delicious way her lips cascaded over his, it made his head fall back in surrender.  Aura giggled a little into the kiss, slowly breaking it to trail hot kisses to his ear.  She dragged her teeth over his earlobe and he moaned, hands jolting up to hold her waist. 
"Want to know a secret?" she whispered lowly, breath fanning out over his tender skin.  Allen shivered and made a noise.  She hooked a leg over his waist and straddled him, breasts pushing gently against his chest.  Her lips pressed into the hollow below his ear and against his skin she murmured, "This was my plan all along."
Surprise jolted through Allen.  Aura rose her head to look down at him, taking in his reaction with sharp, almost calculating eyes.  But to him it was obvious that she was waiting to see if he would reject her or not.  The tables had turned rather suddenly and Allen was all too happy to accept his new role.  He hummed and slid his arms up under his head in a lazy sort of way.  Then he propped one leg up between hers and watched her cheeks flare up with a soft blush.  He was surprised to see it there, but didn't show that surprise in any way.  Instead, he blinked up at her casually.
"Well?" she asked, trying to gain back her ground as she raised a flippant eyebrow.  But her cheeks were still bathed in that slight rosy hue and she looked a little uncomfortable.
"Huh?  Well what?" Allen wondered, partly because he actually didn't know what to say and partly because he liked the way she was getting annoyed.  Her anger made her blue eyes light up with a sort of primal fury that went straight to his groin.
She huffed a little and said, "Well, do you think I'm a slut because I set this up?  Are you uncomfortable?  Do you want me to - " she paused because then her body was shattering into tiny little hot pieces.  When she looked down at Allen's expression, which was timidly determined, she felt her heart nearly give out.  He looked so unsure even as his fingers jerked against her fluidly, his movements smooth and nearly perfect.  Her mouth opened and her eyes fluttered closed and her hips rocked forward just slightly, just enough to make him blush furiously and yet feel a sudden influx of manly pride.
"I don't know what I'm doing," he admitted, circling his thumb over her clit.  Her thin panties were already wet and had been long before his touch.  She was hot, too, so hot that Allen was suddenly overcome by the fierce desire to bury himself deep within her.
Aura laughed breathlessly, her head tilted back.  She jerked her wet core over his leg, not feeling at all ashamed as she attempted to get as much friction as possible.  "You're doing fine.  Stop thinking," she advised, and chanced a look down at him.  Whatever he was feeling, whatever sort of lust or hesitance, Allen still managed to look ridiculously erotic laying beneath her.  One of his arms was still cushioned under his head, and his chest was perfectly bare and pattered with slight scars.  And his boxers, they were now nothing more than a tent which housed his arousal.
The sight of his boxers made Aura realize that she was being a little selfish.  He was probably aching right about now, and she was just taking what she wanted.  Though she knew he probably wasn't used to girls being so forward with him, Aura decided to take the most direct route she could.  A moment later, she was rubbing over the bulge of his boxers and watching Allen's reaction with gleaming eyes.
"Oh, jeez - mm!" his head pushed back and his eyes slipped closed.  He bit his lip to stop the moan from spilling into the air, but failed.  The strangled sound made her ache all the more, and she rubbed him harder, tracing the outline of his cock as it strained against the maroon fabric.
The problem with Allen, albeit it was also fairly endearing, was that he was so unsure about what to do.  His sexual encounters were low, if even existent at all, and he was far too shy to even attempt removing either of their remaining clothes.  So it was all up to Aura to hasten the foreplay.  She wanted him bare, wanted him now, she was aching for him and didn't want to wait if she could help it.  She was slipping her hand into his boxers and pulling out his cock a moment later, much to Allen's surprise.
His eyes flew open and he watched her through the heady passion, taking in the sight of her hand as it slid up and down his cock.  He was so ready for her.  It didn't take much to make him aroused and he had been for a while, ever since the first article of her clothing was laying on the floor.  The sight of her body had done this to him, but it would take more than that to bring him to his end.  Aura intended to make this a night he would not soon forget.
"Help me take these off," she said, voice a little breathless as she tried to speak through the hazy passion.  She eased her hand off his cock and moved to her bra, unhooking it with feeble fingers and sliding it down her arms.  Allen stared at her for a long moment, his gray eyes flashing with lust, and then slid his hands over to her panties as she moved her hips up.  He peeled them away, sliding his fingers over her butt as he pushed the fabric down.  She did the rest, wriggling it over her thighs and down her legs.  And then, when she was completely naked before him, Allen decided that the sight she made would be forever imprinted in his memory.  Whenever he thought of her he would see her hovering over him, hands lightly resting on his forearms, core slipping over his leg.
"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can wait anymore," she said, rather like she was apologizing for being late, or for ordering the wrong take-out.  But even though her voice was casual, there was nothing lax about the rest of her, or the tense way she hovered above him.  And the double edged sword pierced Allen deep within his heart, slicing his passion into shreds of translucent need.
He watched in a sort of hazy, cloudy daze as Aura slid her fingers around his cock and lined it up.  She wriggled her hips down onto him and purred out as she took his tip, then even more.  His girth speared her with an initial sear of pain that soon brightened into immense pleasure, and before she was even a few thrusts in, Aura was biting her lip to hold back her moans.  All the while, Allen lay beneath her, rocking his hips just a little, watching her move with that articulate grace, that flinty, innately known manner.
His head pushed back into the wood of the floor, his eyes fluttering between closed and open, her and the ceiling.  His hands snatched up her waist and then he slid his fingers down to grip her butt, squeezing it delightfully as he pushed and pulled her against his thrusts, which were steadily becoming more and more forceful.  Where once was hesitance now became surety, and Allen began to move with that confidence.  It made him seem irresistible to Aura, who could only rock into his lap and watch him gain the upper hand.
And he did, moments later, when Allen suddenly decided that it was no fun being on the bottom.  So he moved, flipped them both over so that Aura was pressed into the floor and he was hovering above her.  Then, because his cock had slipped out of her in the transition, he lined himself back up and started up a series of powerful thrusts that had her toes curling with heady desire.  Her back arched up and her hands scrabbled at his shoulders.  Pleasure shot deliciously through her body as her hips shook from Allen's thrusts, which rocked her firmly into the wooden floor and molded her against him at the same time.
"Oh!" she moaned, wrapped her legs around his waist and attempting to pull him ever closer.  His large hands wrapped around her waist and he pulled her up, studying the way her body was contorting from the force of her pleasure.  The sight of her was making him want to come, very badly.  He gritted his teeth and growled out a moan before bringing a hand up to squeeze over the softness of her breast.  His touch made Aura crazy.  She arched her back higher and moaned his name, along with a frustrated compilation that Allen couldn't fully identify but knew was probably a warning. 
In a way, he was relieved that her end so near.  He didn't want to spill into her too soon, but Allen couldn't wait much longer.  His orgasm was tearing a delicious path through his body and he was physically aching from the exertion of holding it back.  He careened backward, body raising up as his thrusts increased in tempo. 
"A-Allen!  Allen I'm - oh!" her thighs trembled around his waist, her eyes opening wide to lock with his, and Allen knew that she was coming before she even did.  And when she did, the way she pulsated around his cock, the way she moaned his name, it all made him insane.  He furiously thrust into her, finally allowing his own orgasm to rip him open.  And then he was spilling into her and sighing out in both relief and intense pleasure. 
He closed his eyes and continued thrusting because it felt good, those zinging, thrills of sporadic desire.  It curled around his body and made him want to start over again, from scratch.  From another game of strip poker and another hesitant clash of wills.  And when he opened his eyes and looked into hers, he saw the same sentiments lingering around them.  It made him smile, a little unsure, a little shy, because the emotions he was suddenly battling with were very human and very frightening.
Silence perforated the air between them like little grains of sand through an hourglass.  She reached for him and he went into her arms, still connected.  And when she gently pressed her mouth to his, Allen felt his heart stop in his chest.  Their physical intimacy was nothing compared to the sheer wonderment of a kiss.  And the emotions behind it, the gentle desire, it reminded Allen almost of home.  Of everything familiar and happy and warm. 
He moved closer, hovering above her, body weight creating a thankful gravity over hers, and kissed her deeper.  In that moment they knew that neither would be leaving that room any time soon.



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    I love your lemons, could you write a baby daddy one for Allen.


  3. OMG I love it! I would kill to get you to write a Natsu/OC, Gray/OC, or Ravi/OC!